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The Super Happy Icy Fun Terry Edition
Published: August 19, 2007

Welcome to the The Super Happy Icy Fun Terry Edition, where everything is super happy icy fun! You know, they say a secret is something you tell one other person. Yeah.

When you showed us the Altador Cup prizes, one of them was a darigan yooyu. Does that mean you are now able to paint a yooyu darigan? ~ mitchellenium

I assume that it's just a new item. (Meaning that you can't paint your Yooyu.) But it's TNT. Who knows? But my guess is that it's a new colour Yooyu, like with the Snow Kookith.

Look at me, I'm SPECIAL!

Hi, I was wondering...would you get frozen if you put up adoptables or userlookups or stuff like that on one of your neopets' petpages, and I mean if this stuff isn't neopets-related (Like it all being themed on your favorite movie or TV show, for example)? ~ teenagerobotfan777
Unfortunately, you'd have to use your own judgement for this question. (I know, it stinks, doesn't it? :P) As long as it's appropriate (keeping it G-rated), it should be allowed. Just use your own judgement. (I know we're all smart... right? :P)

i heard a rumor about the labray that if you buy the lab map set again you can zap your pets twice per day. Is this true? ~ paroni_dante

No, this is not true. You can only have one set of lab map pieces (which you can use indefinitely to zap your pets). You may have been confused with the Petpet Lab Map set, which allows you to also zap your petpet. (Therefore leading to two 'Lab Map Sets').

Some Quick Notes:
- One Lab Map, one Petpet Lab Map
- One zap of each per day

Are there games on Neopets that are only available in other countries or that are only displayed in other countries? ~ Batistick13
Yup, there are. There's Sultan's Quest, only available in Canada, and there are also those sponsor games in foreign languages that should be only for a few countries but we all play anyway (such as the Dion games). Click here for a more complete list of available sponsor games.

will jellyneo ever even consider having plot guides? if so, i'd like to know, 'cuz it's hard to find 'em through google! ~ megamy12
o___O We have plot guides. You can find them in the 'Helpful Articles' module under 'Plot Coverage'. (Or click here!)

On the Wheel of Excitement there is the "Something Mysterious Happens...." Do you have any idea what happens, or is it just plain nothing? ~ fuzzlejess
According to our Wheel of Excitement guide, it's been reported to either give you items or do nothing. Nothing's happened to me when I've landed on that space, so I'd lean more towards plain nothing.

I think you guys do great work and I might be interested in volunteering to help around the site. What sort of qualifications would a volunteer need? ~ Shadowseldil
The qualifications necessary to volunteer are really a computer and an internet connection. If you find bugs or mistakes on the site, feel free to submit a bug report. You can also submit some Price Reports at our Item DB and help us keep the prices accurate. Or else the world will explode. And the Altador Cup Prizes won't be released. We don't want that to happen, right? :P

Who pays the massive hospital bill for the Princess in Shenkuu Warrior? ~ eleanor111
Obviously the Prince in Shenkuu Warrior. ;)

When will the esteemed Dr. Sloth take over Neopia? It's time for him to come out of the shadows! Will there ever be a Sloth/Neopia war? ~ lizrdlvr
Dr. Sloth is scheduled to take over Neopia on December 9th and January 14th. He also comes when he wants to do his Cliche Sloth Invasion Attempt.

I LYK PI !!!1!!11! IT IS SOOOO TASTY 1!!!111! PI IS SOOOO GOOD!1!1!1! ME LYKS IT !!!1!!! ~ Potato
Yes, Pi is good. It's good on pizza and also on a pack of CD-Rs. :)

Why was the Journey to the lost isle so short? ~ ilovebaseball793
The Journey To The Lost Isle plot could have been short for really two reasons (that I thought of...), the first being that it was filler from the last plot to Altador Cup Two and the second being that it's being split into two parts, the second coming up soon.

Ello Terry! I know most of the other staffers storys...but you remain a mystery... NOT FOR LONG!! Terry, how did you become a Admin on the Jellyneo Forums?? ~ rugratsrule45 (Jamal)
Started out as a Content Writer, then became Admin. I actually don't remember clearly. xD

Will Terry talk in third person?!?!?!?!?!?! ~ rocky0mypup98 (username)
Sure Terry will. *zaps Sleep Ray at you*

Hey JN^^ so terry, whats your favourite item in the SDB? ~ grishiu

In my SDB, it would be my Werewolf Usuki. In the iDB, since SDB doesn't really make sense in the question, it would be... that's hard. I guess I like the Krawley Plushie now.

These are a few of my favourite things... ;)

Dear mr terry, Why aren't there any wars on Neopets any more? I logged onto Neopets right before the CoM war finished, and it sounded like great fun. Nowadays, my pet is much stronger but no wars?! ~ staecrh
If I recall, it was because TNT wanted "non-Battledome people" to be able to participate in plots. This is why you see some BD and some "plottage" in each plot.

Is it possible that this "secret project" you keep going on about is going to be release on your third birthday? Because that would be pretty nifty. ~ sirussblack
This "secret project" is so secret that you shouldn't even know of it. ;) As for the release, that's even more secret. Our birthday? It doesn't exist. The project? It doesn't exist either. The project being released on our third birthday? If the project doesn't exist, then there's nothing to release on our nonexistent birthday.

Hi JN, you guys are the awesomest! lol About how many people work on Jellyneo? ~ hitachawak
We have 23 Staff, 8 Item DB staffers and one meepit right behind you. RUNNN!

Terry, do you prefer dark chocolate or white chocolate? xD ~ meercatristonhopets3
I don't like chocolate. I like Vanilla Ice Cream though. :D

What does Lever of Doom do???? ~ Marina_ward
The Lever of Doom takes 100NP from your on hand amount gives you eternal happiness every time you pull it. It also gives you an avatar if you pull enough. ;)

What does CPMPB stand for, like in the food CPMPB Sandwich? ~ slander44

CPMPB stands for CornuPepper Minus Peanut Butter. So therefore, your sandwich must be a CornuPepper Minus Peanut Butter Sandwich. (As shown in the Item Description of the CPMPB Sandwich, CPMPB stands for Chicken Pesto With Mozzarella and Peanut Butter. It's the same also for the pizza and the salad.

As a collector of Action Figures I am always on the look out for the newest additions to my gallery. I have a list upon which I strive to mark one or more off as quick as possible. The Problem however is that two action figures have been on that list for a very long time, and I am wondering should I even have them on there at all. The figures are the Lord Kass and Jeran Action Figures. It seems that the exist nowhere. Were these figures released in such small numbers that it would be almost impossible for one to get their hands on them? And should I take them from the list? Please help me find some info on these enigmatic figures, thank you and you ROCK! ~ PhoenixFyre979

I assume that there were few released (in relation to the number of users Neopets has), since they were only given to the winners of the real life Battle for Meridell TCG Tournament. (You can click here and here to see the items in our Item DB!)

In addition, over time, I'd expect some of these action figures to be frozen in accounts that had them, reducing the number of them that are still "active". If you're still looking for one and find one, I'd expect the price to be quite high.

How do you get a Usukicon gift bag? ~ Asazu
You can get one by buying one from either the Toy Shop or the Usuki Shop (Neopets will choose one when the gift bag is released). You can also get one from other users' shops, trades and auctions.

Hey Jellyneo, I was just wondering how come TNT is always speaking about Meepits in a *looks around* shifty, evilish way... Do you know? Because I sure don't! ~ hitachawak
Because they are ev -- BEEP! *recording starts* Meepits are the best, kindest and sweetest being out there in Neopia!

hey what is the usukicon?? I never understand it pretty well.. ~ salome20

The Usukicon is the annual convention for all Usuki Doll collectors (and is always on the birthday of the Usul). That's why you see Mister Press Pass over there sitting around in that Gift Bag over there.

Why is there an Old Terry? ~ Spike
Because I messed up my old user account. :P

Dave Edit: He broke it.