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The Super Fantastic Happy Fun Flying Super Attack jnEditorial Issue 28
Published: April 26, 2008

Another issue of the jnEditorial, another weekend. (Or two.) Oh, Sloth wants me to tell you this -- "My body is walking in space... "

HI, for the Defender of Neopia missions, what if the opponent is not in your opponent's list in the battledome? Then how do you find them? ~ yxh
If the opponent you are trying to fight is not in your Opponents List, you should head over to our DoN 1 or DoN 2 pages. When you are there, click on the challenger you wish to fight. You will then be brought to a page with the trophy given, the avatar (if applicable) and the comic, as well as the location of the challenger. Just follow the instructions on the character page to get it! :)

Do I really need neohome insurance?! Also, Sloth or Space Faerie? ~ Meep
You should ALWAYS get NeoHome insurance. What will happen if the Ghost Lupe comes and eats your home? How will you rebuild? (No, it's not necessary. However, that might change with the revamp of NeoHomes. You never know what TNT will do!) Oh, and Space Faerie.

A few editorials ago, someone asked a question about whether you can have more than two people doing a series, and you weren't sure. The answer is yes, you can. Check out the Neopian Times Appreciation Guild's round series story, Fates Entwined, for an example. And, on that note: could you possibly add a search feature to your editorials? It's annoying to go through all twenty-five issues to find one question. ^^ Thanks for all the work you guys put into the site. ~ neoem104
Well, I guess this isn't really a question. NEXT! (And yes, we shall try to add a search function.)

Here's an ugly plushie for your wisdom!

Hey JN! I was wondering, Maraquan pets aren't supposed to be wearing clothes right?, because I saw a few Maraquan Myncis wearing clothes. Are there any other Maraquan Pets that can wear clothes? ~ _captainfalco_77
Ah, the Maraquan Mynci. The only reason why Maraquan Myncis can wear clothes is because their body structure is not any different from a Mynci of... a Royalboy Mynci. Other pets however, such as a Maraquan Shoyru, have a totally different body structure from what the standard structure is, which is why a Maraquan Shoyru can not wear clothes. D:

Now you see? Good. :P

in the march 3rd question you said 2004 reared it's ugly head. why would you say that about the year JN was incarnated and Kass rose to power? LORD KASS RULES, SLOTH SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ _jj_jj_
This question has been purged from our database for defaming our Lord, Dr. Sloth.

Ohh... oops.

Hey JN staff peoples! *high fives everyone* On the Altador Cup theme at the bottom of the page near the search bar their is a jelly Kougra lying on the ground with Yooyu ball gear on. Do you think that the Kougra is from Jelly World? ~ wildxpup609
Err, no, because Jelly World doesn't exist. At least we don't think it does. We can never keep our story straight. :(

For example, I have a Mutant Draik that I got from a Transmogrification Potion and I decided to paint it with an another color, will my pet still be a Draik or will it be back to what it was originally? ~ kuradoberiaishishoo
If you get a pet from a Transmogrification Potion and paint it, only your pet's colour will change, not your pet's species. o_O (So it will remain a Draik! :D)

The link in your last article for neoschools is a broken link and I was wondering if there is any other way for us to get to the neoschool? Thanks...Go Jellnyneo!!!! ~ Caseyh99
Dave is a poopiedoop for not checking his links. (Or it was up and then TNT took it down.) You can take a look at the classes that were going to be held here!

You need to learn your Potion Brewing Basics in order to make NP!

What is the kiko on the submit a question page keep writing about? It obviously isn't about tree conservation, since he's wasting a lot of paper? ~ eeorer9
It's probably writing some news for Nynex and Mike to post and for others to copy off. You know, like in school, where one person does all the work and everyone gets an A, making an A worthless. (Hopefully it's some NeoHomes 2.0 news... :P)

Are there any catches on the free 150 NC? ~ Angel_the_echidna
No, there are no catches to the free 150NC. But if I were you, I'd hold onto it... You never know what fun and interesting items will pop up! (Perhaps a 150NC "Everything In The NCMall Superpack"? :P)

Hey! I was just wondering, do you look at every single Editorial question sent in? Or do you have a robot that justs sort them into piles, Junk, Junky, and Junkier, and look in the Junk pile? ~ jimmiejump
Well, we first run them through our nifty HumanBot, DaveTerry. Then we run the questions through our fun little robot named EditorialBot. Say hi! :) (I usually go through each question submitted and answer those that I feel are useful to the general public. Some questions/issues, such as jnAccount access problems, should be sent to Dave. Other questions/issues on things such as the jnForums should be sent over to Terry (aka me).

I am EditorialBot. I wasted 20 minutes of Terry's time.

Alright, so I've been buying and selling hard to sells, morphing potions, and paint brushes for some time now. What I haven't ever fully understood was what the rarity index stands for. Is a rarity of 99 mean it's more rare than a r96? Please help! ~ foreverxscarlet
Essentially, the rarity of an item dictates how often it will restock in an official Neopian shop. So, a r100 item will stock much much much less frequently than a r75 item. However, once you get to r101 and above, "rarity" should be taken loosely. All of the cheap omelettes, for example, have higher rarities than the r101 Super Attack Pea... yet the omelettes are worth under 20 neopoints, and the Attack Pea is millions upon millions of neopoints!

So, I guess if you were looking for some advice about buying certain rarity items... always look at the price of the item first. Rarity can have some influence over the price, but at other times, it can mean nothing.

About a week ago, I fed my Acara some Carrot Fizz Achyfi. Suddenly a message popped out. It said, 'What? Were you expecting an avatar? Achyfi is YUCK!' What's this? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
Hehehe, I see you have stumbled upon the non-solution for the Achyfi avatar! It's something TNT wrote to tease you about having the wrong solution for the avatar. :P (For those of you who don't have the Achyfi avatar, feed any item with the words "drink" or "juice" to your pet. Feel free to check our itemDB for the items!)

HI JN! You guys are great! Is there a legal cheat for Dungeon Dash? I'm trying to get on the high score board, and then receive a trophy, so if there is, that would really help a LOT. Thanks a bunch! ~ 88_kirara_88
As far as we know, there are no "cheats" for Dungeon Dash. (This is because many beat Roothless during the Daily Dare with 5000 points, the highest score one can get in the game.) I have not heard of anybody using a "cheat" to get a higher score. (Trust me, with the amount of mail we receive, we are bound to hear of these things. :P)

Is the NC giveaway the same as any other (you can't collect it on your side) or is it special due to it's giving you the ability to shop at the NC Mall? Just curious. :) ~ petvet_2005
You are allowed to collect NeoCash on your side account. However, you are NOT allowed to create side accounts only for the purpose of gaining NeoCash.

Thanks for the free NC cash, TNT. That was great and nice. Also, are we allowed to collect the free NC cash on our side account? ~sweetminny22
Yes, it's okay for you to redeem the free Neocash offer on your existing side accounts. Do not, however, go creating multiple new accounts for the purpose of collecting bundles of NC (because, make no mistake, you will get caught).

Is it ok to collect the free 150 NC on my side account?
Yes, you may collect the free 150 NC on your side accounts.

Why's the pound down? I'm so eager to adopt a Neopet (Hopefully a Poogle. :)) ! ~ pikapika_2_2_2
The pound is being redone -- You should expect it to come back up soon though! (TNT is currently beta testing it in-house. A source tells me that someone is trying to get it Beta Tested by Premium users before release.) Good luck trying to grab a Poogle! :)

EDIT: Well, the Pound is coming out on Monday. :)