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Yes, No, Maybe So
Published: March 16, 2014

Cog the Shoyru At Work
Oh, hello! You must have come down here to buy a belt with an enormous number of springs on it, or a jacket that can be used as a dry-cleaning press, right? No? You're sure? I swear that last one has improved a whole lot since the prototype.

In that case, you must be here looking for answers to important questions. Right? Well, I can help you with that, too! The teacher down in the caves, Igneot, is really wise. There's no question he can't answer. Now, he can be just a little bit cryptic from time to time, I admit, but I've been working on an invention that'll interpret his advice for you and tell you what you need to know! At least, I think that's what it'll do. The kinks should be all ironed out now, but if you see a blinking red light, don't forget to duck.

All right, well, what are we waiting for? It doesn't look like he's doing anything important, so go ahead and ask him a question! Who's first?

Because of evidence of mobile game in neopets website, do you think neopets mobile will return but for android and IOS? ~ neopets mobile
The cave is too smokey.
I cannot see the answer.

Hmmm... crank that lever, twist that cogwheel, annnnnd.... So, it looks like the answer depends on how you define "return". If you just want to know whether there'll ever be a service for Android or iOS called "Neopets Mobile", then the answer is... maybe! It's one of the names TNT suggested for their new app, along with "Neopets Go" and "Neopets On the Go". We don't know yet which one won, but it could be that one.
If what you want is a smartphone version of some of the features that used to be on the old Neopets Mobile app, then the answer is... probably not, at least for a while. Looking at the shiny moving-picture thing TNT sent along with the poll, it looks like Neopets Go/On-The-Go/Mobile will be a new way of doing everyday things, like earning a few Neopoints in the Gameroom or checking up on your pets. It doesn't look like a way of visiting faraway places like Lutari Island. That might have to wait until those adventurers go off on another round-the-world trip!

My question is basically this. Is there any way we can find out the most valuable thing in our Safety Deposit Boxes without having to browse through it ourself and checking the value of each item individually using the Item Database? Like, could there be a list of the items in our SDBs arranged in order of value or somthing? Thank you in advance ~ arooban
The fire has gone out; the answer is no.

The problem with the SDB page, unlike the list of books a pet's read, is that it isn't one page -- it's lots, with thirty items on each one. So there's no easy way of transferring the whole list and sorting it from top to bottom. I mean, I do have a machine that flattens safes full of valuables, but it sort of wasn't meant to do that and the owners weren't very happy with me afterwards, so... maybe stick to pricing things yourself? Sorry.

Hi JN team! *offers dung cookies* I was wondering: The Flask of Liquid Light is listed as a battledome item, but when I open the options list for it (donate item, put it up for auction, etc.) It shows I can use it on my Kacheek! what does it do? I'm a little afraid of it causing something horrible *dramatic banjo music*... Thanks! ~ naorly
Like the darkness, this can be overcome.

Hmmm, I'm not quite sure what that one meant. It's come out as a long string of stockmarket ticker symbols. So, down the hatch! *glug* *glug*
And the result is... Okay, you can uncover your eyes now! It looks like absolutely nothing happened. Like a few other items with a "Use" function, such as the Faerie Portrait, it seems like this item is mysteriously a total dud. Maybe it was meant to do something, but it certainly doesn't now. I suppose I could stick it in my lantern and use it instead of a worm.

Flask of Liquid Light

What exactly does it mean for a paint brush to be retired? Does it mean it won't be given out by any "regular" means anymore such as random events and the Fruit Machine? Does it mean TNT won't release any new pets in that color? Both? Thanks!! ~ Alguy89
The darkness is settling in, but the light still burns.

What he's saying is that "retired" isn't an all-or-nothing thing. Very confusingly, there are two things involving Paint Brushes that are both referred to with the word "retired".
When a colour is retired, it stops existing on Neopets altogether. Any pets who were that colour change to something else, and the Paint Brush itself will either be swapped for something else in players' inventories, or just become a useless brush-shaped bit of wood and gloop that's only good as a gift item. Thing is, that's only happened a few times, way back in Neopian history (with the Glass, Stone, and Unicorn pet colours), and as far as we know, there's no reason for it to happen again.
When an item is retired, it means it is no longer being sold or produced by a source that used to give it out. When that happens, its rarity gets changed. Most Paint Brushes are rarity 101 or 200, but a few are 180, which means they get automatically marked as retired items. This doesn't stop new pets of those colours appearing, though. New Sketch and Faerie pets, for example, keep turning up all the time.

*Throws jelly* HI JN!!! I asked you a question of AGoNy last time, and I have another question related to it. Can I see my side's neopets on my main? *Is about to throw a second piece, but stops and eats it* BYEE!!! ~ girlzroq
The ashes blow away like your chances.

Oh dear. I'm not sure you need my help with that one. *sigh*
No, as long as you're visiting Neopia on your main account, you can't see your side account's pets in Quick Ref, or use them as your active pets for games and daily activities. You can look them up with the search box, but all you'll see is the same as any other person in Neopia sees -- the "pet lookup" that gets presened to everyone. They belong to another "owner", after all, even if that owner is just you with a different hat on.

One day I decided to browse Neopia in a different language, and I discovered many interesting things, however when I visited a page (Community Central to be precise) I saw this at the top of the page: なぜこのペ ージは遠い 昔に消えて しまったネ オピア語で 書かれてい るのだろう ・・・何か 特別な意味 があるのか な~?不気 味・・・ That last word's "creepy", I can't make out the rest of it. The picture was of a Scorchio in a beam of light. At first it looked like a RE, but there's no SHH bar. Same size though. What do you make of it? ~ a0r10n
This is hard to read...

You're not kidding.
...however, it seems unlikely.

Apparently, this is code for a language used by some humans on their home planet, called Japanese. It's one of several error messages that appear when a page hasn't been translated, for whatever reason. (In this case, there hasn't been a Japanese translator working on most of the site for a few years now, so nobody will have been around to create a Japanese version of Community Central.) It seems to be talking about how this page seems to be written in Neopian, but disappeared long ago, and how creepy that is. It's not a real random event. Now, if everyone had interpreting machines like mine, we'd all be communicating easily in no time at all! And only occasionally pulling wire springs out of our hair, I swear.

I was poking around in the shop wizard, when I came across many item names that ended in "Wish Coin 5-Pack" and the like. No such items exist in your item database. Am I missing something? ~ copyright Copyrights Inc. (Ltd.)
The solution lies in your hands.

Or rather, in your Petpet's hands! Wish Coins are items you can carry around in Petpet Park, and throw into enchanted wishing wells with your friends. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? What I don't know is what the Shop Wizard is doing looking for Wish Coins, since they can only be bought within the Park. That's why they won't show up in a Neopets item database. Maybe the Wizard's feeling a little dizzy.

Wish Coin

What's a Poltrin? ~ a0r10n
Ehh... I am too sleepy.

Funny... my machine doesn't seem to be processing that at all. Oh, well! Maybe it's because nobody is completely sure. The Stock Market sometimes gets visited by a whole collection of analysts who are referred to as Poltrins, as if it was the name of a species, or by the name Poltrin, but there's never been any explanation of who or what they actually are. Maybe it's the name of the company they work for, and a Poltrin is one of its employees. Or maybe they're all part of a huge extended family, and share a surname.

How is it possible that a user has no neopets to speak of? Thanks! ~ anonymous
...are you all still here? It's time I went out to buy some groceries.

*twiddles dials* Um... I can't seem to find the deep wisdom in that. Let's see... "You offering them a tin of what what what"? No, that's not right... "For the last time, having a wish stick in your inventory will not bring you good luck"? No? Oh, then it must be... Yes. You might see that message if an owner has disowned or transferred all of his/her/their Neopets, maybe in preparation for leaving Neopia for good. Oh, or the account might have been created back when it was possible to register without creating or adopting a pet -- so that user might never have had a Neopet at all. Either way, he or she isn't going to be having a very fun day, since you can do more or less nothing without a pet by your side.

Hmmm, Igneot seems to be standing up. It's a good thing my invention comes complete with wheels and a handle. Onward! And if you step in a lava pool, try not to sizzle on the pavement!

Can you Please tell me what this SHH means? I never saw or heard of it before. It sent me directly to Faerieland but I have no idea why or if it is just a useless Something Has Happened event. Something Has Happened! Motes of light surround you. You have been summoned to FAERIELAND by Queen Fyora. ~ dariganplague
Out of my way! Now our town's been connected to Neopia Central after all these years, I have to make the most of it, you know! I've never seen weekly sales like the ones over there, and those buy-one-get-one deals aren't going to purchase themselves...

Um... I guess he's saying that Queen Fyora just really wants you to be somewhere else in a hurry? The event has no extra meaning, and it doesn't change anything. It just smacks you down somewhere in Faerieland, and then lets you go about your day. Reminds me of the time one of my inventions landed me right in the attic of the town hall when I wasn't expecting it... on second thoughts, let's not talk about that.

Hai Jellyneo staffer! *throws number symbols* *# # #* What is the cute little thing on the main page right above the JN twitter? ~ poofy2468
Oh, for goodness' sake, wherever did I put my house keys?

I seem to be having trouble recalibrating the animatronic whojimaflips on the thingumybob. Hold on a second while I try to remember what he said. Keys... keys... kees... Stahkees! Ah, yes. That's what they are, those little blue things. They're Petpets. You don't see them down here very often, 'cause they come from Krawk Island. You can read a bit more about them here, if you like. Just don't get their feathers too near the Magma Pool. They can't be painted Magma, and they don't look very good bald.

StahkeeFaerie Stahkee
But we DO look lovely in Faerie!

Hi Jellyneo! I haven't been on Neopets in forever, and I'd like to start off by thanking you guys for continuing to make all these wonderful guides! My question is about a certain Neocash item, seems something cool happened while I was away, and I've fallen in love with a wearable no longer available for purchase! Is there any way for me to still get this if I can find someone willing to trade/sell me it? Can I pay for a NC item in NP? Can I trade an item for it? Am I allowed to trade, say, a commission of artwork for it? And am I allowed to look for someone to trade with on a site besides Neopets? So sorry for all the questions, but I hope you can help me out here! ~ anonymous
Milk, Neggs, Magmut-B-Gone, clothespegs, baggusses, non-inflammable socks...

Maybe if the Neggs are supposed to be a symbol of possibility... and the milk is about the purity of Neocash transactions... Yes, I think I've got it. He's saying that you can still get your hands on the item, but only by swapping it for another Neocash item (or several items). You can't trade NP or art for it. As for your last question, you can find people to trade with through any means you want -- on fan forums, in the chat systems of other games (if they allow you to mention Neopets), or on social networks -- but remember that swapping Neocash items is done purely on trust. Once you've given someone your item, you only have their word they're going to hand over theirs, so be careful, and trade wisely.

I haven't got a clue about the socks.

Is there any way to see the neomails that you've sent? ~ anonymous
One Eyrie Taxi to Neopia Central, please, for one passenge... uh, two passengers with this Shoyru... wait, don't tell me all you people with the questions are coming as well?!

Okay, this time it's definitely "there is no currently active security code and the whole thing may be a deliberate effort to waste the time of the enemies of Dr. Sloth".
What do you mean, that's got nothing to do with the question? Oh. Well... I suppose I can answer this one. No, there isn't any way to read your old sent Neomails. Project #346-721 (Rocket-Assisted Petpet Capture Net For Catching Postal Weewoos) was... not one of my great successes, and right now, TNT don't seem to have any ideas for message retrieval, either. Once your Neomails are gone, they're gone.

I was looking at... things... and I wondered: Does the species/colour combo for a villain kinda ruin it for Neopia? ~ Xandra
Cog, I'm still not sure what you're doing here, but are you certain that machine of yours is doing what it's supposed to? I don't like the look of that blinking red light.

Er, let's see... "You will accidentally discard your best friend's items in Kiko Lake." I'm not sure that one even counts as wisdom. "We are not the Neopets Team, and as such, can't comment on their future plans." No. "The villains that appear in Neopets plots and events don't tend to correspond exactly to an existing species/colour combination. Lord Darigan is certainly not an ordinary-looking Darigan Korbat, Hubrid Nox doesn't really match any known colour of Chia -- or at least, he didn't until he became one of Neopia's ghosts -- and Captain Scarblade is quite different from your average green Lupe. So while there's no way of tracking the popularity of specific species/colour combinations over time, it seems unlikely that anyone would look at their pet and suddenly see a horrifying villain. In fact, if the existence of Hallowe'en Neopets that look like some notorious evildoers is anything to go by, owners like the idea of having pets who look a little bit villainous." Yes, that's right, but why is it flashing like--

Hello! I recently was looking through the Item Database, and the restock price on the Mootix is 40 NP. But where does it restock? Thanks and Plumpies to y'all! ~ jrayeb3

Large Explosion

...I think I know what I did wrong.

Let's hope you do. By the way, there is still no Petpetpet shop anywhere in Neopia. Mootixes having a restock price seems to be a side-effect of how Petpetpets are treated in TNT's databases; it apparently doesn't lead to a need for them to restock anywhere.

Thank you so much, Igneot! You can be a bit less cryptic when you want to, huh?

Good grief. I was a White Eyrie before that thing went off. So, who's going to pay for the damage from this little science experiment?

The glowing coal fades next to the mighty volcano, as the piping kettle is drowned by the machinery of change and time.

...I guess that's me, then.