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Dungeon Dash Edition
Published: July 5, 2014

When last we left our industrious staffer, Perry, he was diligently working on clearing out some of the ... mustier editorial questions. Unfortunately, his hours of labor had barely made a dent, when he was interrupted by a striking white cat leaping through the barred window of his prison cell of DOOM dedicated workspace in the Content Beast's lair.

"Pookie, no!" cried a lilting voice from outside the oubliette cubicle. Because, as you know, cats are very good about minding instructions.

The cat glanced disdainfully back into the darkness of the corridor, clearly contemplating her true name (resplendent in dignity, known only to herself) and wondering just how this Anayu character could have been so far off the mark.

The deadbolt of the cage door access panel slid back with a protesting groan. Anayu's dark eyes flashed with disbelief as they adjusted to the darkness and the cluttered scene before her.

"It sure is messy in here, what a lot of papers! You should have had much more done than this... here, I'd best help you out before Dream, or worse, the Content Beast, comes back."

already hard at work

I was just wondering about something that happened on the World Challenge page. In some of the games are scores that are apparently too low to be entered. I saw a score of 800 in Neverending Boss Battle WC, but then it said that a score of 1020 was too low. I have also seen other WCs where a score submitted is lower than the minimum. Is this a glitch or just a mistake by TNT? ~ anonymous

Anayu: World Challenges perplex me. -sigh-

So, essentially, if someone sends a score that is really high (depending on the game - in a game like Neverending Boss Battle this may be roughly around 10,000) then a minimum standard is set for other players who send their scores afterwards. So, this score of 800 was registered before a high score was sent, whereas your score of 1020 was registered afterwards, and hence it was determined to be too low.

This minimum is approximately 10% of the high score. The minimum limit always exists, it just fluctuates depending on how high a user has scored. In most cases it's too low to notice. Also, scores may not always be visible; if they're still being processed they can still determine whether other scores will/won't be accepted. So if you've got a decent score and it turns out to be 'too low', and you don't see scores that are much higher, this might be the reason.

Hey JN! Ok. so I have a question. Part of one of my neopets' back story involves her father accidentally drinking poison and dying. Would this be okay to put in her petpage? Thanks! ~ anonymous

Perry: There are probably ways to relate your backstory that would be okay, but the context is critical. Basically, if you have to question whether what you've written is okay, it probably isn't. Take as your main guideline that whatever you put, and however you put it, must be appropriate for any children who might read your page.

The Handy Tips for the Neopian Times begins with the guideline to avoid "Graphic descriptions of excessive violence, death or bloodshed. Remember, users of all ages can read the Times." Bear in mind that the moderators who might evaluate your petpage are probably going to follow stricter rules than that.

There is no shortage of poison and poisoned items in Neopia; they are practically Jhudora's stock-in-trade. Mentioning poison, especially if you stick to Neopian items that are obviously fictional, is probably okay. Graphic descriptions of their effects are not.

Death is another matter altogether. Long gone are the days of the Sacrificers and Ski Lodge Murder Mystery when death could be treated casually. The demise of Hubrid Nox should be considered an exception: it is no safer for you to portray one character killing another just because TNT had Xandra kill Nox than it is for you to describe a romantic relationship between Neopets just because TNT had Brynn kiss Hanso. To be safe, I'd recommend sticking to something like a character "no longer being with us" or "my late, lamented father" instead of openly discussing dying.

You say you got this from a Faerie?
Well, it
does look awfully tempting...

Hey! So.. in one of the latest editorials, someone mentioned the Fire Blurgah, and asking if it was safe to give to a Uni. What was the reference behind that? ~ Anonymous

Anayu: You mean this editorial? Second question from the top!

This is a reference to The Last Unicorn, a fantasy film based on the novel by Peter S. Beagle. The villain, a fire spirit, takes the form of a Red Bull (bearing a resemblance to the Fire Blurgah in question), and has rounded up the unicorns (all but one) and herded them to the ends of the earth.

If not already since I never saw it, will you guys start putting on game guides the release date of the game? I never saw dates anywhere on when it comes out, and the only way to find out is to go digging into JN/Neo news.... so is there any other way to find out when the game was released besides that? I know it sounds useless, but I like to know how long I've been playing those dang games out there. ~ Vincent7577

Perry: Our content writers are in the midst of updating our game guides, but unfortunately including date of release is not part of our coverage. Your best bet is to search the New Features news, using a search along the lines of "site:neopets.com/nf.phtml meerca chase ii".

So, last editorial was brought to us by the Ice Cream Cart. In the picture, there were a bunch of jubjubs that were (not very patiently) waiting for ice-cream. In the picture, a brown paw was giving the ice cream to the little jubjub. The paw was supposedly Mr. Chipper's paw. But, Mr. Chipper is a blue lutari and the paw looked like a brown kougra!! What?!?!? ~ just curious

Anayu: Oh, dear, this question's been in the archives for a while. What an impressive dust bunny. The 'last editorial' being several aeons months back, is this one, I presume!

It's a fashion statement; brown gloves are totally in style. Besides, it gets cold up there!

In all seriousness, the image you're referring to is actually from a Caption Contest.

Therefore I don't think it is intended to be Mr Chipper, but seeing as his is the only ice cream cart known to us, it was assumed that the image referred to him and his Ice Cream Cart.

Oh, that Kougra was just a hand model we hired.
They said my hands were too creepy, can you believe it?

I'm in a pickle. Not literally you understand! I frequently come up with ideas for Comics I could submit to the Neopian Times... but I'm always really nervous about submitting them in case I get wrongly accused of plagiarism. Is there any way to find out if someone has done a Comic with a similar theme, like an Index like you guys have for the Editorial? The Search function for the Neopian Times isn't exactly reliable when you're searching for text that appears in images. ^^;; ~ anonymous

Perry: I'm hard put to imagine a worse nightmare that being entombed in the briny sarcophagus of a giant pickle! I'm pretty sure my fellow staffer Noileh would agree. *shudder*

You're right, there's no easy way to check whether an idea has ever been used in a Neopian Times comic. You can try searching for keywords in the NT search field, and you should read through recent issues to make sure an idea hasn't been used recently.

But I'd say that if an idea is new to you, go ahead and submit it! I've certainly seen the same idea, and sometimes essentially the same joke, used more than once in the NT.

Even if you hit on the same idea as someone else, you may well have a different take on it. The artwork in a comic is just as important as the writing, so your artistic take on a subject will add uniqueness even if an idea happens to have been used before. For example, compare this take on the Hidden Tower with this one, eight years later.

Anayu: -gasp- Did you just say Noileh? It's noileh donchya know!

Perry: I am deeply ashamed (-.-)

I'm not copying you, I swear!

Hi! Do you guys have any plans on making a sort of "Jellyneo's Wardrobe" but for neohomes 2.0, sort of a place where you can preview how your home would look like with certain furniture etc.? ~ anonymous

Anayu: We don't have any immediate plans for it, I'm afraid. It's not possible to make that kind of thing in the same way that Wardrobe was done, basically.

Heyo, Jellyneo! Okay, two things. Has anyone noticed how the Pink Faerie Snowball looks like a fairy from Legend of Zelda? Or is it just me? Okay, now more importantly: A long while ago you guys had up on the item database that the Acara Valentine Mirror was 1,200,000. This has since been taken down. Why? I'm asking because I'm looking to sell one, and that's kinda hard to do with no one selling and when I use the item database for all my price checking. Help, please? *makes it snow in the Jellyneo workroom* Thank you! ~ Emil Castagnier

Anayu: Interesting that you asked about this item, because...it's an interesting item!The Acara Valentine Mirror comes from redeeming an NC card. This was back when NC cards gave us NP items, rather than the NC items we get now. So instead of being r500, it's r101.

But anyway, to answer your question, our dedicated Item Database staffers record the going prices in the database. If they feel that there isn't enough evidence (very few items in circulation that are for sale, basically) pointing towards a steady price, the price is cleared. With many UBs there are very few with the prices listed, or very few that are being sold, or the prices vary from user to user. Therefore, the price is cleared because there is no stable going rate.

Perry: You may have noticed that we IDB staffers have been keeping the prices of buyable items more up-to-date than ever. We've also been re-evaluating how we price unbuyables, so keep an eye out for further improvements!

Perry: The Pink Faerie Snowball does look like a pink version of Navi, but Navi's wings taper differently from the Snowball's.

                                         Hey! Listen!

Would someone please tell that annoying little Snowball
to SHUT UP already?!

Hey! Listen! I have a question for who/whichever staff members created your NeoQuest II guide: How long did it takes to gather the various resources for the maps, text, characters, items & co on all modes? I really appreciate your work, I really do! You're pretty awesome, whoever ever you are! ~ Navi

Perry: *Z-targets Deku Scrub, smashes pot* Thank you so much! Our NeoQuest point person Skumby and the other dedicated Jellyneo staff members who worked on the guide spent a ton of time on it!

Making the maps was by far the most time-consuming part, because they had to visit every single inch of the game (even those parts no one ever goes), take screen shots, piece them together, and make sure Rohane didn't get stuck in there somewhere by accident. Luckily this only had to be done once, but some of the other information like boss information and monster drops needed to be collected for all three difficulty levels.

Jellyneo's NeoQuest guide is still very much a work in progress. Skumby is currently compiling a complete record of what you can get from the monsters you defeat. And speaking of Jellyneo's NeoQuest guides...

Hey Jellyneo, are you ever going to finish the NQI guide? ~ anonymous

Perry: Skumby is also working on the NQI guide, which we hope to roll out soon! It's quite a task, but we're on it. :)

And who knows, maybe one of these days TNT will surprise us with NeoQuest IV: The Quest of the Avatar. (To those of you who actually got that reference: I love you all.)

Make us a new NeoQuest, TNT!
It would be the virtuous thing to do.

What is the name of the Usul that occurs in many of the Neopets site themes? Not the Usul-in-Waiting, the other one, with the lollypop and the welcoming wave over. Can you link me to a trading card? ~ Site themes

Anayu: Ah, sadly this Usul is a minor character! So she has no name, and only appears where you see her, in site themes. That's why there's no entry for her in the Book of Ages; she has no TCG either. There's no related information that's been found about her.

I've noticed that the Lenny Conundrum is still being judged, and has been for weeks. It usually doesn't take this long, so what's going on? ~ wolflovermoon

Perry: Unfortunately, the Lenny Conundrum has been on hiatus since July 2013, due to a problem with the script that awards prizes.

Hello JN! I have a question about how to prevent being frozen. I live with and share computers with someone who also plays Neopets. We often play KeyQuest together and send items to one another. 1) This isn't against the rules, right? 2) I'm afraid that TNT will think I have two accounts. I have a disclosure on my look up, but is there anything else I can do to prevent a misunderstanding? ~ anonymous

Anayu: 1) Do you mean that you play Key Quest with each other? That's perfectly okay. However, you mentioned sharing computers, and if you're playing the game together instead of playing as opponents, that's not allowed, unless you're helping someone who is too young or is challenged in some way, and can't play by themselves. You should stick to your own accounts. Sending items to each other is okay, though.

2) There's no reason TNT will think you have two accounts as long as both the accounts are under different email addresses. You have different accounts and different ways of playing, therefore TNT will not assume that the two accounts belong to the same person. You're in the clear!

We only ask that you not quit early, please!

Hey there JN. With the dwindling numbers in the Jellyneo graphics team, and Rylon working double duty as a newposter, is there any outlook for new Graphic Designers? And when they aren't making new graphics for a new department, or watching Rosie making caricatures, what else do they while employed here at JN? ~ Anonymous

Anayu: There are no plans at present to hire new graphic designers.

As for Rosie and Rylon, their activities on JN (graphics notwithstanding) are wide and varied. Rylon works on Wardrobe Wars, and looks after things in JN's own Customisation Wardrobe. Rosie is involved in a few 'secret projects'. But apart from that it's not unknown for them to expand into other departments occasionally, when it's required!

It's not uncommon for most staffers to venture out of their own department. Many of us help out in other departments!

We're a real rainbow-like coalition! Of all departments, and none~

In JN Editorial 214, someone asked if it was ok to play MSN (Make Some Noise) on two keyboards. The JN staffer replying said no, and that TNT had made an explicit ruling on such recently. I went to the linked question, where TNT ruled that playing two games of Yooyuball in separate tabs was illegal. There was nothing there about two keyboards or MSN. How, then, is that such an "explicit" ruling? You need to be more careful about what you say is "true" on this site--people take things at face value because of the ethos your official fansite appellation lends you. Reporting information that is extremely misleading, like the answer to that question, is dangerous. ~ anonymous

Perry: No, encouraging people to push the boundaries of acceptable gameplay is dangerous. Urging caution is prudent. Characterizing that editorial response as "dangerous" is hyperbolic.

I interpreted the original question as being about whether it was acceptable to use two keyboards in order to play two Altador Cup games at the same time, thereby doubling the speed at which you rack up prize points. You, on the other hand, seem to have interpreted the question as whether it was acceptable to use two keyboards to play a single game.

The ruling I cited specifically stated that playing two simultaneous games of Yooyuball was not allowed, on the grounds that it promotes cheating and abuse. I took that to apply to all Altador Cup games. If you feel this was misleading, I apologize.

I am surprised by your apparent failure to see the connection between playing two games simultaneously and the question in Editorial 214, especially since the questioner's reason for using two keyboards was "so that I can tap 2 keys on keyboard A with one hand and 2 keys on keyboard B with the other." I think my interpretation is the more reasonable of the two. Make Some Noise requires alternating keystrokes. How would you alternate, say, A and Z using four fingers on two keyboards? Left A, right Z, right A, left Z, and repeat? That strikes me as excessively cumbersome, requiring a digital dexterity to rival Glenn Gould's, and ultimately counterproductive. Why not just use one keyboard, with your left hand on the A and the right hand on the Z?

My original impression, that the goal was to play two separate games simultaneously, seems much more plausible to me.

As to whether using two keyboards in general is allowed, I don't see why that would be an issue, any more than using keyboard controls instead of a mouse, choosing left-handed controls instead of the arrow keys, using a mouse and keyboard at the same time, or rotating your keyboard to play Stowaway Sting or Ghost Bopper. At any rate, as long as a human and not a machine is doing the keystrokes, it seems within the letter of the rules. A prohibition against two keyboards would probably be unenforceable in any case.

These are editorials, and there are going to be grey areas, evolving rules, and opinions sometimes based on less than perfect information. We are Jellyneo, not TNT, and no one should take our editorial opinions at face value. Our readership is an intelligent and involved group, and we expect and encourage thoughful discussion and debate both in our forums and in each news entry's comments.

For the record, there were two other issues raised about last week's editorial. Our sharp-eyed Content Writer Kayla informs me that you can, in fact, use a Brightvale scroll not only for jobs of that scroll's color, but for any lesser job as well! I apologize for that error; this is genuinely news to me - but very welcome news. :)

There is some dispute about one other question: how many prize points each Altador Cup game is worth. I quoted a NT article from last year, which stated that Yooyuball draws were worth 6 points. Some people are insisting it's 4, some are insisting it's 6, none of whom actually have any draws themselves. I've checked the prize points of the only two people I could find who had one draw... and one set of results suggests 4, and the other suggests 6. I'm sticking with 6 as having the most supporting evidence at this point.

*THUD* *rustle*

Perry: What was that?

Anayu: It sounds like you got the Content Beast's attention. He doesn't like uncertain answers... or long-winded ones. We've got to hurry up and finish before he finds us.

WHAT was THAT?! Who woke me up?

So I've been stocking my shop and came across a peculiar situation. The last time I went through my SDB to thoroughly stock my shop I've found that Pile of Sludge was a fairly cheap filler item. However, today I have been stocking and pricing and it's jumped up to 1,600 np! Is there any known reason for this or is it some sort of false inflation? ~ tsunamichick89

Anayu: This is because a Random Event had stopped working, for a brief period of time. The one where Sloth fires his ray gun at you and one of your items turns to a Pile of Sludge. Hence the dramatic rise in price.

However, since then, the Random Events have been rebooted and now Sloth is back to turning items into sludge and the sludge market has regained stability once more. Huzzah, Sloth!

Why is there a Keep Out island on the map of Krawk Island? ~ Broncogirl6

Perry: Ambiance? Future plot?

Most likely, this is the current version of Scurvy Island, where the genuinely vicious pirates maintain their base of operations. This island was originally planned to be a rival and foil to Krawk Island and its friendlier brand of buccaneers, but was never fully developed.

My personal suspicion is that Gavril is not to be trusted. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to learn that he and the pirates of Scurvy Island are in cahoots, and that that island guards a secret navy or armoury. If I were the tribal council of Mystery Island, I'd be investing a lot of resources into naval defense.

Anayu: On an unrelated note, why is the rum gone?

That Keep Out island looks awfully familiar...

Teensy question nagging me: Where did you get that image right next to our JN username/ welcome message? What is it? Why did you build such a great site? To what degree is jelly a liquid? ~ character 128

Anayu: It's an Alien Aisha head, and we...got it from an Alien Aisha! It's just been shrunk. A lot.

Note: No Alien Aishas have been harmed in the day-to-day running of Jellyneo.

Why did we build such a great site? Because we want to help people, and bring Neopians top-quality content and fast updates! It's not got anything to do with Sloth's mind control, I swear...wait, where'd that come from?!

Neopets jelly is gelatin, or a gel, a colloid. So after it sets it can be counted as a solid, although there is a large amount of water in it. Learning is fun!

I heard that avatars you normally get from the Battledome are still unobtainable in this new beta Battledome (e.g., Meerouladen and Heermeedjet). Can you confirm whether this is true or not? ~ anonymous

Perry: Unfortunately, the Meerouladen and Heermeedjet avatars are currently unavailable while the Defenders of Neopia game is currently glitched.

They are currently marked as unavailable in our Battledome avatar listings.

Fortunately, most Battledome-related avatars are still active and available.

Not even the great Defenders of Neopia
can withstand the power of the evil Beta Blocker!
Now, even other villains are suffering!
Will this dastardly villain's reign of tyranny never end?!?

That's right, we used the exact same gag in JN Editorial 205.
The Battledome hasn't improved an iota.
Why should our jokes?

Has anyone gotten the Boochi random event since the SHH reboot? And if so, how does it now work? ~ platnum_king_dragon

Anayu: It looks like Boochi needs to brush up on his aim! Since the Random Events reboot, the only RE that Boochi has been featured in involves him firing his ray gun and missing!

Whether or not this RE will be introduced later remains to be seen, but seeing as there haven't been any new REs in a while, it probably won't be anytime soon - if at all.

Perry: TNT said in a recent editorial that the color-changing REs were gone, but implied that we hadn't quite seen the last of Boochi. I suspect TNT's intention was to make it safe to have any pet as an active without fear of losing a costly paint job to a random event, so that we no longer need to keep a cheaply-painted pet active as a "Boochi shield."

*blubbers* I'LL BE BACK. You'll see. *You'll* see.

Hi Jellyneopians! Anywho, so say you have a Neopets user who is dying and wants to keep her account around. Would it be against Neopets rules to pass the account username and password down to somebody in her will? ~ alli_draggy (Champion Of Under 13s)

Anayu: That would be a very unfortunate situation, but the rules would still hold, I'm afraid. It's completely against the rules to share or give away accounts, even if the user doesn't plan to use it again, even if it's with the user's permission.

Instead, you could always create a side account and ask the user to transfer the pets to your account.

It may sound harsh considering the situation but any account that is being subject to transfer of 'ownership' is liable to be frozen. It's strictly not allowed.

I noticed the switching banners for the AC that you guys do every year. But I was wondering, will they ever be changed to fit with the more recent rosters? At this point, almost all of them are inaccurate. ~ Hereicomenow

Perry: Illy, the Jellyneo staff member who made those banners, is not currently on staff, and our current extraordinary artists have been quite busy with other projects leading up to the Altador Cup (such as Rosie's monumental drawings of the Jellyneo staff on AC team Unis).

great art takes time

How did you decide on the name 'Jellyneo?' ~ greyorangegre

Anayu: 'Jellyneo' was previously run by another group of people, and Dave, who runs our site now, was an Admin there. The site was shut down in 2003 without any explanation, but Dave restarted it in 2004! So the name 'Jellyneo' already existed as a name for the 'old' JN.

Therefore when it was rebooted the name stuck. Nobody decided on a new name - this one's pretty catchy, I think!

Recently I came across the lookup of a Neopet with a Petpet that is older than they are. I'm baffled as to how something like that could be possible. The only thing I can figure is that maybe it's some sort of glitch. Have you ever heard of anything like it before? ~ anonymous

Perry: It might be theoretically possible. I'm told that the Petpet Arena used to be able to change a petpet's age, and that the mysterious message you occasionally get from the Symol Hole saying that your petpet "looks somehow different" can change your petpet's age, as well.

But these would be extremely unusual cases. Normally, a petpet's aging begins when you attach it to your pet, so it can't be older than the pet.

Most likely, that Neopet or petpet was glitched somehow. If you run across it again, send us the page's link in an Error Report Form so we can investigate!

"What saved Kauvara when she accidentally used the Marvelous Kau Potion? -- Mootix." What is this yammering about? I can't find record of this happening anywhere! What sorcery has this Kau so secretly installed? ~ Kayla

Perry: First, my apologies that technical restrictions made it impossible to print your question as submitted:

What ſorcery haſ thiſ Kau ſo ſecretly inſtalled?

although I should point out that the long s was almost never used at the ends of words.

This was a recent Daily Puzzle on the Community Hub page, whose answer was "Mootix." You can read the whole spine-tingling adventure in the Marvellous Kau Potion Neopedia entry.

a truly colossal conundrum

Quick question: Who is Kaelyn? Is she Kayla by a different name? And why isn't she linked in the Book of Ages? ~ I don't like filling this out.

Anayu: Kaelyn does indeed appear to be a previous name for Kayla! This can be evidenced by this editorial (seventh question from the bottom) and this ancient Caption Contest. However, we probably shouldn't view this as a fact because TNT has never confirmed it or stated it anywhere - as far as we know.

Perry: Although TNT could have corrected it in response to that editorial question, but chose not to.

If JellyWorld doesn't exist, then who exactly are we losing to on bye days? Are we really playing anyone at all? O.o *is escorted away by her feepit security team before the meepits can haul her off* ~ Sweet D

Perry: On bye days, you're playing against the Practice Team. Honestly, some people and their crazy conspiracy theories...

Anayu: Rumour has it that if you play too much Shootout Showdown late into the night, the Chia might come up and whisper some secrets about a long-forgotten realm made of...CHOKATOS. Haha, gotcha!

Any resemblance to any putative free daily snack
is purely coincidental.

How does the Obelisk boon "Refreshed Quest Request" work? Can you pick which faerie you want to quest for or is it random? Can I, for instance, change a fire faerie quest into a fountain faerie quest? Thanks in advance! ~ anonymous

Perry: When you receive a Faerie Quest while the Refreshed Quest Request is active, you have the option to dismiss the faerie and replace her with a new one. You do not, unfortunately, get to pick the replacement faerie. It could be any of the elemental faeries (including the one you had before), the Battle Faerie, the Fountain Faerie, the Space Faerie, the Crafting Faerie, or the Faerie Queen.

So you can change a Fire Faerie quest into a Fountain Faerie quest, but it's far more likely that your replacement faerie will not be the Fountain Faerie.

I have heard of a game a looong time ago, called The Warehouse of Lost Plushies. The name sounds so grand, but I haven't heard of anything since. What was it? Was it good? What happened? ~ scooby_dood

Anayu: That game did exist at one point of time! As far as we can tell it was introduced in 2003 and went offline sometime in 2005. A long long time ago...

In the game, you had to recover your plushies which had been kidnapped and housed in a warehouse, from where they were going to be shipped away.

The game only lasted two years, so perhaps it wasn't very popular. Or perhaps it was another reason, as there is never any common reason why games are removed from the site.

Are we allowed to collect the NC 7th Birthday Cake Slice on our side account? Normally we can for NC birthday goodies that give out NC cash items, and we can use the lab ray on our side accounts which gives out hit points and other stats. So, can we collect the NC 7th Birthday Cake Slice on our side accounts as well as our main? You normally tell us when you post the NC freebies but you didn't mention it with the blurb. ~ nickyrach

Anayu: Yes, you can indeed, it's an NC item! All such free items have been allowed before, so there's no reason why it won't be allowed now, and TNT has introduced no warning against it.

Cake? Did you say cake? We want cake.

Your avatar guide says that one can get the "Taunt the Pant Devil" avatar by putting a single item that has an estimated worth of over 1 million NP in one's inventory and refreshing. I own three such items. I followed your instructions with each of these and...no avatar. What gives??? ~ anonymous

Perry: First, it's "estimated value," not estimated worth. The estimated value appears on the Item Lookup, or, for rarer items, as the "Est. value" on the Item Info page that pops up when you double-click an item in your inventory.

Second, the avatar may not appear right away. You may have to refresh your inventory repeatedly.

However, it may also be that the single item needs to have an estimated value of five million Neopoints, not one million. I believe the long-lamented Avatarlog confirmed that earlier speculations about the one-million number were false, and that five million is the correct minimum value you need.

Unfortunately, in Avatarlog's absence, I've been unable to find a conclusive, reliable source to confirm this. In the meantime, try using an item like the Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield whose estimated value is well over five million, or a group of items whose collective estimated value is over five million.

Anayu: I got this avatar by dumping an enormous number of Sand Snowballs in my...


Anayu: Oh dear, I warned you! No uncertain answers! Now the Content Beast has us trapped!
Scrambling with lightning reflexes at the sudden crash at the door, Pookie sent a stack of editorial scrolls flying off a desk. In her wake lay a large, discarded stapler.

Perry: Is that what I think it is? ... Yes, it's an Attack Stapler. No one's seen one of these in a long time.

Anayu: Will it be enough to stun the Content Beast?

Perry: I don't know. It's still an untested weapon! But it's our only hope!
As Anayu swung open the hideously rusted latch of the cell door cubicle's ergonomic aperture release, Perry frantically fired the stapler into the darkness. The Beast roared. Anayu and Perry reeled away from the mephitic stench of its breath.

Just then, Pookie leapt forward, unphased by the darkness or the smell, and dug in her claws. In the darkness, the staffers could only see the Beast's eyes widen in shock and then disappear as he fled into the labyrinthine recesses of the Lair. Pookie sat back with an expression that clearly implied "and that's how it's done, silly bipeds."

Honestly, you lot are pathetic.

Anayu: He won't be gone long. Let's get out while we can!

Perry: You don't have to tell me twice!

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