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Illy's Groovy Time Warp Issue
Published: August 23, 2008

How do you follow the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Why, with the 43rd edition of the JN Editorial, of course! Forty-three is just as great as 42, if not more so. Did you know that it is the atomic number for technetium, the lightest element with no stable isotope? It is also the international direct dial code for Austria and the number of minutes it takes to finish Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album! Enthralling, isn't it? Eh? Eh?

Well, you might not think 43 is awesome, but I do, because it is the edition where readers can reflect on Neopets' past, learn about its present, and eagerly await its future. Enjoy!

When I visited someone's lookup to see if they were online, it said "Stealth!" next to where they were last spotted. Do you know what this means? ~ lill689252
Neopets Premium members have the option of hiding when they were last online if they want to have some more privacy, hence the "Stealth!" status. If you have Premium and want to know how to use this feature, or if you want to know more about Neopets Premium in general, check out Leto's Guide.

Has anyone ever won the jackpot at one of the scratchcard spots with the cheapest kind of scratchcard you can buy for that place, or do you have to go out and buy a really expensive one? Would you have a better chance with a more expensive scratchcard than a cheaper one? ~ emuhatchu_123
At the Ice Caves Scratchcard Kiosk, you will only be able to win the jackpot if you have an Icetravaganza Scratchcard (the rarest and most valuable card for that place).

For the Deserted Fairground Scratchcard Kiosk, you will need a Rotting Riches Scratchcard (the most valuable and rarest card for that particular spot).

Even if you have those scratchcards, it would still depend on how lucky you are!

Things get a bit trickier for the Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk, because you can get the jackpot symbol while scratching any of the 6 types of scratchcards available there. Personally, I have never heard of anyone winning the jackpot with a really common scratchcard (such as the Scorched Treasure Scratchcard), but if that did happen, the odds would have to have been incredibly slim. Rarer scratchcards have better odds, but at that point, you have to think about the risks and costs versus the benefits. For instance, if you go to any of the Kiosks and end up buying a really rare scratchcard, the profit that you would be able to make from selling that card could actually outweigh the jackpot amount (in which case it would be wise to sell). Before selling, using, or buying scratchcards from other users, it is always a good idea to check the Shop Wizard, Trading Post and Auction House for current market prices.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you! If you want the jackpot, you can risk using Icetravaganza and Rotting Riches Scratchcards or you can stick to the cheaper scratchcards at the Lost Desert Kiosk and see if the odds are in your favour. Also, keep in mind that you can only scratch up to 5 cards per Kiosk per day. Either way, may Fortuna be with you!

Important note: beware of fake scratchcards! Items such as the Fake Pustravaganza Scratchcard and the Fake Rotting Riches Scratchcard cannot actually be scratched! They do not have any use unless you're an item collector and want to display them in your gallery. Always look carefully at the item name and description when you are making a trade or buying from a shop.

For more information, including a complete list of all scratchcards, visit the JN Scratchcard Guide.

When you win lottery tickets from something such as Dice-A-Roo, do you have to do anything special to see if you won? Or will the Neopoints be given to you automatically if you win? ~ yugi90163
When you get a "free" lottery ticket, the lottery page will immediately display it. You do not have to do anything extra--all the numbers are already randomly chosen for you. If you want to choose your own numbers, you'll have to pay 100NP to buy a ticket. You can only buy a maximum of 20 tickets per day.

So if you're a lottery enthusiast, you can buy 20 tickets first, and then play Dice-A-Roo or spin the Wheel of Monotony for a chance to win even more tickets. You can also roam around the Neopets site and see if you get a ticket from a random event.

If you win, your share of the prize fund will automatically be added to the Neopoints you have out on hand. Your username will also appear on the past winners section and you'll get a congratulatory e-mail from TNT. Furthermore, if you win over 1 million Neopoints, you'll receive a shiny gold trophy! Winning between 500,000 and 1 million will get you a silver trophy, and winning between 1 and 500,000 will get you the bronze.

I'm glad this kind of lottery doesn't involve people throwing stones at you!

A few weeks ago, I found two mysterious Petpets. They were called "Spoppy II" and "Spoppy III." How were these items distributed? I also heard that very few of them are in existence. What's the deal with them? ~ kecleonfan
A long, long time ago, when the Spoppy was released as a Cooking Pot item, there was a mix-up with the item adding and several duplicates were created, all with different item IDs. TNT fixed this by renaming them the Spoppy II and Spoppy III. Some users got a hold of the Spoppy II through the Cooking Pot, but they cannot be obtained that way anymore (if you try to mix two Spoppys together, you will not get a Spoppy II, and if you try to mix three Spoppys, you will not get a Spoppy III). Nowadays, there are a few Spoppy IIs in galleries.

It is said that only one Spoppy III was created by TNT, and that item is now on display in a user gallery.

I have not yet seen a pet with a Spoppy III attached to it, but there are pets with Spoppy IIs. In fact, if you use the Petpet Lab Ray, there's a chance that it'll zap your Petpet into a Spoppy II.

In the Trading Post, "pure" and "auto" are common terms. I'm rather concerned about what "auto" means. Thank you! ~ kmsm1
If you scroll to the middle of JN's Trading Post article, you'll see a list of common lingo used when trading. "Auto" means "automatically accepted."

So if someone puts up a trade saying, "Fish Jelly = auto," it means that if you are the first to offer a Fish Jelly, your offer will be accepted for sure!

Other common Trading Post terms include:

k or K, which means a multiple of 1,000NP. For example, 200k means 200,000NP.
Pure, which means that the user only wants Neopoints, not items.
obo or o.b.o., which means "or best offer."
Firm, which means there is little chance that you can haggle for a lower price.
NM offers or NM to offer, which means you should send the user a Neomail telling them your offer.
TP, which means Trading Post!

Please check out the aforementioned article for more terms!

Which Jellyneo staff member is the strongest/best in the Battledome? Which staff member has beaten the Sloth's minions (in the Return Of Dr. Sloth plot) the most? ~ paandtr
I did some research and I think the answer to both questions is me. In total, I beat Sloth's minions 1,919 times and overall, I currently have 6,961 out of 7,000 one-player Battledome wins.

I know Tarla from the Shop of Mystery on Terror Mountain, but I didn't know that she gave stuff away. How and where do I get stuff that has been what they call "Tarla'd"? ~ minako
Most people get free stuff from Tarla by downloading the Neopets Toolbar for Internet Explorer or Firefox. The Toolbar has many useful features, including Neopets quick links, a pop-up blocker, neomail alerts, and, of course, Tarla alerts. When the orb symbol flashes (this happens at random times during the day), you can click on it for a special message from Tarla. The link she gives you allows you to claim a special prize on Neopets. Past prizes have included stamps, plushies, paint brushes, and even Secret Laboratory map pieces!

Some users might notice that under the system requirements for the Toolbar, it lists Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Firefox 1.0 - 1.5. TNT is working on an updated version, as well as a version for Mac users, but there are some things you can do to get it to work in the meantime, such as downloading a Firefox add-on. However, these methods are unofficial and are not directly supported by TNT. Please remember to always be careful when downloading software from the Internet and to read instructions carefully.

If you don't want to install the Toolbar, you can always lurk around the Neoboards--sometimes people post the links Tarla gives you. :)

In Editorial 27, why does the link to Neoschool lead to a "404 error"? ~ Bj_3
Try highlighting the answer and the picture for that question. ;)

Neoschool has not been released yet, but you can still view the page that describes all the classes you can take.

When oh when will I get to take a class with Mr. Leer? :(

First, you guys are awesome and I love the site--it really helps me out! Okay, so for my question, do you have any idea why the National Neopian stopped giving out loans? I wasn't around then, and I saw that in the Random Fact thing, and I was just curious. Thanks! ~ eeorer9
The feature was prone to abuse by users. Think about it: you could just create multiple accounts, take out a lot of loans, and never really work to earn Neopoints. Plus, there was no way to make you pay back the loan you'd taken out. But anyway, that was a long time ago and TNT has said that this is not a feature they are likely to add again.

On some user lookups, people write that their home computer is shared by friends or family members who also play Neopets, and that they are stating this so that their account does not get frozen. I am wondering if this is a necessary thing to do. Will Neopets will freeze an account if there are multiple users on a computer? I cannot find information about this elsewhere, so I was hoping you guys could answer this for me! (At work, some of us play Neopets on the same computer, and at my home, both my son and I play Neopets regularly, but we only have one computer! So, if I need to post this on my user lookup or someplace else, I guess I should!) Thanks in advance for your time! ~ Keikachuki
Great question! I'm happy to say that there's an actual response from TNT on this issue. Here is a quote from Editorial 272 of the Neopian Times:

First off - thanks for reading this. ^^ Second, is it mandatory that you have a message on your lookup stating you play Neopets from multiple computers, or that your siblings/friends use your computer? Just wondering, 'cause it's been bothering me. D: Thanks! ~radioaddict
Nope! It's not mandatory, necessary, or even welcome, really. In fact, if we do see it, it only makes us MORE suspicious of an account, since scammers often put stuff like that up to try to "fool" us. So please understand it's pointless. Use that space for more important things.

As long as you're not sharing one account between two or more people, lying about your personal information, or otherwise doing anything that is against Neopets' Terms and Conditions, you should be fine!

Why isn't Jellyneo's default theme the Dr. Sloth theme? ~ yoshi_sonic_90
Dr. Frank Sloth is not commonplace! He does not allow his site theme to be lowered down to the "default" level! The Sloth theme will only be displayed to those who are worthy on special days, such as Dave's birthday or, of course, Sloth Appreciation Day.

I was skimming through past caption contest winners and I came across a caption that had a really odd looking pet (at least, I think it was a pet) in it. It was called a "Fleye." Do you have any idea what it was/is now? ~ faerietears
For those who are curious, this is the caption in question.

Yes, the Fleye used to be a Neopet and yes, it is basically a giant flying eyeball (ew!). It was first released on January 11th, 2000, and it was the winning entry from a 1999 Christmas Design-A-Pet Competition (yes, TNT used to let users design pets!).

About six months later, on July 24th, 2000, the Fleye evolved into...the Buzz!

Now I have two eyes! Yay for depth perception!

Hey JNT! Keep up the great work with the site! When we go to the bank, we see, "If you withdraw Neopoints too many times a day, the bank staff may get angry and refuse to serve you!" How many times do you have to withdraw NP to reach that limit, and what happens then? ~ charumati
The limit is 15 withdraws per day. If you try to withdraw once more after that, you will get this message:

"Error: Sorry, you have already attempted to withdraw Neopoints 15 times today. Please wait till tomorrow."

This is actually a good thing to know, because if you suspect someone else is in your account, you can do this to protect the Neopoints you have in the bank (but having a PIN is better)!

Hiya! Who put the Spamalot (Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail) reference in the Meridell AC Forums banner? Yay for them! :D ~ peabodyandsherman
That would be me! I like adding pop culture references to my graphics (it's one of my many quirks). But I wasn't sure if many people would recognize it. For your keen eye, you get a gold star*!

*Gold stars have no cash value. Cannot be exchanged for brownie points or unicorn stickers.

I'm hoping you'll be able to help me out with this question (which is not at all specific). Anyway, I was under the impression that only items up to rarity 99 ever stock in shops. Assuming this is true, how is it possible that anyone has the item called "Choco Spray," a rarity 100 food that is equipped on the Giant Ghostkerchief just so you can't steal his weapons? You don't get to keep things you steal in one-player battles, right? Where does Choco Spray come from? I saw someone on the boards saying they had "just missed a Choco Spray" in the Chocolate Factory, but when I asked the rarity question they ignored me. Were they just being a poser? What's the deal? (Okay, so that's like five questions. Thanks for all your hard work and a fabulous website!) ~ kittykapow925
Whoa, that's a lot of questions! First, no, you do not keep the items you steal from one-player Battledome challengers. There is another question about Battledome stealing further down this editorial, which will also be answered.

Choco Spray was initially released as a prize for a contest called "The Great Chocolate Sweepstakes." Prizes for that included rare chocolate items and one million Neopoints! You can see blurbs about the contest in the January 9th, 2002 and February 6th, 2002 news archives.

Choco Spray is also a Gourmet Club food item. It has been restocking at the Chocolate Factory for a while now, but only on the rarest of occasions, so it is possible that users have indeed missed it in the shop.

Hey JN! I was wondering if Magical Poogle Plushies still existed because I've searched high and low and I can't seem to find anything. Help? ~ _star_wars_fan_freak
Yes, they still exist! Their names are Magical Purple Poogle Toy and Magical Yellow Poogle Toy. As indicated by the "Magical" part of their names, as well as the item descriptions, these plushies can turn your pets into Purple and Yellow Poogles respectively!

Fun and perhaps useless fact: You used to be able to win these magical plushies in an old game called Poogle Solitaire.

I just adopted a Green Kougra from the Pound. After he was fed and joyful, I gave him a Petpet, which he refused. I smiled and tried different Petpets and each time he said something like, "Yuck! Get that away from me!" I tried the Neopets help section but couldn't get a clear answer. Can you help, please? ~ gelsgrandma
Pets have a strange quirk...they will not like any item that has the same number of characters as their name. Or a multiple of the number of characters in their name. For example, if your pet was named "ILoveYouIlly" (which has 12 characters), they would not like a Snicklebeast (12 characters) or something with 24 characters in its name. Spaces in item names count as characters.

This phenomenon also occurs with books, foods, and toys. You can get around it by changing the language (using the drop down menu at the bottom of a Neopets page) to something like Portuguese or Japanese--anything that changes the number of characters in the item name.

If you have already done this with a Petpet that can give you an avatar, and now you're finding that nothing's happening when you visit your pet's lookup, try changing back to the language that you initially changed to when you attached the Petpet (whoa, now there's a mouthful!).

Hey JN! You guys are magnificent! *Throws Ylana Skyfire Plushie* Okay, say you have a question that you really want answered, so you submit it to the JN Editorial. But there are so many other good questions that yours didn't get published! Is it all right to keep on sending the question over and over until it gets answered, or is this annoying to you? Thanks! ~ Tigerstripe172
All of the questions that are submitted to the Editorial are kept in one large database. That means that if you submitted a question when Editorial 3 came out, and it hasn't been answered, chances are it's still in the database. So there is no need for you to keep sending in the same question week after week.

The staff try their best to answer important or urgent questions, but sometimes time runs out or other things get in the way (it is now 4:29am as I'm typing this! Ahhh!).

What does the Golden Pteri do if you do have a Pteri? I need to know! Thanks. ~ Juice
Ah, yes, some readers may have encountered the random event that says:

Something has happened!
The Golden Pteri flies overhead, but none of your Neopets are Pteris so he just flies away.

Well, if you did have a Pteri, the event would have said:

Something has happened!
The Golden Pteri flies overhead and suddenly its raining Neopoints! [Insert number here] NP to be exact! He must like you.

The amount the Pteri gives you ranges from 2,000 to 8,000NP. Usually, though, it is around 5,000NP. Still, not too shabby for owning a Pteri!

Great job on the AC III banners! Anyway, I was looking at all of them, and I couldn't help but wonder, what do the Lost Desert and Tyrannian ones say? Thanks. ~ the_unknown1993
The Lost Desert one translates to "We say the Lost Desert will win." As for the Tyrannia one, well, I just took a bunch of random Tyrannian-sounding words and mushed them together. :D

Ugga-a-nah-aka-bo! Ke-ga-ugg!

Hi Jellyneo! *Hands you a cookie and a Sprite* I have a question. I haven't been able to visit Neopets ever since I got to China. I used to be able to log on when I was in the United States, but here, every time I try going to, it always says "Internet Explorer cannot display the page," or something like that. Do you have any idea of how I can play Neopets here? Thanks! ~ vanessa12997
Yes, the same thing happened to me when I went to China! One way around it would be to use an online anonymous proxy. But if you search for one, most of the search results will also be "conveniently" blocked. Then there's the issue of security...If you use an online proxy, data about where you go and what you do will be kept by the proxy provider. There's no guarantee that encrypted data will stay encrypted.

So the safest and best course of action, in my opinion, would be to wait until you're back in the United States to play Neopets.

In Editorial 37, it was stated that the Potion of Concealment is "a battle item which withdraws your pet out of sight, making it invisible." Does that mean that after the battle is over, your pet turns invisible? ~ fire4real
Nope, your pet will not turn invisible! The item description is not true in that sense. It is just alluding to the defensive powers of the Potion, which can block all earth icons, two physical, and two light. The Potion of Concealment is a one-use item.

Alright, so I asked this before, but did not get a reply, so I'm asking this again because my head will simply implode if I can't find the answer. Exactly how many flavours of JN soda are there (e.g., Diet Terry, Dr. Dave), and which of them tastes the best? And give Terry some chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream for me, since he never seems to get any. You can have some too. ~ eeorer9
Ice cream, yum!

There are currently 9 varieties of JN soda: Dr. Dave, 1337up, Jen and Tonic, Sierra Stephen, Illy-ade, Diet Terry, Suzukaberry Punch, Pekkasi, and Dandy Delight.

All of the sodas taste great, but naturally I am biased toward my own brand. ;D

Haloo, JN! I've been playing Neopets for nearly three years now, and I vaguely remember a Neopets staff tournament that had something to do with Krawk Island (Deckswabber, perhaps?). Anyways, I was wondering if you had any remaining information on it. I'm not sure if it was just my imagination. Thanks! ~ sweeper892
I think you are referring to the Krawk Island Cup, a Neopets staff competition that was held in 2001. Participants played Deckball and users could guess who would win. In the end, Mr. Roboto emerged as the winner!

Recently, I was browsing the In-Depth Battlepedia when, of all things, sandals came up. In the item's description, it said that it blocked you from getting a potentially useful item from the Meerca Henchmen. I then found more items for blocking more one-player challenger items. What special items you can get from these challengers, and why would you want them? Thank you for your time. :) ~ bonesbones26_2
The In-Depth Battlepedia lists the items you can steal from a one-player Battledome challenger in the 1-Player Profile section. For example, you can steal a Downsize Power Plus from Meuka (if your pet has a stealing item equipped). Again, I should point out that you do not get to keep any weapons you steal in one-player battles. Stolen weapons only last for the duration of the fight.

One-player challengers have common, useless items to prevent you from stealing their specialized weapons, which can actually do a lot of damage (for the Meerca Henchmen, these would include the Meerca Brothers Water Pistol and Hefty Loot Bag). Most of the time, it's not worth it to use up a turn stealing from these challengers, but if the item you can steal is a good one, then it's worth a try, if only to be evil and turn your challenger's weapon against them.

Who makes the graphics for Jellyneo's layouts, plots, etc.? And why is the Jelly Kookith in the corner staring at me? ~ D10stefy777
Graphics are made by myself, Dandy, Rosie, and Rylon (the Jellyneo Fantastic Four!). Sometimes, Dave makes buttons or banners as well, in addition to coding pages and layouts (an admin's work is never done!).

The Jelly Kookith is staring at you because I like Jelly Kookiths. :P


Why is there no Year 9 Goodie Bag and why is there a Year 10 Goodie Bag? Why didn't the Year 8 Goodie Bag get released? ~ blizara
This may be kind of confusing, so just bear with me and I'll try to explain it the best I can.

Neopets began in 1999, which is considered to be Year 1. Therefore, 2008 is Year 10, so TNT released a Year 10 Goodie Bag to celebrate the new year. They did not previously release bags for New Year's, so that is why there is no "Year 9 Goodie Bag." In another matter entirely, Neopets did not celebrate its first birthday until 2000 (and they did not start giving out birthday goodie bags until 2002), so that is where the one year gap comes from. Therefore, on November 15th, 2008, Neopets will have its 9th birthday and (hopefully) a Neopets 9th Birthday Goodie Bag will be released!

To break it down, there are now five types of goodie bags: ones for Neopets' birthday, ones for the new year, ones for Halloween, ones for Usukicon, and ones for the NCMall.

There is a Neopets 8th Birthday Goodie Bag but it is "unbuyable," which means it costs more than 99,999NP and cannot be bought from user shops via the Shop Wizard. You can buy/trade for the item in the Trading Post or in Auctions.

Hope that clears things up! It certainly is a lot to keep track of!

What does a Chokato Tombola Coin do? ~ imnotcrazy3
Nothing, it's just a collector's item now. You used to need Tombola Coins to play Tombola, but as you can see, it now costs nothing to play.

Another fun yet probably useless fact: Special totems were once needed in order to gain access to Faerieland, Mystery Island, and the Ice Caves!

Is Smuggler's Cove included in Half Price Day? ~ Maxwell
Nope! Both Smuggler's Cove and the Hidden Tower are not affected by Half Price Day. I guess pirates and faerie queens don't believe in discounts. :(

How many of you guys like Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? Does Henri look like L from Death Note on purpose, or was it coincidence? Thanks. ~ smokefur
We all like Dr. Horrible! Right, guys? *Gets out Disco Ball of Death*

I turned out to be kind of a jerk, but Illy loves me anyway!

As for your other question, yes, Rosie drew Henri to look like L. Yay Death Note!

Hi Jellyneo! At what hour are trophies handed out? ~ kuvam6
Trophies are handed out at 11:50pm NST every day.

Hello JN! I was wondering if you knew how to make enough Neopoints to buy a Monoceraptors Claw. I'm drooling over it right now and I can't afford it. :( The Monoceraptor's my favourite villain. And what pet/user actually beat him? Neopets only says that a brave Lupe did it. ~ sharpedo98
There are literally tons of ways you could make NP. The quickest and probably most efficient way of making lots of NP fast is by playing games and restocking. It takes a while to get used to and to develop a pattern, but once you get the hang of it you can potentially make millions during the course of a month. In addition, you can participate in some of the contests that Neopets offers.

The Monoceraptor was beaten by a Lupe named k0jir0 (owned by gotenx84). Unfortunately, gotenx84 quit Neopets a long time ago and his famous prize, the Monoceraptors Claw, was made a Hidden Tower item for a while (it is now retired). The k0jir0 that you see on Neopets today is not the same Lupe, since Neopets made some old usernames and pet names available for the taking several years ago (don't worry, they also said, "There are very, very rare occasions where we free up very old usernames, but this does not happen very often").

If you'd like to read more about the exciting Tyrannian Land War, there is this article in the Neopian Times.

Hey JN! *Gives Illy a cookie* Okay Illy, silly question here: if you use your browser's "Back" button when playing Tyranu Evavu, is that considered cheating? I wasn't going to do so at the time I was aiming for the avatar, but my head said, "Do it, you know you want to...," and then I wondered if it was considered cheating or not (which it probably is). Thanks! ~ _writingcrazy_me_
Using the "Back" button does not accomplish anything in Tyranu Evavu. Let's say you were presented with the two of diamonds and you guessed Evavu, but that was the wrong answer. Your game would end and you would be directed to the main Tyranu Evavu page. If you pressed "Back" and clicked on the other option, Tyranu, you would still be led to the main game page because you already lost. I don't think this would be considered cheating, since going back does nothing. In any case, keep playing the way you normally do, and good luck!

Hi Illy! I've asked this question to TNT a squillion times (okay, three) and got no answer from them, so I thought a graphics whizz such as yourself might have the answer. What's with all the disappearing items? I can't be the only one who has noticed all the older items that don't have their pictures come up in galleries, etc. anymore! ~ rosannejoy
Hmm, I'm afraid neither myself or other staff members are experiencing this problem. My suggestion would be to check to see if images are being blocked by your browser (for Internet Explorer, it's under Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced; for Firefox, it's Tools -> Options -> Content). Make sure there are no exceptions or restrictions that block Neopets content from being displayed. Sometimes, if your Internet Service Provider is having technical difficulties, it could result in lag and images not being displayed, but they usually fix that within a couple of days.

If you still can't view images properly, you're welcome to post in our Geek Speak forum, where one of our computer whizzes can help you out. Remember to be as detailed as possible in your post and include the browser you're using as well as your computer's operating system. If possible, provide a screenshot as well.

If you're 99 years old then why do you have brown hair? ~ ray112893
L'Oréal Paris. Because I'm worth it.

Hello! *Gives pancakes* Oh, fudgecakes, I forgot the syrup! *Rumages around in her Bag of Tricks* There you go! ;D Anyway, my question is: why is there a Slorg-shaped calculator in the jelly at the bottom of the default layout? Wouldn't that break your teeth if you went to eat said jelly? ~ thedoveswing
*Gobbles down pancakes* Hehe, the "Jellycalc" is a reference to a memorable gag on The Office (both the UK and US versions). Sadly, I couldn't find a good picture of a stapler on Neopets at the time, so I used a calculator instead. My goal is to insert at least 1 pop culture reference into every site theme I make (all my fandoms will be on JN in one way or another! Mwahaha!). :D

Hi JNT (and especially Illy for this editorial :D). I have two questions: were there any Gnorbus in a Neopets plot, and did you guys ever think that JN would become a world famous site? Greetings from Belgium! ~ ackaturbo97
There have been a couple of Gnorbus in Neopets plots. One was Captain Tuan from The Cyodrake's Gaze, and then there's Scrap from the Journey To The Lost Isle Plot.

World famous site, eh? I like the sound of that! I don't think any of us imagined that the site would grow to what it is today, with over 53 million hits and thousands of loyal visitors. Thanks for all the support, guys (and gals)!

Here are some free churros for all you JN fans!

What on earth is Coldplay? I keep hearing about it, and my curiosity was piqued even more after Joey's editorial (I'm in the same boat!). Is it a band? A play? An unreleased plot and the only way you guys know about it is because Jellyneo is, in fact, in an alternate dimension where it's several years later than here? ~ Tigerstripe172
Okay, let us settle this once and for all.

A Coldplay is a play that is unpopular or unsucessful, getting a "cold" reception from audiences rather than a warm one. I told Terry this and he started banging his head on his desk, which I can only assume is his way of saying, "Yes, Illy, that's right" in Morse code. So mystery solved, case closed, that's the end of that!

Why is it that users who haven't logged on to Neopets for a long, long time have like seven Key Quest tokens? ~ depressed500
It's a small glitch. Once you click the link to view their Key Quest Tokens, the number should become 0.

Dear Jellyneo, I am kind of new to Neopets and when I started they gave me 150 Neocash. I bought a Faerie Doll but I have no clue how to put it on my pets. Please help! ~ tinkerlilly113
The item you bought from the NCMall should be displayed the very bottom of your inventory, under the heading "Neocash Items." Click on the Doll, select "Put into your Closet," and click "Submit." That item will now show up in your Closet. Go to Quick Reference and choose the pet you want to have wearing the Doll. Click on the little white arrow next to their picture and select "Customise." From there you can click on the Doll and click on the "Apply" button. Then save your changes and you're done!

Are you an illusionist who makes everything seem like an illusion even when its really an illusion of an illusion, or maybe illusions are just illusions sent by illusions from another dimension of illusions? Like your age? Or am I just an illusion having a conversation with another illusion? Are mirrors illusions? Or is that just my brain making an illusion? Is my brain an illusion? Or is every fiber of this earth an illusion? ~ Maybe I'm just an illusion?
...Yes? *Poofs*

Hi! *Gives you Pluto (It's a rock. A big rock, but still a rock!)* What items change a Neopet's height or weight? ~ bub314159

In the past, the most common method to increase your pet's weight was by feeding them a BBQ Porkwich (incidentally, it is currently cheaper to make a Porkwich by mixing Bread and Neopox Pizza at the Cooking Pot than it is to buy it from a user shop). However, I have been testing this for a week and it doesn't seem to work anymore.

The remaining ways of making your pet gain weight include completing Earth Faerie quests (which are given out as random events), or by feeding your pet a Pumpkin Negg. The Pumpkin Negg will increase your pet's weight by 1-2 lbs but it will also decrease your pet's height by 1-2 cm. Not to worry, though, because it will not lower your pet's height to below 20 cm.

TNT claims that there are items that increase your pet's height, but so far, the names of those items have remained a mystery... :(

I may look slim, but I'm actually 305 lbs and 20 cms tall!

So, um, I read the reprinted Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy yesterday. It turns out there was a misprint. I don't know how to tell you this, but...43 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. My condolences. ~ Goosh
I knew it!!! 43 is special!

Phew, you made it to the end! That sure was a lot of reading (well, unless you skipped it all and just scrolled down to the bottom! Tsk tsk). I hope you liked this edition and understood my crazy ramblings.

If you would like to learn more about Neopets in "the olden times," check out Neopets Archeology's collection of old pets, items, and maps! Marvel at old Neopets artwork!

That's it for me. See you later, everyone!