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Twenty Third Issue
Published: February 16, 2008

Wow, the 23rd Issue. I can't believe that we've been doing this for 23 weeks or so. I think this is the first issue that's been on time in a few weeks... xD Enjoy!

EDIT: We fixed my little mistake in the Maraquan Support question. Whoops!

What prizes do you get at the alien Aisha vending machine thingy? I have a nerkmid and I don't know if I'm afraid or not afraid to use it. ~ avada77
Hehehe, you should feel... something. You can get some fun junk item or... a pretty paint brush. :) It's all up to the buttons. (Or if you'd prefer, the Ouija Board.) But beware, when I say Paint Brush, it could be anything, from a Paint Brush Plushie to a Paint Brush TCG! Good luck!

Based on how much you spend and what you get, do you think it's worth doing Illusen's/Jhudora's Quest? Obviously if you only get the first five done it isn't worth it, but if you go to like the 40th level. ~ recessrulez
As a general rule, the higher up you go in levels for Illusen's/Jhudora's Quests, the better the prizes. (Of course, as you said, it's based on how much you spend.)

It's almost impossible to get ME!

Why is it possible to get Igloo Banned? They already make you buy 1 item per RS and the times they RS is random. ;-; ~ Fruit
Well, they don't exactly MAKE you buy one item per RS -- You are just compelled to. Two totally different things. :P (And doesn't it RS at a set time? Hmm... It's time to do some RESEARCHHHH!)

Which is heavier - the bag of air or the box of food? Obviously the air... EUREKA!

I have no questions only praise for a job well done. I think that your editorial is far more informative than Neo's. Thanks for the good work you do,, ~ Bandit2323
Thanks! (Watch out for the Garoo Elite when you're leaving the theatre. )

Sleep tight! ;)

I know we shouldn't ask about your guesses, but... why is TNT always trying to "hide" the existence of glorious Jelly World?? IF they really didn't want Jelly World to exist they would have erased the neopets.com/jelly URL, couldn't they? Is/was that part of any IMPORTANT plot or something else?? (Note: IMPORTANT doesn't involve non-existent petpets eating a giant jelly) ~ ivy_rolinga
TNT has never hidden Jelly World, as it has never existed! It was never part of the Green Jelly Plot. In fact, it never existed. ;) Click Here for Jelly World!

Talk and the dolly gets it!

(I sent this once and forgot to fill in the blanks... sorry) I have a few questions... 1) How do you afford to keep this site running? I know in my younger days I owned a web-site and it cost money. Since you don't have ad-banners to raise money, do you take donations or do you pay it out of your own pocket? 2) In regards to the Neopian National Bank... do they monitor what account you have? For example, let's say I only have 250,000 neopets in my bank account but I have my accound set at Diamond Deposit Gold (min 500,000)... while I get in trouble? 3) Why are some of the games not in the game room? For example, Jelly Blobs of Doom, Scourge of the Lab Jellies, Skittles Conveyor Belt, etc.? Is it because they are Jelly World related games or they are old games? ~ AlbinoBob282

  1. Dave uses donations and covers the remaining balance with his own money. (You have to buy hosting from Dreamhost with our referral code in order to donate to us. :P)
  2. No, you won't.
  3. It's because they're Jelly World Games. Unfortunately, I can't think of any other games off the top of my head that aren't in the Games Room. :P

I knew eating Spooky Jelly Brains would help!

I keep getting banned from the shops but dont know why. It happens for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours where there is nothing in the shops except on Krawk Island and in the Hidden Tower. Why does this keep happening? I dont refresh constantly and try to abide by the 5 second rule so what else can I do? ~ everwatchful
You are probably refreshing too fast and too often. Try slowing down! (This is how I get RS Banned too. You're not the only one! :P)

Woah there, take those Speed Beads off and slow down!

Here recently in my town of Texas there has been many alien sightings. It has even been on the international news. Do you think Sloth and the aliens are working together to take over Neopia and Earth? ~ paandtr
This is classified information, and cannot be shared with the general Neopian, nor Earthling, public.

lyk if i sned in a quEstion dat don't have good gramar or speling; wil it b nswerd.? ~ Matchu1993
No. OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!? *cry*

Hi, I hope this gets answered I've been wondering this for awhile. Anywhoo, on the neopets polls they ask the question "how many neopets do you own?" and they have 4 or more as a choice. I thought you could only have 4 neopets is there anyway to have more than 4 pets? Thanks bye~ ~ lilxojordan513
It was once possible to own more than four Neopets. (This was due to a glitch, I believe with the Space Adoption Agency.) However, many users still have five Neopets, including our OTHER leader (who should not be zapped by Sloth, borovan, aka Adam. (Remember that there's the Number Six avatar!) ... Yup.

We all live in an asparagussy world...

Hey guys i just want to say that....You guys are sooo funny!...were you expecting a quiestion?...there you go :) ~ Drex12
I'd like to consider it less... funny and more... sarcastic humour sort of not really? (Unless you're referring to Dave. He's not funny. All he likes is The Resistance.)

'ello, well, you said that if you check out the URL of a neogreeting, you get a bigger picture of it, does the same go with the maps? Like the shenkuu one, or lost desert. I like to zoom into those kinds of maps and use the zoomed up versions of the pictures for layouts, but I can not zoom in anymore :c ~ Bob Saget
Wowza, look! It's Bob Saget! Shouldn't you be on that game show where you ask people foolish questions that don't matter and trip them up with an impossible question after you give them a string of super easy questions to make them feel confident? *cough* Anyways.

View the source of the page, and look for the following lines: swf.addVariable('contentURL' OR var swf = new SWFObject

The blown up flash file is the URL in quotes right after the two lines I gave you. It should be fairly obvious which one applies to which map. Just glancing at the source of a few pages, the latter code snippet applies to only the Virtupets map for now.

I'm out of the ordinary!

I have this thing to ask about Keyquest- I don.t live in America (many of us don.t) and does that mean that I can.t play keyquest in any way just because I can.t go to Target and buy a toy? (well, actually I was in Miami in autumn and I went to Sawgrass mall- Target and I didn.t see any Neopets themed items there...) That.s all, and keep up the good work guys! ~ Han
TNT has said this in their editorial, and let me copy and paste it here for you. :P

"Also, as stated on the page you will not be forced to purchase merchandise in order to play." [source]

I would assume that if you do most of the Return of Dr. Sloth Plot, you will be able to get a Neopets Key Quest token. (Assuming they release one, I would guess you'd get to choose between Sloth, Gorix, Cylara and Scout.) I should stop using the word 'assuming'.

I have heard rumors that TNT is doing something with Neohomes...Are these true? ~ memermouse
Hmm, we haven't heard anything about NeoHomes in quite a long time... Could be possible. If you know of the rumor, send it over to Terry's email. (By now, you should know what it is. If not, I'm quite mad at you. :P It's terry [ah@t] jellyneo [da.wt] net. Send them in!)

Hullo JN!!! I simply ADORE you guys!!! *huggles* I am still trying to complete plot step 2 in the sloth plot(XD) but I've noticed that to start up the computer you have to type 4 and then 2.......42......coincidence or yet another question answered by the ultimate answer?? ~ silentkeys
Hehe, we didn't even notice that! I would have to say that it is another question that should be left alone for the Ouija gods to answer.

Oh, great board, don't tell me that someone in TNT likes Hitchhiker's Guide!

What was the job of the supporters in the Curse of Maraqua? ~ jordans_sa
Just a little background for those of you joining us today -- the Curse of Maraqua Plot allowed a user between two sides - Pirates and Maraquaners. (Maraquans? :P)

Once you chose your side, you had one of two choices; you could choose to be a warrior, which meant you fought in the Battledome, or you could be a supporter, which meant you traded in specific items or played games for plot points. (There were random events that would give you tokens, which when traded in would give you 5 Plot Points.) Hope that helps!

I am so much better than those darn Maraquans!I am so much better than those darn Pirates!