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Yellow Blumaroo Edition
Published: February 15, 2014

AAA: Greetings, Jellopians, Aristotle A. Avinroo here! Some folks say I'm a terrific Games Master, but I'm also good at answering your questions. Joining me today is Mac, one of JN's newest content writers.

Mac: I'm super excited to finally have my very first jnEditorial! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together... with AAA's help, of course.

Hello Jellyneo! I was at the Neopian gallery looking at the old site characters, and I saw something called a Tomb monster. It says it was part of an old site promotion. But I was wondering, what promotion? ~ Rebeccansb

The promotion was called Forgotten Tomb, and it first appeared in September 2001. After you were awarded keys for visiting sponsor links, you could use them to open the doors within to earn Neopoints. The monster, called the Sludge Beast, had a chance of appearing.

Reminds me of a certain Zafara I know...

Hi! I am being featured in an NT story that contains worlds other than Neopia. Is that okay? ~ Salia, pirate Xweetok

Actually, writing about worlds outside of Neopia is not only allowed, but encouraged. Recently with the release of Assignment 53 (which is an excellent game, you should play it!) many new worlds outside of Neopia have been considered canon. On the Neoboards, there's a section called "Other Worlds" that is specifically for discussing worlds outside of Neopia as well. Anything published in the Neopian Times by users is by default considered fictional and non-canon, so you should be fine.

Hello! I noticed my dailies reset at 2:00 pm, can I change the time of the clock or is it universal? ~ theredreptile

Everything in Neopia is based off of NST, or Neopian Standard Time. It's the same for everybody and it can't be changed.

A Neopian Times Editorial stated that the Almost Abandoned Attic's restocking schedule has changed. Do you have the correct restocking schedule now? Or did it just become totally random? ~ gain057

While it's true that the schedule for the other, less awesome AAA has changed, it's not totally random. The new restock time is the previous restock time + 7 minutes + approx. 10 seconds. This means that you should start refreshing exactly 7 minutes after the previous restock, for about 10 seconds.

Dear Mario (I mean JN), Please come to the castle, I have a question for you! Very recently I've tried out Petpet Park, and it's been very fun so far! I spent the past few days looking for a decent guide to Petpet Park, only to find your guide after a very specific Google search. I can't find a link to it anywhere on the site! I recall a time when it was featured as a link on the front page, on the side bar, and the site title as "Your Number 1 source for new Neopets & Petpet Park Tips, Help, and more!" (Or something of that sort). Just wondering, why has it become less Petpet Park-ish. Also, I've baked a cake for you. Yours truly, ~ Princess Peach

Have you registered for a jnAccount recently? If you view the front page without being logged in, you'll see a box at the top with helpful links for new users who want to know what we have to offer. This box has a column specifically for Petpet Park! When you're logged in, this box is no longer visible. The guide can always be accessed under "Game Guides" on the top navigation bar. There is also a link in the sidebar rotation, but it is not always present.

*Steps forward and clears throat* What is the Maraquan Circle? Thank you. *Runs off podium in absolute terror* ~ Not Steve

The Maraquan Circle refers to the body of water that lies between Maraqua, Mystery Island, and Krawk Island. I wouldn't go sailing around in it if I were you; it storms in there almost as much as it does on Lutari Island!

Hello JN! *stares with button eyes* I -randomly- happened to stumble upon an interview with Donna Powell on your site. (http://www.jellyneo.net/?go=donna_interview) Around Dave's 11th question, he mentions something titled as 'The World of Neopia", and says: "World of Neopia, on the other hand, is apparently going to be a 3D environment where you can walk around and complete quests and such ... but last we heard, it was in very early stages." This struck a cord with me, and my curiosity caused me to do research. The thing is, I found absolutely nothing about "The World of Neopia" anywhere, other than mentions in three of your editorials (issues 50, 152 & 197). Apparently it was due to be released in 2009, but obviously that never happened. The point of my question: Where did this business about "The World of Neopia" come from? I haven't found anything on it other than what I mentioned above, and I'm wondering just where this originated from. I apologize for the epic wall of text, I just happen to be very curious. :P ~ Coraline

Back in April 2008 Dave made a newspost about it here that you should find very interesting! For those who are unaware, World of Neopia was meant to be an extension of the Neopets experience that looked and played a lot like Petpet Park. Something else of note is that they also mentioned Monkey World, which ultimately became Monkey Quest. Since it's been six years since we last heard anything about the project, I think it's safe to assume it's been scrapped.

Ohai guys! I was wondering: if I open, say, a Sugar Skull NC Fortune Cookie, can I send the extra items to my side accounts instead of sending them to real neofriends? Would that be breaking the rules? ~ policialmagaly

You can send them to any account, even your main and your sides. You can even send them to me!

Don't actually send him anything, he hasn't logged into his account in years. His inventory is always full...

In response to the question about the Brainy Blumaroos book back in Issue #205, I just wanted to chime in and say that the Blumaroo on the cover of Brainy Blumaroos is not AAA. He's actually a shopkeeper, too! ~ macteazle

Hey, I remember writing that before I became staff! He's listed as "Blumaroo - Brainy" so maybe his name is Brainy?

Hardly a fitting title for someone with such a tiny brain. Why is he even on the cover? I'm obviously the smartest Blumaroo in Neopia!

HEY! My name isn't even in here!!

Just because he's yellow and wears glasses doesn't mean he's me!

Is the Kacheek Flour species-only? Can only Kacheeks use it? The iDBP lists it under "Kacheek species weapon". ~ ggpr

Yep! Kacheek Flour is a species weapon, so only Kacheeks can equip it. The Battlepedia has a guide for how to safely use Kacheek Flour here, if you are planning on using it. I wish they made some Blumaroo Flour...

Hi! I've recently returned from a hiatus and so have forgotten a lot of the things I used to know about Neo. :P I have a question about trading pets: if it's disallowed to trade 2:1 (two pets for one pet), what is a double custom? I recall reading something about how if you paint a pet two colours, upon trading the pet, it'll lose the clothing (if any) of the original paint job when transferred. Or does a 'double custom' constitute of a morph and paint? Is there actually any way of say, trading for a Spotted Lupe with pirate clothing? Thanks! ~ Anonymous

Trading a pet that is wearing paint brush clothing from a different color will be naked upon arrival; the clothes won't transfer with it. A double custom doesn't involve one pet being painted two different colors, but rather two different pets being custom colored for two different people between trades. You can read about it in the NT editorial here. The main rule of trading is that you can only trade a pet for another pet, so the scenario you described doesn't seem possible.

Where do Fake Scratchcards come from? ~ Re@lity

When the Deserted Fairground Kiosk first opened, there was a problem with the scratchcards being sold. To rectify the situation, TNT made those scratchcards into "fake" versions and started releasing the ones you see today right after. Those fake scratchcards have since become very rare collector's items!

Hey JN! I have a question regarding the Magical Red Pteri Plushie. In your IDB, you have a section called "Item Notes" that says the following: "When used, this item will turn your pet into a Red Pteri. Then the item will become a normal, non-magical plushie." Since there is no "Basic" Red Pteri Plushie, would the "Magical" one just disappear after being used? If so, you should mention that in your IDB in the section "Items Notes" just to have that be correct! ~ jmo7692

It actually turns into an Orange Pteri Plushie, which used to be called Red Pteri Plushie. Weird.

Is it still possible to get the Snow Beast on the Advent Calendar Page even when it's not December? ~ thereal592_592_5

Rest assured, the Snow Beast is actively stomping around the Advent Calendar page throughout the year. He's a little shy, though, so it might take quite a few refreshes before he'll appear.

Hello JN *throws displeased plumpy* I need some help. What items or events decrease strength? Thank you *throws Minnesotan weather* ~ poofy2468

Besides the Lab Ray, which can randomly increase or decrease several statistics, the Bullseye Potion and Bubbling Fungus both have a chance of lowering the strength stat.

They can also increase strength, so ingest with caution...

This has gotten me bothered for quite a while now... how DO you get paintbrushes? As in, what are the 'natural' ways of getting paintbrushes, excluding buying/trading/auctioning it from another user? Where do THEY get their brushes from??? This has kept me up at night please help ~ anonymous

Paint Brushes are a part of the prize pool for site contests, the Alien Aisha Vending Machine, the Wheel of Extravagance, and the Fruit Machine, to name a few. When there's a site event, try to participate as best you can as they are oftentimes awarded as prizes. If you're really lucky, Jacko the Painter or the Fire Faerie might give you one in a Random Event!

Of course, there's nothing wrong with keeping your natural fur color. Basic colors are just as nice...

I have a question about names... a long while ago I wanted to name a neopet "amethyst". I got a message saying I couldn't because it contained inappropriate language. The other day, I saw that someone had a pet named amethyst! It's really old too, and now I'm confused... (I swear there wasn't a pet named amethyst when I wanted one of my own!) Shouldn't the message have been "this name is taken", not "this name is inappropriate"? ~ anonymous

It sounds like the pet you saw was created before TNT added an automatic filter for pet names. When you try to create a pet now, the script on the page checks to see if the name has any inappropriate words in it first before it tries to create it. That's why you got the "inappropriate name" message before "this name is taken."

What's your opinion on this new guy replacing AAA? I think he's awf-- *gets dragged away by unknown objects* ~ adrian13_56 / Shockyz

I don't like my dimwitted classmate either. I wouldn't worry about him too much, though. I think I made it pretty clear that I don't want him anywhere near my site events... or my sister... ever again.


The Meepits are angry.Very angry.I suggest running as soon as this question is answered.Anyway,as a representative of the Meepit Overlord,it is my duty to ask you this:What is the matter with that silly Spooky Food Eating Contest prize shop?It absolutely just won't give me my prizes,even after being threatened by a Meepit!I mean, what is the use of 500 spare points if they can't be used?We disapprove of this.Oh, I almost forgot;here you go!*hands you a box with suspicious air holes in it*The Meepits also wish everyone there a happy new year!Bye!*DISAPPEARS IN A FLASH OF LIGHT,FOLLOWED BY A SOUND LIKE THUNDER AND A MEEPIT COUGHING AND CURSING* ~ The Friendly Meepit

The Spooky Food Eating Contest didn't have a prize shop! Like most site events, you were rewarded with a set amount of prizes when you visited the page based on your participation. Are you sure you weren't thinking of the prize shop from the Obelisk War?

Is it against the rules to have a shop on your side account, even if you just use it as a shop to collect Neopoints for your guild? In other words, does a shop used for collecting guild Neopoints have to be on your main account? Will I get in trouble for having a shop on my side account, even if I don't sell anything on it? ~ Anonymous

You can do this only if the side account is clearly labeled as a guild account. This is the one and only time you are allowed to have a second shop on a side account that is actively selling items, and you can only have one account for this purpose.

ALL. HAIL. KING. CHADLEY. ~ neobillogranhermano


*poofs in* HI JN! *throws sticks of asparagus* So what's up? I wanted to ask, do you guys have any updates on Lutari Island? I'M DYING TO KNOW! And also, can you end this editorial with the cutest pic ever? Thanks and bye! *poofs away* ~ girlzroq

We're dying to know too! Unfortunately, nothing new has come to our attention regarding Lutari Island since the storm first appeared. With the new Neopets app on the horizon, however, anything is possible! As for the cutest picture ever...

Cutest picture ever? I just so happen to have brought it with me...

You can keep it as a memento of my visit.

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