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Suzuka's Totally Awesome Super-Long Editorial! (Issue 32, if you're counting)
Published: June 15, 2008

It's Jumbo Sized! The first of many guest editorialists :)

Do you need Neopets Mobile to get Lutari Island beads? ~ j_ja_l_2003
While most Lutari Island beads are obtained through Neopets Mobile, you can also get them through random events, or via the Trading Post and Auctions.

I don't do anything...

Hi JellyNeo!! First I would like to say that your site is the best source of Neopets information. Just a question: How can I heal my Neopet without having to buy the necessary medicine? In other words, is there a way to get the medicine needed for free? I'm asking this because my Neopet (called JuniorSiplis) is suffering from "Reptillioritus". I searched for the cure (called Cactopus Cream) in the Auctions section because I could not find it using the Shop Wizard. But the cheaper price was 99.999 NeoPoints! I registered in Neopets the 6TH of December so I cannot afford that much. If you know a way to heal my Neopet without having to buy the cure please let me know. Thank you!! ~ neosiplis
If you go to the Healing Springs, the Faerie may heal your active pet completely! That doesn't always happen on the first try, but you can go again about every half hour until she does heal your pet.

Heya! *insert over-used 'You rock!' line here* i have a question! How do the score for Grumpy Old King work? Is it an acumulated score? ~ thedoveswing
Nope! If Skarl likes your joke enough to give it a grade out of 1000, THAT is your score :)

Alright, I was recently suspended for spelling the word "assess" as "asess." Apparently someone thought I was cursing at them when I said "There is not enough of your story for me to properly asess yet." How can I tell TNT it was a mistake? I want a clean record. ~Em PS-I am SURE that is what it was, because the suspension screen said something about swearing and I never swear on neo. I had also almost misspelled "assess" differently, so it would be cursing, but the filter blocked it, so I tried to fix the spelling. ~ esj64
I would submit a bug report to TNT, explaining what happened, asking if that was why you were suspended, and asking if it might be possible to remove that from your record. It might take a while, but someone should get back to you eventually.

Hey JN I have been on your site ever since i joined neopets you're amazing! Anyway, I want to use one of my old accounts as a side but it has a shop and I don't want to get frozen for having two accounts with shops. Can I delete one of my shops? ~ 14katiebabie14
Thanks for the compliment! I actually had the same dilemma, as a person with multiple galleries back in the day, but was unable to figure out how to delete it. Instead, I keep it complete empty, titled it 'Not A Shop', and put a notice on the inside. As long as you don't try to sell anything in there, you should be okay.

I can't find something if it isn't there!

there are a lot of people who have all their neopets painted, but how do they get the paintbrushes? do they always buy them? ~ luni18
Pets can actually be painted in several different ways! You can use a paintbrush, which may be bought on the trading post, auctions, or shop wizard, gotten through a random event, or won as a prize for one of the site competitions. You can also change your pet's colour by using the Lab Ray, getting a Fountain Quest, or through a random event. Paint Brushes may also be given out as a Plot Prize!

Hi, great site by the way, but on to the question. I have some paintbrushes, but I don't know if they can be used more than once. Are they one-time only items, or can you use them multiple times? ~ anything_girl2005
Paintbrushes can only be used once, and then they disappear. If they were multi-use, prices would be MUCH cheaper :O

Hey, Jellyneo! First, I have to say you are the best help site, I'v been here for almost two years. And now for my real qustion. I got a "Yellow Urapa Bead" through a Random Event & don't know what to do with it. What does it actualy do and how can it go on yur Lutari Talisman? I thought that was only for mobie users. ~ fighters_of_time
Wow, two Lutari Bead questions in one week! Lutari Beads can be put on Lutari Talismans whether or not you are a mobile user. If you have enough, you will occasionally get increased NP when sending your score in a game, or a discount in a Neopets Official Shop (NOT User Shops). However, with the value of beads today, it would probably be a better idea either to sell it (and check the price on the Trading Post), or to keep it as a gallery item. What you do is up to you!

Hey Jellyneo! I love your site (:. Sorry to take up your time but, I have a question. My Jetsam is in a really bad mood. I play with him, feed him, and play games with him! Why is he not happy? ~ echidnaman_11
Hm, that does seem very odd! If you're feeding him consistently, and giving him toys to play with, I don't quite understand it! You can always try taking a Tiki Tour or a ride on the Merry Go Round

Hi Jellyneo * hands over a large tray of chocolate chip cookies * My question is: lets say you want to submit a game guide. You've seen the other game guides which have screenshots. How can you get screenshots for your game guides? How can you take screenshots of a game? ~ canary2
Well, if you have a Windows (bleurgh! xD) You can check out our handy-dandy screenshot guide here. If you have a Mac (yay!), you can press Apple-Shift-3 for a full-screenshot, or Apple-Shift-4 to select whatever area of the screen you'd like to capture. They'll then appear automatically as PNG files on your desktop.

i might get a kiko transmogrification potion and paint it but will the kiko be the new one or the old version? ~ misterkaotix
All pets that are created, painted, zapped, or morphed after the day that customization began will be the new versions.

You're stuck with me...

I submited a error report a long time ago to the tarla shop page about how I got a von roo gnome there and they havent changed anything. P.S.Thanks for the breaking news about Key Quest.I hope you can acess it without buying anything. ~ ghostred99
Sometimes in error reports, we wait for screenies, or for multiple reports of the same thing. That doesn't mean we've disregarded your report, merely that it's waiting for further clarification :)

Hi my JN friends... well I'll tell you now my question... *30 minutes later* Oh, sorry well were it comes: I have the Lab Ray (YAY!!) If you go to my lookup you'll find that I have a desert Uni, Island Poogle, Invisible Koi and X-mas Grundo, all labbed (but the grundo)... When my Uni, Poogle and Grundo were Labbed/painted their clothes dissapeared and went into the Closet in order to have their "Deluxe-paint-brush-clothes" on... but When my poogle was Zapped Glowing (on day before being Zapped Island, XD) and my koi was Zapped Invisible they still had their clothes... So this is my question... If my pet Is Zapped into a colour With Special Pose Like MSP poogle, Faerie Pteri, Werelupe (halloween lupe), Will they still have their clothes, puting them into their normal pose, or will they take off their clothes to stay in Special pose?!?!? ~ Inti_man
The only way to get the special poses for those pets is to have an unconverted pet - if your pet is painted or zapped now, they will be in the new format, and not have a special pose. Whether or not a pet keeps it's clothes on depends on some impossible formula TNT decided- my Elephante changed colours, and all the NeoCash clothes came off. My Skeith changed species, and the exact same clothes stayed on.

So my green xweetok got Floppy Tongue and then today I got a Something Has Happend! that said: "warriorcat_rosemoss doesn't look very happy. In fact, she looks downright Blue. Maybe a toy would help." and she turned blue! Is this a result of the disease, and if so, would having her play with some sort of toy make her better? ~ warriorcat_sunheart
If your pet's mood isn't 'fine', 'content', or some other positive, you are always at risk for getting the 'Blue' random event. Being sick makes your pet sad a lot faster, and while playing with toys will cheer her up, healing her is what you need to do to cheer her up. Once she's turned blue, even being happy won't make her return to her original colour. You'll need to paint her to change it again.

Hey Jellyneo! Do you know what the first Secret Avatar was? MEEPITS FTW. ~ oldpizza
The very first secret avatar was none other than the Sloth avatar! Of course such a genius would invent something so wonderful as avatars, no?

Is it possible to get the grand prize thingy from the Qasalan Expellibox? Please answer this!!! *-* ~ angel23456789812
The 'Grand Prize' is 150 NC, and yes, many people have gotten this :) It's rare, but not impossible!

Hello there jellyneo :D Your site pwns :) Anyway, I recently won 1st in species at the Beauty Contest, and found out that if you win first in species or overall, then you can't enter for 4 months. I found this time limit a wee but unfair. Anyway, why doesn't TNT have a warning on the front page of the Beauty Contest? XD ~ galaxee
Oh, congrats on getting GoldBanned! I'm not sure why there isn't a warning, but it's been this way for as long as I can remember - and I remember a good six years back :) Goldbanning helps keep the same people from winning over and over again with the same pet and a barely altered picture. Seeing as you can now enter with side accounts, goldbanning shouldn't be a problem - just draw a picture for another one of your pets, and enter them!

Hello!I have gotten neomails saying I have a kacheeckers match with someone.Sometimes they barely move one space per game and I always win.Is this a freezeable thing?Thanks! ~ _savannah_65
Nope, if they don't move and you win, that's just plain luck! Of course, this game has been in the same format for many years, so hopefully it'll get a redo soon!

Hi there! Two questions. #1 Who has the highest fishing score in all of Neopia, and #2 which paintbrush do I use to paint my jubjub coconut? Because I can't find a coconut paintbrush on the wizard, auction or trading post!! Thanks ~ daisymelly
While there isn't a specific place on Neo that tells you who has the highest score, there was, for a long time, a petpage that kept track. This hasn't been updated in over a year, however, but the highest level pet I could find was at level 497. As for Coconut Paint brushes - they don't exist! Your JubJub needs to be zapped coconut by the Lab Ray!

So, I heard Dave was accepted at Stanford or whatever. (yay for him!) He also said that he couldn't afford to keep the site up but JN will stay. I ask, is that even possible? I mean, I can use the power of the dark side (I AM A SITH LORD!!!) to influence the midi-chlorians to help out, but... ~ neblix
JN is supported not only by Dave, but also by the generous donations of JN users! While we understand that most of you don't have the means to donate, those who donate here can rest assured that the only thing donations can ever be used for is paying JN's hosting bill!

All JN Staff learn the art of battle!

Hey there! If I were to zap my pets with the lab ray, should I remove their clothing in order to obtain the clothes that, say, a pirate would wear? Thanks a bunch! *throws invisibly painted rock* ~ thelonewhitewolf26
You don't need to! The clothing will stay with you no matter what colour or species they're zapped or painted. Please be aware, however, that the Lab Ray never turns your pet Pirate.

Has any JN staff win in a caption contest, mystery pic, PPl, etc. ~ Darksonic12345
Yup, several of us have won many different competitions around the site! We've got a few UL winners, I know Stephen and I both have PPL trophies, we've got quite a few Neopian Times Articles between us, and several of us have a good focus on another of the competitions - V_C on Storytelling, me on Poetry, Ruby on Captions, etc. :)

Is it true if someone in your family goes on neopets and has the same IP as you, will your family get frozen? ~ 1738_hooman_8371 is my new main but my 6 year old account is private!
NO. Neopets has more than one way to tell the difference between someone with multiple accounts and a family. However, if one of your family commits a freezable offense, it is possible that other accounts on your IP could be frozen. Recently it's become popular to state that others share your computer (in a message on your userlookup), but TNT has stated multiple times in the Neopets Editorial that this does nothing; it's just as easy for a scammer to put that as a legitimate family.

Hiya *throws jelly doughnuts* I was just as confused as cul8er_bye by the flux of Neoschool related articles in the NT. When I clicked on the link you so kindly gave us, it told me: 'Sir, the possibility of this page being broken is 3,720 to 1!' (I am a miss, so this was slightly infuriating). But anyways, I can never find the actual link to sign my neopets up to Neoschool. Is it really open or not? Or just available to some people in certain countries? *grinds teeth* ~ eccentricangel14
Neoschool is not available, and probably never will be. What happened was that for the week of April Fools, a bunch of NT authors decided to poke fun at the Neoschools that never were, and that issue is the result :)

I paid 311k Neopoints for a Rainbow Paint Brush and I'm kind of nervous to even go on Neopets as there is a 1 in 500,000,000 chance of my Neopet's colour changing! ~ cofusm
As long as your Neopet is happy, it shouldn't be struck by either the Red or Blue Random events, and Boochi can only strike at your active pet. You should be safe - after all, why have a Painted Neopet if you aren't going to enjoy it?

I cost even more nowadays!

Why a muffin theme? ~ cheiro_de_queijo
Why not? :O Muffins are the best thing in all creation!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH...oh. Sorry. I just read your article on the Hidden Tower and I have two questions. 1) I clicked the star. NOTHING HAPPENED. 2) It says that the Hidden Tower is the ONLY WAY to get the Royal Paint Brush. This might be considered a dumb question, but does that mean I can't even get it from the Wishing Well?? By the way, you guys rock!! *hands you a big cookie* ~ kailua__16
To access the Hidden Tower, your account must be at least four months old, and it appears that yours is only two months old.

The Royal Paint Brush canNOT be received from the Wishing Well, but you can buy it in Auctions or on the Trading Post.

Hey JellyNeo! Why did neopets take off the slots (Brucey B & Krawk Island)? ~ BrazilianPrince
They were taken down due to a glitch that some unscrupulous users were abusing :( Neopets has stated in a recent editorial that they are not down for good, and will be returning once the glitch is fixed.

Which avatars can you lose? ~ hanayoko010
As far as I'm aware, there are only three avatars you can lose. The first is the Emo one, which is removed if your shopkeeper is changed to another one. The second is a non-secret one, the Premium one, which doesn't count in your collection. And the third if the Von Roo avatar, which you can lose by losing to Count Von Roo in Deadly Dice. (So don't play once you've got it!) All can be restored by simply doing what you did in the first place to get them.

Hey, Suzuka! Having fun being the first Content Writer to answer an editorial :D? ~ zadorvp
You know it ;) Don't think you're free though - you're up next!

A chance to show off my two favourite Neopian Characters!

In editorial 31, Stephen suggested for someone to use Google. Why didn't he suggest Blacke, the more energy efficient Google? Huh? Does he not care about the enviroment? ~ marieseyah
Well... Sorry, Suzuka, this is Stephen here and I want to personally address this. While I am a very environmentally minded person (I am working to make the office I work at recycle), Blackle is, to my understanding, not entirely correct. While it makes sense that a white monitor uses more energy, that is only absolutely true for a CRT monitor (Big, older, take-up-your-whole-desktop-space boxes), the increasingly common LCD (used in Laptops and flatscreen monitors) do not show statistically significant evidence, according to the articles I have read, that black screens use any less energy. If you want to save energy, try dimming your screen some. Also, I'll take some time to mention an Environmentally friendly Tech site, Ecogeek for those interested in this subject. Alright, back to Suzuka.

I was reading a question in the 31st editorial and I was wondering... are you saying that Terry is a guy!? ~ 1superman150
!!!!!!! Wow, you just made my day. Yes, Terry is a guy. But man, oh, man...

Um, hi Terry? xD

Terry Edit: Hi Suzuka! ;)

Look, a Terry Berry!

Aloha JN staffers. Not being a sports fan, I came to yall for the answer of this question: Why do we sing "Take me out to the Ballgame" If we are already there? ~ Kanabi
As an expression of comradeship, an excuse to feel as one of a group, because it's tradition!

Seriously, though, it's fun. Why wouldn't you? (Go Minnesota Twins!)

Hi! Is there anywhere on this site that has facts about the JN team? If not, can you make one? :) ~ mysti_lilac614
If you take a look at the handy dandy sidebar on your left, you'll see a link titled 'Staff Listing' (or you can get to it by clicking here). Want to know more? Most weeks you can find an 'Ask a Staff Member' topic in our forums, in the 'Random Blah' section. You can also make sure to send editorial questions when a certain staffie is up to answer!

What do you mean that's the wrong staff?

how do yall find out all these sneak peeks and upcomeing things do you have like jellyneo ninjas spy on them? :P ~ dillon20070
*looks around* shhh... all our newsposters are trained ninjas, looking day and night to find all sorts of secret information. It takes a lot of patience, and a great deal of constant searching.

Hi Suzuka! How many languages do you speak? Oh and also;; are you still writing a piece on choosing AC teams? ^_^ ~ aviorea
Hi :D I speak English and some French, and I'll be studying Japanese next year. I'd like to learn several other languages as well, such as Greek and Latin :) I am, the piece should be up by the time you read this!

Hmm, this looks easy to learn!

In Issue 31, you said "Nope. TNT has made it so that if your Royalboy is zapped and becomes Female, he will still have the Royalboy appearance. Don't ask me why, doesn't seem like that much extra work, but this is how they do things. So, sorry, you won't get two extra sets," BUT it does. I decided to zap my Royalboy Zafara on a whim, it changed genders. One day later, it changed clothes to Royalgirl. The royalboy clothes are still there, but I just want to clarify and say that the old answer might be false now. ~ Christinac93
We've gotten quite a bit of response about this :) We're aware that the actual LAB zapping can change genders and give you clothes, but FIGHTING the lab scientist and having your gender change will not. Hope this clears a few things up!

Hey JN team, A while a go you posted new jobs for JN (Not the Item database one, the others jobs- guide writer or something?) Anyway, I was wondering when you were going to decide? Or have you already? ~ eaglechix4ever
Patience, young grasshopper. Dave has many things to do, and it may take him a while before he's able to finish going through all the (many, many) applications. Everyone should receive a reply, whether they are accepted or not :)

I never received a trophy for my user lookup after completing the altador plot, and I have collected my prizes. What should I do? Thank you!! GO Mystery Island! (and Shenkuu too:) ~ Suzuka_lover ;-)
The Altador Plot trophy actually doesn't say 'Altador' anywhere on it! It gives you the 'Royal Astronomer' trophy :) If you don't see this on your lookup, under 'Site Event Trophies', then you should send a bug report in to TNT.

In case of that someone would find answer to Bonju -avatar's mystery and you know that (s)he knows what would you do?? (If (s)he says that (s)he isn't going to tell to answer without any prize...) ~ EiKukaan
According to TNT, no one has unlocked Bonju yet. Screenies are easily faked, and unless you see someone ACTUALLY using the avatar, you should be wary. You can never be required to pay for any sort of information; if someone is telling you to, this is a reportable offense.

hey, jellyneo!!!! *HANDS a bag of 1000 NPS* THis question has been bothering me for a really long time. If Neo doesn't promote marrying, then why in the world does the lost desert plot (the earlier one) talk about it? Thanks and you rock!! PS-nabile even said true love must bond... eww! ~ supakid
Neopets just wants to keep romance out of the site in general, as they can't possibly regulate all the goings-on, and it can be an ambiguous line between what is and isn't appropriate. With plots, such as the Lost Desert one, they are able to regulate everything that happens, and know it won't go overboard.

Here comes the bride, here comes the bride...

Can I submit same pic on BC and art gallery? And, example: I send picture of my pet in this week BC and same on next week. Are them legal? (sorry bad english) :P ~ tarutarutarutaru
You can submit the same picture, however, it's rare to get into the art gallery after using a picture in the BC. More common is entering the BC after getting into the art gallery, but still, not many do so. You aren't supposed to enter the same picture in the BC, if the judge sees that the image is the same, your entry will most likely be deleted.

Uhhm...hello there, I noticed in the news here in JN that you need donations for the does that mean you are making the site more bigger or is it for something else? ~ mewtwo025
It means that we're separating the site from its current server, and moving it to a new one. This new server will make the site run faster, reduce or eliminate downtime, and allow JN to add loads more special content. Unfortunately, it's also a lot more expensive - and Dave can't afford to run it on his own.

Hey, it's me again. Sorry to bother you all with my dumb doubts, but I must ask (curiousity might kill me, but): just for curious, will Lutari island ever get a team for AC next year or so? I also want to know if I'm the only Shenkuu supporter so far, most people I know are supporting Krawk Island or Darigan Citadel... (cries) ~ himiko_uechiha
I doubt Lutari Island will ever get an AC team, as it's a mobile-online world. As for Shenkuu - you aren't alone! I'm a very ardent Shenkuu supporter myself! I know most of my guild is supporting Shenkuu as well, and I know plenty of others, too!

So I was reading the latest editorial and you mentioned Joodles. As I have not spent a lot of time on the forums. What the heck is a Joodle and what are the items for? ~ tsunamichick89
Joodles are the currency of JellyNeoForums! You can use them to buy special forum items, which can do all sorts of things, including changing your username, uploading your own emoticon, and more! They're earned either by posting, or by helping out in the We Need You forum!

Hey Suzuka,*throws a paint brush at you*, what's the best thing about working for JN? ~ luckster264
Ooh, shiny *hugs paint brush* The best thing about working for JN... probably all the nice people I've met :) Of course, I do get free soda and muffins...

Terry: Yummy! *slurps*

Hey jellyneo! I recently started making my pets extensive stories to themselves, they are so big that they can't fit on their I put them on a petpage, anyways...if someone steals the stories, can I report them? (sorry for any typos =P) ~ joshrocks7890
Yup, if someone steals your stories, artwork, coding, or graphics, you are always eligible to report them. Theft is theft, and theft is bad!

Salutations, Jellyneo! I was wondering if you guys knew where the Neopets sponsor games are? I don't see any links on the main site and the only way I can get to them is via the URLs on your site. Thanks for any assistance! ~ strikersa44
If you go to the Games room, right under the "Top Games" section is the "Sponsor (ad)" section :) It is the one area that isn't in alphabetical order, but is before all of them.

Hi Jellyneo! You're awesome! *gives cupcakes* Anyway, someone told me there was once a "Marshmallow World," is this true? ~ ann326
Marshmallow World was actually a hoax, where a graphically-inclined user edited a picture of Jelly World, and claimed that it was a special world only available to premium users. It was false, of course, but the graphic was convincing enough to convince quite a few people!

Will Magical Chia Pops only work on Chias? ~ ann326
Yup, using a Magical Chia Pop on any other species will just count as food - and cost you a lot of NP!