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Issue 2Six
Published: April 5, 2008

We're mixing it up a bit! (Well, not really. Hopefully I confused you with my totally confusing title. If I didn't, read it again. And again. Repeat as necessary.)

Okay, I have a question, well actully a few.

  1. Is there a limit to how many accounts you can have on Jellyneo?
  2. I'm confused. I have a JN forums account, but I cant access the actual site. Does that mean I have to have Two Jellyneo Accounts?
You see, I want to create an actual JN site account without getting in trouble. ~ Melchihuahuagirl
We'll answer number 2 first...

2) Durp. This should be in a FAQ. You need to have two accounts; one jnAccount and one forum account. This is because the two are not connected. Yes, it's one more password you will have to remember. But think about it this way: We could have you sign up a new account per new feature we release. That wouldn't be fun, now would it? :P
1) You may only have one forum account, but there are no limitations on jnAccounts right now. We do ask, however, that you try to stick to one, as any limits we have in place are there for a reason. :)

Hey! I just want to know if there is a page that shows us last year daily dare prize? ~ crash_duty
Why, yes, yes there is. Click here to view the 2007 Daily Dare Prize/Game Archive! (And yes, we added the top links in the guide on Sunday about two weeks ago. :P)

What does it mean when it says ' Due to massive demand on the Neopian Shops, you can only try and purchase one item every five seconds.' ? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
Perfect question. That's a question that our new Restocking Guide answers. However, I shall grant you the answer to this question as you have given us the opportunity to plug one of our guides. :P Basically, the shops lock you out for five seconds after you have bought an item to give everyone a chance to buy something... or nothing at all. *nod*

You'll be mine someday! *shakes fist at five second rule*

Less a question and more a comment... The Lab Ray zapped one of my pets into a Lutari, so I can confirm that it's possible. ~ LadyWyntre
BAH! This is an answer disguised as a question! In the olden days, you would have been poked until you were tired if you did that. Nowadays, we just say thanks. So... thanks!

Just a little recap for those who missed Issue 25 of the jnEditorial (SHAME ON YOU! :P)

Hiya JN people! I have one quick question: Can the lab ray zap your pet into a Lutari? My friend wants a Lutari, but alas, is to lazy to ask himself. ~ evilvoodoodoll911
Honestly, we've never heard of any type of species restrictions on the Lab Ray. However, be forewarned that there's definitely a lower chance of getting a Limited Edition pet as opposed to a normal pet.

That's the Stick of Prodding. Or Poking. Choose your Present Active Participle or whatever it is.

OK, so, you managed to get me to read the whole editorial because you said you had pound info in there. That was mean. D:. Oh well, I read the whole editorial anyway, but JN, NO MORE LIES. ;_; ~ swmmrdevil74
But we did have Pound Info! It might have been a 24 word parenthetical, but it was there. :P See, we'd never lie to you. But we have gotten word that the pound will be up on April 31st. :)

Just kidding. :P But we do know of a programmer that is working on it!

I recently got an Illusen quest and she asked for a "Pirate's Chest". I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. Is there an explanation? ~ ryanrocks31
Yup. It's because it's a R99 item. You see, R99 items fall into the following three categories: Dirt Cheap (e.g. Lab Map Pieces); Okay-Cheap (e.g. Any TP-Buyable R99); and Non-Existent (e.g. Your Pirates Chest). They were probably sitting in some user's gallery and probably weren't up for sale when you needed it for an I-Quest. :/ You know, most likely because it's R99 and quite rare. (As rarity goes up, quantity usually goes down, and vice-versa.) Sorry for bad I-Quest!

Where do I get the Quiguki color? You can't obtain it from the lab ray and there's no such thing as the Quiguki Paint Brush! ~ pikapika_2_2_2
You can only get the Quiguki colour by painting a Quiggle with the Usuki Paint Brush! D: It's really that simple. Yet ever confusing. :P

I'm really a Fyora Usuki Quiggle in disguise.

So I asked this in the NT Editorial but never got an answer so I figured I'd give it a shot here. Seeing as I recently went out and purchased a few of the new plushies, I already redeemed their codes and have gotten my KeyQuest tokens and items from them. But, after this I began to wonder what would happen to them if, say my account were ever to be frozen. Would we still be able to "reredeem" the codes and play KeyQuest when it is released or would it be just a complete and total waste of money? I'd really appreciate it if you would answer my question. Thanks! ~ gatedne
Hmm. This is an interesting question. (Honestly.) I would have to say that your tokens would be locked in your account if your account was frozen. (I'm guessing that this is something like a situation where members with Premium/NC Mall/RIC Items get frozen.) Of course, if you don't do anything that's against TNT's ToC, you won't get frozen. :P

Before beginning experiments on my pets, I'd like to know whether it is possible to change one's pet colour with a paint brush after it has been morphed with a potion ? And after it has been transmogrified ? Thanks forward for your reply :) ~ 2flaurence
After you morph a pet with a potion -- be it a regular Morphing Potion or a mean Transmogrification Potion -- you can paint your pet any colour. (Of course, the colour has to be released for your pet in order for it to be painted. Oh, and you also have to have the paint brush. o_o)

I was looking through your plot coverage pages...whatever happened to the coverage for my favoritest plot ever, the Tale of Woe? Oh, and who on the JN team got the highest plot points for this plot? ~ _hplvr12345_
Well, I guess this question is now outdated since Dave put the link back up or something. But just so you know, it's right here.:P

The person with the most plot points... I'm guessing it's Illy, with 67,325 Plot Points. :P I'm too lazy to look up the other staff, but I should be right. Staff, bug me if I'm wrong. :D

Illy can buy 13,465 Leftover Scrap Metals!

How do you guys still post the answers to the Daily Puzzle if it's no longer on the Neopets home page? ~ p00kums
We... don't? :P In fact, we haven't updated our Daily Puzzle page since the 17th!

Hey TJNT! Well, my question is, at the bottom of many game guides in jellyneo, (the ones in which we 'see' TPOSG) I see "Easter egg! ...". What does "easter egg" mean? ~ charumati

easter egg (n) - (computing) An undocumented function hidden in a program, typically triggered by a particular sequence or combination of keystrokes, such as one that displays a list of the program's developers.
... Yup. Just read the definition above. If you don't get it, it's a secret hidden feature that a programmer hides in an application. Kind of like hidden Easter Eggs that the Easter Bunny hides! :P (Oh, thanks to Wiktionary for the definition. I'm too good for Webster.)

No, "easter egg" is not referring to me.

It's now March 25th... When is the new issue of the Editorial supposed to come out? The last one was almost a month ago! ~ tyeacup
It's supposed to come out today! :P We have many excuses.

5. I'm sick. Again. xD
4. Both Dave and I are were on Spring Break -- Meaning that we are were both busy (on vacation. :P)
3. I have been very lazy.
2. Insert some other reason as filler
1. I'm working on a new feature. :)

Yup, a new feature. There are actually a few in the works. Unfortunately, we are sworn to secrecy. :( Sorry!

Can you use Font programed with Html on the Jelly neo EdToRiAl? If this gets in it's my first time! ~ siyanadolly
I guess so, yeah. o_o What? This is too boring for you? Well BAH TO YOU!

How many people make up JN? ~ chocolate9987650
Let's see... We have 3 Admins, 3 News Posters, 2 Moderators, 12 Content Writers, 5 Graphics Designers, 1 Pet Directory Manager, 9 Item Adders, and the Lurking Shadow behi... GWAHH!

You shall never know how many people there really are! MUAHAHAHA

When r u going to have another editorial? ~ neocoladude
Now? :D We apologize for the delay -- It was, after all, Spring Break! I've been working on a new jnFeature and Dave has been busy lately. So yeah. :)

You can put the sword down. The issue's released!

I saw in your 25th editorial that you posted in russian. I was amazed, partly because I'm russian. :D Keep up the good work, by the way! ~ kougrakittyqueen
That was all Dave. He has a Sputnik T-Shirt. He wears it 24/7.* Oh, and thanks!

* - May not be accurate information.

*whacks Terry* It's Спутник!