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Published: June 2, 2008

This issue is a very special issue. Why? Because this issue made Terry stay up until 3:00AM.... and wasted Terry's precious studying time! :(

If I enter a Key quest code and my brother enters a different code, can we use the codes on each others account? ~ jark007
No -- All KeyQuest and Rare Item Codes (with the exception of the Rare Item Code for the Grundo's Warehouse avatar, which is A384J 228P1) are one use only. Sorry!

In the 24 editorial news post, you guys made a reference to the show "24". Well, I'm a huge fan of the show and, since I don't find alot of other fans, how many of the staff are a fan? ~ pizzamanzootoo
Erm... *counts hands* Terry, Nynex and Zador appear to be the only fans. Nynex and Zador are partial fans though. :(

When people state the bonju avatar has "Died," does that mean it can't be gotton anymore? Also is there a maximum number of neopiont you can have in your bank acount or a max number of times you can deposit? ~ abucs
When people say that the Bonju avatar has "Died", it basically means that any hope of finding the solution (which I am sure exists, TNT ;) ) is lost.

There is no maximum Neopoint amount you can have in your bank account nor is there a maximum number of times you can deposit NP.

Hi Jellyneo! U rock! When will you put Neopets April fools joke for 2008 in the guides under the Neopets Site and TNT page? I missed it and really wanted to see what neobuddy looked like... *hands rock and hopes that you wont chuck it an innocent bystander...* ~ xx_twinkerbell_xx
That's been on my to-do list since April 2nd :P It'll be up by Monday, I PROMISE... (If it's not, well, you'll get something. And it'll be great.)

What exactly does the Bottle of Rainbow Fountain water do? My friend got one from underwater fishing and has no idea. ~ adamrmp
As said in the jnItemDB, the Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water paints your chosen Neopet a random colour. *nod* It's basically a Random Paintbrush with no trip to the Rainbow Pool necessary.

Hey! I was wondering...I've looked up pets where it says where its stats should be, "Not Yet Born!" (Minus the quotation marks, of course...)I know of two such examples, pet name and all. I haven't heard about that kind of stuff on Neopets. Is this some kinda scam or something? Should I report it? ~ kailua__16
The pets that are "Not Yet Born!" are pets that were not done being created. Basically, the owner has the pet but has not chosen the set of statistics they want for the pet.

I know this is likely a dumb question but...By the way I still love this site guys. Where the heck did our scratch tickets go and when will they be back? I miss the income they produce for me. ~ Wulfgarblade
Thanks for reminding us that we should switch up the question on our Editorial Question submission page. :P For those of you who don't know, all scratchcards were taken down for maintenance because... well, read the following from TNT. :P

Alright, so you took away the slots some weeks ago. Considering the raucous cheating that had been happening, this was fair. Now, however, you have also taken away our scratchcards and Bagatelle. May I (and every other slots player in Neopia) ask what the deal is? Are we ever getting any of these gambling games back, or are they too bad for Neopets' "children's website" image? Tell it to us straight, doctor... erm, I mean... TNT. ~sailor_nova1
Actually it's just an odd coincidence that the games that are down are gambling-type games. As you know slots came down for repairs due to cheating, and are now on the programming to-do list for getting fixed and put back up on the site. The scratchcards are being worked on for some programming reason, and as for Bagatelle... well, we've requested that the programmers look into that as well. Sorry we can't be more specific, but since not all of us are programmers ourselves, we really can't tell what's wrong with them (or, for that matter, count to high numbers without removing our socks). Don't worry, though -- we're not phasing out gambling-type games.

As for when they'll be back, we honestly don't know. (Hopefully not in a year :P) By the way, Bagatelle is still up... or is back up. I'm not sure. Black Pawkeet Slots are still down.

Why oh why on the vote for the next wearble aren't the AC stuff up there? I@d love for the beanie,pompoms and the rest to be wearable. TYRANNIA FOR THE CUP! ~ jazliegh
Interesting. *prods Dave* Why haven't you added the Altador Cup Souvenirs to the Next Wearable Vote? Also, *pokes TNT* make the past Altador Cup Souvenirs wearable! :P

House, I'm cold! :(

Could you do a guide on the do's and don'ts for side accounts. I want to know what's allowed and what's not allowed. It's very confusing :P ~ star8509
Here's a quick guide. (I'll try and get one up after I'm done with my finals.)

  • Can Dos:
    • Store Main Account NPs/Items/Neopets
    • Transfer Random Event Items from Side to Main
    • Have 4 Neopets
    • Chat on NeoBoards
    • Enter Beauty Contest
    • Collect Free 150NC
  • Can NOT:
    • Collect Bank Interest
    • Collect Dailies
    • Play Games
    • Vote in Contests
    • Purchase Hidden Tower Items (Bypassing 1 Item Per Day Limit)
    • Be used to inflate Auction prices
    • Bypass Restock Bans

That should be it. :P

I really think Dave should like, start some interpretive (sp?) dance or something. It could keep us followers of JellyNeo entertained. :) ~ bananafaerie99
I think the real question is whether or not he can dance. ;) It would be interesting if he uploaded a video of him doing the chicken dance. Very interesting.

*insert some stupid cookie-related phrase here* First off, I still haven't gotten my account back. It had a space in it. Second, do you need a striped flotsam, a split buzz, or a tyrannian meerca for any purposes? Do you still do this at all?? ~ D10stefy777
I will take that cookie and raise it a scone. First, if you still are having trouble access your jnAccount, please Contact Us! Second, I guess you could get the Flotsam - Tough avatar if your Flotsam has a strength over 55... That's really it. Um... I guess you could dress them up and treat them kinda like Barbies or something. *shrugs* And yes, we still do the Editorial. It's always Terry's fault if it's not on time. :P

Hi JN peoples!! I was wondering...I'm kinda a dummy. I bought a Faerie Portrait because I thought it'd look good in my Neohome. It doesn't go in a Neohome. *pout* It says in the drop-down box "Use on -insert pet name here-" I don't exactly wanna mutate my Zafara, so...what does it do? ~ sorinapha_kahdra
It does... absolutely nothing. :P Well, I guess it does do something... It takes up space in your SDB. That's one less space you have to worry about for the Packrat Avatar!

I have a question about history (no I don't want to hear about ben franklin's inventions or the cherry tree) How did you guys at jellyneo start out? ~ Critiqe
We can answer this question in two ways:
1) Check out our History page :P
2) Read the following. D:

Dave, you know by reading the jnHistory page. Stephen was originally a Graphics Designer and currently is working on backend stuff, and I was originally a Content Writer who is still writing content even though I stink at it. :P

We've been together for a VERY long time!

When is the Altador Cup supposed to start this year? I want to know so I can start supporting my team right away! ~ sassymonkey716
The Altador Cup typically comes out early June... so sometime this week would be a good prediction. (Perhaps even as early as Monday!)

*sigh* Time for me to go to work. Again. :/