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Jen's Kiwiful j[e]nEditorial Edition!
Published: July 19, 2008

... AKA Issue 37 and the 6th editorial in the season of the stars staff! (Heheh, get it, jnEditorial - jenEditorial... oh nevermind! =P)

Hi JN!!! *throws potatoes* I was are the trophies for tie games given out? Like for example, Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway...everyone on the hi-scores board has a score of 5180...does it mean that everyone with 5180 gets a gold trophy? Thanks!! ~ kpy
*Ducks to miss the potatoes* Arrgh, flying death (I'm allergic to potatoes o:)! If game scores are tied then users are ranked according to the time they submitted their scores with trophies awarded to the first 17. This is why a lot of people play games as soon as possible on the first of the month, after scores have reset. There are about 6 games, however, that are different; one of which being the game you mentioned, Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway. For these games, if you are in the top 100 with the tied top score (like 5180 for Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway), then yes, everyone on the hi-score table will get the trophy!

Did TNT even release an April fools prank this year? ~ neocoladude
They sure did! How could you forget Bug Eye McGee and the wonderful Neobuddy system!

Didn't it used to be Wack-a-Kass, or am I just crazy? (Okay, that last part is rhetorical. I'm crazy anyway.) ~ aly_the_spy
Aren't we all! You are correct. Kass Basher used to be called Whack-A-Kass. The name had to be changed for legal reasons. Lawyerbot ftw!

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind...

Hello! Does the neopets mobile cost money? ~ zoro_star555
Yes, Neopets Mobile does cost money. =( It'll set you back US$2.99 a month + any applicable web access fees your mobile device's provider charges.

Hey Jellyneo! (gives you a cake.) Is the Faerie crossword really good for anything besides the avatar? ~ cofusm
Pah! The Faerie Crossword is the best thing on Neopets! Seriously though, it is good for making neopoints. Using our Faerie Crossword Answers you can easily complete the puzzle in less than 5 minutes, making 600np per day! Over one week that is 4200np! Better yet, for a couple of minutes work daily you'll gain 218,000np a year! Amazing, huh! =D Also, completing the puzzle can increase your pet's intelligence! My active pet gains 1-5 intelligence points per week.

First, did JN design the "new" formula for the Altador Cup? If they didn't, then how will TNT score the teams? I mean, Shenkuu is in 4th AND 6th!! ~ evilham
Hey there, this is Terry. (Look, I'm in Jen's issue!)

We based our new formula on our calculator formula, which is actually quite accurate. (According to some, more accurate than the other calculators.) And we kind of "designed" the new formula, yes. We had staffers play the games and we did a bit of math to find the new formula.

As for how TNT will score the teams, we really don't know. We realize that there is an old formula, which was confirmed to work last year, and a new one, which is a bit different from last year's (and is the one we came up with). Because of the uncertainty with the whole scoring thing and because we don't feel like forcing our formula on our users anymore (:P), we decided to allow you, our huggable, lovable readers, to choose your formula. :)

i was reading through the random facts page and i was wondering. what is the unbuyable price now? ~ unit4444
Now that Terry has left the building, I'll get back to it! An item is unbuyable when its price is over 100,000 neopoints. The user shop limit is 99,999 neopoints, hence items above that price cannot be bought from them, thus earning the term "unbuyable". You can purchase unbuyable items from the Auctions and through the Trading Post.

What is Sacraficers and Ski Lodge Murder Mystery? ~ ERROR! NAME LOST!
Sacrificers was a plot involving TNT held back in 2000. Each week, the users voted for one staff member to be sacrificed to the great Mumbo Pango! The Terror Mountain Ski Lodge Murder Mystery (from 2001) had "something" (read: Sloth) seeking the elimination of each staff member, until just The Beader was left and the plan foiled.

Hey jellyneo I was wondering, it say I can paint my Kau chocolate, but there's no chocolate paint brush :0 How can I get my pet chocolate? ~ erin665657
According to our Lab Ray guide, chocolate is an exclusive Lab Ray colour meaning the only way to get a chocolate pet is through zapping it with the Lab Ray.

Hai Jen! Okay, this is an incredibly important question! :O Have you ever had PINK colored ice cream? If so, what flavor was it? :P ~ Mnbyiuopre
Oh my xD Hai there, Michael! I have had pink coloured ice cream before. It was Tip Top's 'Berry aMOOsing' which is creamy strawberry and vanilla flavoured ice cream, swirled together with chocolate drops. And of course I've had Jelly Tip, Strawberry Rocky Road and Strawberry flavoured ice cream before... I sound like a walking advertisement!

If you were stuck on an island and had to choose between Dave and a computer that would log on to neopets only... What would you choose to bring with you? (you also have enough food and water to last a long lifetime) ~ sajpa25719
Hehehe. I would pick the computer that could only log onto Neopets. At least that way I won't get sick of Dave (=P or him of me) and would be able to chat with thousands of people via the boards!

Dave Edit: I don't want to be dragged to some desert island!

P-p-please don't le-le-leave me here alone...

Hey there Jen, NeoPizza here! Have you ever felt pressure to/wanted to move to America? ~ alexmajor9
I have never felt pressured to move to America. Who would want to leave this wonderful country we live in! So clean, so green... *plugs New Zealand*... you all should come visit some time! :D I have wanted to move to America though. Anaheim, New York, Florida, Colorado and so many other wonderful cities and states. Only for a few years though... probably... =P

JENNNNNNN!!!! :D I love you! Would you like a Tooth Faerie Doll? Of course you would, here you go. So I have been wondering for a while... what first drew you to the Tooth Faerie? What makes you like her so much? :) ~ togepi_forever
Jen Imposter: I love the wings on the Tooth Faerie! :D

What, how did this question get in here? ... TERRY! ._. *Shoos him away* The Tooth Faerie has much more than wings going for her... For some reason I can't explain ;)

Why have I always answered questions but have never asked one? :P ~ Terry
You wanted to wait to get a spiffy answer from me o: *insert spiffyness here*.

This feels like a newbie question, but I really don't know the answer. Do items you donate out of your inventory always go to the Money Tree? How do you get items to go to the Meridell Rubbish Dump or the Second-Hand Shop instead? (Okay, so it's two questions. Here's two ice cream sandwiches instead of one. It's too hot to make cookies.) ~ Lindamoo
Most items you donate go straight to the Money Tree. However, if you donate items which are wearable, something a little different happens. The magical tube which transports your item from your inventory to the required destination senses the items wearability, and instead of taking it over to the Money Tree, it changes course and shoots the item out at the Second-Hand Shoppe. Clever, huh!* The Dump is different again. Neopets users cannot donate to the Meridell Rubbish Dump. Instead, the items you see there are donated by the citizens of Neopia. Such citizens include Meridell Castle Cleaners and even King Skarl himself! Occasionally you may see user's names showing up as if they donated the item; that's not the case. All it means is that those users are refreshing on the Dump page at that time. What a nifty little trick from TNT...!

One man's trash is another man's treasure... ?

*Disclaimer: Actual process may differ slightly from that described above.

Can the lab ray turn your pet into a lutari? Because my current lab pet (pteri) is now somehow a lutari. And I can't remember the lab ray ever telling me that he changed species. ~ literally_free
It appears the Lab Ray can in fact zap your pet into a lutari! Lucky you! (For those wondering, the other way to obtain a lutari is by signing up for Neopets Mobile. Also, you can occasionally get one through the Create a Pet page as they are periodically released (possibly on Lutari Days). The odds of getting one that way are rather slim, so don't count on it!)

Stay still; this won't hurt... much...

I know that when you transfer pets, they retain their clothing and petpets, but do they also keep their petpage? Because, I want to transfer my pet to a side account and keep it's petpage the same as it is now. ~ literally_free
The coding of petpages and pet lookups are cleared when the Neopet is transferred. Best thing to do is copy and save any coding so that you can put the page back up once the transfer is completed!

Hello Jen :) Do you actually support Faerieland in the AC? Or was is just... fate? *shifty eyes* (or the work of the Meepits? :O) ~ cylara10
I hate to break it to you (and everyone reading) ... I don't play for Faerieland officially; I play for Krawk Island. (KI FTC!!) I definitely cheer Faerieland on in the competition though! Well, did! Alas, it was fate and or the Meepits that I landed Faerieland for the Staff Tourney... this is fine with me though! Need to keep the faeries on side and really really need the Fountain faerie to pay me a visit. -*Hint hint, nudge nudge*@the Fountain Faerie.-

Hello Jen :) Two things here: 1) What do you actually do on JN? I'm not too sure... and 2) Could you do me a favour and give Herdy this Vanilla Chocolate Swirl ice cream since he wants it so much that he stole it from Terry? (From the last editorial! :P) You can have some too! :D And I hope Terry won't hate me ... *runs away* :O ~ cylara10
I update the Daily Puzzle and Faerie Crossword Answers every night as close to Midnight NST as my life allows! I then go and play some Deadly Dice and hang out with Count Von Roo. We're pretty tight after daily visits for several years! Oooh, CHOCOLATE ice cream!? My weakness, thanks! I'll certainly pass on the ice cream to Herdy... *Steals Herdy's share and runs away to eat it*

Hiya, Jen! Hi, TROTJNS (The Rest Of The JellyNeo Staff!) I have a question concerning the Potion of Concealment. What does it exactly do? ~ 1lalabears1
The Potion of Concealment is a battle item which withdraws your pet out of sight, making it invisible. For a more indepth analysis, you can check out IDB!

What do you mean you can't see me, I'm right here!

Have the jellyneo staffers ever met in person? How well do you guys know each other? ~ Meh
As far as I know, no staffers have met in person... Except (of course) for Katje and iaeternus, the wonderful Modelling coordinators who are married! We know each other pretty well through chatting most days; like a little jnFamily. (To me at least) ^_^

Ello Jellyneo!! :D I was wondering why they made Punchbag Sid even exist. I mean, it really hard to get the avatar for it. ~ Fluffyhead009
There's nothing wrong with a little challenge! =) Besides, Punchbag Bob would be lonely without his brother around =(

Hey, Jen :) With the Altador Cup nearing it's end, what team do you think is the most likely to win? ~ zadorvp
Putting all bias aside *cough* I think Krawk Island are most likely going to win. *Touches wood*

If you don't believe in Jelly world then why is there a link to the giant jelly in the dailies section? ~ dust_bear
Link? What link? There is no link to this "giant jelly" you speak of. *Shifty eyes*

how do i get the Grundo Warehouse with the "new" Virtupets Space Station? ~ jexicah
After heading over to the Virtupets Space Station, go down the stairs (careful of the wooden boxes and the crane!), click on Grundo Warehouse and ta-da, you're there! There is also a new addition in the drop-down "My Account" links. See right at the bottom there, "Redeem Code"? Click that and it will also take you straight to the Grundo Warehouse!

i turned 13 a few days ago how come i cant use the boards ~ bin4555
As far as I know, your account is supposed to automatically update when you turn 13 allowing you to access/use all the things a 13 plus account can. Double check your date of birth in your User Information. If that's correct give it a couple more days to make sure it doesn't click over itself. Otherwise, contact TNT to see what they can do!

Is it possible to find the Chokato (TCG) and the MSPP (TCG) in a random event? ~ judgment_dragon
Yes, it is possible. Don't hold your breath though. There are over 1,200 different TCG's on the site so the chances of finding one of the rarer ones are about as great as me becoming king of the world! =P

Hey, Jen. I was looking through the neopets backgrounds a while ago, and came across this one: O_o Is it some kind of hideous april fools day gone wrong, or an actual official background?! ~ polgara1993
Of course it's an official background, a very creative one at that! Back on the 22nd & 23rd of July 2006, ALL the Neopet's artists went on vacation, leaving the rest of the staff to fill in! They were also left to make the wonderful background you mentioned and various items!

We are pretty, oh so pretty!