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Creepy Kumar Edition
Published: July 20, 2014

Another Kumar editorial? I'm sure, despite the fact he is completely scatty, his answers should sort of make sense, right? I mean, he was alert enough to win the JN Staff Tourney.

All hail the Purple Jelly Sceptre!

I love Artist Day Off items, but short of going back through all of Neopets daily news to see the posts from July and August every year, I'm not sure how to find all the items. Any chance of you guys creating a special search or special category for artist day off items? Or does such a thing exist and I am totally missing it? ~ anonymous
We've had a few questions about this, so Kayla went back and added item notes to all Artists' Day Off items in the item database. You can find them by searching Day Off in "item notes" in the Item Database's advanced search.

I recently acquired some TCG Cards (Yay!) and I noticed that the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) is listed as a Hero! What? Is it not Malevolent? It's cool and all, but why a hero? ~ Yay!
We really don't know why. It could have just been a mistake on TNT's part, however it is nice to think there's a kind side to the MSPP.

Secretly a caped crusader

If all the NC Capsules got retired... What happened with the Money Tree Mystery Capsule? Did it get retired too? ~ Vtx_11
As far as we can tell, the Money Tree Mystery Capsule is still a prize that can be obtained when using an Upcycle Cookie. Looks like TNT forgot they were giving one out!

Today the Down for Maintenance Pteri has been popping up a lot and I became so frustrated that I decided to fight him (for the first time) in the Battledome. But when I went to do that and clicked the Fight button, it said there was a problem sending/receiving information. I tried again, was able to finish the fight with no problems, and didn't think anything more of the error other than its being rather ironic. Then I started another battle with the Pteri and the error showed up again. This time I kept trying and trying to send my move but the error wouldn't go away. My one-use abilities were being used up in the process, though, so it seemed like the moves were counting for something even if they weren't effective. Fortunately, in the end I was able to finish this fight as well. But it makes me wonder... was it just a coincidence or could this "error" possibly be a joke because of the nature of the Down for Maintenance Pteri? ~ anonymous
Sadly, there are quite a few errors in the new Battledome. Not being able to send a move is a common occurrence and it is recommended to close the page and try to start the fight again.

So, why do you guys clear the prices in your item database? If it is because they are inaccurate, why don't you just update them? ~ Anonymous
We have certain rules around pricing unbuyable items (those over 100,000 NP), that mean that sometimes we cannot give a price to an item anymore. If the old price is so old that we think it's misleading to show it on the items page, we can clear the price to show that the Item Database doesn't have a price currently listed for that item.

There is a rumor I've been seeing for a while that having purchased premium and/or NC functions as "protection" from being frozen. The last person I heard it from said that purchases are such good protection that TNT would have to be really mad at someone or have received a lot of reports to freeze them. I think that's patently untrue. For purchases to "protect" someone, that would be akin to bribery, and I seriously DOUBT that flies on a site that is so protective of its family nature. PLEASE tell your loyal reading public that that theory is full of weewoo poo! ~ Anonymous Kacheek Lover
There are plenty of people who have been frozen over the years with Premium and several thousands of NC items. If you break the rules on Neopets, you can expect to be frozen, no matter how much you have spent on the site.

I never know what to get with my NC I get from site events, so it usually just gathers dust in my hand. Anyway, when I start getting the neomails that it will expire soon I try to decide but can't. Since the message says that if we don't spend it something of equal value in NC will be given to you when it expires I figured why not wait and see what chance gives me? Well, a while ago it expired and I never received anything, then a few days ago more of it expired and I received nothing again. So my real question I guess would be, do you know if this only applies to NC you bought with actual cash and not the NC won in site events, or should I have received some random item and it might be glitched to not give it to me? ~ Unis_ruler
All expired NC should give you an item of equal value when it expires. Some people find visiting the NC Mall makes the item appear in their inventory, so I think giving that a shot could be a good idea.

Yo Rosie *throws dung kittens* When are you going to release more of the restock machine comic? ~ poofy2468
You'll be happy to know that Rosie just released a 10th Anniversary edition of the Restock Machine Comics. Happy 10th birthday, RS Machine *throws confetti*

Hello awesome people at JN! *builds large altar with wooden meepit totem on top and burns on it various jelly-themed items to please the JellyNeo overlords* Is there a trophy you can get for beating Neoquest I or NQII quickly? Because I saw they have a leader board for fastest wins and most wins. ~ naorli
All praise the Meepit overlord! Yes, there are trophies for Neoquest II for beating it in the fastest time. There are trophies for each game mode (Normal, Evil, and InSaNe!). The current leaderboard can be found here.

A Neoquest II trophyAnother Neoquest II trophyA third Neoquest II trophy
Oooooooh, shiny

My main account got frozen for being scammed. I'm hoping to get it back (I've submitted the form and all that), but in the mean time, can I participate in a plot on my side account? If I do get my old account back, I'd prefer to participate & get the trophy on that, but that could take a while... (if I ever get it) ~ swisscat
While your main is frozen, TNT does allow you to create a new main account (or use an existing side account as a main), so this should be fine. As long as you don't keep using the new main when your old main is unfrozen, everything should be dandy.

Let's say you've forgotten your password to your side, and try to have it emailed to you, but it doesn't work, and you know it isn't blocked or sent to your junk folder... and you can't get the help page on neo to work (it just says "Page Expired To protect privacy and enhance security, the page you are trying to access is no longer available." when ever you try) so you can't report the problem. What should you do??? ~ moonbunny
It turns out TNT uses a third party panel on their Help Centre. To get it to work again, you have to allow cookies from "parature.com" in your browser settings. There are different ways to do this with each browser, and a simple Google search should show you the way to do it with your specific browser.

Will Rosie be making more of her lovely JN site themes anytime soon? I'd love to see a Tyrannia-inspired theme! ~ akmystyc
Rosie isn't the only one who makes site themes :) Rylon is a graphic designer too! With JN 5.0 around the corner, they're hard at work making a new layout, so don't expect to see any new themes soon. We've got some big plans for new themes in JN 5.0, though, so that should be exciting!

Hey JN! So my dream pet is an Ice Bori, which I already know that you can't get lucky in the lab and zap for it, or find it in the pound, and so you guys said that the only way to get one now since the toolbar offer was stopped was to get one transferred to your account. I gave up hope after that, seeing how much they are worth, but then when I was looking at the items you can fish up, I found that the Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water could change your pet into any color available to it's species. So would it be possible, if I were to get my hands on one, to give it to my Snow Bori, it would become an Ice Bori? Thanks Jellyneo, you are the best! ~ Anonymous
From people who have tested the Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water quite a bit, it looks like the only unconfirmed colour change is Ice. The Dreaming in July Neopet Giveaway would probably be your best shot at getting an Ice Bori.

Can I use the same credit card/PayPal account to pay for both my sister's and my Premium? I don't want them to think I'm using Premium on two different accounts, but I'd like to get her Premium for Christmas. Thanks! ~ Anonymous
That should be perfectly fine! TNT understands that multiple people in the same household may play Neopets, so they have their own ways of determining if any sneaky business is going on.

With this Grave Danger daily we can't remove our petpet or do anything with it while it's adventuring. Does this mean Turmy can't eat it to get us the avatar ? I only have one pet and one petpet because I do kitchen quests every day and until they make it so the stats go to your active pet, that's how it's got to stay. ~ xlslayer
It turns out you can't even visit Turmy while your petpet is in Grave Danger, so you won't be able to get the avatar while playing Grave Danger. Alas, you aren't the only one waiting for that. I've been waiting years for TNT to change Kitchen Quests so I can finally move my pets back onto my main.

Hey JN! What's goin' on... with shop 63? Does it sell anything? Where can I find a list of what it sells?
Sadly the poor Chia at the Refreshments store had all his suppliers transfer their business elsewhere quite some time ago. Although he looks quite cheery about it, he hasn't made a sale in quite some time. That store was part of a sponsor section quite some time ago but no longer stocks anything.

HI JN! *throws socks, then runs leaving a note* I feel like a newbie for asking this, but what is the Neovision? I hear about it everywhere, but I've never been told what it is. ~ anonymous
Neovision was a video sharing service on Neopets where users could upload Neopets-related videos and receive a prize from TNT. There were many competitions held while it was around, however TNT decided to discontinue it in late 2009. All that is left is a page saying it is no longer available.

a trophy for Neovision
Moar shiny!

Hey JN! I have a question about mirror games. Say I'm working towards the Top Gamer avatar, and reach a score while playing a mirror game that would allow me to get an avatar. Would I be awarded the avatar? ~ hypertext_godess1999
Yes! You can use those to add games to your top gamer list. You should not, however, be playing mirror games to send your score more than 3x per day (or whatever it may be from Scores Galore) for any one game title. For example, you cannot send your score 3x for Meerca Chase II and an additional 3x on mirrored Meerca Chase II. Speaking of avatars, mirror games have different game IDs than the real versions, so you would not receive any game specific avatars.

Hey, I've been considering applying for a spot in the Item DB Crew, and I noticed that it seems like it hasn't been updated in awhile, so I wanted to ask if applications are open or not? ~ anonymous
If you keep an eye on our Join the JN Staff page, you can see when we are hiring for new staff. The last intake was around 2 months ago. We also make news posts when we are hiring, so just keep an eye out and apply when they're open!

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