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Herdy's Editorial of Mirth
Published: July 12, 2008

The 5th guest editorial, answered by a staffer with 5 letters in his name, published on the 12/7/2008. Add up those numbers and you get 29! Which is 5.8 times 5! 5.8 is only 0.2 away from 6, and there are 25 0.2s in 5! 25 is 5x5!! Oh my, see how the world is inter-related by the power of 5? It's a conspiracy!

Is there anything wrong with refreshing with F5? I heard that you're not allowed to on the neoBoards and if so, I'll stop. =P ~ danbrownkid
A complex question really. Refreshing many, many times for the purpose of farming NP/item based random events is a no-no (as of this Neopian Times editorial), however if you are just refreshing to see the updated board list then that's fine. As for using F5, as long as you are pressing the key manually then there is no problem. It's when you leave an object on the key to auto-refresh that you cross the border into Rulebreakersville.

I noticed that last week, someone mentioned the Plushie Palace Shopkeeper. I clicked on the BoA link, and saw that it is indeed, Avarice from the Darkest Faerie TCG set. Does Avarice have a twin, becuase in the BoA I saw that her name is Lucie? Thanks, and you guys rock! ~ Lupe_lover8866
I think you have been fooled by TNT's TCG naming system. The character featured in the card, 'Avarice' is Lucie. It's just that the title of the card is Avarice (refering to Lucie's greed for plushie collecting).
In the TCG sets, some of the cards refer to the actual characters featured in them (such as Solarin or Florin) and some refer to the theme of the card or items appearing in it (such as 'Annihilation' or 'Retreat!').
To clarify, the shopkeeper's name is Lucie, not Avarice.

If I painted my Baby Xweetok a different color, would it be able to wear its Baby Xweetok Bow even when it's a different color? ~ prince_manaphy
Alas, no :( Baby clothes can only be worn by baby neopets, due to the difference in the body types. You get the bow to look at in your closet though, but of course it's totally useless as in order to wear it again you'd have to repaint your pet baby (which would give you a new bow anyway).

Where are the other 6 Founders of Altador in the Council Chamber? Are they on the toilet? Buying food? Or have they just decided not to sit there day after day giving out free stuff? ~ Polgara1993
Okay... long winded answer time methinks (including lots of shiny links...oooo).

Marak lives with his tribe of Peophins off the coast of Altador. As such, he spends his time there rather than in the council chambers.
Psellia spends most of her time up in the clouds above Neopia, where she sleeps.
Fauna is presumably out tending to the local petpets in the Altador area.
Florin is a farmer, so he's out farming for most of the day.
Torakor presumably spends most of his time training Altador's defensive army at the Colosseum.
The Darkest Faerie is of course trapped in stone in Queen Fyora's gardens (as shown in the Darkest Faerie Video Game).

The other council members either don't have homes to go to, or have tasks mainly to do with the red tape of Altador - so that's why they are always in the chambers.

Do you know what was in the potion that cursed Neovia? I am doing some plot guide so I need to know ~ Dark_Sun61
Only Mr. Krawley knows the ingredients, but the name of the potion was Hissi Oil.
(A reference to Snake Oils, real-life potions that promise fantastic results but never deliver.)

Why do you think some faeries are small and others are big? ~ schizophrenia___
All Faeries are every size! It was addressed way back in issue 161 of the Neopian Times editorial. They can change size at will, what with them being magical and all.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?! HUH?????? ~ lumineon28
I think that's fairly obvious - 42.

HI!!!xD.Anyways I was woundering,how do you enter the NT (Neopian Times)??Thx!! ~ catgirlfromperu111
By using this form. Be sure to read the submission rules before you enter though!

Who's that genie who appears on your shield when you've been in Neopets for 3 years and 2 months (38 months) ? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
That's no genie, thats Senator Palpus! He was a character in the very old Usurper plot set in the Lost Desert, being a suspect in the murder of King Coltzan.

Hiya JellyNeo! Anyways, if your pet is wearing clothes and then Boochi comes, will he automatically miss since baby pets can't wear shirts and hats and stuff? Thanks! ~ marbookworm22
Nope. What your pet is wearing doesn't effect Boochi. Should he be successful in zapping your pet, the clothes would be removed from your pet's picture, and placed back into your closet the next time you save your baby pet's appearance.

You recently said that Stephen and other JN team members had various Neopian Times Articles written. Can I know what they are called, so I can read them? Or do you want to keep Neopets' usernames anonymous? ~ Tigre20238
You can read Herdy's all you want, just go here. I'm not going to post anyone else's though, privacy is a wonderful thing.

Is it true that you have to pay to get the Super Shop Wizard? ~ sts_friends_forever
Yes and no. If you sign up for the free premium trial and cancel before the week is up you could in theory use the Super Shop Wizard for free. However, only paying premium members can use it whenever they like (unless they get banned from the Shop Wiz).

Jellyneo is awesome! Anyway, I noticed a question in Zador's editorial that said, "Why does the neopets staff hide jellyworld?" What I'm wondering is, why does Jellyneo (And almost everyone else) act like it is truly nonexistent? Are you just playing along? ~ Spiritsnake
We've searched for Jelly World high and low, and found no trace of it on the site, honest - and if you can't trust us, who can you trust? ;)

There are top men researching Jelly World, Top Men

Faerieland once had a Tuskanniny in their Altador Cup team?!? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
Yes, Elbin Towse. He was a right forward who joined the team in the second Altador up, replacing Palia Alback. Towse was himself replaced this year by Ciona Broan.

Hi JN. I know you get this question asked A LOT, but how do you know ahead of time what TNT will post on New Features? Its amazing how you can tell. By the way, have some jelly! ~ evilham
Via a mixture of psychic powers, tarot cards, a lucky eight ball, and a monkey with a typewriter. We were going to invest in infinite monkeys and infinite typewriters, but we couldn't afford it. The cost would have been... well, infinite. Dave sadly can't afford infinite monies, no matter how many complete works of Shakespeare he may get out of the deal.

Jellyneo: Bum-shuffling our way to early news posts, one monkey at a time.

Hey JN! *passes a box of cookies around* I have two questions. 1. If the team I'm supporting in the AC wins a trophy, how do I get Starting Player underneath it? What does that mean? And 2. If you don't reveal your usernames on Neopets, then how come you told everyone that the question in the last editorial was written by Suzuka? (ps. You rock!) ~ alo_ilyrm
Starting Players joined the team they are on during the sign up period, Reserve Players joined the team they are on during the tournament.
If Suzuka didn't want her Neopets username known, she would have just put "Suzuka" in the name box :p
Staffers that want privacy get it, staffers that don't mind only get it some of the time.

Hey JN! So, I was wondering, did anyone else notice the darigan skeith on the darigan citadel background given out on the fan freebies page? Why is he there? I don't think there was ever a skeith on the team. Thanks! ~ tahnokkal267
During the first Altador Cup, there was a Darigan Skeith on the Citadel team. His name was Mungo Lifler, and was the original goalie. In TNT's effort to include one player of each species in the second Altador Cup, Mungo was switched out for Reshar Collifey. TNT just hasn't updated the Darigan team's background. For the sake of being geeky, the other outdated background is Krawk Island (there is no longer a Yurble on the team).

Okay JN *Gives each a plushie* YOU say that Jelly world does NOT exist! So you technically are based off of something imaginary!? Also You say that Suzuka likes Thornberry Jelly and that's a product of JELLY WORLD! ~ Kougra_keeper_7575
Jelly exists O_o
Jelly World is a different matter though...

yo jellyneo. what are avatars useful for? seriously, if i spent all that time looking for all of 'em, and i cant use 'em, id be really... mad. ~ neogrl544
They can be displayed next to your posts on the neoboards (above your active pet), next to your name in neomails you send, in your keyquest collectors case, next to your name on the neofriends module (on other people's accounts), and also on a special section of your userlookup. If you collect enough of them, you can also get a shiny trophy. Other than that, there are no uses for avatars.

Ello! *waves* Can you give sides away? Because I have a side I don't want anymore (terrible name), but it has nice pets and my mum says she'd be happy to have it as her side. Can we do this? *hands muffin* ~ thedoveswing
No, you can't give any account away to other people, ever. If your mum likes the pets, have her create her own account, and then transfer the pets over to the new account. That way, she also gets to pick a nice name for her account :)

*Throws Rock flavored Jelly at you* Ok I have an actual question. If a Krawk petpet is unpainted, what color does it turn when it turns into a pet? Thanks and you can keep the Jelly ~ Aniqaz
It turns into a green Krawk Neopet, because the unpainted Krawk petpet is a green colour.

Hm, so which is the best section of JN, Herdy? I mean, we couldn't possibly be biased, could we? ~ togepi_forever
The Book of Ages of course! I'm not biased at all...
But the real question you should have asked is: "How many editorials can Suzuka get questions into before the universe implodes?" ;)

Just wondering, have you ever lost a game of Youyuball? I just don't see how it's POSSIBLE. ~ bindi026
I did once last year, but only because I left the game running to stop my food from burning :o

I recently won the random contest *throws confetti and Lost Desert Team Banners* yet I don't have 10,000 neopoints a spiffy item or, worst of all, the cool Item!!! D: Do you know why this is? ~ sajpa25719
A lot of the contests take time for the prizes to be given out. I know back when I got a Random Contest prize (years ago now) it took a few weeks for the prize to come through. Count yourself lucky though, some of the first Neovision winners are still waiting for their prizes.

Hey Herdy! I don't seem to know what you do in JN. It'd be nice if you told me. ^^ (Is there any difference between a 1% fat milk and a 0% fat milk?) ~ blizara
I'm a content writer for the Book of Ages section (as you might have already guessed from the number of character links in this editorial), along with Suzuka and Joey, the department head. We write lots of spiffy things about great Neopets characters, so you don't have to go searching through umpteen Neopets pages to find out the name of the Jetsam Ace.
Yes, there's a difference between the two milks, namely a 1% difference :)

Got milk?

Hi, Herdy :D Star, the Evil Queen of Questions, is here AGAIN. I have two questions. Who are you supporting in the AC? And will you give Terry this scoop of Vanilla Chocolate Swirl icecream? He hasn't tried it yet :P PS: You're awesome :D ~ star8509
I'm supporting the Haunted Woods, because I have each year and the team is super-amazing (aside from Autrey Fulse - bring back Chelo Binay!). I'll only give Terry the ice cream if I get some too. Or I could just take this ice cream... he'll never know...

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream...

Hey Jellyneo! I was wondering what happens when robot yooyus explode? Do they die? Anyway, here's a robot yooyu for you to investigate. ~ firefly2552025
There is no such thing as a Robot Yooyu at the present time :)
The ones used in the Altador Cup are Clockwork Yooyus, and were never alive to start with, poor things. They are similar to the Clockwork Grundo battledome items, which explode at your opponent.

EXTERMIN... oh wait, tick-tock...

Hey, Herdy! Do you miss the pink xD? ~ zadorvp
In a way... but at the same time the blue is far more amazing.

And it's always best to keep Suzuka happy, otherwise she might eat someone :o

Note to all non-forumers: This question refers to the changes in the colour of the BoA Writer forum group. Why not sign up today?

How many eyes does a mutant meerca Have!?!? One or Two!? I need to know! Thanks. ~ Dave
It has two eyes, as you can see from the following image. I can see why you didn't know though, the static pet image does look as if it could be one eye.

My mission is to roar until mutants get wearable clothes.

Hello Herdy! I'd give you a rock, but they're so expensive these days. :( Anyway, my question is: Wherever do all those sticks come from on Kreludor? If one user pokes the meteor every half hour, and there are millions of active users, where do the sticks come from? I see no trees, or a big pile of them. Do people just casually carry around a stick nowadays? I'm confuzzled. :( ~ polgara1993
In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."
Clearly, most Neopians have taken his advice O_o