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Willie's Wondrous Whirlwind
Published: September 28, 2008

Hello fellow Jellopians! Welcome to issue number 48 of the JN Editorial! Did you know that 48 written backwards is 84!? And that 8 plus 4 is 12, but when 84 is multiplied by 12 it equals 1008 and when it is divided by 24 it equals the answer to life's questions, 42!? But wait there's more! The denominator (24) is just 42 reversed! I was destined to answer some of your wondrous questions!...wait...what!? Wow I just horribly rambled...why am I talking about math? Ignore my randomosity (yes that is now a word!), and enjoy the editorial!

If u borrow an avatar item (like, FQD) and a theif (like The Grundo Leader) takes it. will u be frozen for that? ~ neocoladude
No, you will not be frozen for that because you have no control over random events. However, most likely, the person you are borrowing from is going to want collateral before they let you borrow the item, so if something happens to the item, then the user is going to keep your collateral.

What is on the to do list jellyneo? ~ pzekl9
We have a lot of things planned for JN, I'll do my best to summarize ;). For starters, we are redoing our content to make sure it's up-to-date and looks nice and tidy. We're also in the process of putting the finishing touches on our new layout so that we can take it out beta. And not to mention our 50th JN Editorial is coming up soon~ ;)

Hi Jellyneo! When I visited the Employment Agency and clicked the status page, I noticed that my pets had finished a few jobs. When I tried to view my pet's resume, it said that they hadn't completed any job! Why is that? Answer or I keel. ~ helwehentx
You do not have to worry about this. Your pet's resume gets cleared every couple of weeks but the number of jobs your pet completed stays the same. Can you imagine how much space it would take up if it showed all the jobs your pet completed and you had over 1000!

What is the most expensive neopets item and how many pages has the kiko written?(The picture on the submit question page.) ~ SmileyMiley
According to our wonderful Item Database, the most expensive item is...drum roll please...the Super Attack Pea! It costs a whopping 700 million (700,000,000) neopoints. It costs so much because it is a retired item.

Our amazing Kiko has written countless pages. The more questions the users submit, the more it writes! Let's take this moment to honor our Kiko...

You can't possibly image how busy you guys keep me!

What is a World Challenge piece? ~ kittykat30916896
A World Challenge Map Piece is a map piece that can obtained through winning a World Challenge. For World Challenges, you have one hour to enter and maintain first place in order to win the challenge. If you're lucky enough to maintain first place, you will receive the amount of neopoints in the current pot and a random map piece from the game that corresponds to that world....darn it!! I just lost the game!

Why do all of the staffers icons have a baby theme? Is it just random, or are alot of birthdays in September? ~ Meh
We all have baby-themed icons because it's one of our random themes! Every so often we come up with a random theme for our staff profiles. We always choose plushies (or dolls) for the themes. Our last theme was Summer/Island. It is just our way of being fun! Aren't we just adorable!

Willie!! You rock!!! Answer my question and get a cookie, How long have you worked on jellyneo? Here take your cookie make sure to split it with Dave. He is doing all the work! Good Job Willie and Dave, and all the rest of the jellyneo squad. ~ Conger208
@_@ Cookie *drools* ...Sorry I got drool all over the place. Anyway, as I'm sure everyone knows, I'm one of the newest staffers here at JN. I've been staff at JN for almost two months. It's amazing how fast time can fly, especially when you're having fun, I love being staff here. Now back to that cookie....Should I eat it for myself or share it...eat or share...*shares the cookie with Dave* I guess I'll share it :P

ello! *throws nutty bar* just wondering, is dung jelly a dung item or a jelly item? this has been confuzing me for awhile. it says jelly on the description, but it is made entirely of dung! does it belong in a dung gallery? ~ Megan6405w
Moar candy!! *eats nutty bar contently* ...Ahem...sorry you had to see that...moving on! Dung Jelly is considered to be a food item, so it is a flavored jelly item. Just like how Glowing Jelly is also considered jelly and not glowing. However, Dung Jelly does belong in a dung gallery, even though it is food, it is still made out of dung!

I do not even know who I am anymore...

Dear Willie, *gives you a giant box of chocolates* (hope you enjoy!) Anyway,on to my question. I have been a Neopets user for 6 months now, and Ive very much enjoyed it. Next thing I know, my shield says I've only been on Neopets for 5 months! I dont know how to fix it. Please help me!!! P.S. Jellyneo Rules! ~ parting_lilacs88
O: Chocolates!? How did you know I love chocolates!? Thank you :D!! Ahem...anyway, I just checked your look up and it currently says that you are 6 months old. However, the shields are slow to update. The shields do not necessarily update on the official x month. For example, if you joined on October 27, 2007, it might not change to one month on November 27, 2007, it may take a few days or weeks to update.

Heeyyyy, jn! I have a baby lupe and i want some paintbrush clothes for it. Do you have any idea if TNT will release clothes for baby pets any time soon??? Or do you think theyll come out on specific pet days??? ~ jonarosie
TNT is most likely not going to be releasing baby clothes anytime soon. All the baby pets are drawn differently and have different body types. It would be impossible for every baby pet to wear every piece clothing. Plus, it wouldn't be fair to baby Pteri owners; how can an egg wear anything but a diaper? However, your baby Lupe can still wear the various accessories that are available.

Hey Jellyneo! Your site is da bomb by the way! Though, I have a question. Sometimes late at night I check the neopets news. Sometimes news I read is for tommorow! What time is news usually released? And why do they do this? ~ koala_11
The news usually comes out between 2:00-3:00 PM NST, however, it can come out later, it depends on when the translation for the news and content is done. TNT releases the news a day before so it will be current for the people who are several hours ahead of NST. Before they started doing this, the news would be a day behind for the people who are a few hours ahead.

I'm not old news, I'm new news!

Hi Willie. Why did you choose the marshmallow grundo plushie as your hiding spot? Is it, like, your favorite item? ~ Mallow Grundo in Maraqua
Yup, the Marshmallow Grundo Plushie is my favorite item. That's not to say that I do not love the other marshmallow Grundo items. I LURVE marshmallow Grundo anything! They are the most pwnful color and items of them all! *hugs Mallow Grundo Plushie*

Watch out for fire or I'll turn to mush~

Hey, JN!! I was wondering if I entered a pet with a specific colour into the BC, then it was turned into a different color by a RE, will that still be accepted? ~ deep___bluesea
Yes, you can enter your pet with a different color. As a matter of fact, you can enter a pet of any color in the BC, so long as it's the same species. For example, if I enter my Royal Acara, but I submit a drawing of a Baby Acara, it is still acceptable. However, what is not acceptable is sending in a picture of a Royal Draik for a Royal Acara.

Hey guys, (drinks a nice delicious cup of liquefied meppits) ) does Jellyneo have a guild or have you ever thought of having a guild on neopets? (Pours another glass and passes it to Willie.) ~ Tomtohylaxton
*Heartily drinks cup of liquified Meepits* Thank you, I was quite thirsty! Jellyneo does not have a guild on Neopets. Having a JN guild would be very redundant because we already have a community as a separate site. Plus, I think it would be very chaotic on the guild message boards, can you imagine thousands of users trying to post on the guild message boards? It is just more practical to have a website than a guild.

Can you use a morphing or transmogrification potion on a pet if its already that species but you want to change its color? I want to use a Grundo transmogrification potion on my purple Grundo. By the way, the site is awesome! ~ claude013
Thanks we appreciate the positive feedback! To answer your question, yes, you can use a transmogrification potion on a pet that has the same species as the potion. So you could use a Grundo Transmogrification Potion on your Grundo.

So, how exactly do you withdraw from a fight? And does withdrawing hurt you in any way shape or form, or are they just threatening you? Please walk me through it, I can't find any instructions in the actual battledome. ~ bj_3
You can withdraw from a BD fight by viewing the status page. Your pet will not be damaged in any way, shape, or form. However, let's say you go in to the fight with 100 HP but you lost 20 HP and decide to withdraw, your pet will have 80HP left.

I was trying to visit the gallery of heroes and the gallery of evil again after TNT redid the site. The thing is...where is it??!! ~ jessicayean
The links to both galleries was on the Pet Central page, but the link was removed when the site was updated. However, never fear, you can still access them here and here!!

I've been wondering about something and maybe you guys can help. In Faerieland i've noticed, what looks like a cave, in the top left corner. Is there any reason why that's there. Thanks. ~ hip_e_chic123
Ah yes, that is truly a mysterious cave isn't it? That cave was originally the link to the first Faerie Caves game. When the first version of the game was taken down and replaced by a newer version, they removed the link but left the cave there. Perhaps TNT will use the cave again in the future...

Can you get an avatar from a zapped petpet? ~ Water_demon415
Yes, it is possible to a petpet avatar from a zapped petpet. The only exception to this however is you cannot get a Krawk and the Krawk avatar from a zapped petpet.

Willie! Willeh! Will-ay! Willster! Hi there. *throws Hershey's bars* I was wondering, why exactly _does_ Dave like Dr. Sloth so much? Is he just a fanboy, or is he one of Sloth's most trusted minions? And what do Meepits have to do with it?! ~ heatlamp
O: More chocolate!? Today is my lucky day @_@!! ...Yeah I kind of have a monster of a sweet tooth. Anyway, it's very unclear where Dave stands on the fanboy/minion line. In my opinion he's right in the middle (please don't turn me into sludge for this Dave!). He has his "moments," but for the most part, he leans more towards minion. I don't see why he likes Sloth so much (...the Space Faerie pwns).

Now for the Meepits. They have everything to do with it! Without them, how can Sloth perfect his master plan? Right now they are monitoring Neopian activity and reporting back to Sloth, but later, they will swarm Neopia and all will be his...I think I've said too much *hides*

I'm watching you....MEEEEEP!