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A Pick'n'Mix Editorial
Published: August 10, 2014

What's sweeter than a chocolate assortment? An editorial assortment hand-crafted by a medley of your favourite Jellyneo staffers, that's what. So rummage, unwrap, and enjoy a tasty selection of questions and answers that are guaranteed to heal any cerebral cavities.

...Feel free to spit out the ones that taste like umbrellas. We're still not sure why that keeps happening.

Bag of Sweets

Hi JN. Can you add a page in the item database that has all the items that have redrawn pictures or changed names? Thanks! ~ ironicblumaroo
We currently don't have any plans to add a dedicated page for them, but in the meantime you can use this handy link to do a specialized IDB search (and you can find it permanently housed on our IDB special searches page)! If you're looking for more Neopets history goodness, we're giving the Museum a much-needed update as well! - Mac

Cats 101
Ah, Cats 101. A classic.

Just curious, but any idea why the Awakened have a rotation of 13 boons (including That Millionaire Feeling that was an option in the latest win) while every other faction has a set 5 (not including the premium ones) in the Battleground? Is it an attempt for randomizing boons gone wrong? Or are the Awakened that special? =/ ~ anonymous
I figure it's because when the dead return, they never come back quite the way you remember them. *shiver* Actually, if you look at the boon chart, the other five factions each get two boons unique to them; the Awakened may get the rotation so that there's always a chance of those extra boons becoming available to people who might not otherwise have tried them out. - Perry

Has anyone else noticed the I Hate NC item? ~ Mr. Coconut
Hah, we read this question and thought... "Who hasn't seen the Down with NC Flag??" But alas, our very own Leaf has proven us wrong and claims to not have seen it before!

Just in case there's anyone else out there.

After using your Neoquest II guide (which was awesome, by the way!), I'm really looking forward to being able to complete Neoquest I with the help of your future guide! The Coming Soon page hasn't been updated for over 9 months, and the guide was listed as being about 40% done then. Is it possible to get an update on how much progress has been made since then or an estimate on when the guide may be completed and ready for release? ~ Anonymous
We're glad you liked the guide! We've completed most of the maps and data collection for the NQI guide and are currently working on putting it all together. No release date has been set, mainly because it's sort of a lower-priority project so other interesting things keep taking front stage. Rest assured, though, it's coming along! - Skumby

Hey, is there any way to view the flash images of our pets, angry? I mean, is there a link? Or do I need to bug TNT to put it in there? I'm sure if they don't, it'll blow up in their faces (so sorry!). ~ angry speckled xweetok
Alas, no. Your pets are never in an angry mood by themselves on their lookup; it's only in specific scenarios (like while in the Battledome). Therefore, the angry eyes and mouths are never actually viewable, so you cannot uncover the URLs for those flash assets. :(

Maybe that's a good thing. Welp.

Hi JN! *throws Ian at a wall* Whoops! Sorry Ian! Why does Ian not have any recordings of him talking???? I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!! ~ Pingasopera
When Jelly Meepits stole Ian's eyeballs in 283 BC, he was very distraught. In fact, he spent so many hours looking for his missing eyeballs and calling out for them that he lost his voice for eternity! Either that or Dave got tired of listening to him talk... xoxo gossip noileh

What are the Hasees saying in the music for Hasee Bounce? There's "Hasee yay!", "Whoohoo!", "Hasee yeah!" and one other I can't figure out. This is vitally important. ~ ellen119364
My ears were not up to the task of deciphering Hasee-speak... but thanks to the superior auditory abilities of a certain bearded carrot, I can tell you that they are in fact saying "Hasee OMG!" - Sweep

*throws uni cookies everywhere* Hey there Jellyneo staff! I was wondering: On your page about the Poetry Contest what prizes can be won? You guys and the poetry page both state a rare prize, does that mean it's any item with the rare rarity? ~ Vincent7577
Poetry, Caption Contest, Art Gallery, and Storytelling actually award prizes from the same pool. You can find the list of prizes for the creative contests on this handy dandy guide! So much pretty data, yet the contest guides didn't seem to link to it. That should be fixed now. - Kayla

Hee! Do I still get the prizes if I complete Neoquest II or Neoquest 3D? Or is it expired? :) (items, neopoints and trophies) :P ~ fnyos
Yes, you are still awarded for your efforts when you complete NeoQuest II. You can view our guide for the game here if you're just starting out, and you can view all of the trophies and prizes available here! As for NeoQuest 3D, that game has never awarded anything after completion. Boo. :( - Mac

I went on hiatus- What happened during the Great Neoboard Famine of Y14 to cause the Neopocalypse? ~ anonymous
TNT was dealing with a particularly nasty hardware issue that affected anything on the site that required a timer. This caused a lot of activities on the site to act strange, such as shops not restocking and trophies not being awarded to players. Neopians could still log in and use the site during this time, however, and that's what made the situation unique. The Neopocalypse also delayed the launch of the brand new Games Room, which was scheduled for release on February 28th but was postponed until the following day. - Mac

Hey JN! You gotta answer this, it's racked my brains for a while. There have been many accounts made on Neopets, right? Well, what happens when the pets are abandoned? But not at the pound, still in the account. I had a friend who played Neopets, but stopped playing years ago. What happened to her pets? ~ Kelabu_Grey
They linger, unloved, starving and unhappy, until eventually the account is purged and they cease to exist. Have a nice day! - Perry

Where do vanished objects go?
Into non-being, which is to say, everything.

Hi. I was just curious, what is the purpose of the Meepit bracket you can find in the Altador Cup? ~ anonymous
World domination. xoxo gossip noileh

Let's get right to the point: Is it okay if we give a Neopet to a friend of ours for their birthday, a holiday, etc.? ~ Ryan
Adopting out a pet to a friend is perfectly okay at any time of the year. If you want to make a friend's birthday extra-happy by announcing that you have the pet of their dreams waiting for them to adopt, then that's entirely up to you. You could also send a Paint Brush or Morphing Potion so your friend can transform a Neopet they already own. Just try to choose a friend who'll take good care of their new pet. A Neopet is not just for Christmas the Day of Giving! - Dream

Soooo, ummmm, for editorial question ID 5374... Do you have that image? Do you know where I can find it? Please don't tell me it's gone! D: ~ A Slower Speed of Light
To get a little bit of a reference to this question, someone had asked TNT if it was true that Sloth had turned Hannah into a mutant as a joke page during the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. You can view the alternate ending in its full glory below, and you can read more about the Hannah and the Ice Cave plot in our Museum. - Skylar

I was looking at the Editorial Database and I discovered that the Site option has disappeared! I want my shiny database of Jellyneo editorials back! Is this a bug, or purposeful? ~ alli_draggy (Champion Of Under 13s)
This is on purpose. We've decided going forward to remove the Jellyneo questions from our Editorial Database, since it was just cluttering things up and taking away from the answers that TNT gives each week in their editorial, which it's arguably more important to make searchable. - Dave

Sorry JN. You said a petpet couldn't visit Turmy while in Grave Danger, and that's not true. I not only regularly sent my Meekins into both Meridell dailies while in Grave Danger, the poor thing was eaten and I have the avatar to prove it. (Of course I accidentally sent the wrong petpet to Turmy, but the PPL have probably banned me anyway.) Touchingly the loyal blank image of a Meekins did complete Grave Danger two hours after being eaten. ~ Shu
Sorry about that misinformation! I can agree with you firsthand, actually. I had my active's petpet in Grave Danger and yet was able to visit Turmy to get the avatar. Grave Danger just showed a broken image when my "petpet" returned with a banjo. - Kayla

RIP in peace, Mistletoe and Mootix

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