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Issue Twenty Two
Published: February 10, 2008

Huzzah, finally there's another editorial! We are at Chapter Four of the Return of Dr. Sloth Plot, Issue Twenty Two of the jnEditorial, and I am bored. Stay tuned, as we just might have another editorial come out on time next weekend! :)

When I add items into my SDB, I realize that they do not go in the order that I put them in. So if they're not in that order, what order are they in? I don't think it's aplhebetically either... ~ faerie_90_2004
SDB items are currently sorted by... you guessed it, Item IDs! (That's why the Green Apple is always first in your SDB and the last item released by TNT is always last! :P)

I'm SPECIAL and you're not!
Help make the Capsule feel better by sending in some Item IDs!

Hi Jellyneo! Great site! Anyways, I like to make my own layouts and tend to use TNT images and manipluate them to work with whatever graphics I am working on at the time. I loved using the neogreeting images (as you could zoom in and get a larger view) but since the new flash player thingie, I don't get the option to zoom in anymore. :( I also like some of the screensavers, but alas, I can't copy those images either (no even a screen capture because it automatically deactivated the screensaver). Do you guys know how I could possible get the zoom in option or how to capture a screen image of the screensavers? ~ my_little_miracle
It doesn't seem as if screensavers will work... but there's an easy trick to get the bigger images of the Neogreetings.

1) Find the Neogreeting you want, and click on it, like you're sending it.
2) See the URL? See the number at the end? It should look like this: &greeting_id=###
3) Take that number, and insert it into the URL below where the ### is. That should get you to the big copy.


Why do you think TNT created the plushie paint brushes in the first place. All they seem to do is cause people to get scammed... don't you think TNT could've made them a *little* bit more different? Also, I'm furious at myself for not being able to get 700+ in Advert Attack XD Any tips? :P ~ galaxee
TNT probably created the Paint Brush Plushies (NOT the Plushie Paint Brush! :P) because... well, I guess the same reason why basically every character in a plot has their own plushie -- everything should be in plushie form! :)

See, even a Zurroball has a plushie!

Since neopets says there is no file template for a lutari's petpage, if you have a petpage layout, will it go work? ~ psychiotic
Yes, yes it will. (The message saying that there is no file template for a Lutari means that there is no default petpage for a Lutari. You know, that petpage describing where a pet lives and what they look like and stuff. :P)

Hi Jellyneo! I saw in Issue 21 that you were a bit unsure about the set amount of authors per piece in the Neopian Times. Actually, Droplet (The current editor of the Neopian Times) said in a forum known as the NTWF that only 2 authors are allowed to write for one piece, any more would get rejected. Hope that helped. :) ~ jockylocky
Thanks for the update, jockylocky! :)

Read his question again or... *points to cannon*

Hey JN ! I've been trying to get the Drackonack - Hungry avatar for a while now. Is there a certain type of cheese that works best with it ? ~ iszi_insane
If I recall, using Cheese itself helps you get the avatar faster. (I think it took me three refreshes?) Keep your inventory full of cheese, and it should go by faster. :P

Yummy, yummy cheese! *drool*

Hi,Do you like cheese or muffins? If you do,I LOVE THEM! ~ oksoyeah
I don't like cheese. I like muffins. (So does Resey!)

I'm full of yummy victory goodness!
I also prevent Maraqua from being destroyed by pirates... again!

Hi jellyneo! I have heard rumors about the Beckett magazine subscription being discontinued and we would instead be recieving Plushie Pals. I am wondering whether or not to cancel my subscription for this year and get my money back, or whether this is just a hoax. Thanks!! By the way, if you don't reply to this, i will send my army of meepits to take over the editors' offices and control the editorial!! Muahahahahaha!!! ~ mcguganator
Yes, the Neopets Magazine is being cancelled. You should give Beckett Customer Service a call to ask them whether you can cancel and get a refund. Call 1-800-840-3137 for Beckett Customer Service. If anyone has a different number, send over an email to Terry so I can update it! It's terry ahat jellyneo daught net. (Replace ahat and daught with "@" and ".". :P)

Hi, I was just wondering that why doesn't the create a pet page doesn't include Koi and other rare pets now? ~ yxh
The new and revamped Create A Pet page now only shows limited edition pets when you can actually make one. :P (It's right below where you can choose a basic pet.)

Hey Jellyneo. Throughout the editorials, I have noticed that some items help in games. Is this true for all games? Thanks. =] ~ Stargazer28
Nope. Only the Shenkuu River Rush items help in games. TNT planned to release items for The Last Blast, but decided not to do so just to prevent what happened with SRR to happen again with TLB. (You know, the whole complaining, users having an advantage over others thing.)

Can you get Zombie from the lab ray? ~ xcreamz
Why yes, yes you can. o_O The only colours that you can't get are Baby, Pirate, Plushie, Quiguki, Royal, Usuki and the Ice Bori. (In case you wanted to read up on the Lab Ray, click here... and here's the Ice Bori!

Is the "A Mysterious Valentines Day Card" one use only? and in order to get the avatar does the person have to read it? Oh, and how long has the pound been *gone*??? :) Thanks! Your site rocks, by the way. ~ oouchbabe2
OMGSTOPCHEATING! xD *ahem* The Mysterious Valentines Card is a one-use item. In order to get the Valentines Day Site Theme, you have to send it to someone that DOES NOT HAVE the site theme. (You send it through the Give To Neofriend option.) The person gets a neomail saying that they have received a mysterious valentine, and that they got the site theme.

The pound's been gone for a few months, I think since when the new site themes were released.

I, a Blue Grarrl, give to you, the reader, a beautiful Geraptiku Flower.

Will they fix the glitch when the age turns 13? I'm talking about the age you put when you register. The e-mail turns into an invalid one, most likely a hash, the description of the shop, the name of the shopkeeper and the name of the shop changes into a number. ~ cramhains2
See, this is something you have to send into Neopets. :P There are just some things we can't answer. (Bug Reports obviously should be sent to Neopets via the Bug Reports form. :P) So... Send in a bug report!

When a plot starts like this one right now that started do you like add a jellyneo theme that is like the plot related? ~ yoshi_sonic_90
We might... But we might not... ;)

I'd like to see a new skin! (Something about Blue Grundos perhaps? )

Our you going to update the space station on your guide to neopia? ~ heliosa10
We will be updating it, as soon as the plot is over! (You know TNT, they always add something new during and after the plot is over. :P) Not that it's bad, of course. We always welcome new features. What else would we post about -- something about how Terry is always beaten to a newspost by either Mike or Nynex? :P

Hi JN! Thank you so much for everything, you have greatly enhanced my neo-life! I am crossing my fingers that you will answer this question. I was looking through your item database for a color to paint my Stego and I ran accross the Faerie Stego. I want it soooo bad, but before I rush out and buy the faerie petpet paint brush I need to know if I can actually paint my stego faerie since the item is "unannounced." Thanks, again! ~ hulagirlmel
Unfortunately, TNT has not released the Faerie Stego yet, and it doesn't look like they will. The only reason that I say that is because there's a huge difference between the artwork of a regular Stego and that of a Faerie Stego. Sorry!

But I'm just as nifty!