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1337's Issue of DOOM
Published: July 5, 2008

Hi there! I'll be answering 32 (2^5) of your silly questions today. :P

I was wondering if you know anything about the user lookup badges past year 6... My account has been 7 years since November and I've been eagerly waiting for it to change... Thanks JN ! ~ mandymandy12345
This is because TNT has not created images for anything beyond 6 years, sorry!

Hey JN! *hands you a cookie* So, I was restocking one day and I came across the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop and I was wondering, "Do Magical Chia Pops restock here?" Thanks!!! ~ prince_manaphy
Yes! Magical Chia Pops do restock in the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. Note that they are very rare!

Good luck! You can get 17,500,000 NP by restocking this!

Don't you think it's time to put some new items in the joodle mart? *cough* more jelly *cough* :) ~ grishiu
-pokes Joodle mart-

Hey Jellers! I love the site (always check it as soon as i get on XD) Well my question is about the battledome. Do you ever think that you will do a battledome section in which you will list weapons and have the account members on jellyneo rate them and and give there opinions on them? I think this could really help people who need to find out more on the battledome and the weapons you can use to get the best effects in the battledome. ~ shrow30
We do not have any plans for a Battledome section. However, our good friends over at In Depth Battlepedia will have what you're looking for. :)

Aww, I feel loved for being one of the top rated weapons, yet being worth only 2.5k.

Hi, JN! =Gives you oranges because they cool like that= I was looking around the site (and a few other NP help sites) to see if there was a page on the World Challenge game. But I can't seem to find one anywhere! It kind of confuses me, see. And the Neopets explination isn't that clear, not for me, anyways. So I was wondering if, if your to-do list hasn't reached a dangerous length, you might look into adding one? If this gets into the Editorial, thanks! = D ~ petpet_pal05
The World Challenge is where you can choose an eligible game, and you are trying to get as many wins as possible before the hour ends. How does this work? Well, you will get matched with another person who has entered, and both players will need to play the game and send their score. The person with the highest score wins, and gets a win counted. The person who has the most wins or total game points by the end of the hour wins! (Note: You will only get a prize if 5 people have entered.)

why sometimes on newbies accounts the tyrannian army thing appears? it's from a very old plot,is it a bug? ~ leosponge
This was from a VERY old plot. In fact, the plot came before I have even heard of Neopets! There used to be a random event where Grarrg would come and award you a medal for the Tyrannian Army. We're not sure if it's still around, but that's how newbies got it. ;)

What happens to someone who celebrates his birthday on the same date as Neopets' (November 15th)? Does he only get to unlock the birthday theme once a year? Doesn't it seem unfair for that person? ._. ~ hyperknuckles77_tail
A person with a birthday on November 15 can only have the theme once per year. However, that user can browse without ads that day!

At the Rainbow Pool there are several pets that can be painted Ice. How can that be accomplished? I can't find an Ice paint brush or morphing potion anywhere. ~ tarzana1955
You can only get an Ice pet at the Lab Ray. However, you could have gotten an Ice Bori from a sponsor offer several years back. Today, it's very rare to get from the Lab Ray!

I'm special!

:3 I wanna ask you something... erm... hum... ;__; I forgot... .o uh... what is better, a jelly pet or a robot pet? and how many times TNT will give out trophies at the month? ~ D: oumaigad!
Jelly pets are better in my opinion. :P TNT gives out game trophies every night.

I have been playing Neopets for six years, but I have never been able to figure out that why, in the first place, users used to be able to price items in their shop in a range from 1 - 250,000 neopoints, but other users were only able to purchase their items priced under 100,000 neopoints. Did these 'unpurchasable items' use to be buyable at such a price, or what? If you answer, thanks a million. :D ~ wakkicampy1392
I never understood that either, why there were 150,000 possible unbuyable prices, yet only 99,999 buyable prices. To the best of my knowledge, they have never been buyable.

Dear 1337, Will you listen to Suzuka from now on? :) Also, my kitty says hi, as long as he doesn't get eaten D: ~ togepi_forever
Of course, Suzuka! *hugs* I don't eat kitties, Tawm does.

I can has second (or third) place?

Why are you answering your own question? ~ 1337
Because I can! Hahaha!

Brilliant choice, choosing to support Kreludor in the staff tourny. Are you supporting Kreludor in the real AC? Because they are a really awesome team (not that I'm biased or anything...) If not, is anyone over at jellyneo supporting Kreludor? ~ kreludork_forever
No, I'm supporting Shenkuu in the real Altador Cup. To the best of my knowledge, no staff members are supporting Kreludor.

What's the highest rank of the TJNT staff in the AC III? Btw if you go to the altador cup page and select rules and scroll down to the FAQs one of the answers saids that prizes will be out July 21st. ~ blizara
I believe it is Rank 15. (me!)

Hi JNT! I have asked this question MANY time for the Neopian Times editorial, but never got it answered. Okay, here it is: How come fruit/veggie Chia's (Asparagus, Peach, Pepper, etc...) can't wear wearable clothes? They can only have backgrounds and items, but no wearables. I have 3 fruit/veggies chias, and I feel like they are naked! ~ charmed_one_piper44
Fruit and veggie Chias are so different from other Chia colors where they would have to design every item to work on the different body shape. This means that TNT would have to spend hours and hours designing all compatible clothes to work on that Chia. Backgrounds and Trinkets, however, does not require TNT to put extra work into it. Hope that answers your question.

No fair! I want to wear a Twinkling Pink Tiara!

Will you consider putting the neopets usernames of the staff on the staff page? I only know one of them. ~ flairina
No, many staffers like our privacy, so it will not be posted.

About how many "rocks" do you guys get every editorial? ~ waltman1002001
There are currently 53 unanswered editorial questions with the word 'rock' in it, out of 678. *throws rock at you for asking*

For the Staff tournament, did some of the staff members unwillingly chose a team since the ones they wanted were taken? ~ evilham
Yes. I personally took Kreludor because it was the last team left. :P

Hi JN! Just passing by...So, I was at Tyrannia, what's with the beast anyway? Was it part of a plot or something? Thanks! (PS-Shenkuu rules!!!) Love your site, can you add some more things here? TY! ~ dog84elaine
The Beast is what unfortunate content writers like me have to see when we don't do our content. :( Also, Shenkuu does rule!

So, what is the Square Root of Pi divided by 42, times the Square Root of 365, minus 87, plus Pi, minus 37, times 0? ~ soilpete9321
Approximately -83.052153. It isn't zero because of order of operations! :)

Nooo! Anything but math!

Does playing so much Yooyuball make you lose The Game a lot? D; ~ cybunniesrule999
No, playing Yooyuball does not cause loss. Instead, it causes win. However, answering this question made me lose, Kass. :(

Does Tarla's Toolbar only work if you have Premium? I had it with Premium and it worked, but now it doesn't. (I had to cancel Premium.) ~ neochick823
No, you can use the Neopets Toolbar and get Tarla's freebies without being Premium.

In response to grishiu's question whats the joodle mart? (p.s. Krawk Island For the win!) ~ Catylistic
The Joodle Mart is a feature on the Forums where you earn Joodles by posting and participating in activities. You can then spend your Joodles on cool items, such as jelly, potions, meepits, and staffer heads (which are retired, unfortunately). If you're not a member, join today, don't be shy! ;)

Blueberry Jelly
70 in stock
Cost: 500 Joodles

can you report someone beacause they charge high prices for something not worth much in their store? ~ ERROR! NAME LOST!
No, that is not a reportable offense. However, if they try to scam you with it (i.e. claim that it's a very expensive item), then it becomes reportable.

in the AC3 do you guys prefer to play left to right or right to left? ~ ocroxok
We did a poll among JN staff members, and 10 people prefer to play left to right, while 9 prefer right to left. Also, 7 people like 3+1 formation, and 6 like 2+2 and 1+3.

What made you think of the name 1337? ~ Spike
Back when the Item Database was started, I was offered a jnJob there (Hi Terry!). I couldn't pick a good username, so I just put down whatever I could think of. :P

When you transfer a pet (or put it up for adoption), does it keep the books it's read, gourmet foods it's eaten, and jobs it's completed? ~ Flamgee
Yes! All books, gourmet foods, and jobs will be kept.

Why Do You get Free Jelly In Jelly - World?... Or Did I Dream That I Got Jelly World.... ~ Princess_Ericka_201
What is this free jelly you're speaking of? It obviously doesn't exist!

Ello! *waves* On a scale of 1 to 10, how 1337 actually ARE you? ~ thedoveswing
Pi squared out of ten. (9.8696044 for those who are too lazy to get a calculator)

Can you eat this in 3:14?

I has a question! Does Dr. Dave taste like Dr. Phil? =/ Because I don't drink TV show hosts. I'm sorry. I just don't. ~ The Queen Of Darkness!
Dr. Dave tastes more like Dr. Pepper. At least it's much better than Diet Terry!

When you send in a question, if it gets printed at all, will it be printed FOR SURE in the next issue, or if it isn't printed in the next one, it's not gonna be printed at all, or it can be seen, like, 3 issues from now?? ~ magfe888
Editorial questions can be published in a future issue, not necessarily the next one.