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Issue 31 (.415 × 10-1)
It is the Stephen!

Published: June 7, 2008

Tired of that crazy Terry and silly Dave answering your questions? Time for Stephen to take another shot at this, first time in over 25 issues. Crazy!

How Do Kiko's Float? ~ michiah11
A little bit of pixie dust, or manipulating space-time. One of those.

I'm Magical!

Ok,I have been want to ask this. Do you like cheese?Because Jellyneo Needs a cheese layout...=D ~ oksoyeah

JN staff, you rock! Anyways *cough* I was hoping you'd answer this since it wasn't answered very well in the neopian times. Can you say Why, or at least where did they get the idea, to make neopets have clenched fists? It looks like they are about to have a fight, and I didn't know a koi could clench it's fins. ^_^ Thanks! ~ Gamemaster32792
See, all Neopets have a grudge against you! So, instinctively, most of the clench their fist.

Actually, this is so that the Neopets can hold items.

Secretly, we don't like you!

I drew a really nice picture (if I do say so myself!) of my Tonu, when she was yellow. But I painted her the other day; can I still enter her picture in the Beauty Contest? PS: You . Guys . RULE! ~ thedoveswing
It is perfectly alright to enter your Tonu. The only rule is that you make sure she is still a Tonus when you enter your pet! Oh, and Thanks!

Is the Snowager a boy or a girl? I don't recall TNT ever saying anything about it's gender. I find it odd that when I say "Please girl, give me something good." It works more than not. ~ neoanilover
Actually, you are saying that to your pet. I have not engaged in any communications or near approaches of the Snowager, so I wouldn't know personally.

A beard means male, right?

Hey, JN! Your site is probably the most helpful Neopets site I've ever had the pleasure to visit, and I'm not just saying that to get my question on the editorial. :) My question regards your turmaculus page, in which you show Turmaculus and a meepit.. If Meepits are so evil, then would Turmaculus really have the gumption to eat one? wouldn't they take over Turmy's mind? Or is it that Turmaculus eats petpets because of said mind-controlling meepits? > ~ ivan8945
Turns out the Turmaculus is defender of all that is good and right with the world. So he eats Meepits for the betterment of society. No idea why he eats others Petpets, though. I think he is just worried they are Meepits in disguise.

Hey JN! You guys rock! So I was wondering, are JN accounts free, or do they require payment? I have one, but I havn't used it yet because I don't know if I have to pay for it. Please answer my question. ~ pandaamanda236
Well, in order to provide you with better service, we feel that jnAccounts should be easy to get and use. Therefore, they are free. Don't worry about us charging you. We aren't that greedy! (Though Terry might be.)

Hi Jellyneo! I have a question...why do people throw things at you in the editorial? I think it is rude and very inconsiderate... ~ joshrocks7890
I don't know. I don't like having to dodge the items, either? Unless they were Neopoints. You'll give me Neopoint's, right?


Hi JN ^.^I love your site *p* I had a question about the PetPets. Would you have a PetPet Rainbow Pool? (sorry my english xD i'm portuguese) Thanks =D ~ cathypt
Behold the power of the Item Database! You can search for all the petpets sold at a certain shop or do special searches for ones like Petpet Lab Rats, which are only available from the Petpet Lab ray!

hi *throws a extrahyper big boulder*. Anyway, do you have a guide for P2P Neopets: the darkest faerie? ~ sofita103
Sorry, that is sort of a big game. Why not try using The Google. Major gaming websites (not focused on Neopets) might have some guides.

why do you choose the jelly for this site's theme? ~ altador2006
Why not?

I am the ultimate embodiment of good and evil!

I can't decide. Please help. I have a Blumaroo, Kougra, Poogle and a lab pet (changes species from time to time, now a Buzz). Then I love all 3 pets. But my Poogle's name does not match. Should I abandon it or leave it be? If abandoned? I can't decide what pet to get, wait for Poogle or Cybunny Day to get one. Or get a Kiko,Krawk, or Koi. Or get an Eyrie. Which i began to like an hour ago. In short, what is the cutest pet ever? ~ cutepettamer
How about you ask the crystal ball, because I am unfit to make your own decisions.

I see an Eyrie in your future.

Hiya again... well my question is: If I have a Royalboy pet and change it to royalgirl, fighting with the lab ray scientist... Do I get her clothes? and If is transformed back do I get the royalboy set twice? ~ Inti_man
Nope. TNT has made it so that if your Royalboy is zapped and becomes Female, he will still have the Royalboy appearance. Don't ask me why, doesn't seem like that much extra work, but this is how they do things. So, sorry, you won't get two extra sets.

Fact: A toga is not a dress!

Hi *waves*. I was just wondering, does the Strange Potion really change your pet's gender? And are there any risks with it? Are there any other ways to change your pet's gender without risk? Thanks! ~ mysti_lilac614
Yep, thats the job of a Strange Potion. Nothing else to it! Except the cost. So why not try to get the Lab Ray Scientist as an opponent and fight him. He has a weapon which changes pets genders, if you survive long enough.

Curiouser and Curiouser.

There's disagreement on different avatar pages on the Royal Korbat avatar. Some say you need to be the same as the korbat, some say the opposite. I have another layer of confusion on top of that. I wanted my korbat was cross-painted and royalgirl colors go better with the robot housings. So I switched him into a girl only for the duration of the paintbrush, and now he is a guy again. Is my korbat's paintcolor the deciding factor, or is it whether he's a boy or a girl that matters? What gender to you have to be to get the avatar from Chyrodoppl, and which avatar do you get, when you do? ~ solsticesprite
You view a Korbat with the opposite gender, as our Avatar Database says. I believe that it is the color of the pet, not the gender which decides. However, this remains to be tested. If you know someone who got an avatar from your pet, why not tell us which on they got?

Will you not answer this question? ~ macoronikevin
Yes. Uh oh. Paradox Attack!

You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas...

Hiya, jellyneo! Yeah, you said "An alternate ending to the HATIC plot resulted in Dr. Sloth zapping Hannah!" could you give me a link so I could see that? Thanks! 0:) ~ Gsmith_7427
Sadly, this has been lost to Sloth's wrath. I am sad I missed it also.


This was debated in the SB recently--whats the SB's gender!? ~ Kauaimon
I don't know, why don't you ask it?

If you're in the editorial do you get a joodle? Can it be used on neopets? ~ sugarstar222
No. No. But you can use Joodles to get random things from the Joodle Mart on the Forums

When will baby/Maraquan neopets be able to wear clothes? ~ Clovenhoof3
Probably not, because that would require a lot more work for TNT. If they were to fit clothes, TNT would have to make the have the same body as normal Neopets.

I am unique!

please please please please tell me you're going to have another contest soon i finally get permission from my mom to make an account and there's no contests after that have you discontinued the contests? ~ starry120968
I don't know, I went to ask Terry and he appears to be missing. Maybe you can help find him if he doesn't show up by July!*Hint Hint*

We might even have something this month. Watch our news.

Hi!!!! to all the jellyneo staff who is the : 1.most pretty 2.most inteligent 3.most handsome 4.most hardworking 5.most cute(girl) 6.most cute(boy) 7.youngest,,,,, who wants a girlriend? ~ keith_colin2793
Stephen. Stephen. Stephen. Stephen. Terry. Stephen. Not Stephen.

When do you think the AC is coming out again? If it comes out by the time the next editorial does, than, well, nevermind. ~ RooIslandFan
June 12th. Check Here for Jellyneo information regarding the Cup.

A question of the utmost importance: Do you like potatoes? ~ Bob the Potato Man