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Joey's Issue (Due to the fact that this is a boring title, no one will choose it, thus making it an exciting title!)
Published: August 16, 2008

This is the editorial number forty-one, much like issue number forty, except one more, and hosted by the uber-smart and mildly attractive Joey!!! I will attempt to answer your questions in an educating and... entertaining manner? What? No one ever told me I had to be witty!!!

Eh... I just wanna know what is the font used for the navigation bar in Neopets? ^^'' like the 'My Account'/'Nc Mall'... and are Donna and Adam working for Neopets anymore? ~ galaxy__1995
After a little digging, actually I just asked Dave, I found out that the font used on the navigation bar is called Myriad. If I do say so myself it's quite pretty.

Also, unfortunately Adam and Donna have moved on to a new project called Meteor Games, through which they are creating the game Twin Skies. Hop on over to Twin Skies Help for more details on that!

Hey JN, You Rock! Ok why are there two types of a Christmas Baby Blu? ~ _captainfalco_77
Well, one day the green Christmas baby blu got so cold that all its fins fell off. Obviously, it was devastated, but it had no control over it's body. So it floated around for a few days until it ran into Taelia as she was heading in for a dip since the weather was a bombing minus ten degrees (that's in Celsius for all us Canadians)! She took pity on the poor baby blu and gave him holly leaves instead of fins. These are forever frozen so that they don't fall off. She then decided that that was too much green, and painted the baby blu's body to that of her favourite sweet, a candy cane! This unfortunately makes the baby blu look quite appetizing and has led to more than one awkward situation in which one neopet eats another's petpet. However, whenever a christmas baby blu with holly leaves comes across one whose fins have fallen off, he knows exactly what to do!

Dear, Jn, I would first like to say how much your site has helped me, but anyhow i would like to ask if when will lutari island be availible to other users (ones who don't use neopets mobile) and if (or when) the lutari paintbrush will be availible. thanks for reading. ~ kitty_o6
I'm afraid to report that the lush green forests of Lutari Island are not planned to be released to the public anytime soon, if at all. If they DID release it, there would be no reason to sign up for Neopets mobile, now would there?

what is the easiest game besides "cheat!"? I REALLY need more trophies!! ~ bananas_are_juicy
You're talking to the right person about no trophies! My only actual game trophies are Cheat!, Poetry Competition and Kacheekers. I got the Kacheekers trophy much by fluke since everyone I was against bailed on me. Therefore I would suggest Kacheekers and Armada if you're that patient. If not, Cellblock is another goody.

Bwah! Everybody has me!

Hi Jellyneo! I want to say thanks for all your help in the past years. Anyways on to my question, while I was playing Freaky Factory I filled up one whole tank and a kadoaterie stuck out his head from the tank. What was that? Thanks. ~ puppy_lover_9917
I love Freaky Factory, it's truly an amazing game, the cream of the crop of games at Neopets as far as I'm concerned, I just appreciate how the... oh yes. Well, once upon a day Ollie tried his hand at Freaky Factory and decided it needed some updates. Ever since Donna, Adam, Ollie and a few unfortunate kadoaties have been spotted peeking out of the vats. They don't actually affect gameplay... unless you let them distract you!

If a jelly neopet eats some sort of jelly product, does that make it a cannibal? 0_o ~ kt02114
This is a subject that has been the source of heavy debating over the years, however we must listen to the wise words of a veteran jelly chomby slowly going stale in the back of the Book of Ages.

The Chomby featured in Jelly Blobs of DOOM! must run over blobs smaller than he is in order to get larger, however they do not specify the whole eating aspect. The reality is so close to the term 'eating' that a mistake is understandable. However, the truth is that jelly neopets simply absorb jelly. Say a jelly shoyru sat on a half pinanna-lint jelly sticking out of your couch, it would become a part of said jelly shoyru. There are also times a jelly hissi may absorb a jelly korbat. This doesn't make it a cannibal, it just puts it in a rather sticky situation (no pun intended) much like those that two-headed dragons are forced into.

Umm... what he said.

Hey JNT (That's right, it's like the TNT, but not!)! I'm back on Neopets and Jellyneo after almost 2 years and was so saddened to find JN's Graphic section gone! Did Commander Garoo steal it? I know it existed because I was the person who found out it's "hidden" location before the site was released and shared it with the forums...sorry about that! :D Anyway, if you do re-release it, please hire some graphic artists, I'd love to be one! ~ alexmajor9
I'm afraid to report that our graphics section is indeed down for good. However there is a relatively large graphics project that is listed as in the works on our coming soon page! Keep an eye out for that, it'll be a doozie! It also keeps our fantastic graphics staff busy!

I need SOMETHING to do since the Altador Cup is over!

Hey JN! So, I've noticed that Guilds have had "guild webbies," using their pet pages as these webbies. Is there any way that we can put a flash game or flash interactive animation, or flash video, on our pet lookup? For instance, I just want to create a fun, interactive flash program that has daily clickables, games that I may have created extra for my guild members, etc. Is there any way I can create this in flash, upload it to a site like Photobucket, and then use it for my Pet Page on Neopets, or does Neopets forbid this? ~ tyeacup
The Neopets codemonkey has forbidden use of any flash programs, or coding other than HTML and CSS on any of your Neopets pages. This includes pet pages, guilds, userlookups, pet lookups and forum posts. It's an unfortunate truth that I cannot elaborate on any further, so I'll just babble a smidgen longer to make this seem like a longer answer than it actually is!

In the item database there is a little picture of Tarla for every item that has been Tarla'd is there anyway that yall can make a Tarla special category so that it is possible to get a whole list of items that have been tarla'd. Also, now that the neopet rainbow pool has been updated, what is the difference between the Jellyneo New Rainbow Pool and the Jellyneo Pet Directory? ~ nikki_ninja
I believe it is very plausible for us to add a Tarla section to our special categories, I'll tack that on the Admin to do list... it'll be a few days walk though.

Our Rainbow Pool shows every Neopet of every species, color and mood depending on what you want to see. On the other hand our Pet Directory displays existing pets, in their clothing, with their names and links to their pages.

What is the difference between a Flotsam and Jetsam ? ~ Maxwell
Flotsams and Jetsams are two very different yet closely related neopets. Jetsams were inspired by the fearsome shark, while Flotsams mimic dolphins!

Why do they always mix us up!

Well hello there Joey (: This is a little wierd but in your JN caricature, your hair is orange. Is it really like that in real life, or are you a redhead or something? o.o ~ cylara10
Hello there to yourself! Indeed I am a redhead, it is quite an accurate portrayal of myself as well because I provided actual photographs to the wonderful Rosie to draw me. Being a redhead is awesome though, simply because you're a redhead! We have to have something to brag about since redheads are generally very sensitive to the sun, they can't dye their hair, they can't wear the actual color red because it will clash, and don't even think of blushin or else you'll clash with your own face... Yup, being a redhead is awesome!

Hey Joey! :D How are you doing? Any shows coming up soon? Excited for the next plot? (woot boa :P) Who's your favourite Neopian Character? ~ Suzuka
Well, I am indeed doing a few shows before the year is out. I'm currently in the middle of a run of Peter Pan (the musical of course). I'm playing the character John, Wendy's middle brother who always sports his top hat, glasses and umbrella. You have no idea how annoying those are because they always get lost moments before I go onstage.

I am indeed excited for the next plot because it means that I have yet more ways to ignore the growing list of BoA bug reports! My favourite character USED to be Illusen (hence my username, illusenfanatic) however that was years ago, and now I've grown quite fond of the Zafara Double Agent. She's cool... which reminds me I need to find someone to make a set for me featuring her... Oh Rylon!

Hey Joey! I have 3 questions that have been buggin' me forever. 1. Is HollyNoel the oldest neopet in neopia? 2. What was the first neopets species? 3. What was the last neopets species? PLEASE answer my question, I have always wanted to know the answer. Thankies! ~ kittykat30916896
Three questions deserve three answers:

1. Yup, HollyNoel is currently Neopets oldest pet, however if the owner were to get frozen, she would shatter into a burst of pixels and that award would proceed to the next oldest pet.

2. The very first Neopet was named Thyassa and he is a chia! He now stars in the game of Gormball!

3. The latest species to join the Neopets family is the Gnorbu. This Neopet was chosen over all the pets from Neopets 2005 April Fools joke!

I have a couple questions to ask of you, mighty Joey: 1. Is is legal to use the Book of Ages to solve the Lenny Conundrum? 2. Why is no one under the Item DB Crew on the staff listing? (Also, just to get this off my chest: I only predicted that you would be last place in the Jellyneo AC tourney because of your hair. With it being in its unnatural position, it increased the surface area way to much, therefore increasing air resistance and lowering speed. Maybe you should buzz it next year to win for sure! :P) ~ jordans_sa
This numbering system is getting tiresome, so I'll try letters this time:

A. It is indeed legal to use the Book of Ages to solve any Neopets contests, including but not limited to the Lenny Conundrum, Daily Puzzle or Faerie Crossword!

B. Part of the Item DB Crew's job description is that they need to appease Terry with regular cookie offerings. Unfortunately they've been slacking with these offerings and Terry has decided to punish them for the time being. They'll come out of time out eventually! (Really, though, we're in the middle of restructuring our backend, and due to this, we haven't ported over the Item DB crew database yet. :P)

C. This wasn't really a question but I feel the need to point out that I styled my hair like that due to the fact that it was more aerodynamic! However I appreciate your lack of faith in me. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Hi Joey! *Throws imaginary cookies. * Sorry I ate the cookies on the way here! Anyway, When will the history page be updated? I want to read more about JN. Thanks! ~ dude__32
Dave last updated the History page on July 25th of this year, so it is rather up-to-date (unlike SOME of the things he needs to do [<3 you Dave ]) I imagine it will be updated at our next big event which is happening in 7 days!

It's almost time to get your party on!

JOEY!!!!!!! I noticed that in another editorial it was said that you love musical theatre! What's your favorite show? (For bribery, I'm tossing the full score of Les Miserables into your lap. And a limited edition souvenir program of Billy Elliot Gala Night.) ~ iccnh919

Musical theater is my passion, but my all-time favourite musical is Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim. Runners-up include The Light In The Piazza by Adam Guettel; Jane Eyre by I have no idea who; I also have a soft spot for Anastasia which, although it isn't a stage musical, it's still adorable.


Wow!! I actually got to talk to Terry on Neopets and I think he is really REALLY awesome, as well as a bit of a certain pet freak, but its all cool xD Or at least I think it was Terry :P What do you think about him Joeh? ~ metalpharoah
Most of the staff members are afraid of Terry due to the fact that he has these unfortunate transformations into what we call the content beast. I get to observe him from a distance since I live in the BoA where I also keep Herdy and Suzuka. I personally like Terry, except when he gets in those moods. Then I have to tie Herdy and Suzuka up for fear that they would go off and visit him.

I keep hearing that the secret to his heart is starting this cold game with him or playing cold or something like that?

Terry Edit: If the user you are referring to was obsessed over a pet that starts with a R, it wasn't me. :) If it is actually me, it'll be very obvious. :P By the way, I've been hanging out more at Twin Skies Help and Twin Skies more than the Neoboards lately -- so if there isn't a plot or event, it probably isn't me. :P (And I kind of want to know what they said xD Send me an email at -- remove NOSPAM. Thanks! :D)

Hey Joey, do you have a mommy Blumaroo? ~ Jedi_master_george
You'd better believe it. I also have a father Flotsam, a grandma Kyrii, a great aunt Kiko (or JubJub I've never been able to tell since that incident with the Polarchuck) and my great grandpappy Chia. It's a blast come family reunion time!

Hey, Joey! I don't now much about you, but I'm sure you're just as awesome as the rest of the JN staff. :) Anyway, do all of you guys like Coldplay? It seems as though you do, what with references to Terry liking them, Ruby saying the Coldplay hater's question was too sad to answer last week, and how there was even a caption in a past editorial that quoted Viva La Vida. So are you all crazed Coldplay fans, or what? ~ code_6
Coldplay? What is this Coldplay? I've never heard of it. Other staff members are calling it a JNism, or a 'thing' now. However, in my secluded little igloo to the north of the staff chat where I spend most of my time, I've never heard tell of them. I've been too busy listening to Hairspray to bother myself with them.

Joey, I burnt my pizza while I was going to ask you a question, now I forgot my question :( ~ mrbrad4u2002
Well then allow me to ask you a question instead: HOW could you burn a perfectly good pizza?

I am ashamed!

Hey Joey and JN staffies! Happy early or late b-day ;P. 42 realated questions for you. So, is it a co-winky-dink that 21 doubled is 42 and that JN's B-DAY date is one after 21? And that 24, Grundo Day (all hail Sloth), is 42 backwards? And that I'm probably getting in the 41st editorial, which is one away from 42 too? ~ Forty-Two and Sloth lover- a.k.a wildxpup609
No it's not a coincidence. Dave has been plotting it since the opening of the site. It was his intention to be exactly where we are for some odd reason that may or may not involve Dr. Sloth. I would say more on the subject but you'll have to wait until the Birthday party in seven days. Please keep in mind that seven times three is twenty-one.