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Randomly Answered
Published: April 27, 2014

"Alright, I'll need you to answer three questions for my experiment to be properly fueled...
Think you can handle it?"

Skylar rolls her eyes.

"Pen + Paper + Questions = You outta' here, buddy."

Hi! I've got a rather pressing query: I've heard a lot of chatter recently about how Neopets is more and more likely to freeze accounts for no real reason, and that it's harder and harder to get a wrongly-frozen account unfrozen. Which is making me really paranoid! I've invested a lot of time (and real-life money!) into my pets, and I don't want it to go to waste. I've wanted to get a premium account for a while, but I don't want to waste even more money on that! I've heard rumors that paying premium users have a lesser chance of being frozen by accident and/or for minor reasons. Is this true? ~ Anonymous
TNT playing favorites for Neopets Premium accounts is just a giant misunderstood rumor. Having Premium does not exempt a Neopian from The Neopets Terms of Use. A broken rule is a broken rule to TNT. However, if you were wrongly frozen, having a Premium account could possibly help you to recover it, solely because you have more of your personal information connected to the account, making it easier to prove that the account is yours if you are scammed or hacked. However, I find that it's best to just keep your nose out of trouble in the first place, if you can help it.

Hey Jellyneo staff! I was wondering if you have a UC section where I can see what types of UC are still around Neopia, please? Also, great site. I come everyday to check on your news and your events, haha, the new species one is absolutely wonderful. The Kyrii with the Wocky and Xweetok is awesome, and the Golden Wocky with the other one is also great. Also the ones creating the Fonts are awesome at design :) and the one of course in charge of the database, and for the rest of you a huge hug because you make this site very awesome :) congrats! ~ purrmew
Unfortunately, due to so many people converting their pets to put wearables on them, we don't have a section in the Pet Directory that is dedicated to unconverted Neopets. However, if you would ever like to reminisce about the good old days, we do have our Old Pet Poser for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for all the warm fuzzies as well! The Font Section is done by our lovely previous Font Makers and our current Item Database Crew. I'll make sure to pass on the hugs!~

Uh, JN, I've been searching through the shop wizard gallery feature, and I cannot find the Darigan Sword of Death... Is it gone? Out of the gallery? PURGED?!? No such thing could be allowed to happen to such an item!! ~ Kass
The Darigan Sword of Death is a plot prize, distributed from the Champions of Meridell plot as one of the prizes. Only one such sword exists in all of Neopia. It's possible that the owner doesn't have the item in their gallery, or that because you're using the Shop Wizard search, it won't show up right away. When using the Shop Wizard, just as it won't necessarily show you the lowest price, it also won't show you every gallery that the item is in. The silly Jubjub only picks a select range of usernames at a time, due to his limited searching powers!

"Alright, let's see what we can do!"

Fear of Premium + Reminiscence of the old days + Jubjub incompetence = ...?

The machine whirrs and a large popping sound is heard.
Something Has Happened: Oh no! All the images in the Dr. Sloth Emporium have been turned into slider puzzles!

"I'm in so much trouble... nobody should ever mess with JN's overlord and ruler...
Er, have fun categorizing those images,
Sloth Minions."

Dr. Landelbrot claps his hands excitedly. "How excellent! Look how much we're learning!
On to the next! There's plenty more research to be done."

I have finished the mini plot and my sister just decided to start it. So we're at the point where you have to find the sleeper constellation and we have done every step before it. We went to your constellation finder, copy and pasted the whole stardata in the box and clicked sleeper and it didn't work. Can you help? ~ avatar223_4_4_4
For the Sleeper constellation to work, you must click on the constellation dots on the door of The Restive Tomb. After that, it's important that you go to the Altadorian Archives and see what Finneus has to say. Once he comments on the constellation, then you should go to try the Constellation Finder. Good luck, young astronomer!

Hi JN! I saw in your guide for the new Random Events that there is a new RE that awards the Snow Beast as a challenger. Does this RE still exclusively happen somewhere on Terror Mountain, or can it happen anywhere now? Thanks! ~ shadowlight1789
The RE from the new event happens on the page after you give Dr. Landelbrot the junk items that he requests to get the Confusionator to work. After you give him the items and press the ever-so-lovely "DO NOT PRESS" button, your event will appear on the top of the next page.

Is there still a sidebar alert for Turmaculus? I haven't seen it lately, even when he wakes up for me. Von Roo and Snowwy still show up though. ~ anonymous
Yup, there is! However, poor Turmy is only awake for one hour a day! That may be why you haven't seen the event as often. The alert is also only set up if someone reports that Turmaculus is awake, because that hour is random every day! If you ever notice that this sleepy King of Petpets is awake, and we haven't set up the alert- feel free to send in a Bug Report!

"Eek! Time for the next one... I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best. Maybe I'll get an SDB full of Seasonal Attack Pea Plushies! Hopes and dreams here I come!"

Finding your horoscope + Searching for Snowmen + Missed opportunities for cannibalism = ...?

A buzzing sound blasts out of the machine, followed by a glow of rainbow lights.
Something Has Happened: There's a malfunction in the Soda Factory.
All of the cans have been replaced with Diet Terry, and that's all they seem to be producing!

"Blech! Noooooooooooo! What have I done?!
Doesn't anyone remember the last time something went wrong in the Soda Factory?"

Yo, do you know the max level a Petpet can have? I want the most awesomest Petpet ever, and I need your help! ~ A meepit owner
Yo, yo! I don't think we have that data collected, however thanks to the information we can gather from Petpet Battles, we know that for every win your Petpet has in the arena, it gains a point. When your Petpet hits ten points, it will gain a level. If you lose a match before that 10 point threshold, your points will go back to zero. However, your Petpet cannot lose levels that way, and will only do so if you unequip that Petpet. Other ways to increase your Petpets' levels are visiting the Turmaculus or by zapping them at the Petpet Lab Ray.

Oh look, another crazy scientist...

When will the "Coming Soon" page be updated? It says its last update was in June of last year. I'm curious as to what might be hiding in that Staff Lounge! o.O ~ niddyz
Magic and wonder, wonder and awe! Jellyneo never stops having tricks and new plans up our sleeves! However, it does seem that the page is in need of an update. I'll prod an Admin for you. Just know that there's plenty of fun in store! To see what Jellyneo has done in the past, you can view things such as our history, or our past contests.

Hey there JN! I was always wondering(probably because I could never find the answer), how do games with the same maximum high score work on the high score tables? For instance Neopian Battlefields. There is a maximum high score, yet only a certain amount of people can get chosen. Do you guys know how it's decided? ~ Vincent7577
Great question! Game trophies are a little weird in the way that they work, and are awarded every night at 11:50pm NST to the Neopians who fit into the brackets. TNT resets the High Score Tables near the beginning of the month. When there's a maximum high score, such as in Neopian Battlefield Legends, how it usually works is that the first players to get that score start at the top. This means that the start of the month would be the best time for you to try and get a trophy from that game.

"I think this will do... *sigh* On to the next disaster, I suppose."

Pointless Petpet fights + Things you didn't ask for + High Score Resets = ...?

The machine whizzes around and points in different directions, almost hitting you in the face!
You move at the last second; that was a close call!
Something Has Happened: All the weapons in the In-Depth Battlepedia are replaced with Yellow Snowballs!

"I'm so getting fired..."
"Nonsense, the only thing getting fired around here is my experiment! NEXT!~"

JN, I hear Battledomers talking to each other and I see trades, and they speak as though amounts like 20 million aren't too much. People say restocking is simple once you get to know it, and some seem to make a fortune on games. But all of this is beyond me. I can't restock anything (and don't even say "it takes practice", it is physically impossible for me to be fast enough) and these numbers are beyond me. How, oh how, wise JN, am I to somehow get a decent wage, and what is a decent wage? What should I be looking to get?
Don't worry, dear friend! You are by no means alone. Holding onto Neopoints is a problem that I've had for a long, long time. You can use our Item Database to associate yourself with item rarities in certain shops, or you can start out by going for simpler small-profit items such as doughnuts, Neocola tokens or books until you learn the ways of the trade and work your way up. Restocking has a lot to do with patience, muscle memory, and of course luck. It's not necessarily a thing for everyone, as there are plenty of other ways to make some mad cash. Investing in the Stock Market, remembering to collect your daily interest, auction sniping, daily freebies and of course games are all great ways to fill your pockets! I know it might seem discouraging seeing so many people talk about millions and even billions of Neopoints, but you have to remember that we all started off with just a newbie pack. If they can do it, so can you!

But exactly which battle-related avatars are currently unavailable while the Battledome is still in beta? That's the real question here, my friends. ~ Anonymous
Currently only the Heermeedjet and Meerouladen avatars are unavailable due to the Defenders of Neopia being glitched. Luckily, everything else works just fine. If ever an avatar is not currently available, we will put a note under the avatar's description. Get fighting!

How many users do you have? ~ Prefect
Alright, alright... there's only one way to do this. I need everyone to stand in a line and I'll start counting in numerical order from tallest to shortest... 1... 2... 3... uh... actually, this might take a while. Let's call our user count to be somewhere over 75,000 members. (And I love you all! Muah!~) JN appreciates all of your support!

"Well, as long as he's promising that I won't get fired... We might as well try again!"

Race to riches + Broken avatars + Sloth Clone Army= ...?

There's a bunch of printing sounds and the machine rotates to the left.
Something Has Happened: The Joodle Mart has returned to the forums for one random minute each day!

"What?!?! That's amazing! Is this real life? I... I can't I'm so happy!
That little bit is better than nothing! This is the best experiment ever!"

"See Lark, I told you! You just have to have a little faith in my inventions!
Technology is always the future! Let's give it another go!"

"What? But I have everything that I could ever want!
Sure, some of the other departments are out of luck, but that's life, right?"

"Ah, but my dear Jellyneopian, that is what this experiment is all about! Without risk there is no adventure!"
"Alright... but just one more, okay?"

Hello JNF and Skylar! Tell me, are you really a bird? How is it working at JNF? Do you have your own room at the secret HQ? How is it doing this editorial? ~ trinston
Hey there! ;u; No, I'm not a bird. I'm actually part bird, part staffer. C'aw! Or I'm just full staffer. Whichever story you would like to think, hehe. Working in the Jellyneo Forums is great! I couldn't be happier! Every department has their own place, but because I'm a department of one I just kind of float around. I really like hanging out in the pillow fort! It's so nice and fluffy, but I try not to sleep in there too long. If I have to work elsewhere, I just like to take around a Seasonal Attack Pea bean bag chair for me to work on. Doing this editorial is so much fun! I was hesitant at first, and I feel bad for all the work the In-Depth Battlepedia is going to have to do to get rid of all of those snowballs, but oh well! Nothing better could possibly happen!

Have you ever noticed that Cherry-tastic Faerie Pie looks like the innards are BRAINS? (the awakened would love it... if it were cake) ~ The blue kiko to the right
Hm? The innards look like brains? Impossible! The layers of puff pastry are stuffed full of real cherries, silly!

On closer inspection... Oh my... You might be right.

Can you please make more editorials more often? ~ Concerned Editorial Reader
Oh my, the amount of questions that we received about the well-being of the editorial is astonishing! No fear, we don't plan on cancelling the editorial anytime soon. Keep sending in questions and we'll keep making them! Sometimes we just like to put holds on the issues so that we can get a variety of different types of questions in, instead of having a bunch of questions that are all related to one topic, such as games or avatar requirements. Our apologies for the delay and for any scares we may have brought you!

"Last one, then I'm free! Here we go, I'm so excited!"

Staffers who tweet + Food for thought + Missing print = ...?

The Random Answer machine twirls around, the speed increasing faster and faster- UNTIL IT EXPLODES!
Something Has Happened:
Everything has returned back to the way it was BEFORE this editorial started.

"Well, that was certainly anti-climactic..."
"I... I think I'm going to cry..."

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