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Twenty First Issue
Published: January 27, 2008

Ah, the next issue of our lovely editorial. Hope everyone did well/will do well on their recent/upcoming exams! :D

Also, to get some things out of the way from our past editorial. If you're interested in finding out who the oldest Neopians are, check out LilAngel's petpage for a listing. There's also a list of the oldest pets on Gimli_Fatone's petpage. As for the older Advent lists, we've received a couple submissions from users. We'll be formatting them, and getting them up on JN as soon as we can. (Hopefully before the next Advent.)

You've mentioned that you do have some contact with TNT. So, you can ask them questions, but do you know if they read YOUR site to get any information, ideas, feedback from users? ~ aleonar74
We've actually been told that on occasion TNT will come to JN to look something up, and that some TNTers recommend us to other TNTers. :)

Hey, did you hear about that cool site, Jellyneo?
Yea, man, it's the best!

Has anyone actually ever fed a draik egg to their pet? Or maybe this is a question better suited to the Neopian Times... but, do you guys at JN happen to know? ~ Lombre
We're sure someone has. There are a lot of stupid people out there. :P

Then again, there's all those Gourmet Clubbers who see it fit to devour baby Draiks. It's pretty sad, all for one Gourmet Point. :(

And it'd be even more sadder now, with Draik Eggs being a hot commodity and all.

Do you guys at JN know each other persoally, or do you guys just contact each other with e-mail and stuffes? ~ macoronikevin
I don't believe any of the staffers know each other in real life. We all communicate via the forums and through instant messaging. And occasionally, Terry will send Dave some junk email. :D

How do you complain to TNT, if possible? ~ dalekleader
If you have a bug/glitch to report, check out the Bug Report system they have set up. If it's a more general comment or idea (or complaint :P), check out the Contact Us page on Neopets.

When will you be making more services for people with JN accounts? I like checking my freebies list and adding to my wishlist, but it would be nice to have more options.o_O Just an idea. ~ marvel16man16_3_3
We actually have something special planned for your jnAccounts soon. :D We don't know exactly when it will be released, but we will say that it's graphics related, and it's pretty darn cool. I think it'll be a popular feature. ;)

You guys are really behind on editorials (if memory serves, you missed two weeks in a row). Wouldn't make more sense to hire someone to do the editorial? ~ 111kyttibaby
Yes, we're horrible at keeping our original weekly schedule. (I think we even did 2 or 3 in one week when we first started.)

However, we'd like to keep the editorial answering to those that have been around JN for awhile. (Specifically Dave and Terry :P)

Could you tell me why Borovan day is celebrated on Neopets? I really don't know why. ~ 1monkeygirl_cute1
Borovan Day is the birthday of Adam, one of the creators of Neopets. (The other one being Donna.)

Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you...

Yo JN! I was wondering, why does it seem like so many people get rid of their stuff by donating it to the money tree instead of discarding it? It's a bit of a pain when I go to the money tree and the only thing I see is a Rotten Right shoe! ~ unspecified_npc
Because donating is so much nicer than simply discarding! :D You have to think of the poor Neopians out there who could benefit from a right shoe. It'd make their left shoe quite happy to have a buddy to trek around with all day!

Plus, there's the added benefit of everyone else being clouded with the rotten shoes, and you being the first to spot that codestone or dubloon that fell from the Money Tree's branches. ;)

How do neopets move from one level to the next? Is there a quicker way? ~ Mahea_1997
Leveling up your Neopets (and their other stats) is called "training". There's a couple methods to train your pet, the most popular being the Academy and the Training School.

In order to train, you'll need codestones and dubloons to pay for the courses, which are pretty expensive nowadays. You might also consider purchasing a Lab Ray map, as you can visit the ray daily and have a chance at having your pet's stats changed.

I know you guys have magical powers, so can you help me find this item http://items.jellyneo.net/index.php?go=item&showitem=26698 on Neopets? I know it's an MIA but it's been out for like three weeks and I want it now! ~ segerman
MIA means that TNT hasn't released the item yet. There's nothing we can really do other than hope TNT gets around to releasing all of the MIA items soon. :(

Oh, please TNT, don't let me be doomed to be missing forever!

Hiya! I was hearing about this Advent Calendar Animation Archive, and was wondering where it is. It doesn't seem to be on the Advent Calendar Item Archive page; where is it hiding? ~ peabodyandsherman
Oopsies... we forgot to add it to the Advent Calendar Archive page, so it should be there now.

Hiya! I was wondering - just what are JN Accounts used for? What do they let users do, and why does having a JN Account help you, at Jellyneo? ~ peabodyandsherman
jnAccounts are the official way to "register" for JN. Even though you can access most of our features (and all of our guides/articles) without an account, some things require that you sign up. My Wishlists through our Item Database need a sign up, and we also have a little dailies list that you can create for yourself. You also need an account to make comments in our news, and to edit prices of items in the Item DB. Apart from that, you need not have a jnAccount. ;)

On neopets, do you know why the monster on the gallery of evil book cover is eating a pickachu? x_X ~ Draognair23
Because Pikachu is the root of all evil?

We can't say for sure.

I didn't get to visit the advent calendar everyday but I did on the 31st because it was the last day and I was hoping to get the winter site theme. I got the prizes but I checked and checked my site preferences and I don't have the theme...why? *sits in corner* ~ akitera
Unfortunately, the Winter site theme is only available to those to who fit certain requirements. The requirements are unknown, so we can't really say what you'd have to do for next year. :(

Hello! Okay, I really want a pirate/spotted Gelert. A year ago, I painted my Gelert spotted. Then I found out you could paint a pet with a deluxe pb. I also heard that the base colour (i.e. spotted for me) has to go on 2nd. So, if I paint my Gelert pirate, will he be pirate or pirate/spotted? Will spotted be the base colour, or will it disappear? Thanks! ~ 101monica101
Once you paint your gelert pirate, he will be pirate with a pirate base. But you'll get the pirate clothes that come with a gelert! You'll then have to re-paint him spotted to get the spotted base. You'll also have the clothes from the pirate PB that you can dress up your spotted gelert with.

Hiya! I was wondering where JN's modeling agency link was; it doesn't seem to be in the sidebar links. Is it on another page, or just not there? ~ peabodyandsherman
We never added a link to the main site. It was more of a page to be referenced in the forums where the modeling topics were.

But, since you mentioned it, click here to get to our modeling page! We really could use some models for the clothes on display there. :)

WANTED: Pets capable of pulling off the plushie wing, or too-many-ears look.

You're long time players of neopets, so I wonder, when you read questions like 'How do you get paint brushes?' or 'I want a draik and they aren't I can't find it on the create a pet page!' or 'Are there any pteri avatars?' Do you think things like 'Wow, what an idiot.'? ~ Bob Saget
No, we've generally come to an understanding that people sign up every day, and learning 6 years of Neopian history and getting 6 years of Neopian experience isn't going to happen overnight. (It'd take 6 years to be exact. :P) We're happy to answer any types of questions the new Neopian may have.

And, to answer your example questions... (because we care so much! :P)
- You can get paint brushes at the Trading Post or in Auctions from other Neopians. You also might get lucky and receive one through a Random Event.
- Draiks can only be hatched from Draik Eggs.
- Sure there are. Check out our Avatar Solutions page and search for "pteri".

JN, I have a question. I was on my account a looooong time ago, and I had to change the password cause it wasnt secure enough (some may still remember the first change) and i forgot what it was afterwards >.< Is it possable for TNT to reset it at all? I miss my lupe D= ~ sassye94
If you check out the Login Page, there's an option to have your password sent to you at the bottom of the page. :) If you didn't use a valid email when signing up, then your account is most likely lost. :( You could try sending in a form for getting it back, but chances are slim.

What are the names of the items that "help" you when your play the Last Blast? ~ Bmwsu
There are currently no items that help you in Last Blast. They were apparently scheduled to be released, but TNT never got around to releasing them.

I've been trying for a few weeks now, but tnt won't answer my question. Figured I'd try here. Anyways, my question is, are people allowed to enter joint projects in the Neopian Times? A few friends and I are currently compiling a few short stories in to one longer series. We would like to enter them into the NT, but we want to each get our individual credit for the stories we wrote and we want them to be displayed as a series. Would this be possible? (Oh, and a shoutout to whoever answered the "Dress Up A Neopet" question in issue 18. LOST is the greatest show ever.) :D ~ gatedne
Umm, we aren't really sure how the multi-author policy works for the NT, but we do know that multiple authors sometimes get credit. Except we've only really seen two at the most. The only thing we can say is to try it out, and see if you get in. :)

hi jellyneo! you rock! anyway, I was looking through the mail and I saw a postcard addressed to me. it said that the publisher of the Neopets Magazine wasn't publishing it anymore. do you happen to know why? I would really like to know. Thanks!! ~ megan6405w
You can check out our newspost about it here. Basically, Neopets decided to discontinue doing the magazine.

Can you have a friend buy a neocash card for you, and then you give them neopoints and they give you the numbers to get the neocash? ~ depressed500
No, that's like your friend purchasing Neopoints in exchange for real money. If you don't live in the US, there's always the option of using PayPal, or you can try checking out Target.com and purchase a Neocash card online to get shipped to your house.

The other day I was restocking from my sales history. I saw that I had sold a Blue Shoyru Kite for about 80k. This has been in my shop for quite some time. I search it on the SSW, but nothing comes up. I head to the TP and search at, and there it is for 3mil! Is this newly wearable? I'm really curious how the price shot up so fast. Thanks for the help. (: ~ kacim22_2
It would appear as if this item is the victim of false inflation. Basically, some people/person got together and decided to buy up every Blue Shoyru Kite they could in an effort to raise the prices. According to our Item DB, the price was about 90k in Mid-November, so for an item to jump that much in such little time is a pretty rare occurrence. I'd just wait it out and see when it comes back down. It's only r94, so it's bound to fall eventually.

Don't buy me! I'm artificially inflated!

Is it possible to get a draik or krawk from the lab ray? ~ snow_faeries
Yes, it is possible. Will you get it on your first zap? Probably not. :P Good luck! xP

Do you think that TNT will ever do something to make stamp avvies more accessible for the ones that are impossible to get? ~ snow_faeries
TNT did reference in a somewhat recent editorial that they were thinking about doing something about the old, rare stamps that are basically gone by now.

However, they also said in the editorial that the pound would be open by the new year, veteran members would be rewarded for staying active, and that Faerieland was getting a makeover. :)

I'll never see the light of day again. :(

Can you repair some reject plushies, such as the Reject Faerie Queen Doll? ~ cybunny_lovers10
Nope, unless you can find the item in the Broken Toy category in our Item DB, it is not fixable.

Hello I would like to know if rare/expensive items, such as the "Negg Faerie Snowglobe", are ever for sale in the neopian toy shop? ~ ibanezgirl
Yes, rare and expensive items are always up for sale in Neopets shops. The items that you can buy go up to R100. R101+ items are not restockable, and can only be bought from other users or generated from some Rare Item Code or whatnot. You can check out our Rarities Guide in the Item Database to learn more!

Do you think species weapons are better than regular ones in the battledome? Coz I plan to buy my main battle pet (acara) an acara twin blade which is a bit pricey compared to say, an ice club. ~ minako
We aren't really battledome experts (hence why we'll never have a battlepedia), but generally, the species specific weapons stink. There are only a couple species specific items that are actually quite worth their price tag. I believe Kacheeks have their Kacheek Life Potion that can do a full heal. It's like a Jade Scorchstone for kacheeks. Ask on the Battledome Chat on the Neoboards and I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction. :)

I must know this one thing - does space fungus (do space fungi?) have tentacles? I have a tentacle-themed gallery, and I just can't decide whether or not to include things like Baby Space Fungus or Space Fungus Action Figure. My sisters and I have debated this for months and months, and I would love your help in settling this issue. So are they tentacles or flippers or what?!? ~ drzoidberg
The Space Fungi seem to have squid like tentacles. If you consider squid for your gallery, then I'd include the Space Fungi too. :)

George... is that you!? OMG, my long lost cousin!!!111!1

Hi JN! You're the best! I've never gotten anything from the money tree or the meridell dump. So I was wondering, is it even possible to get something from the tree or dump? Even if it's a slow computer like mine? Thanks! ~ 88_kirara_88
Yes, it is possible to get items from the Money Tree, the Meridell Rubbish Dump and also the Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe. It may be harder if you have dialup, but it is still possible. Don't lose hope!