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Nightmare Fuel
Published: May 24, 2014

You find yourself having a nightmare. Except this one is real. Suddenly Ummy appears next to you and starts answering questions.

Hello! I am not very competitive when it comes to shops, so when I restock, I surf around in my (endless) SDB for profitable items. To find how much it is worth, I use your item database. I always check the price on the shop wizard, and when your price is off, I edit it. Recently, I was refilling my shop with items and changed two prices. Then I noticed that they were immediately accepted! Were you on right as I was and changed it before I could even go back to the info :3, or do you trust me so much I can edit freely? No offence if it causes any, but you can tell the truth. I won't make Rockfishes 2000000 or anything. ~ flyflyhorse707
To protect price editing from scammers and keep prices accurate, our system that handles the user-submitted prices is pretty complicated. Some prices will immediately change and others will have to be reviewed first. We can't reveal much more, but I will say that we love to see prices being submitted. :)

Hi Jellyneo! *hands basket of battle muffins over* So, as I was browsing Neopets shops, (Yay half-price day!) I noticed one item in particular: a Nova fruit. The second I saw this fruit, I immediately thought of the extremely popular video game series, Kingdom Hearts, and one of the most plot-related items (besides the keyblade), the paopu fruit. I looked up two images of them and placed the side by side. They were the exact same object. On top of their extreme appearance similarities, I also noticed the nova fruit was cut in half, while an in-game legend specifically describes that if a paopu fruit is split between two people, they will forever be connected. Now, if Kingdom Hearts was a small, unknown, game series, I imagine this would be a complete coincidence. But it isn't. Kingdom Hearts is extremely well known, the original game having over 5.85 MILLION sales. So, while the Nova Fruit's description didn't say much of the Paopu fruit, could that have possibly been the inspiration of the item? Or am I being some crazy fan-lady? Sorry for the long question, -Sugarstarz21 ~ sugarstarz21
While I immediately thought of the Paopu fruit when the Nova Fruit was released, I think it draws more inspiration from the Carambola, commonly known as Star Fruit. Slicing a Star Fruit vertically yields cute little stars. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's some Kingdom Hearts fans working at TNT HQ, either.

You also can argue that, given all of the weird-shaped fruits that have been released every Gadsgadsbogen, it was only a matter of time until they would release a star-shaped fruit.

Hello, why do eaten omelettes like 1/3 sell for more than whole omelettes? Same for jelly. ~ theredreptile
This is indeed one of the most pressing mysteries as old as the Giant Omelette itself. Omelettes and jellies are so irresistible that most pets are determined to eat it all, and thus less of the jelly halves and 1/3 versions end up in shops. That, or owners aren't feeding their pets regularly enough and they're always starving.

It also requires more effort to get 1/3 of an omelette than to just get food from dailies and dump it in your shop. Another contributing factor is that the eaten versions are less popular, so there's less incentive to sell them if they're just going to sit around and rot. Can you imagine the smell of month-old omelettes? Half Eaten Dung Jellies? I'd rather not! If you're hungry, then why not buy a whole omelette for a fraction of the cost of leftovers? Basically, eaten versions are both less desirable and less common.

Scorchio Refusing Dinner
"How dare you feed me this cheap thing when I can
have that MUCH more expensive 1/3 Omelette?!"

Oof *paces around nervously* If you got a talisman bead, what would YOU do with it. I can't decide with mine! ~ 42
Since they no longer come from Random Events, they've become quite a collector's item. I would definitely sell it. However, if you don't need the NP you can store it in your SDB and hope it grows more valuable over time. You can check out our Lutari Talisman guide to see the effects of each bead color. Essentially, the effects are like permanent boons. They're nice to have, but they don't really affect all that much. I expect more given the hundreds of thousands to millions that they cost.

I was deeply upset that the Monoceraptor was not reawakened to return to his crown as King of Tyrannia during the Obelisk MESS last year! Considering our beloved King has been asleep for more than a decade, and has been so dormant he was removed from the Book of Evil, can anyone at JN venture into the depths of Tyrannia to tell me where exactly he is? ~ Monoceraptor Fangirl
With so many dangerous forces in Tyrannia during the Obelisk War, it's no surprise he'd rather sleep! Frankly, he needs all the beauty sleep he can get. With all seriousness, he could be anywhere. If we sent staffers out to find him, well...we would need to hire more staffers. The Content Beast also hates competition (but it'd be a fun fight to watch).

Stompy Monoceraptor
It's...not Godzilla!

I was looking at the Jellyneo's database and found out an old version of Fruity Faerie Lolly was Baby Transmogrification Potion. What did Baby Transmogrification Potion do? Turn any pet into Baby? ~ gain057
The Baby Transmogrification Potion was an unreleased item from around 2002 or earlier. As stated in Neopian Times Editorial 45, "There is no such thing as a baby transmogrification potion. If we do baby pet potions they will be species specific, such as a Baby Gelert Potion etc." What it was intended to do, who knows? It could be a rejected item, much like the Petpet morphing potions.

Mysterious Baby-themed Potion

I know that last year it was said that there would "probably" not be a Negg Hunt in 2014. Has "probably" become "definitely?" Please say no! ~ eilonwy42
Sadly, it's a definitely. However, we still plan on entertaining you all with our annual Altador Cup JN Staff Tournament! Join us in June for the festivities! #UmmyforJellySceptre

(no Neopets were hurt in the making of this editorial...yet)

Why is Lord Faerigan Plushie considered a toy (looking at the category that it's placed in)? Shouldn't it be a plushie? ~ anonymous
It is indeed a Toy. But you are right! It certainly should be labeled as a plushie, so it can join its plushie friends in Safety Deposit Box searches. If you ask the Neopets editorial or file a support bug report, someone at TNT might be able to fix it. Unfortunately, since TNT is always so busy, item category error reports are likely low on TNT's priority list, and it may never be corrected.

Faerigan Plushie
I'm not a toy, I'm a collectible! COLLECTIBLE!

Could you display what the rarity of an item was before it was retired? (Add it on your item database) ~ anonymous
We will be working on collecting some of the old rarities for retired items. However, this process will be slow, as most retired items need them. Sadly, we will most likely not find any information on really, really old items, such as the Fish Negg and other items from 2000-2001. These were restocking so long ago few sources of information exist, and it's even more challenging to verify their correctness. If you do have any information on old rarities you might remember, we need you! Please file some error reports with anything that might help us!

The submit a ticket in the request support area of neopets is broken. So how do I submit a ticket? ~ anonymous
This has certainly been a common problem for many. The ticket system is much like the closet where you may have to wrestle with it to get it working. Fortunately, there are some methods you can try.

  • Check back later.
  • Try to access Support from another browser.
  • Clear your cache.
  • Check to make sure you've allowed third party cookies on your browser.

If all else fails, you can try emailing support@neopets.com directly. However, I would not recommend this since the ticket system organizes tickets so they can reach the right departments. You also would not be able to track the status of your ticket or add new information if the need arises.

Ohai there guys! You guys probably have a better memory than me, so I really hope you can help: a few (okay, many) years ago, I distinctly remember seeing Faellies having a makeover. I remember seeing it on the News Page. They suddently had BIG eyes and a weird smile! I remember feeling frustrated over such awful makeover. But then they got back to their normal, cute self. Soooo I was wondering: was that an April Fools joke? Was it a real makeover which received lots of complaints and was undone? Or was it maybe just a crazy nightmare I had??? Hope you can help me! ~ policialmagaly
No, it was a real nightmare! The new Faellie was redesigned when they announced some new colors in the news on August 26, 2003. In fact, you can still see the buddy icons which did not get redrawn with the old design. Neopians everywhere backlashed against this overly cute monstrousity, and it's evident that it was enough to revert to the old design. When that happened, Neopia was saved.


If you're interested in taking a deeper blast into the past, you will find these among thousands of old pieces of Neopets item art in our Item Database! We promise that most are not as nightmarish as these!

Ohai guys! I used to think, out of the 3 big avvie items (BGC, MSPPTCG and SuAP), the order of expensiveness (?) went: MSPP, BGC and SuAP. But a few days ago someone told me the MSPP is MUCH more expensive than the BGC. Can you guys tell me which is more expensive? Thanks! :* ~ policialmagaly
MSPP is certainly more expensive than Bony Grarrl Club -- typically at least 30 million more. MSPP is an extremely rare prize from the base set TCG rare item codes, with a few released during the trillionFTW auctions two years ago. In contrast, BGC is r99 and still restocks on rare occasion.

I have a question about the NT editorial. So, the COPPA complainers ask if COPPA can be deleted and everybody knows that the only way it could be deleted (which is not going to happen) is if they complained to the US government. And their questions are junk. So, why on earth do TNT answer their "questions" *throws Halloween Hissi Plushie* ~ alli_draggy (Champion Of Under 13s)
Not everybody knows the specifics about COPPA. Neopets has players from around the world who aren't familiar with California laws, not to mention that there's a young audience who may not have read years' worth of past editorials. Most likely, TNT is reminding the editorial readers that certain decisions that involve COPPA are simply out of their hands, regardless of what the users want (18+ boards come to mind).

I love yooyuball... the yooyus are delicious! And I love reading the JN coverage for the Altador Cup! But I was looking in the book of ages, and realized that you haven't updated the kreludor and krawk island teams. Can you guys fix that? ~ Florg
It has been fixed, thank you! If you love the coverage, get ready because Altador Cup IX's about to get covered big time. Please refrain from eating all of the Yooyus before the AC starts (it's not good for your health).

Overenthusiastic Techo Fan

hi JN,in the battledome when you fight a lot of times against a challenger do you get more rare prizes from the challenger? i have fought more than 2500 times with the Giant Spectral Mutant Walein and i get those colored waleins more often than before (the normal ones) ~ Slenderman645
Sadly, there is no change in the prize pool odds whether you win once or 1000 times. It's pretty random. Naturally you're more likely to amass more rare prizes over time since you played more, but that has no effect on the odds.

Hi! I'm new to Jellyneo, so I am feeling a bit confused. What does your site do? ~ anonymous
Hello and welcome! We're a fansite that offers guides, articles, tools, news coverage, and all sorts of goodies to help you with your Neopets experience. Whether you're a newbie or experienced player there's resources useful for everyone here. Remember not to feed the staffers, and don't step on any Meepits. We hope you like JN!

Is it against TNT's rule to run a guild activity based on non-neo websites like Dress to Impress or Jellyneo? ~ Anonymous
If you mean involving content or tools on fansites in a guild activity (say, doing a scavenger hunt looking for something in the JN pet directory), that's perfectly fine. As long as the fansite is recommended/certified by TNT and no personal info is being exchanged, it should be fine. We wish your guild good luck on your activities. :)

I recently regained access to my old main account which I'm now using as a side account. Around 1 million neopoints are in the bank. I, of course, earned them years ago when it was my main account. Since these neopoints are already there, would I be able to just spend them on my now-side account rather than go through the process of transferring them to my main and then sending over any items I might buy to the side account? I'm thinking this would be okay as I'd merely be using neopoints that had been legitimately acquired on that account to buy items for that account, but figured it best to play it safe and ask your opinion before I do anything. ~ anonymous
Please limit all spending to your current main account. That does mean you would have to move your NP. It helps TNT out when there aren't transactions going on in multiple places where it shouldn't be happening. Otherwise, it could look suspicious that you are buying items on both your main and side accounts.

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