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Issue 24
Published: February 23, 2008

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1.Whats does it mean when somebody is "Restocking"? 2.Does TNT do anything to stop people from going to Uni's Clothing with alot of NP,buying all wearable items, refreshing,repeating the process, then selling them in there shop to price gouge? ~ howedrew

  1. When somebody is restocking, they are buying items from Neopian Shops (shops controlled by Neopets) and reselling them in their shops for a higher price than they got the items for.
  2. Nope, mainly because it's pretty unrealistic. No restocker really buys out a shop unless they want the whole shop to restock again. :P (And if they do, they usually lose NP doing so.) It's pretty hard to price gouge on Neopets unless you try REALLY hard. (That's when Super Tarla comes in. :P)

Hi JN! Doing well? I just want to know one thing: What's the name of the Soup Faerie? She is so kind to us and everything and we don't even know her name... Shame on us... ~ kikyo_48_
You know, we should go R-R-R-R-RESEARCH!

Bah! Even a Google Search can't help us! Well, you'll just have to call the Soup Faerie the Soup Faerie for now. :P

i was just looking at the new rainbow pool page and i noticed that there are smiley faces next to certain neopets. why? ~ dumb_blonde017
Well, it's one of those unannounced New Features that we put in. :P I guess we could call it... The MoodChanger3000! By clicking on a smiley face, you'll get a pop-up with all of the different moods for that color and species of pet. Useful if you want a certain happy/sad/whatever image. We've also thrown it into the Pet Directory, so if your pet is in there, you can click the smiley next to its name and get all of its emotions! Isn't that NIFTY?!? :P

Is it against the rules to put non-neopets site links on petpages? And can you make a petpage only to have a link for another non-neopets site? ~ gib78
If you try to put a link in with an <a> tag, it will get blocked unless it begins with So yes, it is against the rules to put non-Neopets links on petpages. However, if the site is well known and is on TNT's "good list", a monitor most likely won't warn you if you type it out. (For example, you can link to JN.) I think that answers the second question too. D:

A very long time ago the news said something about a Cheat Monster/grarrl thing. It said that this monster would come after you if you did something bad. However, it has seemed to dissapear from the face of Neopia. Any info on this? ~ yellowflower7
More Background: The Cheat Monster was first "released" on November 30, 2004 during the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. (You can see the New Features page first featuring the Cheat Monster here. Look for November 30th's news.)

As for your question, it might SEEM that he has disappeared from the face of Neopia, but he hasn't. He's probably been hibernating. For... oh, I don't know -- four years and a few months? :)


Well, we are always hearing about tnt's never ending to-do list, but we never hear about anything on JN's to-do list. What are a few of the big things you guys are doing/have planned? ~ gatedne
Hmm. Okay, here's JN's Super Duper Secret To-Do List!

  • Wait for Amazon to ship my books
  • Wait for USPS to deliver my books
  • Wait for Plot to Update
  • Have myself finish two projects that I'm working on for JN... which are posted... o_O
  • Find some more filler for this list...
Dave Edit: You can find some things we're working on on the Current Projects page, but apart from that, I can say that we're readying a special new service for jnAccount users that involves graphics! ;)

When we get the monthly freebies, it says that the pets get to choose the food. If this is so why do they 1. won't eat it or 2.think it's gross? ~ _dolphins_04
... the food is randomly given out through a script, despite what you've been conditioned to believe by some obvious propaganda.

On another note, pets won't eat food if the number of letters in a word in the item name is equal to the number of letters in the name of your pet or some other complicated formula. Just change the language to have your pet eat the food.

Is the Altador Cup 1 prize shop open? I still have some points to spend. If it is open, how do I get there? ~ andy9348
Yup, the Altador Cup 1 Prize Shop is still open -- Click Here to head over to the Prize Shop! (If you're looking for the Altador Cup 2 Prize Shop, head over here!)

You know you want me!

I must have missed the news relating to this or something but how do you get your pet to be featured as the "notable neopet" and will you get a message saying that your pet is featured? *grooms pet wocky* ~ akitera
Your Neopet has to have four items on it, backgrounds and trinkets included, AND has to be entered in the Customisation Spotlight. (And yes, customisation is spelt correctly. We're going by TNT's spelling. :P) Click here to view the Editorial Question on Neopets! It's the last question.

What are the chances of the Sloth Plot being a 2 Sided War? We need a war! ~ hollywoodchild
At this point, I'd have to say very slim. It's probably going to be something like what we saw in Journey to the Lost Isle. You know, with the one side fighting against some evil? Yeah. Remember, it's just what I think. TNT might just want us to think this way so they can spring a war on us and make all of us happy and junk. *nod*

^ Not going to happen... Right, guys? Right?

Why is it jnAccount (with j&n in lowercase), Jellyneo(with J capital, but n lowercase), and on the left bar, under Jellyneo, "Link to JN", with a capital J&N? This has been bothering me for a while a.k.a. 3 minutes. ~ macoronikevin
We prefer you to use Jellyneo, with only a capital "J", and a lowercase "n". (We don't like JellyNeo... it's ugly.) However, when it comes to calling us by our nickname, JN is fine with two uppercase letters. And we decided to call jnAccounts with two lowercase letters because beginning off something with lowercase letters is the in-thing. :P (iPod, iPhone, iGoogle, iTouch, etc. Perhaps we should start calling them ijnAccounts...)

Have you guys finished the Plot Step 2 in "Return Of Dr. Sloth" Yet? ~ 0o_lionheart_o0
Yup. It wasn't fun. (But did you notice that you felt good right after you finished a puzzle, then BOOM, the realization that you have 15 more comes to you? Doesn't that stink? :P)

Yes, yes. This was my plan all along -- To make all of you feel bad! *evil cackle*

Do you earn money/income if gets more hits? I've always wondered... ~ lurkylurky
Nope! Unlike some other sites, we are paid in self-satisfaction... and the occasional joy that all of you bring us when we laugh WITH you. You know, when you post in our comments, send us emails, etc. I mean, it's not that we don't want money, because we do; It's just that we also want self-satisfaction that we helped the public without us actually profiting for helping y'all. :P

None of this NP is for us! :(

¿Habla español?o_O ~ claudi502
Sí, yo hablo un poco español, pero no mucho, jaja. Está divertido, porque puedo usar el subjuntivo en las situaciones difíciles, pero no puedo usar los demonstrativos y posesivos simples. :P ¡Adiós! ~ Dave

Heyy JellyNeo Peeps! haha. I have a question. For the packrat avatar do the items have to be (special) or can they be (uncommon), (rare), etc.? Thanks! ~ lilxojordan513
The item "type" doesn't matter for the Packrat Avatar. All you need are 1,000 unique items that you can put into your Safety Deposit Box. (You know, like that Bottle of Blue Sand the Tombola Guy gave you for pulling out a ticket. Yeah. Keep it.)

Some guy told me he got a lutari from the neopian pound. Is that really possible? ~ thunderroven
Nope! First, the Pound is down. You can only abandon, meaning that you can't adopt. Second, Lutaris get deleted/zapped to somewhere else when they are abandoned. D:

If you don't like me, I'll just go and zap my... err... BE zapped away! :(

Why would anyone paint their pet invisible and can they dress them up? ;) ~ minako
Obviously so it looks like their pet's clothes are floating in midair! (Because we all love to see invisible limbs dangling.)

Look, ma - No body! (But a lot of bones...)

Do any of you who work at Jellyneo have a jelly kacheek, or any other jelly pet? Also, my kacheek was recently zapped jelly. Are you jealous? B) ~ L
I, Terry, used to have one. It's now a Maraquan Grundo. I think Dave might be jealous. I'm good with my Grundo. :)

What, you don't like Grundos? *reaches for back pocket...*

How do you guys find the items Characters like Boochi or Eyrieki use in the Battledome and how do you get their pics? ~ flymaster_11
The only way to get their names is by actually battling them and recording what they use. As for the pictures... Dumb luck. (Pfft, yeah right. We just search. :) )

What happened to the collection of daily puzzle answers? Thanks for answering if this gets in. ~ Jeff
Dave was a dumbhead and decided to delete the Daily Puzzle Answer Archive. There. :)

You'd better watch out, Dave! *snicker*

Hello JN.I was recently searching through your item database when I found a paint brushes that peeked my interest and I was hoping you could help me out. I wanted to ask about was the Jelly Paint Brush.I thought you said Jelly was a Lab Ray exclusive color. I also have a rumor I heard from a friend the other day,that when neopets first started they had a "Unicorn" Paint Brush available,but they got rid off it after about a month or so. ~ Zameric
Yes, Jelly is a Lab Ray exclusive colour. I'd say that somebody on TNT thought it would be nice to have some Jelly Pets (which clearly don't exist) around. And yes, the Unicorn Paint Brush existed. For how long, I don't know. :P

I do not exist. But... I do. *brain asplodes*