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Iaeternus' Modeling Mayhem
Published: September 21, 2008

Welcome, loyal readers, to the 47th issue of Jellyneo's (in)famous editorial! I should probably write something smart and funny here, but after being munched on by Meepits and zapped by Sloths Death Ray I'm at wit's end (Har har har). So without further ado, enjoy this weeks editorial!

Hey "Aeternus". *gently pats back* Is your name really Aeternus, or did they make a typographical error in the news and leave out the I? Iaeternus, though, is a much better name, in my opinion. ~ spongeyboy730
Hi there! I prefer to keep my real name private *shifty eyes*, but I usually use Aeternus online. When I made my Neopets account that was already taken though, so I added the 'i' :)

Hey Aeternus! Do you know how to get onto the Nerkmid Vending Machine High Score table? Ive put in a good amount of Nerks and never got on there! *Sneaks you a can of Mountain Poo* ~ Ravenclaw_Wiz
Hi! Not sure if I should drink that Mountain Poo, but thanks anyway :P

Your best chance of getting onto the Nerkmid Vending Machine High Score table is to start putting in Nerkmids right after the High Scores reset at the beginning of every month, and then hope for a good result, which unfortunately is completely random D: Keep trying, and I'm sure you'll get it eventually!

Hi, in the last editorial (#46), it was stated that meepit Juice came from pureed Meepits. So, if you feed it to the Meepits in the Tale Of Woe plot, is that considered cannibalism? And I'd like to mention that you /can/ complete the Altador Plot with a Broken Astrolabe, actually. At least, I did. Oh, and have a cheese cracker for answering this. ~ swisscat
*eats cheese cracker*

Several people pointed this out, and yes it is indeed possible to complete the Altador Plot with a Broken Astrolabe. But what good does a Broken Astrolabe do? Shiny Astrolabes are much better at being useless! As for the cannibalistic Meepits, I th@#$(*& AAAAHH! IT BIT MY FACE!

*nom nom nom*

If your pet becomes the notable neopet, does TNT send you a neomail saying so? By the way, YOU ROCK! xD ~ Abbys_Uber_xDD
Thank you! :P Nope, the only way to find out if one of your pets became a Notable Neopet is by the flood of random neomails, friend requests and battledome challenges you will inevitably receive. Unless you have all that blocked in your Preferences of course, in which case you might never know.

On Krawk Day '08, TNT released an Electric Krawk Petpet. But there is no Electric Petpet PB. What was the reason for this? Thanks ;) ~ jiggy204
snarkie (a TNT member) recently posted about this on our very own forums:

"Tyrannian Rock and Electric Krawk were unreleased on purpose, yeah. :) The Rock is already Tyrannian, so it was never supposed to have a Tyrannian PB version. And, as you said, there is no Electric Petpet PB. In both instances, the mistakes weren't caught before they went up on NF."

Looks like TNT just made a mistake and there won't be an actual Electric Krawk petpet anytime soon.

Where can i find the Sporkle Syrup? ~ wabxqu
Sporkle Syrup is sold in the Neopian Pharmacy, but since it's fairly rare it can be hard to restock. It can also be found on the Trading Post, and maybe on the Shop Wiz if it's your lucky day!

Hey Aeternus! *hands you a petpet* How do you and Katje choose the new clothes for us all to model? ~ mistyqee
Hello! Ooh, thanks for the petpet! *sticks it in his gallery* To answer your question, we use JN's very own Item Database to generate lists of all the wearables, and then pretty much at random we pick items to model, as needed. We avoid trinkets and backgrounds, as they look identical on every pet. Thanks to everyone who helps out in the WNY forum, our list of wearables to model is getting shorter and shorter (and more expensive)!

I dare you to model me!

Hello, Jellyneo. I was just wondering. Do you guys have some big office you all work in together? Or are you all scattered out across the web and live in different places? ~ acidentaly_frozen
Hello to you! Us staffers are in fact scattered all over the globe, working on Jellyneo from our homes. We have members all over the United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania, so we're a very varied group of people!

I was wondering why in the Item DB you don't have special categories for each section of the stamp album? I think it would be much more convenient for those that are trying to fill their stamp albums. ~ tsunamichick89
As a matter of fact, if you go to the Special Searches page, there are special searches listed for each of the album pages, including Stamps, Coins, Shells, Coconuts and Charms.

Hi JN, you guys are amazing! Anyways Aeternus, I have a question. Alright, so say you buy an orange paint brush, and you paint your chia. Now, will it turn ORANGE, like the color, or like an ORANGE, the fruit? See, I thought the fruit was a lab/chia pop color, or is it the Paint brush color? I'm berry berry confused! (Haha, punny eh?) So thank you oh king of clothing Aeternus. ~ LOL-a!
Ah, but the answer is berry simple! You cannot use an Orange Paint Brush on a Chia :( The only ways to get an Orange Chia are by using a Magical Orange Chia Pop, the Lab Ray, or a Fountain Faerie Quest.

Hi JellyNeo! *gives you a Chocolate Bori* Enjoy! Anyway, I was thinking of doing am Avatar Lending Program from my account. Is this allowed, or do you need TNT's approval first? ~ angegirlmon
Ooh, we like chocolate! Lending avatar items from your account is perfectly fine, but be careful about it. There are tons of scammers out there, so make sure you ask for collateral to cover potential item loss. Of course plenty of people lend for free without issues, but it pays to be careful! Good luck and have fun lending :)


Hi to all at jellyneo. I'm having an issue that i hope you guys can answer. Where can i purchase a deluxe paint brush set? I really want to get my hands on a poogle Halloween costume... thank you for any light you can shine on this subject ~ ickleelle
The clothing from a 'deluxe paint brush set' is actually the clothing your pet will get when it's painted a certain color. So in order to get the Halloween Poogle clothes, you have to paint your Poogle with a Halloween Paint Brush.

Hi Jellyneo!! *Throws slice of jelly ommlette* I was wondering, when or how do you think sloth will finally acheive world/universe domination? ALL HAIL SLOTH :3 ~ commander_white123
Well, I personally believe Sloth will nev... // Interrupt Transmisson //
Thank you, Commander White, for your unfailing allegiance! Rest assured, Neopia hasn't seen the last of me! Ultimate domination will be mine!! BWAHAHAHAAA!! Now where did I leave my Deathray, I have a JN staffer to annihilate... // End Transmission // ...
can all sleep safely, don't worry.

Hello modelling person. (ignore typos) if you'r a moddelling type person, do you model your neopets? (and if you don't have a neopets account, why are you working for JN? And if you don't work for JN how are you here?) ~ unit4545
Hello! I do, on occasion, model some of my own neopets, but mostly I leave it to our WNY posters so they can earn their Joodles. (and if I didn't have a neopets account I wouldn't be working for JN. And if I didn't work for JN I wouldn't be here, so this editorial wouldn't exist and your question wouldn't have made any sense! *head implodes*)

Hello person who makes Jellyneo a better place for everyone! So, uh, what is the deal with the lair of the beast? Is just used to annoy users on the Wheel of Monotony? 'Cause I see no point of it. ~ strongsad41
Your pet will actually lose half of it's HP when you land on the beast on the Wheel of Monotony, so it's not just annoying, it also hurts your pet! Be sure to visit the Healing Springs or use a Healing Potion after encountering the Pterodactyl.

I'm just annoyed because they haven't updated my artwork since prehistoric times!

Please bestow upon me an answer to this question: How old does your Neopets account have to be in order to purchase the Circle Background from the NC Mall? ~ yaksrcewl
Your account has to be at least 4 years old to be able to see the Elite Boutique in the NC Mall, where you can buy the Neopets Circle Background.

Hi JN! *gives cheese* The lab ray changed my shoyru into a female and I was wondering, is there a way to change a pet's gender without the use of a kaleideonegg, witchy negg, or the lab? ~ hscorchio94
Another often used option to change the gender of your pet does involve the lab, but not zapping: fight the Lab Ray Scientist in the Battledome and he might change your pet's gender. It may take a few tries, and you should withdraw from the fight as soon as he does it, to avoid changing the gender back again in the same fight. To get the Lab Ray Scientist as a challenger, refresh at The Laboratory.

How does jellyneo pick who gets to answer the next editorial? Is it random or is there a certain order? ~ pzekl9
We all signed up on a first come, first serve basis :) Next week it's Willie's turn, and in three weeks we have a special edition coming up! (But you didn't hear that from me, ok?)

Hey Aeternus, first of all how did you come up with a name like Aeternus? Second of all how long have you been doing your job at JN? ~ _ccooldudecool_
Hi there! I've used this name for a few years now. When I was looking for a nice online nickname to use in games and such, I knew I wanted something Latin. So, I took a Latin-Dutch dictionary ('cause I'm Dutch!), jotted down a few cool words, and picked Aeternus. It means 'eternal' in English. As for your second question, I started out as an Item DB crew member, but got my new job as Modeling Coordinator helping Katje a couple of months ago.

Howdy JN! I have been wondering what does your fishing skill do for you? And how large of a skill can you get? Thanks! ~ spinkac
When your fishing skill increases, you can get nicer items from the Underwater Fishing cavern. At around level 80 and up you can catch a Titanic Giant Squid to get the fishing avatar. There is no limit to how high your skill level can go!

Catch me if you can

Lets say I made a web page for one of my pet an that I decide to morph my pet into an other pet. Will my petpage turn to the basic petpage of the new species? ~ greenlynx
Nope, if your pet changes species either by morphing or labbing, your pet page won't change. If you send your pet to another account however (either by pounding or transferring), that will reset the petpage so make sure you have a backup!

Hi guys! Great site! *insert bribe statement here* Anywho, I read the statement about the "Fleye" in a previous editorial. I looked at the older news, and TNT released something called the Polypup. What is the Polypup today? ~ buizelmaniac
The Polypup was released in early 2000, but was only around for about half a year, before it evolved into the Gelert!

Is it acceptable to adopt a pet from the pound and use it to model a piece of clothing in the We Need You forum, and then pound it? Or is this discouraged as it prevents someone else who really has that pet from getting Joodles? ~ beatrice670
While there is no way for us to check every single pet image that's posted to see if people are doing this, I would not recommend it. You're just giving the pets in the pound false hopes about finding a new loving home, only to be dumped back after playing dress up. Not very nice D:

Everyone knows that there really IS a Jelly World. I mean come on - there's links to it on almost every Neopets Guide. I mean where would you get your daily free jelly from? *Throws jelly from Jelly World* So, why does everyone "pretend" like the it does no exist? Are people just trying to be mean to newbies? ~ smartyman
Wha...Huh? I think we all know what's going on here, you're just trying to confuse us with unfounded rumors about this place you call Jelly World! *snorts at the thought* A world, made out of Jelly..

Hello! I'm having an existential meltdown over here!

Hiya Jellyneo, *throws a kitten holding a cookie which then gives the cookie to you and dances* Can you turn a painted petpet back to its basic form? As in, if you had a painted Angelpuss, would painting it with a white petpet paintbrush return it to its original form? Thanks :D ~ rustuppod
Yep! That's exactly right! Painting a petpet with the petpet paint brush that's the original color of the petpet, will turn it back into it's basic color.

So, we all love Ford, but my personal favorite is Marvin. How 'bout you guys? ~ 42nd_road

Now the world has gone to bed
Darkness won't engulf my head
I can see by infra-red
How I hate the night

Now I lay me down to sleep
Try to count electric sheep
Sweet dream wishes you can keep
How I hate the night