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Something is happening...
Published: May 10, 2014

Leaf feels like volunteering to do an editorial. This may or may not be related to a certain Lutari and his machine.

If you were to look at the Neopedia article for the kingdom Altador, you would see that the city was founded by the Twelve Heroes, and that it was ruled by the ten remaining heroes. The darkest faerie is gone; who is the other unlucky hero gone from the council? ~ anonymous
When the article mentions ten remaining heroes, it fails to include Altador as one of them. So don't worry, all eleven of your favorite heroes are still there (unless your favorite one is the Darkest Faerie, in which case, ummm...)

So, in Issue 209, someone asks why the restock price of a mootix is 40 np. But can't it restock at the attic, since it's r99? ~ anonymous
Yes, we are certain that Mootix can restock at Almost Abandoned Attic. In fact, Ummy the Professional Attic Restocker of Jellyneo even stumbled upon one while restocking at the Attic. Good luck finding a Mootix by yourself!

Hi, JN! I was wondering how the solution to the "Blumaroo Court Jester" avatar was found. With so many possible combinations to form a joke, it should have been pretty hard. ~ anonymous

A Scorchio in a pointy, purple hat shows you Blumaroo Court Jester (TCG) and says, "Take a closer look at this, will you?"

Well, that was one helpful Scorchio, there.

I don't read articles in the Neopian Times very often however I've recently read two articles that... troubled me. The first said that it was perfectly acceptable to have multiple windows open at the same time whilst playing Flash games to purposely 'lag' the game... frankly, I thought that was cheating. I remember years ago when I used to play on Dial-Up that a message would sometimes appear when I tried to send a score stating that it wouldn't be accepted as the game was running too slowly on my Computer. *prods* The second thing that troubled me stated that you could no longer win Trophies from playing (the original) NeoQuest... uh, since when? I'm pretty sure you can but maybe I'm mistaken. Can you please clear this up? I thought that if something was in the Neopian Times it'd be true but... yeah. Thank you. ~ anonymous
Devious or outdated advice sometimes sneaks into Neopian Times articles. It's not safe to assume that everything in NT articles is true and won't get you frozen. NT editorials, on the other hand, are answered by TNT themselves and should be safe.
As for NeoQuest, you can indeed still get trophies for completing the game on each difficulty level :)

Yes, you can still get me, don't worry.

Hi! I was wondering... Oh. I was wondering how you link to Jelly world on a Petpage? I understand that the filters block the link, but people on the boards put two slashes in the link. That does not work on a petpage. So... Oh. So how? ... ... Oh. Bye.... ~ Spac--
What? You should know better, and keep your distance from Number Five. We all know Jelly World totally doesn't exist.

You hear a voice saying, "Have you tried putting www.neopets.com/jelly/ where the link should be?". It makes no sense, so you just ignore it altogether.

Thank you JN for the ad blocking instructions on your site! *offers plate of cookies* Not having ads makes playing games and loading pages far more manageable. However, I have a bit of an issue that you may or may not be able to help me with. I use IE8 and sometimes when I open new tabs the nick bar and other ads show up in that new tab! Is that normal? Do other people who use your instructions have the same issue? Shouldn't the ad-block I installed work in every tab and window that I open? Thanks in advance for any advice you may have! ~ anonymous
Because AdBlock is updated regularly while IE8 is outdated and known for its instability, it is possible that the developer doesn't make AdBlock completely compatible with older versions of IE anymore. I strongly suggest you update your browser to at least IE10, or switch to other browsers like Chrome or Firefox :)

Which game on Neopets pays best? ~ abigail_starz

AAA happens to pass by, so Leaf asks him to answer the question instead. No one is better fit than the Game Master, right?

It depends on what you mean by "best".
If you're thinking in term of NP per minute, Fashion Fever takes the least time to give you guaranteed NP, followed by Kass Basher, which takes bit longer but most easily earns you 1,000 NP per game. Games involving competition can earn you even higher NP but are significantly harder, including (but not limited to) the following:
  • A gold-place win at the Art Gallery or a winning Caption Contest entry is worth 10,000 NP.
  • A first-place Random Contest entry will garner you 15,000 NP.
  • Finishing in the top ten of a Better Than You competition earns 20,000 NP.
  • Beating NeoQuest II on Insane level will earn you 50,000 NP (not to mention the NP you will earn for defeating various bosses and sub-bosses along the way).
In terms of highest possible payout, the sole winner of a Mystery Pic game would get 2,000,000 NP, and the sole winner of a Lenny Conundrum (should it ever return from hiatus) would receive 4,000,000 NP. Other games of chance have fluctuating jackpots, such as Bagatelle or Buried Treasure.

So, after sending in quite a bit of data for the quests you wanted info on, I saw that some of the guides got updates. That's great! I was really hoping to see an improved Kitchen Quests guide, though :( Do I have to be a bit more patient, or do you not have enough info to expand the guide? Because if that's the case, I'd be glad to keep sending you data of my quests... ~ marijke_shenkuu
A bit of both! You need to be just a little more patient, because we are gathering data for many guides at the same time, so it may take a while to process them all. Don't forget to keep sending us data, though, because more data for us means more accurate information for you ;)

Where is jnCon 2013? :( ~ anonymous
Dave ate all the photos of jnCon 2013 so we couldn't write a summary :(
We will remember to prod Snarkie to give us the photos of jnCon 2013 at this year's jnCon, which we are planning, then we can hopefully give you the coverage of both.

Hi JN! I've heard many references to Joodle Mart, and know that it was discontinued, but what was it back when it existed? Or did it ever exist? Thanks! *Hands you cake, which is not a pie* ~ Lizzie T.

A schnelly grabs the cake and runs away. Leaf tries to catch the Petpet, but it turns out to be a vain effort. Aww, shucks.

Ahem, back to the question.
In short, the Joodle Mart was a virtual mart on the Jellyneo Forum a long time ago, which sold various stuff, including but not limited to potions with various effects (like changing your display name or forum title), plushies, Petpets and many other collectibles. The money, Joodles, was awarded for your participation on the forum, like posting or playing forum games. There were also other features, like banks or personal shops... Just imagine it like a mini version of the Neopian economy.
I remember having a collection of staffer plushies back then. The good ol' times.

Interested in a Dr Sloth Plushie? Only 5,000,000 Joodles!

Dearest fairest and loveliest of all JN staffers... *bangs table* I WANT THE TRUTH! *ahem* Just wondering, when we submit questions to your editorial while logged in with our JN accounts, do you know who sent the question in despite the name we put in "name bar"? ~ Princess Zelda
If you put in another fancy name or leave the name blank, we will know you as that name or "anonymous" only. Your real JN account will be a secret (at least to the people who answer the editorial; if you, however, spam the editorial with advertisements or something like that, then we do have ways to find you).

It's-a-me! Anyway, some time back I recall you stating someday you'd publish an article about special Neggs and their effects when you feed them to your pets... Blarg. But that's not my primary question. Just wondering, what do you do when a JN staff member goes AWOL? Off the radar? Gone without trace? Is there a grace period, or do you just remove them? I see several Staff members on the staff listings page whose name's I've not seen in ages, mostly those who are in charge of posting content and news. ~ Mario
Do you mean this? Fantastic Neggs and Where to Find Them Their Effects
When staff members have been absent for too long (usually above two months), we will consider them forever lost in the beast lair retired staffers, and they will be removed from the staff listing. So whoever you're still seeing on our staff listing, despite not being around in public much, is still very much active and still working behind the scenes to bring you the best JN experience ever.

Hi. So, I have a Pet Directory question. I am under 13 and so cannot create a raising awareness petpage for pounded Hissies, so I was wondering if I could add them to the Pet Directory to have people notice them. I know that you aren't supposed to add pets that aren't yours into the directory, but pounded pets aren't exactly anybody's...so would this be okay with Dorothy the Pet Directory robot? Plus, while I'm on the topic of directories, I was wondering if along with the pet directory, you could also have an owner directory. ~ alli_draggy(Champion Of Under 13's)
Sadly, no. Our rule that you must not add pets that aren't your own to the directory is made for the purpose of keeping the directory accurate. For example, if you add a pounded pet there, anyone can adopt it. It could become a lab rat and continuously change species/color, which would make our directory quite out of date.

For the owner directory, we have much higher priorities right now--and we're not sure how valuable that would be for a wide variety of Neopians. :(

Hey, In Editorial 110 (your guys'), what did Rosie show Rosie that was pixellated out? Or is it something you are... incapable... of showing... us... yeah.... ~ A Dung Meepit
It's a na...

Rosie the Grarrl barges in and shreds the question paper into pieces before Leaf can do anything. How does she even know???

Anyway, if you read that editorial again, you will see a hint right above that picture. *cowers in fear as Rosie delivers a glare*

Hello, TJNT. Can you please update your Random Events Generator to the new style of random events? Right now they aren't realistic due to having the 80-by-80 image, cream-colored bar, and the randomness we know and love. *throws screaming 10-year-old* ~ alli_draggy (Champion Of Under 13s)
We think that in the end, the Random Event Generator could be used to create real-looking random events that can be used to trick Neopians (which are reportable according to TNT). So, for now, we have no plans on creating one. (We've considered taking down our old RE Generator as well--but now it can make do as a "classic" style generator.)

Something has happened!!!
Oops, wrong style...

Could you put a link to Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium at the bottom of the Item Database pages please? They often come in rapid succession when I'm looking at TCGs. ~ Your Neopets Na- oh. Oops!
Have you checked the Item Database lately? Because if you did, you would realize we had already put a quick link there. Cheers!
If you have any more suggestions in the future, though, we'd encourage you to use the dedicated suggestion form. That way we can reach you faster, and your suggestion won't risk being lost under the pile of unanswered editorial questions.

I think my meepit has become sentient (really). What steps should I take? ~ higor3444

Upon seeing the name of the Petpet, Leaf runs around in panic and somehow knocks down the soda machine. Electric current starts shooting everywhere, and then everything is black. Oops, false alarm, but look like it's impossible to continue the editorial until someone manages to fix the Meepit power outage problem.

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