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Zador's Issue of Lameness aka Issue # 33
Published: June 22, 2008

As the second guest editorialist, The Lord of Lameness answers the editorial with his lame answers. Prepare yourself!

I was just wondering if the Item DB had a section for Tarla's prizes/handouts? It would be great if such a list existed. ~ hades2213
Unfortunately the Item Database does not have a searchable list of Tarla'd items, but we have included a special icon on items Tarla has given as a prize.

If this icon shows up on an item's Item Database page, the item has been given out by Tarla.

Hey! YOU ROCK! Ok, onto my question: would it be possible to let the visitors of Jelly Neo to help write guides for the site -- and you to edit it -- so you can focus on those super secret uber pwnsome projects of yours (hint hint) ~ xvalbonnex
We're currently not looking for any visitor submissions, but we could always use more Content Writers.

EEEEEEK!*faints* You guys RAWK!Why does the neopets staff hide jellyworld? ~ relax_gal
Jelly World? Such a thing does not exist, therefore it can not be hidden.

Hey there JN.My question is,can I actually buy a lutari talisman because i never saw anyone sell it but i've read at the Neopets Mobile page that you can sell them.If there are, please let me know. ~ shoyru_lovuh
You can not sell Lutari Talismans, as every user has one. Simply go to your own lookup and you can see it waiting for you there. However, you can sell and buy the beads (except the Tongi Beads) that go on the talisman.

Hello. I'm doing a gallery for the Haunted Woods and there's a couple things I was wondering. How many years has Neopets given out goodie bags on Halloween and how can I find them in your Item Database? Thanks so much if you can help. ~ hip_e_chic123
A goodie bag has been released on Halloween ever since 2003 and each year after a new bag has been released. With the exception of one bag (Halloween Goodie Bag), these can all be found with the search 'Trick or Treat' in the Item Database.

Where would the category be for the petpet found on Krawk Island (in the Item DB)? I can't quite find it. ~ kapperific
Krawk Island petpets are listed under Pirate Petpets :)

Where did all the Unicorn Jubjubs go? Since they were retired, what color took their place? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
Unicorn Jubjubs, just like all other Unicorn-colored pets, changed color to Red after the Unicorn color was removed.

I no longer exist...

Hey! JN rocks everyone's socks! :P Anyways, in your opinion, (meaning whoever's writing the editorial).. what is the most pwnful game in Neopia? :O ~ cylara10
I don't play as much as I used to on Neo, but games I've liked a lot have been Bumble Beams and Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway.

Could it be full of rocks?

How often is the item database updated? I know that prices change because of inflation, but how accurately can it be counted on? ~ combat_lobster_46903
We update the Item Database daily, but prices are not the only thing we work on. As for the accuracy of prices, hover over the price on any item's info page in the Item Database to see when it was last updated. Prices that are months old are less likely to be accurate than recent ones. (And you can help by grabbing a jnAccount and updating those older prices!)

HOW DARE YOU DISS CHEESE IN THE EDITORIAL! *throws badgers at you while wearing cheesehead and packers jersey* You have insulted me. D: ~ samsterb
Hey hey! Not everyone here hates cheese D: I for one love cheese, despite the fact Jelly and Cheese don't do well together.

Cheese AND Jelly! Yummy!

How long does it generally take for a new petpet color to be usable? they announced the pirate peadackle some time ago, and ive had my brush ready to shanghai that seachicken ever since! keep up the great work. ~ countess_bathori
TNT used to be a bit quicker with releases, but lately they've fallen far behind. However, recently when new news have been posted on Neo, several unreleased items have been released and among these have been several petpets. I suggest waiting and checking up regularly :)

Does The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity Actually do something or is it useless? ~ charlie32396102
Yes, it does. It makes you waste some time when you look at it.

hi JN,you guys rock! :) what's the right plural for Hissi? Hissis or Hissies? this has benn buggin' me =/ ~ leosponge
The correct plural form of a Hissi is Hissies. This was stated in a newspost by TNT on May 4th, 2005.

How exactly does the Neoschool work? If it does, that is. ~ jamaica_29
Well, it's like normal school. First you go see the school you like and send your pets there if you like it. Then you have to get school supplies, make lunch for them, etc and hope they do well on their first day. And then - Oh, wait. Neoschools don't work. That's right D:

what was Neopets Jr? i mean, thre no links or references to it. please answer this question. "gives exploding cookie" ~ lumineon28
Neopets Jr was a simplified version of Neopets designed for children. You can access it by clicking here.

Yum! *explodes*

Can you get your pet zapped limited edition by the Lab Ray? Because I have the Lab Ray on my side account and I really, repeat REALLY, want a Cybunny and I cannot find a morphing potion! ~ WishuponastarGirl
Yes, the Lab Ray is able to change your pet into a limited edition pet, such as Cybunny.

I went to the trap door and on one of my refreshes, it said that I had found a diary. It isn't an item so what is it for? ~ smuall
The diary was part of the Hunt for the Crown puzzle on Neopets long, long ago. It still appears in refreshes, but is of no use anymore.

I should probably have figured this out already, but: WHAT IN NEOPIA DOES F.T.W. MEAN!!!???!! P.S. Faerieland for the Cup! :D ~ fishingmango
FTW is an acronym used for 'For The Win' and is usually used after something people support, such as (in your case) Faerieland FTW!

What team is Zador supporting for the Altador Cup? -cough-Krawk Island-cough- ~ Spike
Yes, Spike, you answered your own question. Zador does indeed support Krawk Island in the Altador Cup.

We will, we will KRAWK YOU!

Hi Zador! Question 1 Who are you and what do you do? Question 2 Can a item in neopets ever just......disapear? Like if EVERYONE destroyed a retired item that you couldn't get in events...etc anymore would they be totally gone? ~ Kristi_v2
Answer 1: I am a Content Writer and some sort of overseer of other Item Database crew on the Item Database. So, I write content for Jellyneo and I oversee the other IDB crew members and make sure things are being updated and everything's as it should be.
Answer 2: An item can 'disappear' from Neopets if all instances of it are removed by discarding, through account freezings, etc. However, this does not remove the item from searches. Also, sometimes TNT replaces items with others (such as sponsor items) and the items that were replaced are gone for good. They can not be searched for no longer.

Hi guys :) I was checking out the Staff Listing page, and I noticed all of the plushie/item things next to the names of the Staffers are island-themed. Is there a reason? (I would've used a jelly food theme or a muffin theme ;D) ~ angelspark119
During The Return of Dr. Sloth plot, staff members chose related plushies as their staff listing images. This was liked so much that we decided to do some more. And since summer came, we chose to theme ourselves Island, which seems a more fitting choice than Jelly or Muffin for summer :)

Is illusioniste really 99 or is this a joke?P.S*pulls out a sign that says Zadors super awsome really cool super amasing editorial spectaular super rare and totally cool hardly ever happens super editorial edition**pulls out a second sign that reads JNs really super totally awsome and the really really really totally Oh SNAP in your face awsome kind of site* ~ mybestfriendiscarley-tayler for JN
Of course Illy is 99. She chose to never retire and we love having someone with so many years of experience on our staff.

I have a sign too! NOTE: NOT Illy's skull!

Hello JN! I have crazy guestion: Altador cup has been started 12.6. If Jellyneo has ONE account, how you can ALL join the Altador Cup? I am crazy. Am I? (it was second guestion:).) ~ Shorkio
Each staff member has an account of their own (and some have side accounts) with which they play. We do not log on to a single account that we all use. As for your mental state, aren't we all a little crazy?

How many languager does staff of Jellyneo understand?? And what are those languages?? (Languages that someone does understand/speak and belongs to your staff.) And does anyone know what does my name mean?? ;D ~ EiKukaan
Hey there. After some inquiries, I have found out that the following languages (not counting programming languages, chatspeak, l337, etc) were spoken/understood (fluently) by more than one person: English (obviously), French, German, Russian, Spanish, Latin, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Japanese. There were also some languages only spoken/understood by one staff member: Finnish and Swedish by me (Zador), Bahasa Melayu & the Tamil language by Ruby, Greek by Luke, Russian by Dave and Maori & Italian by Jen. Oh, and apparently Dandy has a special language that he uses to talk to himself.

As for your other question: Since I'm Finnish, I naturally understand what your name means :P It's 'Nobody' or 'No one'.

Aww... Nobody knew Tyrannian

Hey Zador and the JN staff! *waves* Let's say that someone found out one of the JN staff's username. Would it be okay if we just neomailed you a 'hi, JN is awesome...' without posting your username on the boards and not harrasing you? Oh and please give Terry these Terry Berries for me *hands over berries*. ~ wildxpup609
Unless the staff member in question has blocked neomails, nothing is stopping you from neomailing them. (But please don't bother us obsessively! :D)

*gives berries to Terry*

Terry Edit: Thanks? :P

Hey Jellyneo!! You rock! Anyways, I was wondering, what was the first neopian game? Also, did any of the Jellyneo staff join Roo Island? ~ Kittykat30916896
The very first game on Neopets was Techo Says, which was re-made as the 1000th game recently :)
Yes, the amazing Rosie is one example of the proud members of the Rooligans.

What do YOU think of Dave's controvercial "pick krawk island/dave wuz here" thing? Personally, I see nothing wrong with it. ~ Great_Granny_2000
I think it's perfectly alright :P But, to be honest, I'm biased here since I also support Krawk Island xD

Dave here, and I just wanted to comment on this, too. After years past, we've learned that supporting any one team isn't such a great idea. So, this year, we're not supporting any one team as a whole, but each of the individual staffers have their own favorites. ;) Personally, I didn't see anything wrong with what I posted, as it works wonders in inviting people to comment on our news and engaging with other Neopians that visit JN. However, I'll try as best I can to keep my bias out of the daily score reports I may post from time to time. :D

Hey Homie Zadorr! Well now the ACIII is underway who are you supporting and also what are your predictions?.....GO MYSTERY ISLAND WOOT WOOT! ~ Pinkish_Lies
As answered in question number 19 (it was answered both in the question and the answer), I support Krawk Island. However, if the awesome Practice Team (aka Jelly Team) was an option, I would choose it immediately xD

As for my predictions (Note: These are my predictions from before the AC started), I predict that Roo Island and Darigan Citadel will be somewhere near the top and I hope KI will be there too xD

*Bows down to Lord of Lameness* Anyway, I was logged in to my JN account, then I went to the forums. It said I wasn't logged in, so I tried to log in again, thinking I'd forgotten something, but then it said my account didn't exist! Do I have to have a separate account for the JN forums? ~ Caitlin847300
The Lord of Lameness has deemed you worthy of being answered...

Yes, you need to have another account for the forums. The jnAccount is for on-site things, but you need a separate forum account for forum-related things.

I have an old account that I'm not using anymore. It has absolutely nothing in there(no np, items, nc, pets, nothing). How do I get rid of it? ~ Chase_0304
The following link will cause you to self-freeze your account. Do NOT press it unless you REALLY, REALLY want to get rid of your account: Click ONLY if you are sure...

Are Gooples the only Petpet without a basic color? Because I checked the Item Database and there's no basic color for a Goople! ~ pikapika_2_2_2
Unpainted Gooples are called Orange Gooples :) To check if a petpet is unpainted, look at it in the Item Database. If it has the "Unpainted Petpets" special category listed, it is the original, unpainted petpet.