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Altador Cup IX Issue
Published: June 7, 2014

Mac: Wow, this place is packed! I don't think I've ever seen this many Neopets in one place before. I've got the audio equipment set up, we should be good to go!

Ummy: Is this thing on?

Ummy: Greetings, Neopians! JN editorialists Ummy and Mac here, reporting to you LIVE from the Altador Colosseum! Since we've all been so busy reporting about Altador Cup IX and playing in the staff tournament, we've decided to answer your questions LIVE from our official Jellyneo tent!

Mac: ...and how convenient! Who better to answer the questions for this editorial than the dedicated AC fans who've camped outside the stadium around us?

In three... two... one... play editoriball!

What is the meaning of life? ~ anonymous

Techo Fanatic

Hey, so I have a question about the Altador Cup (and the terminology). Would someone mind explaining what an ASG is, or what the scandal was last year? I wasn't active at that time, and I want to get back into AC, but a little scared to... ~ noahkim1234567890

Enthusiastic Chia
ASGs are known as Altador Score Groups, a group of mostly all-stars and other dedicated players. Last year, some of these score groups piled on smaller teams like Altador and Roo Island and took them to the podium. It's a pretty impressive feat, I'll say. Don't be afraid of them, we all are. Just look what they're doing to Virtupets...it's beastly!

I was wondering- Does the commentary the nice Grarrl and Ixi say really mean anything about our playing? ~ Sela Pretore

Excited Blumaroo
Why yes! If you win the game, you'll receive praise. On the other hand, if you were lousy and lost, the commentators will spare no time telling you what they think of your game!

In Yooyuball, do other players play against you (multi-player) OR are the teams made up by the computer? ~ Alienlover13_27

The game version of Yooyuball is single-player only; your opponents are computer-controlled AI. All of the opposing teams are exactly the same in terms of skill, the only difference being the formations the teams use. As you score more goals during a single game, players will become more aggressive and try to steal the ball more often.

What do you think is the main reason for Lost Desert's decline over the recent years? In 2010, they won it all, and the year after they dropped to 13th. In 2012, they finished 5th, but they were put in weak brackets. Last year they dropped to 12th, and from the look of their scores, they seemed more equivalent to Faerieland than to the powerhouses, which in my opinion they once were. Is there anything you think happened that has caused such a drop? ~ Anonymous

Coughing Aisha
*clears throat* Well...since no team has won twice yet, people are wary of joining previous winners again. Unlike other powerhouses, which have strong loyal followings, Lost Desert hasn't proven themselves beyond mid-level tiers in more recent years.

How come you didn't bother to speak about the bracket system when you had a meeting or meetings with TNT? It seems they are oblivious to the thousands of boards created each year about the brackets, so expect you to bring it up at your meetings. To avoid having to go through brackets a fourth year, please mention it to them next time you have a proper meeting with them as they don't seem to read the boards.... ~ anonymous

Joyful Shoyru
*reads a note from a JN staff member* Um, well...according to them they discussed many important things with TNT within the very limited time frame that they had. Discussing the AC and it's...err, imperfections...deserves a good amount of time to cover everything. They imagine they will this year, however. Even so, it doesn't mean TNT can easily schedule time and resources to fix the AC, as content is planned out years in advance. But I sure hope they can do something 'bout those pesky brackets!

Soo altador cup questions! *throws Yooyu at you (you?)* What exactly caused Kiko Lake's sudden jump a few years back? Also are any of the staff Kiko Lake fans? *kidnaps Dave and holds him hostage until he says yes* ~ poofy2468

Frustrated Acara
Bring Dave back this instant! Else we can't force him to code more goodies for us! Also, Kiko Lake's talent in some side games is starting to get some recognition. With smaller, focused teams entering the podium more recently, it's no surprise more are standing behind Kiko Lake.

**Gently handing a piece of Moltite** I used to find Miscellaneous Gears & Scrap Metal and Stone in Moltara, but since The Coincidence arrived I can't find either one of them, even with loads of refreshing. What happened? Are they gone? Thanks. You guys are awesome! ~ mistyraider

Cheering Kyrii
I haven't visited Moltara since I grew out this fantastic mane of mine! It's far too hot for me to venture down there now, you see. From reading the fireproof postcards my friends have sent me, it sounds like Moltara's remained the same. If the items are still missing on your next visit, let JN know about it here!

Hi! I spun the Wheel of Knowledge and they gave me a curious bit of info: If your pet becomes sad enough, its colour may change (or something like that). That's pretty interesting, and I'm wondering if that's true. Thank youuu ~ naturepeace2244567

Annoyed Skeith
Not anymore, and GOOD RIDDANCE to that Random Event! Blue Neopets shouldn't be dragged down by this stereotype that we're feeling blue! We've got grey pets for that, man! That said, all color changing events were removed with the recent random event revamp. Someone better let the people of Brightvale know, but for now, let's rejoice!

Hey, sorry if you've already had to answer this question, but is there any difference in the players of the Altador Cup such as speed or power, or is it simply their appearance? ~ anonymous

Amused Gelert
From what I've seen, sneak--uh, I mean hanging out in the Altador Cup Gym, all team members are required to attend mandatory training sessions. They must be the same length and intensity for each team. All of the time. I don't know why they always exactly perform at the same level, but they just do. If you ask me, it almost looks as if all of the players on the field are clones. Crazy idea, right? I'm writing an NT article 'bout it, too. That's why they have different appearances, to make us think they're one of us! But I'm on to them...

Referee Blows Whistle

All right, everybody clear the pitch! We've got a Maraqua match in ten minutes and we have to be prepared for all the screaming fangirls...