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The Editorial of Inspiration
~ Proudly Presented By Dandy ~

Published: September 13, 2008

Hello there, Jellybeans. Thanks for reading this week's charming editorial, brought to you by the most merry member of the graphics quadrant - Me!

So get yourself comfy, and indulge in a series of tantalizing questions, answers, and completely unrelated text and images, sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

I have a question, is it against the rules if you put a 'fake' trophy on your pet's lookup..? Because I saw one but when I clicked it nothing happened. ~ koolasa_mabbie
Tricking people into thinking you have a real Neopets trophy, when you don't, is certainly against the rules. For example, you can't use coding you give your lookup the appearance that you've won the Beauty Contest, as you're trying to claim credit for something you haven't earned.

Displaying awards given to you by other users, such as 'Coolest Pet' is fine, as long as the award or trophy doesn't resemble an actual Neopets trophy.

Dandy, how long does it normally take for an item to be "activated" after its release is announced in the news? Um...tell Rosie she's awesome for me (whether you answer this question or not). ~ yaksrcewl
I wish there were a clear cut answer, but I'm afraid there isn't. Items can be released the day they hit the New Features page, while others will take months, or even years.

Click here for a full list of all unreleased items. There are currently over 2000, so I wouldn't hold your breath. =P

Attention: Rosie is awesome!

Hi Dandy! :P I just have a few questions. 1. Why isn't there a game guide for Godori? It's a fairly confusing game, and I'm sure that any new Godori players would benefit from a JN guide about it. 2. Why is it that the Coldplay questions aren't answered seriously? Of the three I can remember, one was barely answered, one was half-answered, and the other was answered incorrectly, so I had to neomail the person to tell them the real answer. So why aren't the Coldplay questions taken seriously? ~ code_6
No Godori guide? I'll have to poke the content staffers with my sceptre to get them to make one.
A lot of Jellyneo's guides are being rewritten at the moment, to make them nice and shiny. Oh the things we do for our loyal fans. *receives cookie*

As for your other question, I asked Terry, our expert, and he stated that Coldplay are in fact an English band.

Hi Dandy, did you know every time I say that, I put handy in front of it? Anyway, how come some painted morphing potions cost less than the actual paint brush? ~ spiritdweller13
Handy Dandy sounds does like a fitting name, considering I'm kindly answering your question.
*receives cookie*

Despite being able to change your pet's colour and species, morphing potions often cost less because there is less demand for them.
Whereas a Mystery Island Paint Brush will be bought by those wanting any Island pet, an Island Grundo Morphing Potion, will only be bought by people wanting an Island Grundo.

In addition, rarity and supply also factors in, which is why basic colour morphing potions are more expensive, and why Split Lenny Morphing Potions are cheaper.

Dandy, Oh Dandy your so fine... Congratulations on winning the Staff Yooyuball Competition. I heard the Jelly Sceptre has magic powers, will you show us? Please? ~ Ray
Thank you, thank you! You are too kind

Yes it does contain magical powers, but I really shouldn't... Oh, since you asked so nicely...

Oh no! Dandy fires his sceptre and turns you into a Tawm's Pants!!!

Hello! *hands freshly baked cake* My cookies always come out horrible, but i wanted to get you something since you're just so dandy! *laughs at own pun* Anyway... there was a question on the boards that no one could figure out. Is chokato pronounced cho-KAH-toe or cho-KAY-toe. And someone else said it was chuh-ko-toh. If you know, that would be just dandy! (ok, that's the last time). Please and thank you! ~ papaknuckler
I'm not sure if there's any way of finding out the correct pronunciation, besides asking members of TNT.

I've always pronounced it cho-kay-to, but now that you've brought it up cho-kah-to sounds right. The latter sounds how I imagine someone English like Adam or Donna to pronounce it.

In the Neopet Knock Knock Joke, how much time do you have to type in 'Interrupting Kau who?' before the 'MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!' sets off? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
According to the coding behind it, you have exactly two seconds to type in your answer and submit it before the evil purple Kau will rudely interrupt you.

Type as fast as you want, you will never defeat me.

Hey Dandy! -poses for editorial- I know we're only allowed to buy one thing from the Hidden Tower a day, but are we allowed to buy things on side accounts? Just wondering ;D ~ Crackers
Unfortunately no. The limit is there so each person can only buy one item a day. If you could bypass it by also buying on your side accounts, that would defeat the purpose of the restriction. :P
TNT has also confirmed this in an editorial. do you spell...CHIPS? D: This makes me sad, I know. :c ~ ashel
Hmm... Good question. After thinking long and hard, I have concluded that there is no definitive answer.
I urge that you avoid this word at all costs, as using it could spell destruction. (excuse the pun)

Instead, use replacement words such 'crisps', 'fries', or 'chunks'.

Yum! Fish and Chunks!

Hi, I recently started using bottled faeries on my pet, and as I was reading over your list of faerie abilities I saw that some of the earth faerie abilities created food. I just activated the magical berry ability and I was wondering how you used the power. Is it used in the battledome, and if not how do you use it outside of the battledome? ~ icebat07
The Earth Faerie abilities such as Magic Berries, Negg or Great Feast, provide items that restore your pet's health only during battle.
They can not be fed to your Neopet like regular food items can, and so will not fill up your pet, nor can they be used to heal your pet outside of the Battledome.

Hello! Do you have any idea why half of a lime trifle sells more than a whole lime trifle on the SW, or why 1/3 of a sausage omelette sometimes sells for more than a whole sausage omelette, etc., etc. ~ lavieboheme7
Those items may be more expensive, because there is less supply of them.

Although any one could create portions of those items, simply by feeding them to your pet, a lot of people don't, and sell them straight away.
So because there are more of the whole item on the Shop Wizard, sellers must lower their price in order to be the cheapest, more so than if they had a portion of the item.

Are meepits really evil? And if they are, what did they do to make themselves evil? And if they aren't, why do people say that they are? xDD ~ funeralfortheliving
Meepits aren't evil.
They just like plotting total Neopian domination.

In fact, I think Dr Sloth would find them good company.

10% of the proceeds generated by these shirts go to the Neopian Enslavery Project.

Hi! I was looking at your random facts page and saw "Unicorn used to be a paint brush option." Do you have photos of this and other old pets? ~ icemask
The Unicorn Paint Brush was one of the first paint brushes, but was dropped shortly after as TNT felt it was out of theme with the rest of the site.

All Unicorn pets became red, and the paint brush became the Uni Gem.

Unicorn pets were all white, with a horn on their forehead. If you want to see some examples, well, you may just have to wait and see ;)

Ta da! Not as exciting as you might have thought.

Hiya!*hands shiny object* Okay, me and my grandmother share an account. We use the same computer during the summer and I don't want to create another account since they would both be main accounts. During the other months I don't have access to the internet so she keeps up with my account. I just wanted to know if this is against the rules. ~ xweetoksrule__ff
Yes, sharing an account, no matter the circumstances, is against the rules. Each account must only be operated by one person.

Hi person who is answering my question. One of the items for the Faerie Sling Shot is Little Timmy's Slingshot, and that doesn't seem to exist! How come? ~ spiritdweller13
It does! It was once an item available from the Hidden Tower, but has since been retired.

This item appears to be quite a rare, which is why it mightn't show up in any of your search results. You must also remember to omit the apostrophe, as the item name doesn't contain one.

Do you know what happened to the orange spots on the purple pets? My purple grundo just isn't the same without her spots. :( I know they disappeared after the Sloth plot...but where did they go? And why? Did the Space Faerie steal them? And can I get them back? Thanks! ~ faeries_rock509
It's a mystery!
As you will know, after the Return of Dr Sloth plot, they mysteriously vanished without explanation.

The orange spots that plagued purple pets were meant to be explained in the original Sloth's return plot years ago, but the plot was axed in favour of Hannah and The Ice Caves. The spots were kept for continuity.

So when the plot was revived this year, most were expecting a final explanation. But alas.

Unfortunately there is no way to win your Grundo's orange spots back, but maybe you could paint her Split as a constellation.

Hi Dandy! *gives jelly* Are most people in Jellyneo Mac or PC people? Thanks for answering my random question! :) :) ~ kitty521994
I asked the rest of the staffers, and about 70% identified themselves as a PC person, and 25% for Mac.
The remainder preferred either another operating system, or a simple stone slate.

That may also be a good indicator for the rest of the JN population too. =)

You may have won the battle, but you haven't won the war.

You know the Broken Astrolabe, the item you get in the Altador plot? I fixed mine, being the idiot I am, forgetting that I own a Broken Gallery. Since it's not a toy, I can't keep playing with it to break it again. Is there ANY way to break it again? ~ thedoveswing
Unfortunately for you, there isn't. Unlike all other repairable items, the Broken Astrolabe is not a toy, and so cannot be played with by your Neopet, thus meaning it cannot be re-broken. As far as I know, there is no way to restore it to its broken state.

The Astrolabe must be repaired to complete a step of the Altador Plot.
So technically, you could add the Broken Astrolabe to your gallery, but you would then not be able to finish the plot. D:

What's so good about the underwater fishing cavern other than the fish and plants? Is there something special you can get? ~ kaityzeng
Aside from cheap items such as boots and fish, there are a few items which you may like to keep an eye out for. These include Irritable Genie-in-a-Bottle, Flask of Clear, Odourless Liquid, Mysterious Swirly Potion, and the ultra expensive Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water.
Keep in mind there are varying degrees of fishing skill required to gain these items, so you may have to wait a while.

So why exactly does the Ogrin have so few colors and specialized items? Is it just because it's a newer species or not the most popular or what? I love my Ogrin but I'm not feeling it back... ~ katpow89
Possibly a bit of both!
The Ogrin is one of the newest species, but also one of the least popular.
As a result, there isn't as many Ogrin themed items or colours, as they're usually announced annually on each pet's day.

Ogrins rock!

My question is about the "Adam avie" or the Number Six avatar. I have heard in the past that the amount needed to earn the avie had changed every now and then (gotten lower). Does this still happen? Even though Adam doesn't work for neopets anymore and has nothing to do with the site? ~ siscrys13
In the past the amount of neopoints Adam had may have fluctuated, and there have been occasions where Adam has lowered the amount for a while.
Now that Adam is working with his new company, Meteor Games, it's unlikely that the amount his Neopets account carries will change, unless TNT intervenes. Don't hold your breathe. =P

Heya Dandy! *throws confetti* Does anyone know when the next Neopets plot will be coming out? If you don't, then that's fine, and I'll just take back my confetti :-) I'm wondering because it seems like it's been a while. A long while...or so it seems. ~ animal______________
In the past, we knew whether a plot was in the works when a new Neopets TCG expansion set was released. Now that it's been discontinued, it's a little more difficult.

This year there's already been Return Of Dr Sloth, as well as Daily Dare and the Altador Cup, if you're counting them. There's even the little Petpet Park plot happening right now. I wouldn't expect another fully-fledged plot until next year, at least.

Is it true that the random faerie quests only award the level ups to the inactive pets (if you have more than one of course)? 'Cause my active pet never gets a level up. ~ literally_free
Nope! Although it may seem that way. Each of your pets have an equally likely chance of being blessed.

For the past couple of days now (maybe three >.>), every time I've seen the Tarla Alert flashing on the toolbar, it says Tarla has a huge surprise for everyone, but when I follow the link, she's in the warehouse, and that's the only surprise. O_O Is this a glitch, or am I just too slow? I know, in the past, it's said I was too late when I was too slow, so now I'm wondering if it's just me or not.... If this is a glitch, will I have to re-download or reinstall the toolbar to fix it? ~ micrody
That's the surprise. Nothing! I get a kick out of it every time.

Seriously now. If the alert flashes just after opening your browser, chances are it's an old alert which hasn't been cleared. So far there isn't any way to fix it. Maybe in a future release?
If the problem occurs a long while after you started browsing, then you could possibly be too slow. Tarla is only patient enough to wait a few minutes each day.
Fortunately she always drops some of her other items on the way out.

Sometimes Tarla does more than just drop them...

What did you do after the Jellyneo Staff Tournment was over? ~ george10_9
The rabid Cybunnies took me away. ;_;

Have you ever eaten a meepit? I really am hoping I am not the only one. So juicy and pink... *drools* ~ throughryanandflames
I must admit, I am partial to a Meepit now and again.
Most of the staffers like them poached or pureed, but don't tell that to the Petpet Protection League.

Where did you think Meepit Juice came from?