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Mike's Newsworthy (Duh) Editorial! :D
Published: July 26, 2008

Hoo-AH! It's your humble newsposter Mike here with this week's guest editorialist bringing you the fabulous and definitely most newsworthy 38th issue of the Editorial, filled with awesomeness-- well maybe, maybe not.

Hi! Great Job! OK now for my question thing. When I am in the trading post I have 2 windows open. 1) the trading post, and 2) The Shop Wiz. Sometimes I will get a quest on my trading post window. Since My Wiz window is open, I can usually buy the quest item directly from the Shop Wiz. Can I get frozen for this? ~ gypsiegoddis
I have done this before, and I don't think you can be frozen for this. It just happened to be that you got the Random Event while you had one window open. It's a timing factor, so you just happened to be lucky when you got your faerie quest. =P

Does TNT release Draiks & Krawks on their pet days? Thanks. ~ neohaze
Nope. Sorry =(. TNT does not release Draiks or Krawks on their respective pet days, as both of these pets are very rare pets. You are only able to get them through items. Draiks come from Draik Eggs or Draik Morphing/Transmogrification Potions. Krawks come from the petpet Krawks or their respective Morphing/Transmogrification Potion. All these can be bought in the Neopian stores. However, you may be *very* lucky and Dr. Sloth may deem you worthy of a Transmogrification Potion, but you better hope it is of a Draik or Krawk! Good Luck!

Hey guys! Awesome site:). But, I have a question. When I go to the map I look at the size difference. Well, the Virtupets space station is pretty big compared to all of Neopia. Funny thing is, when you go inside, it is not that big! So, did the TNT mess up, or is it just a really small planet? ~ koala_11
Since when does TNT make a mistake? =P They just didn't tell you about the Virtupets Space Time Continuum Visual Effect that causes the phenomenon that you described. Nobody knows why it exists only on Virtupets, but it must be something of *whispers* Dr. Sloth *ahem*. Yup, must be some irregularity in the world of Neopia. 0=)

I've been looking at some really old accounts and it says that they're six years old on the shield thingy, even though the started playing like nine years ago how is that possible? ~ siyanadolly
This is because TNT has so much on their To Do list. They said that they would update Userlookup Shields, but as you can tell, they are behind :P. You can send TNT a friendly reminder about it, but I am pretty sure they know about it, as it IS 3 years behind!

Jellyneo!!! You guys rock!I was just you guys enjoy running Jellyneo? ~ steelersfan1243
Hm. Since I don't run Jellyneo, I can't really say for anyone else. However, I do enjoy my job though. I'm pretty sure that running Jellyneo has its many ups and downs, and overall it is quite a fun experience.

Why do the stamps on Neopets have a number of NP on them? The Altador Colosseum stamp has 87 NP on it ~ yuillyyttooty54
Stamps have numbers on them to indicate how much it costs for sending your friends mail in the Neopian World. What would stamps be if they didn't have numbers on them?

You think I'm just a sticker?? *weeps*

Why are Altador Cup II Beanies so expensive? ~ macoronikevin
The Altador Cup II Beanies are expensive because they are now retired. Since the ACII was last year, the items released during the event are now retired. Retired items are no longer made, so whatever items are now circulating are whats left.

Nobody can buy me anymore! *cry*

OK, so I bought my Neopet a book that I know for a fact she hasn't read yet, but when I try to read it to her, it says that she read it already. What can I do? ~ yian6
The best you can do is sell the book to another fellow Neopian, as your pet may not like it if you keep nagging it to read a book it has already read. They can be rather picky...

I've already read that book! That's the fourth time you've tried! *rawr*

*Nomnomnom* ~ plotterorquest
AAHH!! Don't eat us! Please refrain from eating us. We want to keep our site as whole as it can be. If you keep eating at our pages, we won't be full of all those guides, content, and most importantly,... all that unreleased news!! *hands you plates full of food*

*eats Jellyneo* Mmm... Why are you guys so yummy? =0 ~ butterfree197357
AGH! Another! *hands you more food* T___T Don't eat our content please! Our news is so important to everyone...

How come Lutari Island doesn't play in the Altador Cup? :( ~ neocoladude
According to my sources, the inhabitants of Lutari Island are still behind the times, and have yet to be introduced to the concept of Yooyuball. One Lutari Island official has stated that they have not prepared themselves for their first appearance to the rest of Neopia. After all, they are quite hush-hush about a lot of things, and many people still have lots of questions about their inhabitants. Personally, I believe that they think that they are too cool to engage in any Yooyuball sort-of festivities.

Hey, Mike! That's an awesome name :D! Anyways, just curious, do you guys get paid for working at Jellyneo? If not, awesome :) And will you guys ever hire new staff members? ~ jakeyboy526_777
Thanks, I like my name too. :) I don't know about everyone else's pay, but I don't get paid for my hard work :( *sniff*. Although for me, I get paid in the joy of finding new news to post on JN every day! :D Yay for news!

As for new staff members, we hire only when we need new people for certain areas of the site. We post on the front page when that happens, so keep watching when for when it happens!

What is Mike's Favourite faerie? I know everyone one else's, well, within reason XD *shifty eyes* You wouldn't want to be the odd one out now would you? ~ SciFi
Hmm... good question, and I have to think quite hard about this one. I would have to say the Space Faerie, as she is awesome in power and strength. She also is able to stand up to *whispers in a small voice* Dr. Sloth (but don't tell that to Dave, as he doesn't like hearing it!).

*throws Lemons at Mike* You need some vitamin C is your diet, not just Ice Cream, Cookies, and Rocks! My question is: If 42 is the meaning of life, does that make my 42 month Neopets account the meaning of life? ~ lombre
*is pelted with lemons* Ouch, that hurt. :( I do get vitamin C in my diet... I personally like grapefruits a lot. But I don't eat much junk food. I try to stray away from the random food laying around from what all the other staffers leave behind.

As for your 42 month account, it would make it the meaning of life for exactly one month. Once your account turns 43 months, it would no longer be of any special value.

can the lab ray turn your chia in to a fruit or vegetable that would normally take a magic chia pop ~ imnotcrazy3
Yes, the lab ray can turn your Chia into any fruit or vegetable color that would normally be as a Magical Chia Pop. I've personally had that happen many times with my Chia turning Thornberry, Blueberry, Gooseberry, Grape, and even Tomato. The elusive Super Attack Pea avatar is only available to those users who have access to a Super Attack Pea and a Pea Chia.

Only Pea Chia owners are worthy enough to own me!

I would like to know if there is a way to change the gender of a pet. I have seen people say that they have the ability to do this. Is it posssible? And how? ~ larindajeffery
I know of three ways to do this, all semi-expensive. One way is to use a 'Strange Potion' which will guarantee a gender change in your pet. The other way is to use the Laboratory Ray to zap your pet in the hopes of a gender change. It is one of the many possible results of zapping your pet. The third option is to battle the Lab Ray Scientist in the battledome and hope he zaps your pet into the other gender.... but you need the Lab Ray in the first place to get him as a challenger.

Why is it that there is a Symol Day, but not a day for other petpets? ~ D10stefy777
Symol Day is a special day, as it falls on October 23 (10/23) of every year. 10/23 is celebrated as Mole Day, which comes from the chemical term of a mole. A mole is considered as 6.022 x 10^23 small units per larger unit. I don't want to explain in scientific terms, otherwise this answer would be a super lengthy paragraph. Since the Symol is both similar sounding and similar in appearance to a mole, it was picked to be a special holiday every year. Yay for mole-- er Symols! :D

One, two, three, four, ... I wonder how much longer until I reach one mole...

Hey Mike! *throws random Lost Desert AC items* What do you do at JN? And did you support Lost Desert on Neopets too? *gets bat ready for if you say you support Krawk Island* Thanks :D ~ kitty521994
*tries to catch the random items* My job at JN is to find that news that everyone likes so much. If it weren't for me and Nynex, JN wouldn't have any news to report for our loyal users. =( Don't hit me. :( I am a loyal supporter of Team Lost Desert on Neopets... however, Nynex happens to support Krawk Island... *runs away and hides*

That Kiko must be overworked with all the writing you make him do. Why doesn't Lawyerbot sue you For overworking that kiko? ~ Fairygirl__101
Erm, the Kiko is not overworked. He is just merely quite busy with all the things he has to do for the site. He is just so busy with his things that he has to write down so much.

Let's see, content item #41752, content item #41753, content item....

I noticed on the world map the are other islands and places what are they for? Do you think they will release a new world soon? ~ kikuji22
The Neopian map has always been bigger than the number of worlds in existence. Maybe TNT will release more worlds in the future. They gave themselves some wiggle room so that they don't have to completely redo the map for introducing a new world. All they would need to do is just label and add the image on top of the current world map. =P Efficient TNT, huh?