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Nexy's Bamboozling 39x Editorial
Published: August 2, 2008

Welcome to the Nynex's bamboozling 39x editorial. Answering your inquiries, and general tossing of random objects.

If a neopet reads the same book that they read before again, will their intelligence increase? ~ Pong888
Your pet gets bored with rereading books. If you give your pet a book it has read before it will tell you 'I have read that book already!.' The book will remain in your inventory, and no change will be made to your pet's intelligence.

Hey Nynex! Two questions: How do you always post news so that by the time that every one gets onto jellyneo, the news is already posted up? Do you haev to get up really early in the moring or do you stay up really late? Anyway, secondly: That Kiko who writes pages and pages of paper sticks out his tongue while writing. Doesn't his tongue EVER get dry? ~ 1lalabears1
My time zone is actually the same as Neopian Standard Time. So when news is being posted, it's usually early in the afternoon for me. So I don't have to get up early or stay up too late (: Kikos are amphibious and like to stay near water, as they dislike dry places. Although you can't see it, that Kiko is using a small misting system to stay damp and cool. Which explains all that soggy content!

On the JN staff theme at the top, who is the second staff from the right, beside illusioniste? Just wondering thanks! ~ emily55
That is one of our forum moderators, Henri!
The rest of the staffers are as follows:
Top banner main image - Dave
Top banner - Stephen, Nynex, Terry, Henri, Illusioniste
Welcome - Jen, Mike, Rosie, Dandy, Luke, Herdy, Suzuka, Zador, Joey, Ruby
Bottom Sidebar - Terry, Dave, Stephen

in your forums moderating your posts

Hey Jellyneo! I love you people! You have an awesome site! I love how you have pre-released stuff posted. How do you know all that? Do you have a pretty pretty crystal ball? Or are you just smart that way? :) ~ kjhlop20
My crystal ball consists of a lot of time learning about the kinds of things TNT releases, keeping up with what pet days are coming up on the neopian calendar, and some plain old guessing. Mike and I usually run ideas across each other and to see what we can come up with. That, and pestering each other to make sure we are looking. *poke*

does it cost anything like money to join jelly neo or is it free for anyone to join!! ~ marisa_stcyril
Jellyneo is absolutely free for all users everywhere in the world to use. You can sign-up for a jnAccount and enjoy features like news commenting and making a wishlist in the item database. You can also register for a forum account and chat with other neopians such as yourself. All free, just for you, cause we love you. (:

First of all, I love Jellyneo editorials. My question is: Can you remove clothing from your closet if you accidentally add one you wanted to sell or send to a friend? If so, how? ~ Bottlenose123
Absolutely, your closet works the same way as your safety deposit box. You can search and remove items, as well as pin protect it from malicious users. Simply go to your Closet and enter how many you want to remove, then select "Move selected items." They will then return to your inventory.

If you had a chance to overthrow Mike, would you do it? ~ blizara
No way! He's my partner in crime, we work as a team :3

Do we know yet if the furnitures from the neohome 1.0 will be added to neohome 2.0? I know they probably aren't but still... ~ blizara
A number of older items have been popping up with a new icon in the bottom right of the image. These items have been converted and are prepared to go into your neohomes 2.0 workshed. You can use the special furniture and gardening searches in the item database to see what items have this new icon.

I'm ready for your new neohome!

Can I get the answer for Lenny Conundrum in other sites? ~ Super Anonymous
No, asking for LC answers anywhere is against the game rules, and is very unfair to those that work to solve the puzzle themselves. Giving out the answers is cheating and it depletes the value of the prize. Any site giving out LC answers is not following the rules. ):

I get rusty when people abuse me ;-;

How do you pronounces Nynex? ~ D10stefy777
I pronounce it as Nine-x or Nigh-nex. Although, i've heard others say it is like 9x.

Does EVERYBODY like Coldplay?? Or am I just happening to come upon a bajillion coldplay lovers all the time??? ~ D10stefy777
According to Terry, you all should love Coldplay, and listen to it 24/7, or he will sit on you. Oh, and butterfly confetti is FTW!

Dearest Jn, it says in the second question of your first editorial (Hey JellyNeo, did you know when did Neopets is going to release their books? ~ druncadpet According to all of the news stories, Neopets plans on having their books hit the shelves in Fall of 2008 (over a year away).) that Neopets will have their books out in Fall 2008. Does this still hold true? ~ D10stefy777
Yes, some Neopets books have already hit the shelves. The books listed on the Neopets Products Catalogue for books became available in stores on April 22nd. Along with the release of the books into stores, each book had an onsite trivia challenge for an exclusive item. You can view the details and trivia answers here

Is the Hidden Tower included in Half-Price day? ~ D10stefy777
As seen in our Hidden Tower Guide, half-price day does not affect the items sold at the hidden tower. Fyora is very strict about her prices.

*sobs-* there goes my life savings

I love you Nexy! *huggleglomp* Anyways... What's the square root of pi times the number of Meepits in Suzuka's closet? ~ invaderzimmeh
*is squished* The answer is definitely forty two. At least, that's what the meepits are forcing me to say D: *meep*

i transfered a neopet form my side account to my main account, and it cost me like ... about 1000 np... now, i know i want to transfer more pets form account to account soon, so i can make them grow, improve their fishing skills and everything, but how am i supposed to get the np's to accept a transfered pet to my side account if i cant win np on my side account??? help!!!! is there any way at all to transfer np's to a main account to a side account? ~ Thevixen666
Transferring NP from your main to a side account is acceptable because you are not "earning" NP on your side, but merely moving NP that you already own. You can set up a trade on your side, and have your main account purchase the trade item for NP. The NP already belongs to you, so you are not "earning" any extra in the exchange. Just as you are allowed to transfer items and NP that you gain from random events on your side account to your main.
You would cross the line if you were to allow someone else to buy things from you on your side account. Please only use shops, trading post, and other venues of earning NP on your main accounts.

Do you think I could get an ultra-spiffy-Nynex-answer to this? (because spiffyness is oh so awesome[especially from a staffie ~ grishiu
I would make it SUPER-ultra-spiffy if you gave me cookies :3

zomg! are you really 1 years old!?! If you are, you must be a super genius! ~ depressed500
I wanted it to be zero, for how many years I've been on staff at Jellyneo. But now I've nearly been working here for a year, I can almost officially say I am 1 years old!

Come to my party, plawks!

Waah! Where did YYB go??? Why did they take down the games? :( ~ piehead101 aka someone you don't know
Yooyuball, along with Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise, are only available to play during the Altador Cup. TNT removes the games, but they will be back for next years games!


will their be any new lupe colors in the future ? ~ allyneikocomeau
There are still at least 12 unreleased colors for lupes. Including - biscuit, custard, chocolate, gold, invisible, jelly, sketch, snot, snow, spotted, strawberry, and zombie. In general, new pet colors are released on their pet day. So make sure to check out the next lupe day on May 2nd.

Why is Dave so mysterious? ~ Blizara
He's not so mysterious. Dave however is a Dr. Sloth minion, and therefore only indulges the lower life forms with information he deems worthy.


LYK Z0MG!!!111 ITS NYNEX!!!11!!! *Throws lotsa stuffs* Anyways, Nynex, how long have you worked at JN and who's worked there the longest? ~ spidercay240955
*is pummeled with stuffs* I was hired September 21st 2007, so it has nearly been a year.
Besides Dave, Stephen and Mike have been working here the longest. Both Mike and Dave posted news, and Stephen made graphics. Then our Terry was born, he started out as a content writer. My how they have grown o:

:O NEXY *tackles* Uh...sorry, habit. Anyway, do you prefer your job as forum mod or newsposter? Just wondering...*tackles the rest of the JN staff* Uh, oops, sorry... ~ neolover674426
*falls over* I actually very much like newsposting o: Finding stuff that people haven't seen yet can be exciting! I mean, I can claim to be the first to find the very first desert painted petpets, or to uncover a special random theme day.

Who killed King Coltzan, anyway? ~ liongirl308
During the Usurper puzzle plot, it was discovered that Princess Sankara murdered King Coltzan III by poisoning his meal.

Can Ruki fly? This has been bothering me a long time now. It seems like they SHOULD be able to, but I've checked the plots and the Book of Ages, and there's no mention of flight. (oh, and the site's really amazing, especially the Book of Ages, since it helped me with my research). Thanks! ~ hypermouska
Well, according to this purple ruki fun image, they do fly (: Glad you are enjoying the site.