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What the deuce? It's Rylon's Editorial!
Published: September 6, 2008

Greetings, skin bags! Come read my editorial! It's not fancy, but I can guarantee it'll activate your hilarity unit!*
* Disclaimer: guarantee not valid during or after 6th September 2008

Why are some pets on Neopets not formatted for customization? Is that an option we have to go back to the old look? ~ jordans_sa
When the new Neopets layout was introduced, and Customization came out of Beta, certain species/colour-combos were given the option of remaining as the old-style art, or converting over to the world of clenched-fists, emotions and clothes! I believe TNT described the pets that had the option to convert as those whose poses changed the most dramatically, or were generally expensive to obtain (Draik, Krawk, etc.).

It has been stated by TNT numerous times that should you choose to convert your unconverted pet, there is no way of switching back. This is the same for those of us who did not have any pets with a "to convert or not to convert" option choice.

Hello Amazing Graphic Artist Rylon. I wish ask you a few questions, and to bribe you with a Pasty. (Which is a form of Pie, mind you.) First, Why are you awesome? Second, What is your favorite type of Pie? Third, I keep hearing about a staff member that looks like L. :o Who is he, and where is the picture? ~ Piethepuppy AKA The Almighty Queen of Pie
I like bribes, especially the edible kind! In answer to your questions, I am not entirely sure why I'm awesome. I don't think I am. So I'll say it's because I'm a triplet. That's pretty cool. My favourite pie has to be Chicken. It's just gorgeous! In treat-terms, apple pie is the clear winner. Add cream and I'm happy :D And finally, I do believe you are referring to Henri! You can see him in the Staff site theme (he's top-right next to Illy).

omnom nom!

I notice this sometimes when I browse lookups: why do some people have huge hobby lists? Is this an option for premium members? ~ jeb149
Ooh, I wish it were a premium-only feature - that would be nifty! But alas, this is not the case. There is a javascript trick you can use on your User Info page that allows you to change the 'Interests' drop-down menus into text-areas so you can type your own text. Provided what you type is Neopets-appropriate, TNT has no problem with doing this.

Currently, we don't have a tutorial on achieving this; I'll try and find the Content Beast and see if we can get one whipped up (so in the meantime, a simple Google search of 'Neopets custom interests' will suffice).

Hey, Rylon! Have some jelly! *Hands jelly over* I was wondering if there are certain diseases that Remarkable Restoratives cure? ~ TalonOfDrangor
Yes, there are a number of diseases which can be cured by using items from Remarkable Restoratives. Instead of listing them all, take a stroll over to our Diseases & Cures Guide, and scroll down to the bottom to "Shenkuu Cures". Just remember that they won't always work! And thanks for the Jelly - I hope it's Pirate! :D

How does Neopets decide to stock items in the shops? Obviously the rarer items are restocked less often, but is there rhyme or reason to it, like once every 20 restocks? And also, do you know how they choose ethe price? ~ swimmergirl71794
Typically speaking, shops all restock items randomly. All stockable items ( ≤ r100) have a rarity assigned that will determine how often it will stock. Some rare items may come up in every other stock, or not show up for 2 years. It's all down to the rarity, and how, for lack of a better term, filter-sensitive, their Restock Machine is.

With the price, from what I can gather if an item does not have a fixed-price (2,500NP, 10,000NP, etc.), it will be given a boundary of what price to stock as (somewhere between X and Y), and stock between that boundary each time.

Psst, did you know issue 14 of the Restock Machine Comic is out?

What is the longest amount of time a person can be on neopets and not get a faerie fountain quest?? some people have been on for like only a year or so and they have had more than asking because i've been on neo about 3 years and nothing... ~ angel_star12
As with all random-based events (quests included), there is no pre-determined time frame in which you will get an event. Providing an old account didn't take part in the original sponsor method (sign up with some sponsors and receive Fountain coupons!), you could be waiting forever! My main account is coming up to six years, and I haven't seen her, whereas friends (and lots of people on the boards) have had multiple visits.

Hi Rylon! Have you ever considered joining the ducks? If not, why are you answering this question? ~ yaksrcewl
*quack quack*

Hi Rylon! Did you know that your name is an anagram of Lynor? I bet you didn't. ANYWAYS MOVING ON. My question is is there a limit to how long my question can be? Or can I just keep going on.................................................................. And on..................................................................... And on some more........................................................................................... ~ spidercat240955
No, I can't say I knew that. Or maybe I did, there aren't many anagrams you can make from 'Rylon'. Now, onto your question: no, I don't think there is a limit. HOWEVER, don't make us read super-long questions, or send in something useless/long, because that would be mean and we might have to set the Meepits on you. D:

Hello TJNT! Loving the site so far! Anyways, how much time do you get on fountain faerie quests? I need to save up for a Ugly Bruno Plushie and it may take some time, thanks! ~ nolokeeper
There is no time limit on Faerie Quests, so take as long as you need obtaining your plushie. Unfortunately, you'll have to live without the Super/Shop Wizard until you either complete the quest or cancel it. But you wouldn't want to do that now, would you?

Soon you'll be able to make your neopet as pretty as me!

Hey Rylon, how do you feel about Stephen's many stalkers. ~ Fireti
They scare me! *hides* Too...many...STALKERS!!

Do you or any of the other staff have special KeyQuest tokens? Other than the ones the game gives you so you can play without buying Plushies? ~ jesse882173
I myself only have the yellow poogle token (since I can't get hold of the actual plushies here in the UK), but I asked the staff and they have the following tokens: The Darkest Faerie, Jeran, Faerie Acara, Gold Gelert, Strawberry Jubjub, Starry Grundo, Island Bruce, and all of the basic series 1 plushies.

A couple of staff don't actually own the plushies, and were given codes by super-awesome Neopians. Considering I have yet to play through a full game of Keyquest, the tokens don't matter too much to me :P

Hi Rylon! Is it true you are named after an evil Grundo? ~ Herdy Fanatic
Evil Grundo? WHERE? *hops to Lever of Doom to collect Overthrow-Neopia funds* -shifty eyes-

This is Rylon in disguise!

Rylon, who at Jellyneo can recite Pi the farthest? I can recite it to 42 decimal places :o ~ yaksrcewl
Another staff survey gave me the following results:

1337 knows Pi to 170 decimal places. He didn't actually bless us with this knowledge, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say he surely knows his stuff. Illy managed to answer to 14dp, Tawm to 7, and Suzuka to 6.

The remainder of the staff who answered simply gave one, two, or three decimal places, or stated "1337 wins". Well then, I do believe 1337 wins the game! D:

HELLO! *Gives a Rare and VERY Expensive Paint Brush in thanks for all help you ever provided* When I signed up for the Neopets Premium 15 Day Free Trial, I got the "Neomail Addict" avatar. Do I keep it when the subscription ends? I only wanted to do the 15 day trial. Thanks! ~ jiggy201
Yay, paintbrushes! Thanks! =D Aw, you don't want to stay for Premium? It's a good deal, honestly! But in answer to your question, yes, you do get to keep the avatar should you cancel your subscription. And for those of you who weren't aware, you can also get the Neomail Addict avatar by sending/receiving lots and lots and lots of neomails. Funny that.

i was looking at the clothes that where wearable for the grarrl. i saw clo_rg_grarrl_veil and it says it is from a deluxe paint brush set. what paint brush is it? ~ christopher_1_4_96
Unfortunately, since it has that weird name, Neopets never actually released it! We're assuming that the Royal Girl Crown has a drop down veil hiding in the back.

Hi JN! *waves* Can the lab ray change pets from converted to unconverted? ~ ambreon
While I can't be 100% certain (why would you want to zap an unconverted pet anyway?!) I'm going to say that should the colour/species change, the lab ray *will* change your pet to being converted. This is because changes to the 'physical' Neopet completely update the image you see around the site.

As a side note, if this is not the case at all, drop me a message on the forum so I can be slapped with a fish for feeding you incorrect information.

Hi! I'm just wondering.. can you take stamps out of your stamp album? Thanks! ~ Luvduv2000
Unfortunately stamps cannot be removed from their albums. This largely contributes to some /insane/ stamp prices (the rare ones especially) as once a stamp is placed into a user's album, that stamp is then effectively out of the market. It can be funny, actually. A friend of mine, who isn't really a stamp collector, found a Candychan Stamp in his album. He was kicking himself for days because now it's worth around 45million NP!

Haha, you can't sell me!

Okay, so, I have a Neofriend who has a premium account, and I show up on her Neofriend list, but she doesn't show up on mine. This is most distressing as I cannot tell when she is online! Why is this? ~ rainpaint
Premium members have the option of changing their "Online Status" to Stealth!. This then does not show them in their Neofriends' Neofriend Online List, but they see their Neofriends as normal. If you have real issues with this, try leaving a Neomail when you get online and await a response. I'm set to Stealth, so I know it works!

Hiya, Rylon! After seeing Stephen's edition of the editorial, I've decided that you need some love too *hugs* Anyways, since you're THE Amazing Graphic Artist, could we see a sample of your work? :3 ...Hi Terry! *waves frantically* ~ Roxanne
Aw, you're too kind! Firstly, can I correct you and say that the other members of the Fantastic Four (Illy, I'm not going to let this die!) are the awesome ones. I just happen to be part of the team. Anywho, I worked on the new, non-user submitted graphics during Altador Cup 3. More recently, I've been working on the newly released Goal Counters. If you haven't already, go add the service to your JN Account via the Services Portal (or go register if you haven't already!). If you have any suggestions for new counters, please use the Ideas suggestion form.

Hey, I was just wondering, do any of you JNT have any tattoos? If so, are any of them Neopets related? ~ Shaneybobo
I did a survey of most of the staff, and the only person to have a tattoo is Luke, but it's not Neopets related (he "eww"'d at the thought!). I do want a tattoo though; I'd get the Crest of Hyrule on my wrist, since we all know that The Legend of Zelda is awesome!

Ooh, but Dave might get a tattoo of me!

Hi, i just wondered, does TNT object to the people who restocks too much and rubbing others of their chance of buying something they want? ~ yxh
One Neopian simply can't restock forever! TNT introdiced restock bans to stop individuals caping out in a few shops and literally grabbing all the good items. If banned, the user can't see any items in the official shops (but can still purchase from user-owned shops), and is usually banned from anywhere between 2-24 hours. It just helps even things up :)

Hey jellyneo staff! I love the site, very helpful. Anyway, my question is about the petpages. What happened to the 'Update Petpage' button on the bottom? Do you know? Also, I started getting used to the preview changes thing, but now the save button isn't there. Please help. ~ gld7
It was changed so that you preview your page, and that the Save Button is on your preview. Unfortunately for some, if you had a bad code or something that conflicted on the preview, you couldn't get to the Save button. That'll teach people to code! :P

Hi JellyNeo peoples! Rylon in particular. I don't get on the forums a whole ton, so I don't exactly know you... but I'm sure you're just as cool as the rest of the JN team! *bright smile* Okay, enough compliments and not enough questions, so here is mine. Key Quest on Neopets gives out codestones, wearables, Neggs, books, and stamps by the truckload. You even get an item if you're the flat-out loser. Therefore, this is wreaking havoc on the Neopets economy; I saw a wearable on the Shop Wizard once worth several thousand, now put up for 50 NP. TNT must have known this was going to happen; so why did they do this? Getting levels now, with the codestones coming so cheaply, is going to be a fraction of the difficulty than it was before, thereby reducing the pride of having a multilevel pet. And that is just an example of Key Quest's influence on the economy. So... why did TNT do such a thing to us? I suppose that this is a worthless question, as there is no real answer, but I wanted to ask anyway. So thanks! ~ Tigerstripe172
Ack, the smile, it burns! Just kidding, hi! Personally, I think it's a half-decent way of doing something with the inflation of certain items, and I'm sure TNT gave themselves a cookie for actually doing something. Items such as codestones and neggs are still hugely inflated from The Return of Dr. Sloth plot as it involved the battledome.

In relation to the wearables, the only item I have seen as a prize that was worth something is the Moon & Stars Background (yay, restocking experience!). I can't really say I'm up to date on the prizes, but TNT wouldn't simply take expensive items by the bucket-load and deflate them for no reason. They (hopefully) would have been strategic in their item choices. I guess we'll just have to see how it all pans out over the next few months. (And a 'just-wait-and-see' answer isn't a real response either! Unreal question to unreal answer Win! :P ) I can say, however, that it'd be much better if they set it up so that any item in Neopia (with certain rarity limits of course) could be awarded for the KQ games. This way, a few items won't be massively deflated, but items everywhere will become a bit cheaper.

Hi!! *overenthusiastic wave* Why is Stephen so popular? =P ~ carazay_
Goodness knows! I can't say I see the attraction myself, so I don't understand how you can all get so worked up!

Hey guys! Great plot! Now to the question: Are you guys paid to run Jellyneo? ~ buizelmaniac
If only it were so! But no, we don't get paid. Not in cash anyway, but there are free sodas in exchange for doing some work. We all volunteer to help the site, and do so in our free time. A number of us are still in School or off at University, as well as holding down jobs in the real world. We just love you all so much to put in such hard work and dedication! You know what? I think we deserve a cookie! :D