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Spring Cleaning Issue
Published: June 21, 2014

The Jellyneo Staff was buzzing with anticipation. Not only were staffers racking up record numbers of Yooyuball GOOOOOOALS for the Altador Cup JN Staff Tournament, but a new group of staffers had successfully jumped through flaming hoops, composed a binary sonnet in praise of Dr. Sloth, and aced the all-important ballroom gown competition to earn their coveted position amongst our ranks.

In the Staff Lounge, the Neopian orrery hummed gently, its delicate gear mechanism cleaned and oiled. A fresh coat of pectin coated the jelly furniture. And, joy of joys, the long-awaited shipment of Limited Edition Crystal Pekkasi had finally arrived and was chilling nicely in the soda machine.

But for me, there would be no refreshing soda. Instead, Dream had summoned me to a particularly musty grotto deep within the Content Beast's lair. Piles of editorial questions spilled from every available shelf, and, indeed, any available flat surface. Gingerly I swept aside a few mouldering scrolls on the dirt floor, trying to clear a spot where I could rest my weary, arthritic bones.

Dream scrutinized me with an appraising and not entirely convinced glance. "Oh, good, you're finally here. As you know, the new staffers will be arriving soon, and we simply must be ready. We're long overdue for a good spring cleaning."

"But it's summer," I interjected tepidly.

"Hence, we're long overdue," she replied, as though to a particularly dim child. "Besides, it's winter down south, and I'm sure it must be spring on some planet somewhere. No time like the present."

"Actually, this isn't a great time. I have term papers to grade, and we're right in the middle of the AC staff tourney - "

Dream cocked her head, struggling to find a tactful way to respond. "Do you really think a few hours of cleaning will make your AC scores any worse?"

I hung my head silently.

"Now, I don't expect you to reply to all of these editorial questions," she announced in a tone that suggested quite the contrary, "but at the very least do clear out the oldest ones. With all the recent changes at Neopets it's going to become painfully obvious that some of these questions date from quite a ways back, so make sure you answer the newest ones as well, and any in the middle that strike your fancy."

"I know you're pressed for time," she conceded, "so just do the best you can, and don't fret about making it too pretty." Turning to leave, she tossed a tin of spotted dick and a packet of wine gums onto the one clear spot in the room, at my feet. "Here are some snacks to tide you over - I'll never be able to mention them on Neopets, so I suppose this is as good a use for them as any." The door closed behind her, followed by the sickening click of the deadbolt sliding into place.

Bristling with gumption after Dream's inspiring words, I rolled up my hands and got to work.

Hello JN! I will now flood you in questions! First up some questions on side accounts; Years ago my girlfriend and I both played Neopets and she has made some side accounts, since then she has quit playing (but visits her guild boards still) but more importantly, we've moved in together and are now using the same IP. Anyway! We agreed to trade some pets a while ago, and as a result I'm logged in on her side account with my second browser. I've been using this to search for faerie quest items and such. I also have been giving it Neopoints (earned fair and square on my main) to keep the pets in her side account in the lodge and to pay for the transferring of pets. Do you think these actions are okay? Second up some AC questions. In Make Some Noise, is it okay to make use of a second USB-keyboard, so that I can tap 2 keys on keyboard A with one hand and 2 keys on keyboard B with the other? And; is it somehow possible to play the AC games in lower quality? Some seem to really work my computer very hard, notably Shootout Showdown seems to slow down an awful lot the more games you play. Perhaps this is a problem with only my computer.. does anyone else suffer? Lastly; has anyone at JN tried to figure out how many prize shop points you get for a submitted score in the AC games and if so, where do I find this info? (or alternatively, I'm willing to crack it, my mathskills are awesome, but I'm going to need quite a few people that submit how many prize shop points they got to spend so I can lower my margin of error) Whew, that was all.. thank you! ~ Anonymous

(blows dust off the question) I will now have to inundate you with even more answers, I'm afraid!

In response to your first set of questions:

It is okay to trade pets, so long as you trade them one-for-one. No items, NP, or NC can be used to sweeten the deal.
It is okay for two people to play Neopets using the same computer, even if both people have multiple accounts. (Visiting her guild counts as playing.)
It is okay for you to be logged in one one browser, and for her to be logged in on a second browser.
It is NOT okay for you to log into her account.
It is okay for her to use her Shop Wizard to search for faerie quest items for you.
It is NOT okay for you to use her Shop Wizard to search for faerie quest items for yourself.
It is okay for you to transfer NP to another account, whether yours or someone else's; the best way to do this is through junk trades.

However, be aware that transferring large amounts of NP (even to your own side!) can cause TNT to freeze your account, because some unscrupulous players pay other players real-world money for NP, usually in large quantities. I speak from experience here; I transferred away nearly all my NP from a main to a side so I could get the Soup Faerie avatar. TNT unfroze me, but essentially told me it was my fault because I should have known about illegal NP purchases and not transferred NP in a way that resembled them. The moral of the story: limit your NP transfers to just what you need.
It is, however, extremely unwise to transfer NP to another player to fund a pet transfer. A casual observer might think you were paying NP for the pet, which is expressly against the rules.

Even though you didn't describe it in these terms, you've basically taken over your girlfriend's account. It's not okay to use somebody else's account as your side, even if both of you agreed to do so. TNT stated that it's against the rules to share or give away accounts. If you want to take a good care of those pets, your best course of action would be to transfer those pets to an account you created.

Oh my Sloth, will this editorial question never end?!

In response to your second set of questions:

No, it is not okay to play Make Some Noise on multiple keyboards. TNT made an explicit ruling on this topic recently.

Can you play AC games in low quality? Many tricks you might use to make games easier to play are considered cheating. For example, you're not supposed to tax your computer's processor to make a game run more slowly. However, in this case, it's a simple matter of adding "&quality=low" to the end of the game's URL. I don't see a policy from TNT on this, but in my opinion it should be okay.

There have certainly been events in the past (mandatory steps in plots, for example) requiring you to manipulate neopets.com URLs, and if TNT really wanted to prevent you playing on low quality, they could have done so, as they did when they made it so you could only play Wheel of Slime on best quality.

My fellow staffers report similar problems to yours: they can't play Yooyuball on their laptop except in low quality, and playing Shootout Showdown on low instead of regular quality makes the difference between having to reload the game after 80 or so games (on low) and having to reload after about 20 games (on regular). So I'd say it's okay to play on low quality, unless TNT clarifies a policy against it.

Lastly, the prize points are awarded thusly:

Winning Yooyuball= 12 Prize Shop Points
Drawing Yooyuball= 6 Prize Shop Points
Slushie Slinger= 6 Prize Shop Points
Make Some Noise= 1 Prize Shop Point
Shootout Showdown=1 Prize Shop Point

Whew, that was a lot!

*throws lots of omelettes* I read through the Destruct-O-Match game guide before asking this, and the guide said what I had thought to be true. In the Extreme Mode, you have 2 sets of blocks to deal with. The guide states that all power-ups, except for the salamander, are available in this game mode. I've played Extreme several times a week for a least a month, and have yet to get the Shuffle Block from either section of blocks. I know when I played that mode several months ago, I normally got it at least every other game. Has TNT changed something in the coding? Is the Shuffle Block going to return to Extreme? Or am I just having a freak problem....? *runs off to contemplate whether or not is actually a freak* ~ noongsaao

Actually, in Extreme Mode, the only power-up available is the Scamander Block. The Shuffle Block is never going to appear.

You may indeed be a freak (and there's nothing at all wrong with that!) but not because of your boulder-smashing luck.

Personally, I enjoy a good freaky game...

Hello! I'm not so good in English but I will try my best to explain my question. I have a hard time knowing what items I have and where (SDB, gallery, shed, closet or on a side). I have tried to make a database on my computer where I could find my items in a quick search but... I have a lot of items and to move them in to my database is taking me so long. Before I'm halfway done things have moved around, new items are added and it's a big mess in my database. Now I'm wondering if there is any way to make a database that automatically updates when I'm logging in to my accounts? Is that possible? If it is, is there any ways that you can hint to me of how to do this? In the database I have done there are fields for all the information that belongs to a item (picture, name, description, type and qty) plus some fields for my own (my own description, types and where the item is held (SDB, closet, account...). Then I have a form where I can search in different fields. I have even my pets in that database. Hope you can understand what I trying to ask about and that you have some help to how to move my items and information in to the database and how to keep it up to date. ~ anonymous

Your English is fine! I spent less time cleaning up the grammar than I've had to do for some questions from native speakers. :)

It is possible to set up automatic updates; for example, our Lab Ray Logger automatically logs your lab ray zaps. Unfortunately, that requires a certain level of programming skill that your typical player does not possess. You can always bring specific coding questions to the Geek Speak section of the Jellyneo Forums.

Don't forget that categories of Neopian items are not always clean and well-defined. An item can be a drinkable potion and a Battledome weapon at the same time, for example. We're constantly dealing with these nuances in the Jellyneo Item Database. So even if you do eventually automate your inventories, you'll need to make manual adjustments to your database.

Finally, remember that using an automated system to enhance gameplay - whether to feed kads, play flash games, or simply refresh a screen - is NOT allowed.

Hi TJNT! *throws a dozen Jelly Cookies into the air* Because of your awesome, limitless wisdom and knowledge, I was wondering if you could clarify a few things for me. 1) After the release of the Games Master Challenge stamp (which I successfully obtained - yay!) I attempted to insert it into my album, which resulted in a message saying "Invalid Stamp! Abandon Ship!" 2) Shortly afterward, I noticed that although the stamp was a 'mass-released' prize for the game challenge (at least I think so), the price is surprisingly high on TP! Like, somewhere around 100k. Are the two odd phenomena noted above related in any way, do you think? ~ anonymous

The "Invalid Stamp!" message probably just means that someone on TNT neglected to activate the stamp when it was first released. That error is long gone for that particular stamp. You'll have no trouble affixing it to your stamp album now.

Newly-released items often fluctuate widely in price as the first specimens are introduced, as additional specimens enter the market, and as players determine how easy it will be to obtain an item, how much they might want that item to keep, and how much they think the item might increase in value in the future. In the case of stamps, there's always the possibility that a new stamp might belong to a page that will one day earn you an avatar, so some speculators might judge single-release stamps as very high in potential value - and then adjust their estimation later. As of this editorial, there are several of these stamps for sale in the high buyable range; please visit the Jellyneo Item Database for current prices.

Who knew using the stamp would pose a greater challenge than earning it?

I was awarded two game trophies on the third day instead of the second day of the month when the monthly high-score tables were reset. Was it a glitch or a mistake? Thank you for your help. ~ coolman233312

The simplest explanation is that your score didn't rank high enough in the high score tables to earn you a trophy until day 2. A higher score, especially from a game with cumulative points like Bilge Dice, could increase your rank from day to day.

However, it's even possible for your ranking to improve from one day to the next even if you don't continue playing after your original high score. A perfect high score in a game like Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway puts you at the bottom of the perfect scorers, but only 100 perfect scorers can appear on the high score tables; each subsequent perfect score bumps the top scorer off the list and pushes you up one space in the ranks. That's an odd case in which other players' scores can, atypically, move you up in the rankings.

It's also possible that your score was reviewed. In that case, your score would not appear in the high score table until it was reviewed and accepted, but there could be a lag of a day between you submitting the score and you receiving a trophy.

But it sounds like you're describing a situation where you were, in fact, in the top 17 spots in the high score table at the end of the first of the month but didn't receive the trophy. That has happened on occasion when the script that awards trophies has glitched.

How can I get the proper code for an avatar guide? ~ Amillica_kamillica

o_O This question is ambiguously worded. I suspect that's why it's gone unanswered for a while.

Did you mean, "How can I find a guide telling me the secret codes that will help me earn an avatar?" There are certainly games such as Faerie Bubbles whose avatars pretty much require knowing the cheat codes. You can find a list of these (legal and sanctioned) codes at our Master Cheats List.

If, however, you wanted to know where to find avatar guides, you'll want our Avatar Solutions page. The thumbnail descriptions tell you the conditions that have to be met for each avatar, and, when applicable, a link to a game guide where you can find specific strategies for getting the avatar.

We're much easier when you have the inside scoop!

What happened to the World of Neopia? i know it was supposed to be 3d Neopia with live chat set to resoled in 2009, but whatever happened to it? ~ anonymous

I think you meant "be released"? This question does keep coming up... We've discussed this in at least five JN editorials. Let's dive into the archives for Mac's recent answer to this question:

Mac: Back in April 2008 Dave made a newspost about it here that you should find very interesting! For those who are unaware, World of Neopia was meant to be an extension of the Neopets experience that looked and played a lot like Petpet Park. Something else of note is that they also mentioned Monkey World, which ultimately became Monkey Quest. Since it's been six years since we last heard anything about the project, I think it's safe to assume it's been scrapped.

As a bonus, I'm well on my way to completing my mandatory minimum quota of Blumaroos for this issue!

Hello... Anyways, a while back, probably like a year ago, something happened to me on Neopets that I assume had to do with my server. This something made it so none of the adds would load, when ever I was on a page it wouldn't load all the way, the computer made clicking sounds every two seconds, and made the page really laggy. This problem drove me to a temporary hiatus for a while however I recently found myself drawn back in and the fact that the clicking sound had gone away I didn't really think about it. However yesterday something happened when my little brother accidentally pounded on the keys and the horrid thing happened again. I only just was able to do my Krawk island piece for the day with out going crazy from the stupid Click. Not to mention now my computer wont even load Habitarium without about ten minutes of Lag. It's driving me crazy is there some way you can help me... Click... Click... Click... ~ Slowly being clicked to death

That clicking sound is most likely your hard drive experiencing a mechanical problem. After prolonged use (or little brothers pounding on the desk where your hard drive is located) the read/write head mechanism can start striking the discs inside the hard drive. You'll hear it as clicking and you'll experience it as lags and other performance problems.

This is bad. You'll want to back up your hard drive immediately, replace the hard drive, reinstall your O/S, and copy your backed-up data onto the new drive. Fortunately, hard drives are fairly affordable these days.

The other possibilities, of course, are a resurgence of the Y14 purple bug infestation, or nefarious Meepit plot. Either way, I'd replace that hard drive tout de suite.

Oh dear, this doesn't look good at all...

I want to login to petpetpark in chrome, but it won't let me. I can login with other sites in chrome though. I know it works in firefox. Please help! Thanks! ~ kateccax3

Try deleting cookies and clearing your cache.

If that doesn't fix the problem (or only fixes it temporarily), there might be an extension causing the problem. To identify which extension might be the culprit, open two windows, one with Petpet Park, and one with chrome://extensions/. Uncheck the extensions one at a time and try reloading PPP after each one until you find the one that was blocking you. Drag that extension to the trash to delete it.

It's also possible that PPP works best with the newest version of Chrome... or with an older version of Chrome. You can try upgrading Chrome to the newest version, or restoring an older version when PPP loaded properly, and see whether that helps.

But it may not be worth the effort. This might be like the old joke: "Doctor, my arm hurts when I do this!" "Well, then, don't do that." If it works best in Firefox, play in Firefox!

I really hate to nag you about it like this, but I love tea nearly as much as I love the works of Douglas Adams, so... About Green Tea being a reference. I'm not convinced. The Nutri-Matic produced "a liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea", indeed. But it was a cup full of liquid, not capsules. Also, the English are big primarily on black tea (right, Rylon?) and this is green tea. Nothing about the item suggests it would have anything to do with THAT particular tea, in THAT particular book. You don't have any Neopets source to confirm this, do you? Now, please admit it was just far-fetched association. Thank you. Sorry for being annoying. And thanks for being the hoopy froods that you are! ~ tubulina

I'm no Douglas Adams expert, but I'd have to say you make a compelling case. The sci-fi trope of meals in pill form goes back to the utopian speculations of the late nineteenth century, but I haven't been able to locate any use of it in Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide series.

It does look like it was just a farfetched association. I don't know what the photon we were thinking. Got to hand it to you - you really know where your towel is.

While green and herbal teas have grown more popular in England, they have a long way to go to compete with traditional black tea.

Rylon raves, "plain old PG Tips does it for me."

Hi there JN! How many of you "over there" remember when TNT had to introduce DUNG with a flower in it, to promote customization? You do? Did JN ever record that item? I can't find any reference of it *head scratch* ~ therons

In October 2007, the same year customization was implemented, the Pile of Dung became a wearable item, and there were reports that sometimes, apparently randomly, the customized dung appeared with a flower in it. Only a couple of staffers remember it, and I haven't been able to track down an image of it.

In the meantime, the 2012 Advent Calendar included the lovely Floral Battle Dung, a Battledome weapon:

We have our best researchers looking into finding some of this ephemeral efflorescent dung from the early days of customization. If you know of an image we could use for Dr. Sloth's Neopets Image Emporium, the minions would be ever so obsequiously grateful!

Nope, no flower here either...
(There, that should make two staffers happy!)

Okay, this has been confusing me for a while and I was wondering what you think about the situation. My guild has a guild account which was made when the guild was founded. The owner of the guild relinquished ownership of the guild due to going on a semi-hiatus, and it bounced around the council until it landed on my lap. However (there's always a however) the original guild leader is still in charge of the guild account since, as per TNT rules, the guild account is a side account of the guild leader. And since account sharing is not allowed, I, as new leader, cannot take over their side account. But I also have my full 1 main and 4 sides, so I cannot make a new guild account (and I don't want to since our guild account is quite active and our old leader is still running it well AND my accounts are full and nice, so it'd just be confusing to have them take over when our current account is themed towards are guild). I'd hate to see our guild of 300 members get shut down because TNT rules are confusing! What do you think we should we do? Thanks~ ~ "anonymous"

You're correct: you cannot take over the previous leader's side account.

Only you, as the guild leader, can host the guild account, and you may not share access to that account with any other player. The main function of a guild account is to host a guild shop, and there's no reason even a full and nice side account couldn't serve that purpose. None of your sides should have a shop, as a guild account is the only side account allowed to have a shop.

However, if you don't like this option, for whatever reason, there's no reason your guild has to have a guild shop or a guild account. Many guilds function perfectly well without one.

If your guild really wants a guild shop and you really don't want to use one of your sides as the guild account, then you always have the option of letting someone else take over as guild leader. It sounds like your council already works well together, and with 300 members, I'm sure you can find someone suitable: dedicated to the guild, responsible, cooperative, and able to host the guild account.

Hi guys! Okay, so I've been avidly searching on Neopets and Jellyneo for the answer to this one and I still can't figure it out :( I won a Gold Brightvale job coupon from the Wheel of Knowledge and now I have gotten it down to a Pink Job coupon. However, it's been months and I have yet to see a Pink or even a purple job. Are the Pink and Purple Job Coupons meant to be a "substitute?" Like I can use them for any color job? Are these jobs on hiatus? Or should I simply just keep looking? Please help! Thank you! ~ Marschan6

You have my sympathies! Every time I get a high-level job coupon, I always hit a point where there are no jobs available for the color coupon I have.

Sadly, no, your hard-to-use coupons are not substitutes. Pink and Purple Job Coupons may only be used for jobs requiring those particular coupons. You can either give up, keep trying, or (my personal choice) put them up for sale on the Trading Post. I've never had trouble finding a buyer.

Sometimes you just gotta take whatever job you can get...

For a while I've had two Neopets accounts and I've been using them both as main accounts, which I thought was okay since I don't send anything from one account to the other. They're completely separate and there's no contact whatsoever. But then I found out that no, that's NOT okay and there's a pretty good chance of getting caught and frozen, so I'm gonna make one of them a side account. But I've got around 35,000 neopoints on there and I don't know what to do about it. Can I spend it on things for the pets on that account or should I donate it all? And what about the advent calendar prizes I collected from both accounts? Also, is it against the rules to play games AT ALL on side accounts, or is it okay to play them as long as I don't send the scores? And do games in the Games Graveyard count as regular games even though you CAN'T send your scores? ~ anonymous

I'm relieved to hear you're converting one to a side account! You're allowed to spend NP on a side account, but only when the NP were earned from your main, so you shouldn't spend spend NP you earned on the side account on items.

The safest thing to do would be donate the NP. It is allowed to transfer NP between accounts, via the Trading Post, but in this scenario I think TNT would frown on that. It's only 35,000 NP... even a very poor Neopian could recoup that loss by playing Kass Basher for a couple of weeks. This sounds like you have a good opportunity to perform some random acts of kindness and earn back some karma by donating the NP.

I believe TNT's policy would be that you should delete the duplicate Advent Calendar prizes, unfortunately.

The basic guideline for side account activity is that you can use side accounts for any purpose except making NP (or earning items that could be sold for NP).

Your scenario is a little fishy, anyway... as long as you're playing a game that can earn you NP, why not play it on your main and earn the NP? Why play a game only to quit in the middle? And if you're concerned with being frozen for having two main accounts (as you should be), why deliberately try to skirt the rules in the most suspicious way possible, especially since everyone can see how many different games you've played on each account's userpage? TNT has stated many times that they don't want you playing games on sides, they don't want you purposely skirting the rules, and they don't want to entertain endless "what if...?" questions about playing games on side accounts. Playing games that can earn you NP, but then not sending the score, sounds like a textbook example of skirting the rules.

Stick to playing games on your main!

That said, because Games Graveyard games don't earn NP or NP items, it would be okay to play them on your sides. But, again, why play them on your sides instead of your main in the first place?

It was such a lovely account...
until she skirted the rules one too many times.

Hello!*throws everything in the iDB*Why is neoquest 3D called 3D?It is totally not. ~ anoymous

The 3 is because it's technically the third installment of NeoQuest. The 3D is irony (especially given the beautifully rendered 3-D image that launches the game).

Something crossed my mind the other day (no pun intended) regarding NT entries: Do you guys know if you can use the strikethrough effect in the NT, or do TNT's filters/coding not allow it? It's easy enough to code via HTML, but I don't think I've ever read anything in the NT that uses it. Thanks! ~ Dragonair23

Yes, you can! Just use the [s] and [/s] markers, and make a note in the comments area (or very prominently at the top of the story) for Droplet explaining that you want to use the strikethrough effect.

You can see an example, the word "victims," in the fourth paragraph of vanessa1357924680's article, 101 Ways to Speak Evilly.

How can I get my waist as slim as Dr. Sloth's? ~ labpartnerincrime

Neocola. Lots and lots of Diet Neocola, available in several mind-numbing flavors. Also, it helps to be 6' 3", have an alien metabolism, and have access to all manner of futuristic tech.

Don't forget to follow an exhaustive aerobics regimen!

Hello Jellyneo staff This is my last doubts but don't worry! I'll still visit everyday your page first I want to thank you for replied my question even if I'm a guest or host or whatever you still are nice and help everyone and that make us feel like part of you so I made you a draw here it is [original link] now the doubts: you have a neo account?, Is neopets just a comercial site like some users say?,is this a good shop theme and appropiate [original link] I want to follow the rules of course but since the editorial of neo doesn't answer all our doubt I thought you could since you put attention and if it is appropiate do you have a tutorial because I dunno how to make my draw backgrounds T..T how can I say in neopets you are the best of the best? and finally in the last editorial of new year in a line of a meepits question about their "evilness" was a lyrics of a song I like I am (all of me) of crush 40 ,the lines was "see no evil, hear no evil" well I just hope you can keep forward and thanks for anything, sorry to make it so long love you all ~ purrmew

I decided to leave this question unedited, so you all could experience the full kawaii of this question. :)

We staffers each have our own Neopets accounts, but Jellyneo as an organization doesn't.

Neopets is a commercial site, in the sense that they provide an entertainment service, and need to make enough money to pay their overhead, salaries, and such, which they do through such things as advertisements, promotions, premium subscriptions, and Neocash. People will always disagree on how much Neopets has focused on generating revenue versus generating content, but TNT does have to pay their bills, and Neopets remains a website that everyone can play without paying a fee to do so.

Thank you for the lovely drawing! With regards to whether your proposed shop theme is appropriate, the usual rule of thumb is that if you have to ask whether something is appropriate, it probably isn't. In this case, though, I don't see any reason why your drawing of AAA holding a sleepover pajama party would be a problem. Please note, however, that the mods disapprove firmly of mentioning sleepovers, parties, and the like, but this particular image seems quite innocuous.

That makes three appearances of AAA in this editorial...
that should keep Mac Teazle happy

If you're looking for artistic feedback on your artwork, or technical tutorials, we do have The Art Gallery forum and the Tutorials forum in the Jellyneo forums.

The "see no evil, hear no evil" phrase is part of a centuries-old adage, famous long before Crush 40 used it, but isn't it funny how a famous phrase is always most meaningful to us in the context where we first heard it? Hopefully "All of Me"'s metal influence will distract the Meepits long enough for us to get away.

ZOMG fanart so cute

What book is the Smug Philosopher holding? ~ higor3444

Sandro, that pedantic sesquipedalian, doubtless has a vast collection of books at his disposal. However, given his stated preference for King Hagan's doctrines and his swellheaded sobriquet, I'd wager that he regularly peruses Brightvale Wisdom, Advanced Learning, and the Book of Pretentious Quotes.

Another likely candidate is Battledome Techniques. One otherwise promising book we can safely rule out, though, is the Battle Faerie's eponymous tome, Battle Ready!, on the grounds that it contains only pictures and no text.

If the Ice caves Scratchcard Wocky is female, shouldn't she have eyelashes. I always imagined her as female, until I looked closely and saw no eyelashes, and then I saw an editorial question that said she was female, but alas; no eyelashes! ~ 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582 0974944592

It must be a tart, since it falls just short of being a pi

(Seriously? You couldn't have carried π out to just one more digit? Then you would have had less than a 10% error on the remaining expansion, as opposed to the more than 30% error you chose. Tsk, tsk.)

While it's true that eyelashes are a default visual marker that a Neopet is female, individual characters often deviate from the standard models.

(Why males should be thought of as lacking eyelashes, or why reptilian females should be thought of as sporting them, is a whole separate question, probing how gender roles are used to objectify and subjugate women at a fundamental cultural level, but, hey, we're here to have fun! So we'll just table that discussion for now.) :)

The new lottery random event confirms that Wocky is male: "You look like you could use some luck!" He hands you a lottery ticket with the following numbers: X, X, X, X, X, X. "I hope you win!"

Of course, this is Neopets, where gender change is just a potion or an encounter with the Lab Ray Scientist away, so who's to say the Wocky might not have been female during a previous appearance?

Hey Jelly!(Do you mind being called Jelly?)I was wondering if some of the guides on Jellyneo could be made a little more advanced. For example, I love your stock market guide, but if it could also have a part 2, which gives more detailed and advanced strategies for users who are already familiar with the basics? ~ hiedis

Actually, we prefer Jellyneo (with a small n), or just JN if you're feeling chummy. :)

As it happens, our intrepid Content Team is in the middle of an overhaul of all of our game guides. There's a lot that goes into a game guide, but our goal is to have information to benefit both people completely new to the game and more advanced players like yourself.

If you see something important missing from a game guide, please notify us through our Report an Error form, our designated spot not only for errors but also for mistakes, game tips, and out-of-date content.

Jellyneo's Game Guides:
even for the most accomplished, dreamiest players

You always seem to be in need of more item database team members. Is it that hard of a job? Also, how many Jellyneo staff members do not have the wheel of knowledge avatar? ~ Pickles

O. M. G. Working on the Item Database is brutal! Ian is the most grueling of taskmasters, and don't even get me started about Dave! Not to mention the horrible epidemic of Stockholm Syndrome amongst the IDB team ourselves. No amount of work is ever, ever enough... *moan*

In all seriousness, there's a lot more to the job than you might expect. We each have a healthy quota of updating prices on both buyable and unbuyable items, which is a statistical art and science in itself. We have to conduct ourselves with every pricing decision in a way that is above reproach. In addition, we have to keep on top of every new item released in Neopia, which requires dedicated vigilance at times like 12:00 midnight NST when many new NC items are released, and when the news (including new items of all sorts) is announced daily.

We need to double-check questionable prices, respond to pricing error reports, and investigate reports of missing items. As newly announced items begin to appear in Neopian shops, we have to become diplomats, delicately asking people if they'll share their newly acquired items' ID numbers with us so that you can search for those items in our database.

We're constantly re-evaluating how data is organized, and how best to make it available and useful to all you users. Any number of side projects to update and reorganize data are always in progress. We're working on some changes to our procedures right now that should manifest as even better and faster pricing than ever.

Staffing the Item Database takes time, commitment, discipline, integrity, intelligence, and creativity. Luckily we have some of the most amazing staffers on the Item Database you could ever hope to work with. I'm constantly surprised they keep my sorry carcass around.

I polled about half the staff, and found that about two-thirds of us staff members don't yet have the Brightvale avatar.

o, ever-elusive star,
someday you will be mine!

I drank a Desert Hissi Morphing potion...what will happen to me? ~ alli_draggy (Champion Of Under 13s)

Well, obviously, you'll turn into a Desert Hissi, you lucky so-and-so.

The Hissi, is, of course, as all cognoscenti and people of discernment and taste know, the best Neopet, the pinnacle of grace and elegance.

No flowers here, Perry. I can haz?

Oh, you just couldn't have picked a worse moment... did Mac or Jawsch put you up to this? Sure, knock yourself out.

Hello, Jellyneo? (looks around, and, upon seeing nobody, leaves a note and basket of feepits) I have a complaint about a staff member, Comastar. In the staff tourney sign ups, it clearly states her strength is unlimited ice cream. Obviously, she is being very greedy, as she does not share any. I find it disturbing that a staff member recently regarded with honor is being a greedy hog and not offering me some of her ice cream (makes pouty face). I say we all sign a petition that will make her give us ice cream. Who's with me?! Oh, and also I suppose I could ask if you will ever hold a suggestion section for wardrobe wars themes. But clearly the ice cream issue is more important! ~ sugarstarz21

...it is not wise to trash-talk the TNT Staff member who might one day decide whether your account deserves to be unfrozen.

I think you've made a logical error here. The person with unlimited ice cream is far more likely to share than the person with limited ice cream. You could always ask nicely, you know.

Speaking of asking nicely, if you have a suggestion for the Wardrobe Wars themes, just PM Rylon on the forums!

What is the food item featured in the "Mmm, custard!" secret avatar? I tried searching everywhere and couldn't find it. Thanks a bunch. ~ anonymous

Ooh, good question!

First, the custardy confection in the avatar does not appear to match any of the custard items in the Item Database.

But lo! The avatar turns out to be a close-up of the front-page banner for the randomly themed Custard Day, celebrated on July 20, 2005 (Y7), the very day the avatar was released.

This larger image reveals berries mixed into the custard: islandberries, almost certainly, based on their shape and color.

I have a question about my NT submission. You see, I recently sent in a series to the NT (my first, actually), but it was rejected. The neomail from TNT said it was "inconsistent with what users are allowed to post on the Neopets site". So I reviewed my story, the terms and conditions, and your guide to writing for the NT, and I couldn't find anything that stood in the way of acceptance. I want to have it 'peer reviewed', but I don't know how to go about that, because if it really does violate the rules, I don't want to risk alerting TNT by posting it on site, and I can't post and link to it offsite. Indeed, the only reason I'm not afraid of it being stolen is because TNT saw the initial submission. What can I do? ~ Neolikepets

Without seeing your entry, it's hard to judge what the issue might be. Be sure to review TNT's Handy Tips for getting your submission in the Neopian Times.

If you want your story peer reviewed, you have several options. You could post excerpts from your story on the Neopian Writers Neoboard; on Jellyneo's forum for writers, The JN Library; or the Certified Fan Site dedicated to NT writers, the Neopian Times Writers' Forum.

Where does a Gammon Sandwich come from? It's baked, and rarity 101, so it's just out of reach of the shops. That's gotta be annoying for the shopkeepers, to have so many items just out of stocking range...

I imagine most of the shopkeepers are just as happy not to have to stock every item available, given how clogged with low-rarity or overpriced items most of their shops are.

Rarity 101 indicates special items that come from specific events on the site, such as items given out by the Alien Aisha Vending Machine. In this case, Gammon Sandwiches come from Picnic Hampers.

the steak's not the only rare part of this picnic lunch

Hey guys! So, I had this RIDICULOUS idea, that maybe, a world of jelly existed. So, hypothetically, if it did, how did the first few explorers find this land? Manipulating the URL? For a fact, I know once in the summer of 2003, all the petpets disappeared, but the news doesn't actually link to where! ~ anonymous

The earliest citation of these persistent whispers is from the New Features dated March 30, 2002 (Y2), where TNT referred to the "upcoming" Jelly World, and then again in the news on September 6, 2002 (Y4), where it has been downgraded to a "rumour."

There did use to be links, or at least dead links that offered clues to the real link, such as Prisoner Number Five's wild rantings in Cellblock. If you're looking for a likely early explorer of this posited land, I'd start there.

Unfortunately, this avails us little help in determining how a world of jelly might have been discovered. The few clues we have are not promising. It's said that this mythical realm lies in a "distant corner" of Neopia, that the petpets who went missing in 2003 traveled there, and that in an alternate timeline the tantalizingly named Wobbleshire was discovered. But "distant corner" could mean anything from the Lost Isle to Qasala to the "Wobbly Jelly Planet" Octozodi.

How might explorers find such a land? Shenkuu was practically next door to Neopia Central, and Tyrannia adjacent to Terror Mountain, for ages before they were "discovered." Maelstroms have concealed whole lands for years at a time. Altador and Meridell were lost in time, and several locations temporarily accessible through space-warping portals.

Given these conditions, explorers might have gone on epic journeys of adventurous derring-do, or they might have tripped over the right rock when Kreludor happened to be in the right phase. There's just no way of knowing.

What are the chances of Darigan Citadel winning the Altador Cup this year? I know they've done well in the past (2nd in the first AC, 1st in the 2nd, 3rd in 5th, and all other years never scoring less than 7th place), and I've been on their team every year that I've played in the Altador Cup, but at the rate that they're going at this year, they will probably rank 3rd this year. I don't want them to lose to Haunted Woods again, because so far, Haunted Woods has only lost one match (Kiko Lake) and have only had one draw. It looks like Haunted Woods is going to become the first team to win twice, and even though I've been playing super hard every day to try and make sure that Darigan reigns supreme, WE STILL ARE IN THIRD PLACE!!! Also, and suggestions to help me better support DC would greatly be appreciated. ~ Lilipui

I'm going to take a page from Sir_Cabbage and just say MOO.

More precisely, I'm going to say MU - in the Zen sense of un-asking the question.

I support Terror Mountain. I simply can not get excited over who the minutiae of who will take the cup, when my own team doesn't have a snowball's chance in Moltara of having an impact. To be brutally honest, aside from a relatively small percentage of extremely motivated players, I very much doubt most of us affect the final outcome much at all.

You know what's really awesome about DC? Layton Vickles. Arguably, he's the only positive role model in all of Neopia for a young Hissi looking for inspiration.

You want suggestions on how better to support your team? Stand behind them, win or lose. Play your best (but not to the point where your hands ache). Customize your pets in DC regalia. Festoon your posts, userpage, and petpages with the Darigan colors. And don't worry too much about who takes the cup. :)

a champion, win or lose

A few nights ago, I was playing against a team, and it passed midnight. I didn't refresh the window til 12:40, so for 40 minutes, I was playing yooyuball against a team that we were not playing against anymore. Does this affect anything adversely? ~ Kee

I had a similar experience, playing past midnight and finding that yesterday's team continued to play so long as I didn't refresh the page.

My wins were registered, and NP awarded for the first three games. Based on that, I don't think anything in your Neopets account or AC scores were hurt. I suspect that our post-midnight wins didn't count in the team standings, but there's no way to know for sure.

Okay, just one more question and I'll have cleared a spot for these lovely British snacks.

What flavors are the three different slushies in Slushie Slinger? I try to get my pets to do the Altador Cup with me, but they are decidedly anti-jock, so Slushie Slinger is the only game I can get them to play with me. One of them is all tea ceremony with his Usuki sets, one is all mad sciencey and has been known to aid and abet Landlebrot and Jhudora, and the one who battles looks down the "playing a game" of the Altador Cup, alas. However, now they've expressed interest in eating some of these rather tempting looking treats, and I'd like to buy them some for being such "good sports". (OK please answer, but don't tell them I used that phrase). ~ solsticesprite

Altador Cup slushies come in your choice of zeenana (chartreuse), jumbleberry (magenta), or chokato (periwinkle). Unless, of course, the server is busy, in which case you'll take whichever flavor she slings your way, and like it.

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