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Luke's (Random) Issue
Published: June 28, 2008

Hi there. I'm your guest editorialist for today. :)

Hello! *pokes joodle mart* You guys should totally have staff plushies in there! Then we could try and collect you all ^^ ~ grishiu
I think it would be pretty enjoyable to have staff plushies, maybe not sell them but still.
*goes to poke Rosie*

I want my face there D:

Yowww TJNT! 8D Anyway, i was wondering: Can you get, if you submit, lets say 4 questions, all the questions answered in the Editorial? So can you get into the Editorial with multiple questions? Thaaaaanks =3 ~ cisko116
If your questions are good, yes. We don't look at the people who are asking the questions, we only look at the questions :P

Have you staffers at JN ever noticed that there is a Lupe in almost every plot? ~ a_tale_of_two_lupes1
Some pets are easier to include in plots, like the Usul or the Lupe. They're always pretty nice to see, though. Hopefully, TNT will use more different pets for their plots from now on (:

HIJELLYNEOGUESSWHATIFOUND!!! UNICORNPAINTBRUSHPICTURE!! Aren't you proud of me? Anyway, how do you get a neopets e-mail address, like ~ bunnylover288
That Unicorn Paint Brush is very old, when paints could be painted Unicorn :P
And to get an "" address, you have to get Neopets Premium over here.

I used to belong ):

Who posts the most news on the main page? Or anything for that matter? :O ~ flitter_faellie
According to our stats:
1. Dave
2. Jen
3. Mike
4. Eyece (and old FC poster)
5. Nynex

That's taken from our overall stats. Nynex posts the most news nowadays, but she's only been around for a couple of months, so she still needs to rank up. :P

Where are you guys from? As in country? ~ da_place
We have staffers from North America, Europe and Asia. We won't go into the countries though.

But that was when we ruled the world...

Hey Jn Staff =D~ I'm a Brazilian, so if I spell something wrong, forgive-me I have two simple questions: 1st - When will you do the next plot on JellyNeo? 2nd - How do you know the item that'll release before it release, it is something to do with the Neopets Premium? That's all =D (Look at me Mom! I'm on the JN editorial *o* ) ~ leeexe
1. We haven't been working on a new plot quite yet. But you can expect something after the AC.
2. No, it doesn't have anything to do with Neopets Premium. This is called News Finding, and it's what our lovely Newsposters work on :P

I love Rosie's artwork, is there a page where I can see all of the JN Staffie's Rosie-Pic? ~ techpanda
Sadly, there isn't. But if you look through various pages (like the AC3 Staff Competition and Shopping Fiasco pages), you could find some there.

Arts and Crafts with Lupes Rosie :D

Can you make a stats counter for ACIII just like you did for daily dare 2008? I really liked that one! ~ soapman87
There is a stats counter for the ACIII :P Here is the link.

Can I steal Terry and take over the editorial? :3 (hehe, it'd get done on time XD ~ togepi_forever
Haha, no but you can steal some other useless staffers like Suzuka.

(For the people who don't know, Suzuka wrote this question, I love you Suzuka :D)

Would you ever have a small (1 or 2 people) group of jellyneo staff that try and find the Bonju avatar? Or, or at least a little page for the avatar. A random fact about it, at the teeniest, itty-bitty least! That avatar deserves SOMETHING. ~ heeleep
If all the avatar finders on Neopets haven't been able to find it yet, I doubt that we could do it :P We also already have enough things to work on... but to those who are still on the hunt: keep going! :D

You'll never get me!

Hey editorial people. I was wondering how much money it takes to run Jellyneo? Now's the time to plug your Donation Page :D) ~ Emilyvine
A LOT! You can help by donating some spare cash. ;) As long as you donate through the donation page, the money can only be used for JN's hosting expenses, so no worries, Dave won't go off buying thousands of Neopets Plushies with it. (But he sure would like to. It is "research", you know.)

hi JN staff!!! can you please tell me more about Dave? ~ keith_colin2793
Dave is the most pwnful guy in the world and he works really hard so you guys get the best Neopets helpsite in the world.

And you all wish you could get a sip of Dr. Dave!

what are the jellyneo staff's favorite jelly flavors? i personly like rubarb/pinapple ~ solarlaceiarta
Suzuka:Thornberry Jelly
Dave: Chokato Jelly
Rosie: Dung Jelly
Nynex: Mummified Jelly
Illy: Robo Jelly & Jelly Peach
Jen: Queela Jelly
Rylon: Pirate Jelly
Tawn, Herdy & 1337: Robo Jelly
Zador: Cheese Jelly & Pirate Jelly
Mike: Blobikins
Scissors: Raspberry Jelly
Joey: Blue Lab Jelly Pencil
Stephen: Real jelly on its way to his mouth
Luke: I deno D: I don't like Jelly.

B-but...that's cannibalism!

hi TJNT iam just wondering, why all of your avatars show island neopets plushies? (P.S MYSTERY ISLAND FOR THE CUP!) ~ nadav__68__11
That's because we all chose related plushies during the Sloth Plot (with Sloth-themed items) and we had so much fun we decided to repeat it for the summer :) That's it!

How do you know your AC scoring system is accuarate? ~ JO
We can't be absolutely positive, but thanks to Terry's countless research (and we mean countless), it's pretty darn close.

How do you get Youyuball prize shop points? ~ djytdytjdt
Well, you get points for the Altador Cup Prize Shop by playing either Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger or Make Some Noise. YYB is worth the most, SS is next, and MSN is worth the least amount of points.

Hey, Luke! You ROCK! :D I have a few questions. 1. Who are you supporting in the AC? 2. Why have I gotten into the editorial 2 times? 3. Do you consider yourself "cool"? 4. Do you want a cookie? ~ star8509
Bonjour :D
1. I'm supporting Shenkuu in the AC and we're pretty lousy D:
2. That's a good question, I guess you're good at this :P
3. I consider myself really cool. Haha jk, you see if I'm cool.
4. Nah, I just had lunch but thanks :)

Hello! *attempts to bake a cake, but accidentally burns it* o_0 Uhhh...Anyway, what is each JN staff member absolutely obsessed with? ~ dragon_gc
Suzuka: Her computer and other electronic devices.
Dave: A sharp pair of knives...when cooking
Rosie: Video games, comics, movies, internet surfing, etc.
Nynex: The Intetnet
Illy: Her art projects and Kung Fu Panda!
Jen: Cleaning (which she says is a procrastinating technique)
Rylon: Entertainment (like Suzuka and Rosie)
Tawn: Duct-Tape
Zador: Collecting, entertainment, buckets, lameness, plushies and the Practice Team!
Herdy: A lot of random things, but at the moment Yooyuball.
1337: Entertainment and the Internet.
Mike: Newsfinding, food and drink too.
Scissors: Matt Tuck from Bullets For My Valentine and Harry Potter books :)
Joey: Musical Theatre!
Stephen: Some weeks it's books, some it's coding. Currently: Dr McNinja (Google it)

Where does Jellyneo get the neopoints to give out rewards for competitions, such as the Staff Competition for the AC. I doubt Dave or Terry just are willing to give up hundreds of thousands of neopoints. (Go Mystery Island!) ~ CuriousCanineCat
We get nice donations from you, dear JN lovers, on our beautiful JN account. Click here to donate! (We'll need some for the AC Tourney prizes. :P)

When is neopets coming out with another plot, like the Altador one? ~ imasmartypantz
Probably not for a few months. Right now, we're into the Altador Cup and there's usually only one or two plot/events per year.

Hi Luke! Do you know when next customisation contest will start on Jn? Someone from Jn said that it will in the summer so it must be soon, do you know on what day it will start? ~ czarnyolek13
Hehe, I would die if I told you anything about our events. But don't worry, you'll be happy soon.

My pet is dieing to model its hat!

How does your rank affect you (eg. Level 1)in the Altador Cup? ~ mysteriousthief
Well I'm guessing you will get more points if you are higher in the ranks :P Then with the points you will be able to buy nice prizes at the end of the AC (or maybe a LOT later than that).

"Hi JN!!!! You BOULDER!!!! Anyway, where and when did Bob Kacheek die?" My question is how many questions like this do you get each week? Also, I love the ACIII record. Good job on it. ~ HTMLguy
WAY too many. *kicks you for asking it*

Hi! I just wanted to let you know I think Jellyneo is AMAZING!!!!! I know it says on the JN staff competition that you support Haunted Woods. Did you get to choose that? If so, YOU ROCK!!!!!!! Also, does anyone else on the JN team support HW? ~ HW FTW!
Yes, I chose to support Haunted Woods in the Staff Competition. I'm not supporting it on the real AC though. I'm supporting Shenkuu there. Hopefully we'll get better D:

who is that koi in the banner featuring the shenkuu team? because i checked the team members for shenkuu and they did not have a member that was a koi. ~ VeriBeriJelliBean
This is Turo Rafels, he used to be a defender for Shenkuu in 2007, but he got injured and Antola Maeir replaced him. (:

Why are most of the JN staff men? D: ~ magic_dark_phoenix
I guess more guys have no social life than girls :P

Luke. Is Smallville the most awesome show or what? ~ Wisher_weller
Haha, *feels like I'm talking to Lois Lane from forums* No it isn't :P I have a lot of other shows that I prefer over Smallville. It's good, though.

OMG! What is that creepy green jelly-thing in jelly world? Was it always like that? Why? ~ ERROR! NAME LOST!
Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about. Jelly World is a lie, it never existed. But...

I ain't creepy D: