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Suzuka's Splendiforous Editorial!
Published: October 4, 2008

Hey everyone, and welcome to Suzuka's second editorial, and my first editorial as an admin! This one isn't as big as the last one (limits have been imposed... :'( ), but I hope you enjoy it!

Is it really worth becoming a neopets premium user? ~ angel_star12
That is a decision you need to make for yourself. I started premium back when it was relatively new, and I've gotten so dependent on it that I couldn't really function well without it. You can check out Leto's Petpage for all the information on premium. In the end, it's a purely individual decision.

Okay, so I'm a Premium member, but I haven't been receiving my usual weekly Space Faerie scratchcards or SHH's or even my monthly allowance! Any idea what's goin' on? I want my Premium perks back! ~ sshsbandgeek42
Are you sure you didn't accidentally categorize the email address as spam? I did that once by accident, and when I un-did it, I had several scratchcards and SHH's waiting for me! If that's not the case, I'd send in a report via the premium report form ;)

What are the chances of getting a Draik Egg in a Random event? Is it even possible for it to stock up in the igloo? ~ flymaster_11
The chances of getting a Draik Egg in a random event are either incredibly slim, or non-existant. It is not possible for it to stock in the Igloo, as the Igloo only stocks items of certain rarities.

If I started the Altador Plot late, and then finish it late, will I still be ably to receive daily prizes from King Altador? ~ aqwaszer
Of course. King Altador's daily prize is available once you finish the Altador Plot, no matter at what time you start or finish.

King Altador
An apple a day for saving my city!

When will the different types of painted chias be able to wear clothes? I was hoping JN would know something since I've been waiting forever to customize my asparagus chia! Thanks :3 ~ seigeblack
I wouldn't hold your breath :( TNT doesn't seem to be in any hurry to make clothing options for Mutants, Babies, Maraquans, or Fruits & Veggies... Luckily, you can still use accessories and backgrounds, but it isn't quite the same...

I can't even wear a pretty necklace :(

How old do you have to be to be part of jellyneo staff? Since it's not a paying job, you don't legally have to be 16 or older do you? If so why? And if not, how old do you have to be? ~ spidercat240955
We require that all applicants be age 13 or older. It is not a paying job, but a volunteer job, so there are not legal boundaries, only site-instated ones. Our requirements are in place as we need staff who can access all areas of the site; we are aware that some people lie about their age when creating a Neo-account to access those areas, and do not condone it - all JN staff need to be clean ;)

Hey jn, if you transfer a Lutari, will it still disappear like it does when you abandon it? ~ Transfer Lutari
From reports by those who've tried, it won't disappear - it simply won't allow you to transfer it. Sorry, but to get one, you'll need either Neopets Mobile - or a very lucky zap!

I have a quick question about transfering... is it every thirty days you can transfer, or is it like monthly freebies, so you can do in april 30th and may 1st? ~ Gefferey bob fred turk III
Transferring is like the second of your analogies (I like it!) You can transfer a pet once per calendar month :)

Why does it say that you can't get a faerie pet on your guide about the lab ray? Because my brother got a faerie nimmo from the lab about 2 years ago. Has the situation changed since then? ~ beatrice670
It doesn't say that; Faerie is one of the colours I've gotten more frequently! The colours not available are Pirate, Baby, Plushie, Usuki, Quiguki, and Royal. :) I did a search through the article for the word Faerie, just in case, and couldn't find it in there at all!

Hand over the the moolah!

Hi JN, I have an important question: my Lab Rat, Grargolax, has been blessed by the Lab Ray and is now a beautiful shade of Maraquan. The thing is, I don't like the Maraquan Mynci as much as I like, say, the Maraquan Shoyru. Is there any item or potion I can buy that can transform my Mynci into a Shoyru without changing his color? Or will I have to risk it all by continuing to zap him (actually he's a girl right now >_>) with the Lab Ray in hopes of getting a species change to Shoyru (or some better pet species)? Thanks for all your help! ~ spiffy_wiffy23
Unfortunately, you'll have to keep trying the ray or pay for potions and paint brushes :/ The only potion to change pets species and not colour is the Mysterious Swirling Potion, and that changes your pet into a random limited edition pet.

Right. I've seen many of the old pet positions and I was wondering if you could change it to look like that, as my friend hates the new pirate chomby and likes the old one. (I'm surprized too.) And she wanted to know if she could change it or not, and is too shy to ask anyone. So yeah :) ~ Faintish
No, there is no way to change it back to the old look. The only unconverted pets in Neopia were painted before the new layout and customization were released. At that point, a few species/colour combos were given the option of whether they wanted to convert to the new type or not. If they chose to convert, it became impossible for the pet to go back to how it used to be. As far as I'm aware, Pirate Chombies were not among the pets given this option (Some of the changes were downright odd, as I was given the choice with my Desert Aisha, but not with my Maraquan Zafara).

Sorry, you're stuck with me!

Hello JN! *Puts some form of bribe here* I've be been so curoius about Fountain Faerie quests, I got one a while ago and have the item (But I need to wait for my side to age so I can transfer the neopet there) and I wanted to know, once you go to the Rainbow fountain after completing the quest, do you get to choose from any colour? Or only specific ones? ~ whitewitchmagix
You can choose from almost any colour that is currently available for the species of your ACTIVE PET to be painted :) There are some notable restrictions, however - a few colours not available include Robot, Royal, and Ice.

Are all avatars attainable in Firefox? I've been desperately (=almost daily) trying to get the Snowager and the Geraptiku tomb for over 3 years now.. and still nothing. Are the chances of the getting a random avatar equal in all browsers? ~ melodyrose27
Yes, the chances of random avatars have nothing to do with your browser, just pure dumb luck. I got the Snowager pretty quickly, and Symol right away, but I'm STILL waiting for Geraptiku and 10k on the Wheel of Excitement...

Hiya Suzuka! *tosses rare avatars* If I enter my petpet in the Petpet Spotlight, but its name happens to be the name of a well-known book character, can it still win? Thanks! You pwn! ~ marbookworm22
I'd say that as long as the name doesn't infringe on copyright (i.e., Harry Potter or Superman), it's possible for it to win, as long as the book is never referenced within the story. If you're still unsure, it's better to play it safe and change the petpet's name slightly - after all, there's more than one Harry in the world!

Hi Suzuka! *gives you a Kanrik Plushie* Sorry, I don't have one, but did you like my little donation from your shop? ;) So, what do you specifically do as an admin on the awesome JN? ~ wildxpup609
Aww, I shall love Kanrik and cherish him ;) My Admin duties... that's a good question! I just try to run around and do little bits of everything. I answer questions from other staff members, go through bug reports and either fix them or let those who can know about them, update things, test games and systems, give the inside info on Premium Beta features, and help edit and write content. I'm an Admin-of-all-trades! The only thing I don't do is Programming, and I'd say the others make up for me there ;)

My Precious...

Which Suzuka Berries does Suzuka have? And do they come in some kind of Suzuka Soda? ~ scifiz
Suzuka is the Queen of the Suzukaberries; all Suzukaberries therefore belong to her. And I'm very fond of Suzukaberry Punch, as it happens ;)

Is it possible to make a Feature in your item database to search through wearables because i was looking for items that my Disco Elephante could wear and its very annoying to have a big list of all the items Elephantes can wear when it would be easier for me to just search disco and only see Disco Wearables ~ _neo_321
You can actually find that information with a simple search for "Disco Elephante". There's actually only one item that comes with a Disco Paint Brush when used on an Elephante. If you want to search and see all paint brush items wearable by the Elephant (or any other species), you can go here, select the species, and click only the last box. On the other hand, you can see all Disco wearables by searching 'Disco' and selecting 'Wearable' under 'Special Categories'.

Hey Suzuka and JN You guys rock.I was just wondering can you get frozen for logging on Neopets on different computers?Thanks ~ jessie_332
As long as it is only you accessing the account, you won't be frozen simply for using different computers. I've logged on from all over the United States (sadly, I wasn't able to log on when I was in Europe, that would've been fun), but it's always pretty obvious that it's only me logging on - I'm not magically in Florida one hour, and Hawai'i the next ;)

Hey Suzuka, are you named after an Anime/manga? :o ~ Jedi_master_george
Why yes, I am! Contrary to popular belief, however, it's not the series 'Suzuka'; I took on my alias long before that series began (and I strongly dislike it). It comes from the CLAMP manga Angelic Layer (which is much better than the anime). Lightspeed Suzuka is one of the top 'Angels' in that series, and the name really stuck with me :) At the time, it was virtually the only character named Suzuka out there; since then, several others have popped up.

Hi Jellyneo!*throws lollipops to everone*(hope you like it!:P)Anyways, what can a lutari paint brush really do? I heard that so far it does nothing but then why does it cost so much? ~ spencer66360
The Lutari Paint Brush doesn't do anything, that much is true. It's an incredibly rare paint brush, however, and highly sought-after by collectors of Lutari items, Paint Brushes, and Island Galleries.

*customary bribe of warm chocolatey cookies fresh out of the oven* Now that you're chocolate covered and paying attention, why is it that Chias have so many different paint options? Tomato, thornberry, Pea.... the list goes on and on. Yet some pets *cough Ogrin cough* don't have that many at all! ~ katpow89
Chias were the favourite pet of Adam, one of the site's creators, and they got most of their colours long before the Ogrin even existed! I'm guessing one of the reasons Ogrins have so few colours is because they are both one of the newest pets, and one of the least popular species. They still have more colours than the Lutari, though :O

I'm so sad and blue...

Wassup Suzuka!!! *Throws random Super Attack Peas* So I noticed how every staff-member who posts content on the main page has a little icon of a Neopets item in corner. Dave always used to have Dr. Sloth up there, but now its some Grundo Plushie thingy! Has Dave actually gave up his life-long dream of becoming one of Sloth's greatest minions??!! (I would ask him this question himself, but I'm too scared he will zap me with the PetPet Lab Ray) ~ smartyman
What is it with the SuAPs? :O I got so many questions flinging them at me this week >.< I wish I could catch them... We used to just have our favourite plushies as our icons, but when the Sloth Plot finally started, a few of us changed our plushies to related ones (Ylana Skyfire!), and convinced the rest to join in (those who didn't were forcibly converted into clones). Since then, we've tried to keep a theme going - this summer we were Island, then we were all babies... now we've gotten into the Halloween Spirit! Dave has definitely NOT given up his life-long dream, however, as I'm sure you can see now ;)

SUZUKA!!! :D Who would win in a ninja-ing contest - you, snarkie, or Illy? ~ yaksrcewl
Dude, that's the easiest question ever : Illy. Cause she's a ghost, and cool like that.

What was your reaction when you found out you were doing the forty-ninth editorial, thusly sacrificing the ability to do the fiftieth? ~ neolover674426
Hm, I wouldn't say I'm sacrificing anything...

For the upcoming Halloween contest on jellyneo you say there is a limit of 3 neocash items. Would a superpack count as one item or multiple? ~ PrincessS121212
A superpack will count as multiple items, as when bought, you have the option to only use individual items from the pack :)

I've sent in a lot of ideas for the book of ages articles, and many of them never appeared! How come? ~ nordwegian
Are you sure none of them have ever appeared? We get a lot of book of ages reports for characters that are already in the BoA, but the submitter didn't spell the name correctly, or the name wasn't the official one ;) Most commonly, we get reports that we're missing "The Grey Faerie"; she's been in there for a while- but her name is Baelia ;) We also can't reply to reports unless you include your email!

Nobody knows my name...

Hello Suzuka! How did you become an admin? ~ hardehade
This seems to be the question of the week! Well, it's a hard story to tell... it was one of the most grueling events of my life... fighting all the other staff until we were bloody and bruised, writing a 500-page essay on why Sloth should rule the world, a rather large amount of bribes... Honestly, though, I didn't do anything specific. I'm just a rather dedicated staff member who's been helping out with everything that I can :)

Um... hi! I really want to change my Lupe into a Lutari, but there aren't any Lutari morphing potions yet. Can I get a Lutari from a Mysterious Swirling Potion? And if I paint my Lupe island before giving him the potion, will he change into another island pet, or just default to a basic color? Thanks. ~ pink_puri
Lutaris were created to be a Mobile-exclusive pet, so I don't believe that there will be any Lutari Morphing potions in the future. Also, Mysterious Swirly Potions are set to change your pet to a Limited Edition species, and the Lutari is not considered Limited Edition - it's categorized as Restricted. Currently, the only way to change your pet to a Lutari from another species is via a random Lab Ray zap. As to your colour-retaining question, your Lupe should remain an Island pet if the potion is used; that WILL limit the pets it can be changed to, however, as your pet cannot change to a species/colour combo that does not yet exist.

Oooh, pretty...