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Twenty Fifth Issue
Published: February 29, 2008

We're a quarter of the way to our 100th Issue! Huzzah! (That should take us a year and a half to reach. Darnit.) Oh well... Just enjoy the editorial. :) This landmark edition of the editorial also comes on the first leap year in four whole years!!!

Hi TJNT, I have a rqndom question:Is there a difference between and Just wondering.:D ~ belinda_xian
Nope, no difference at all, apart from the fact that one URL contains the "www" subdomain and the other doesn't. The reasoning behind it is quite complicated and Dave doesn't really understand it, or else there would have been a nicer explanation here. :P

What things lower your pets happiness? It seems to me that my active pet is always more unhappy than the others and it's really annoying to see something like "miserable" on my screen everytime I go to Neopets. ~ angewo
Time and gross foods. As time goes by, your pet's mood decreases, as do ours on occasion. Your pet's mood will also be dampened if you feed it some repulsive gross food, just like we have a mood swing after finding out that last bite of food was really frog legs.

There are plenty of ways of raising your pet's happiness, though. Take it on a Merry-Go-Round ride on Roo Island, or give it a toy to play with. ;)

I was reading your random facts on jellyneo and I saw the you could chat with people while you restocked. So my question is why did they take it away? Also was it like a board or was it a form of Im? ~ elementmasterofall
It was like an IM on the shop pages. As for why they took it away... picture the Neoboards today, and their "condition". Now, picture them 10x worse since it was several years ago. And now you know why. ;)

Is there a gizmo where we can see what wearables look like on a certain coloured pet species?? ~ macmyfamily
Not really a gizmo per se, but a bunch of the Wearables in our Item Database already have the option of seeing what it looks like on a certain pet! Take for instance the Wellington Boots. If you visit that item's info page, you'll see the Wearable box. Simply hover a Neopet's head, and you'll see what it looks like in the box to the right. There's also the expanded view just in case your computer doesn't support Javascript.

I love my new Wellington Boots!

Do you know how TNT sends out all of these neomails so fast? I mean... they send them for auctions, warnings, spotlight entries, etc. Do you know how many (possibly) they send out everyday? Thanks! I sorta imagined the neopets team going crazy trying to send these mails to neopians and stuffs... xDDD (If I get in this one, I'll be here for the 3rd time!) Hi to my guild! :P ~ kellyroxmysox_
Actually, Cronjobbia the Air Faerie sees to making sure that all seemingly "automated" tasks are completed on Neopets. Your auction win notices, Trading Post bid events, World Challenge winnings, and the like are all overseen by the powerful faerie. However, other things you mentioned such as Warnings and Spotlight rejects/accepts are all done by TNT staff members. ;)

Yes, it's all thanks to me.

Hiya JN people! I have one quick question: Can the lab ray zap your pet into a Lutari? My friend wants a Lutari, but alas, is to lazy to ask himself. ~ evilvoodoodoll911
Honestly, we've never heard of any type of species restrictions on the Lab Ray. However, be forewarned that there's definitely a lower chance of getting a Limited Edition pet as opposed to a normal pet.

I'm trying to paint my chia a really spiffy fruit color. I know Chia Pops can get them those colors. But I'm not sure which chia pops will make them turn colors and which ones are just normal food. Could you make a list, please? ~ blairelevensevens
All of the Chia Pops that turn your pet something are rarity 99 and can be found in the "Snow Foods" category. ;) However, there is one r99 Chia Pop that doesn't do anything, and that is the Tartan Chia Pop. There's no Tartan color. :(

Ohhh! Magical!

"It's not like we could just decide one day to switch to Subeta and chuck our Neopets content! :P (Well, we could, but that's been reserved for next year's April Fool's.)" Why'd you spoil the secret? ~ seelie
Oh shoot. Now April Fool's Day will be ruined for this year. :(

Okay, let's say, hypiphetically, I couldn't get my snowy (I wuf snowy =3) hat off of my pet. It doesn't show up in the applied zone, and it's not on my pet. It shows up on the customizing page, but I can't put it on another pet because it's on the first one! *breathes* So, hypiphetically, what do I do?? ~ pretty_sparkles
Quick! Bring in the jaws of life! We'll need to pry that sucker off!!!

Actually, we're not trained paramedics, so that may not be such a good idea. The best solution would be to email TNT through their bug system so that the appropriate people can fix your issue.

Why do some items when placed in my neohome show up only as a gold stamp, and can these be changed back to look like the items I purchased with my neopoints? ~ grannyxoxo
These are items are broken, and take some nudging of TNT to get fixed. Basically, they released the item, but never uploaded the actual image of what it looks like in your Neohome. They cannot be fixed until TNT fixes them themselves.

Some good news is that we've gotten reports that a select few have been fixed as of writing. Some other interesting news is that Neohomes is set to get a complete overhaul with Neohomes 2.0. While we have no idea when this change will be taking place, we can confirm that the change is in progress. :)

Please update our art! Kthxbye!

Hey TJNT, I have a quick question about, well, the Editorial. If we ask TNT an important question and it doesn't get answered (due, of course, to them being too busy), should we ask the question again? Or does it remain in a database of unanswered questions? ~ TheInfinityZero
Once you submit your question, TNT tries their best to look through as many questions as they can. Usually, if something is not answered in the editorial, it is either: a) put on hold for another issue, or b) sent off to the appropriate department to be looked at. So, just because something isn't published, doesn't mean TNT never acts on it! ;) (Though if you have some sort of bug/glitch, it's much better if you report it through the FAQ system they have set up so that the right staffers will see it.)

Are you -ever- going to open up programming staff positions at JellyNeo? I've been waiting for you to for.. months :/ ~ foutre
Most likely never. :P

"Never say never!" you say? Well, we'll see once I move off to college this September.

Do you (Terry, Dave, other jnStaff) have your pets in the directory? ~ 111kyttibaby
Nope, none of my pets are in the directory. :P I'm pretty sure that Terry's aren't in their either. As for other staffers, I'm not really sure.

Hey! I have just reactivated my wish list but I noticed something, it said: Your Wishlists were last activated on: December 31, 1969, at 04:00 pm (your Wishlists will be nominated for deletion around April 3, 1970, at 04:00 pm Oh my, I wasn't even born then. Why the years are so off? ~ aikosenoo007
What? You mean the time warp machine didn't work? We're not in the 70's!?!? *takes off mood ring, and sets aside pet rock*

Funny thing, actually. Of course, Dave coded that new feature, and of course he didn't think it'd be a problem with everyone seeing 1969. I mean, who doesn't know about the Unix epoch nowadays? Basically, everyone was set to "0" for their last activation time. In programming speak, a 0 timestamp refers to the Unix epoch, or December 31, 1969. So, if you ever see that date anywhere on the Internet where another date should be, you now know that it's a simple glitch.

Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1969...

Juppieswirl?? I was looking in the petposer ands I ran across juppieswirl what in Neopia is that? ~ Redmaniac
It's a color of course! Actually, an unreleased color for chias. It's mega old. Like before even Dave began playing Neopets. :P

Oh my! TNT seems to have deleted me off of the server! I'd like to thank Neocolours for saving me!

I am wondering if your side account can fight in the battledome as well for the plot. The battledome is free and technically you aren't gaining anything, but you still are participating in a plot. So would or could I still get frozen? ~ sharpedo98
You will most likely get frozen, as even though it's the battledome, you are gaining NP/items in the end since you will receive some sort of plot prizes.

Is Unis Clothing the only place to buy clothes for our Neopets? (Aside from the NC Mall) I thought for some reason that there was some store that just sold backgrounds... is there? *wishes there was, since she can't purchase from the NC Mall* Thanks guys! *Ooops, I think I just snuck in 2 questions... tee-hee!* ~ music_dreamer
You're thinking of Mystical Surroundings, the background store. As for other wearables, check out our Item Database and select "Wearable" from the special category drop down menu. It'll give you a complete list of wearables, along with where you can buy them.

I'm so lost, I can't even find my own shop, either!

If you have a royal boy grundo and the lab ray changes it's gender, do you still have the royal boy clothes? ~ Skytonk
Yep. Once you get the clothes from a paint brush, they're yours forever. This may seem like a bad thing for the PB industry, but what some people don't really grasp is that a lot more users are buying PBs and simply painting their pets for the clothes, and then use another paint brush to get a "mixed" pet, so to speak. (For some cool mixed pet ideas, check out Coltzan III's petpage.)

Look at me! I'm a Dari-pira-ween Gelert!

I am confused, what is ETS or HTS? ~ serrihya
ETS = Easy to Sell
HTS = Hard to Sell

Usually, an item is considered "ETS" when there's a large number of people who want to buy the item, aka, it won't take long to sell. "HTS" items on the other hand may take ages to sell, because virtually no one wants it, and there's a very small market for it. (A lot of HTS items are TCG cards.)

Sí, yo hablo un poco español, pero no mucho, jaja. Está divertido, porque puedo usar el subjuntivo en las situaciones difíciles, pero no puedo usar los demonstrativos y posesivos simples. :P ¡Adiós! ~ Dave This means what? ~ Lilraveshaw
Yes, I speak a little Spanish, but not much, haha. It's funny because I can use the subjunctive mood in difficult grammar situations, but I can't grasp the concept of simple demonstratives or possessives! :P Bye!

I thought that you couldn't get morphing potions on quests! Last month, I did an Illusen's quest and she gave me a snow blumaroo quest for her. I neomailed the person's who trade I bid on about if they were on could they please accept my offer because it was a quest and I had like, ten minutes left. They neomailed me back and said that quests didn't give morphing potion quests. Was it a glitch I recieved this quest? ~ snowballfantom_008
Item type doesn't matter for your Illusen/Jhudora quests, it all depends on rarity. A lot of morphing potions are rarity 99, and Illusen and Jhudora both ask for r99 items, so it's not impossible for you to receive said quest.

Quick! Go off and get me a... ummm... a Super Attack Pea! *fails quest*

I checked the Rainbow Pool but still the Grundo, Aisha and Zafara isn't there. The news said that they can be painted Jelly. Why? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
You're using an extremely out of date Rainbow Pool. ;) TNT doesn't update theirs anymore because it is still on the old system. It's still something that they need to redo and integrate it into customisation. If you'd like something more up-to-date, check out our New Rainbow Pool. (And for those wondering, we've gotten word that TNT is indeed working on the pound. Don't ask us an ETA for its finish, though!)

When is the Daily Dare starting again? I don't have flash software so I can't view the message on the 'Coming soon' thingy page either. So I was just wondering. Thanks. JN is always a big help! ~ shezzalicious
The flash message doesn't say, but more than likely, the Daily Dare will be in April. We previously thought March (like the last one), but tomorrow is the 1st of March, and TNT hasn't said a word about it in the news, which would be weird for them to totally skip over.

Who knows? Perhaps we've all just been hoodwinked and we'll be proven way wrong tomorrow.

I read a question about you guys speaking spanish, so... Tu parles français? ~ lunasword
Нет, но я говорю по-русски. A little bit, anyways. :P I believe Illusioniste speaks some French, Chinese (and Russian, too!), and Zador knows Finnish. Henri knows French as well, and Ruby and Terry can speak various Chinese dialects (if I recall, Mandarin and Cantonese). A bunch of us staffers are bilingual. :P (Hmm... jnInternational?)

Is there any way to fight back against the H4000 helmet? After losing 15 times in a row due to it, I just thought I'd ask....because I'm not bitter *gnashes teeth* ~ eccentricangel14
We're no Battledome experts (we leave that to our compadres over at the iDB), we're pretty sure that there is no way to combat a freezer weapon such as the H4000 Helmet. It doesn't really make sense to have something to do that either. Freezing is totally random, up to whoever you're battling. If you spent the whole battle using an anti-freezer each turn, you'd probably lose due to you only using one weapon. :P

I'm such a good investment... hence my 7.5 million NP price tag. :P