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Issue ... Oh Dear.
Published: May 25, 2008

Oh dear, what's the number of this issue? *searches* Oh, yes, it's Issue 29!

A note about the first few questions -- We did those about a month ago before Terry and Dave were bombarded with work and jnProjects. So... just enjoy reading them and know that you're not learning anything new from them. :) (And here's a cookie for your trouble. *cookie*)

If you have an JN Editorial, why don't you have a JN newspaper? ~ tamagotchi_trixy
Because that would be far too much work. :P And we have some cooler things we'd like to do this summer. (Like sprucing up the forums, fixing up and adding things to the Custom Dailies section, and totally redoing the portal. ;D)

I have this friend (really, she's a friend and not me) and She's been suspended a few times. My question is: How many times can you get suspended before you're frozen? ~ Angel_30382
I don't believe there is a set limit for suspensions... but generally, with each successive suspension, you have a greater chance of being frozen! (Tell your friend to stop breaking the rules!)

OH MY DR. SLOTH! As (sorta) expected, the pound did NOT re-open at 12:00:00am NST on monday. Do you think TNT did it on purpose to make us more anxious for it's return? ~ angel_30382
No, as mentioned by a staffer on the boards (and in the news), the pound release was delayed due to the strain it caused on the site since everyone was running to the pound to adopt the nice pets! And I'm not sure where you got a midnight release time for the pound... all updates are generally done from 2-5 PM NST. It would have been foolish for the pound to be automatically released at midnight... the site would have been down until TNT got to work about 7 or 8 hours later. :P

Why's Dr. Sloth *using* your June 2005 news archive? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
We occasionally allow Dr. Sloth to temporarily borrow some months from our news archives. He enjoys studying the news of the day and seeing if he can benefit from anything. (Really, though, it just means we don't have an archive for that month. We lost some of the news from 2005 during something or another. I forget. It was 3 years ago. :P)

What does gup mean? I heard it used on the board today. ~ matchu
GUP (n) See Green Uni Project
Green Uni Project (n) A group of people who believe that people should not be able to adopt painted pets from the pound -- people who want painted pets should work for them instead of "stumbling" upon them for a couple NP in the pound. They achieve this mission by adopting painted pets, and using the relatively cheap Green Uni Morphing Potion on the pet.

I can only assume you've already gotten tons of questions about the pound. Maybe. If not, here's one. I know that if you abandon a Lutari, it disappears. But what happens if you transfer it? Is that allowed? ~ p00kums
You are not allowed to transfer a Lutari. If a Lutari is transferred, you will be stopped. (And you get the following message!)

Error Message - Transferring Lutari

Lutari Neopets do not like being transferred.

So no, it's not allowed. Lutari pets are locked into your account unless you want to pound it, in which case, your Lutari would "run away" and disappear from Neopia. (This is because Lutari are supposed to be exclusive to Neopets Mobile users.)

If ur doing the free-trial period of neo prenium, can u get the free space faerie hovering NC Mall thing? ~ neocoladude
The free Floating Space Faerie Doll from the NC Mall was only available for free to premium members up until about mid February. Even if you sign up now for premium, you can no longer get the doll for free. Sorry. :(

Hey JN you recently said "Just so all of you know, chain messages DO NOT WORK. No, you will not get 10,000,000 Neopoints. No, you will not get free KeyQuest tokens." just to alert neopians about chain messages, but. I was wondering. Would you get 10,000,023 np? :o ~ Jamesanderson888
... No. :P (Oh, and shortest answer ever.)

Hey, Umm... I'm an Idiot, And i Accidently turned one of my two Lupes Luperloo into a Uni. Where/ When Can i get a Lupe Morphing Potion From the Magic store??? ~ Dude9271
You can get a Lupe Morphing Potion from the Magic Shop when the Restock Gods decide to stock one and when your account is over 3 months old. Alternatively, you can purchase a Lupe Transmogrification Potion and a paintbrush, in case the Morphing Potion thing is too expensive!

Which team is JN going to support for AC III? ~ leonardodavinci276
Jellyneo's Official Team for Altador Cup III is... *drumroll* FAERIELAND! We believe that we should help the underdogs by supporting them. Hopefully we can help them pull out of the bottom and propel them up to #1! (Note that this answer is completely not serious, and that we still haven't chosen an official team to support. :P)

Let's go Faerieland, let's go!

Hey!! I was just curious to know if there was a reason why some of the links in the portal open a new window whereas others just take you directly to the page? Are we supposed to take those as a hint..."Get off my website, you insolent fools!"? ~ _ice__baby_
We definitely aren't trying to send that sort of message. :P

Most likes open in a new window since they are generally links to outside websites, and believe it or not, it's more likely for you to stay on JN with those sorts of links, because when you exit out of the other window... LOOK! there's JN right underneath, waiting in your old window. :P *shrugs* It sounds like a good reason anyway. *waits impatiently for the portal makeover*

I asked Neopets Editorial about this a few minutes ago but I'm sure they won't answer the question so I'm going to ask you! Ok here it goes: My husband has been around for 71 months and I've been around for 33 months, I looked over at his screen and noticed he had a star in the NC Mall, it took him to the Elite Boutique and when he puts the cursor over it it says he's a Neopets Experienced Player. How come I can't see the Elite Boutique?! Thanks in advance if you can help me with this!! ~ AgateShadow
Only users who have been playing for 48 months (4 years) or more are eligible to view the Elite Boutique. So, you have about 15 more months to go!

I'm only for the Neopet vets!

Do you guys still have the original Altador Cup coverage? ~ macoronikevin
Unfortunately, we started doing Altador Cup Coverage during Altador Cup II (or 2007). And before all of you ask, yes, we are doing Altador Cup III (or 2008) coverage. Stay tuned! :P

Better start practicing!

Ok(hands you a cookie, doesn't through but hands), so I saw a Zombie Paint brush in someones gallery and I was wondering, when did they come out and what do pets painted with them look like? Yes I am a little behind considering I just found out that the was a Zombie Paint brush. :-) Thanks Jellyneo!!! ~ caseyh99
Zombie Paintbrushes came out on October 25, 2007 and looked pretty nice. :D You can check out more Zombie Pets at our Pet Directory or our Rainbow Pool!

Hey JTNT ! My question is, if a neopets account gets frozen due to lack of use, can that user do ANYTHING to regain that account, or enter it, give away his pets, and then self-freeze? Thanks! ~ charumati
You can try sending in an Account Access Form to regain access to your account. (This may not work because I have seen people not be able to get their accounts back because they were frozen for too long.) It's worth a try though!

Dear Jellyneo staff, I have one doubt: I just painted my Aisha Baby, but when I tried to put a Fairy Bubble Necklace on her, absolutely NOTHING did fit her, except for trinklets and backgrounds. Back on editorial #28, I saw that question about the Maraquan pets not wearing clothes. Do the Baby pets have the very same issue of object layering? If so, it's quite unfair when it comes to the accessories. (And sorry if I sent it twice... ^^') ~ himiko_uechiha
Yes, you are correct -- Baby pets also have the same issue with Wearables! Basically anything that has to actually be on the pet (clothes, jewelry, etc) can't be worn by Baby Neopets. Like you said, Trinkets (all that flying, hanging lights stuff) and Backgrounds are not affected. *nod* (Mutant colored pets and the fruit chias also have this issue.)

I tried to sign in, but when I do, I return to the homepage & I'm not logged in anymore. & yes. I did check to make sure it's the real deal login page. But why am I not getting logged in? & JN, YOU'RE THE BEST!!! (throws Jelly & doughnuts to the JN team) ~ angel_the_echidna
Are you using Firefox? If you are, then you might want to see if you blocked cookies from Neopets. (Tools > Options > Privacy Tab > Cookies Section > Exceptions > Search for neopets)

If neopets comes up as Blocked, then delete the entry and go back to Neopets. When the popup comes up asking you if you wish to allow Neopets Cookies, hit "Allow".

How do I find the JN premium upgrade page? I want to be premium on JN. ~ starry120968
Unfortunately, jnPremium was our April Fools Joke. :P So as much as you want jnPremium to exist, it will most likely never exist. Sorry! (But you can take a peek at all of its cool perks here!)

Right now. :) We are totally sorry for the delay/hiatus thing, but that's because we were working on a pretty time-consuming project... and both Dave and Terry have finals coming up in a week or so. :P

Must... study... Altador Cup Rules!

hey jellyneo,i was wondering..can the wishing well grant nermkids and paintbrushes? :P ~ eyrie_19_
Why yes, the Wishing Well CAN grant Nerkmids and Paintbrushes (as well as Nerkmid Cookies and Plushie Paintbrushes/Paintbrush TCGs). :P You have to be pretty lucky to get them though!

Hi! I was aimlessly looking at the New Rainbow Pool at the Faerie Xweetoks, because they're my favorite painted pet. I noticed something strange: some of the Xweetoks are in their flying position, and some are in their sitting positions! I just thought this might be a mistake at first, but then I saw that both types were customised. Still, I checked the pet out on Neopets, and there it was, in its old flying position. What's going on? Thanks! ~ Tigerstripe172
The old pose Neopets (Flying) only have on Backgrounds and Trinkets because they don't affect the Neopet. (Old Pose Neopets can't wear clothes.) The new pose Neopets (Sitting) are all wearing clothes and fun stuff. :P The Faerie Xweetok was most likely one of those pets that allowed you to choose between old pose and new pose. :)

Yay, we're the same pet but we look different!

I've seen many Glass painbrushes, but no Neopet names under the Rainbow Pool hat can be painted Glass. What Neopets CAN be painted Glass? ~ kayemel
No Neopets can be painted Glass :(

Useless Fact: The Glass Paintbrush was replaced by the Tyrannian Paintbrush! (So now the Glass Paintbrush is a collector's item!)