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New Year's Revelations
Published: January 12, 2014

Here at Jellyneo, we recommend you make it your New Year's Resolution to tip your Neopian Times delivery Weewoo, dust your trophy cabinet every Saturday, eat at least fifteen interesting questions a fortnight, and look both ways before stepping off the edge of the Darigan Citadel.

Sorry, that should have been read, not eat. Our new resolution is to stop hiring Meepits to do our copy-editing. So while we're busy showing them the door, why not start the year right by reading today's jnEditorial?

By now, would you classify the SFC as a plot, miniplot, or event? The banners still say event... but I want JN to classify it. By the way, a magical gift box is winging it's way to JNHQ. It contains something for every staffer, magically determined by personal preference. No one can plunder it before it gets to you, it is protected by Meepits. ~ anonymous
TNT's classification of the Spooky Food Contest as an event, rather than a plot or mini-plot, seems about right. While it did feature new characters and create the new Grave Danger daily, it didn't have a huge effect on Neopian history, or open up any previously undiscovered towns or countries (or wipe any previously discovered ones off the map). Nor did it have a plot comic, although admittedly the War for the Obelisk got by okay without one. After the actual contest voting, our participation was on a fairly individual basis -- there was no real sense of Neopia-wide collaboration, something which could be considered essential to a proper plot. Let's hope Year 16 sees some of those sharp and snarky writing skills applied to more adventures and discoveries.

I received this message from Neopets today: "Hi (name removed)! We have looked into your account information and found that you are registered as being under age 13. This means that you do not have an e-mail address listed in your preferences and therefore we are unable to verify that you are the original owner of this account. Because of this, we will not be able to return this account to you. Sending more information will not help return your account, as there is no way to prove that you created it under your e-mail address. Dwayne O., The Neopets Team." I put in the wrong year for my birthday. Is there any way to get my account back? ~ anonymous
Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but based on the message you received, we don't think there's any way of getting into this account, other than remembering the password correctly by yourself (assuming it isn't frozen). It's sad, but it just underlines how important it is to make sure you fill out the signup forms correctly. And if you are under 13, make very sure your password and PIN are something you can remember easily, as TNT may be unable to help you out for security/legal reasons (they have to deal with the same COPPA legislation that we've recently adapted to).

Lab Ray Scientist
New Year's Resolution:
Clarify to the Neopian Times that I only inflict confusion, anger, genetic mutation, growing pains, psychological trauma and exploded Petpets on innocent Neopets FOR SCIENCE. Or if their laughter gets really annoying.

Yo, I fished up a Bag of Broken Neopoints, and was going to repair it. I went to my inventory, clicked on it (I don't know why I did that), and I noticed that you could play with it. So, I went to play with my saddest pet, and she got angry. Sure enough, all my pets get angry if I throw a broken toy at them. So, two questions: Is this always the case, or are my pets spoiled, and what all do they say? I don't want to anger my pets with toys until they turn red (Ooooohh!) --- *disappears in a poof of anasleeskic smoke* ~ Donny
After some extensive and probably unnecessary HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC experimentation, we can confirm that playing with a broken toy will always anger your pets, no matter what their temperament may be. The comments they make can be any of the following:

  • Why can't I have a proper toy?
  • Oh GREAT! A Broken Bouncy Zafara Toy to play with... whoopee!
  • That is SO unfair... you are mean!
  • Gee, thanks :(
  • Grrrrrr!
  • That is so typical of you! Im annoyed now :(
  • Im sure all the other Neopets get better things to play with!
  • How dare you! I want a toy that isnt broken
As always, you can cheer up your disgruntled Neopet with unbroken toys, grooming, or a few trips on the Roo Island Merry-go-Round. The Lab Ray Scientist declines to comment on whether or not the strange fumes coming out of the editorial department are the result of trying to figure out what anasleeskic smoke may be.

Hello lovely Jellyneo staff. I wanted to ask if you know (of course you must do) if Petpet Park or Monkey Quest gives NP or ítems that can help us in our neo account :) you know, to make NP in a fun gaming way. Thank you for Reading, sorry if I misspelled, and kisses for the janitor and Kell XD Oh, and for you guys a huge hug, keep being cool (as always). ~ purrmew
Neither Petpet Park nor Monkey Quest gives out Neopoints, or Neopoint items. Since those things can't be used in the other two games, it'd be a little strange to give them to players who may not even know what a Neopet is. From time to time, one of them will have a promotion that gives away Neocash, which you can then use on any of the three sites -- don't hold your breath, though, as this only happens once every couple of years, if that. Stick with Key Quest, Habitarium, the Battledome, and of course Neopets' vast library of Flash games if you want to be a Neopoint-earning gamer.

Gavril McGill
New Year's Resolution:
Swim six laps of Krawk Island before breakfast each morning.
Note: If initial attempts unsuccessful, look into shrinking island.

Quick question, is there a secret purpose for the Keep Out! Island on Krawk Island? Will The Neopets Team be doing anything with that? Or will that island not be used at all? Island URL: http://www.neopets.com/pirates/keepout.phtml ~ Monicamsa
So far, the only reason the general public have had to visit the Keep Out! area (which may well be the same Scurvy Island where Neopia's nastier pirate types hang out) is for hunt-type events and festivals that involve searching Krawk Island. If the place has an additional secret purpose, it's a secret to us, as well. Most likely, like the mines on Kreludor, it's a mysterious placeholder that can be used as a venue for future events not yet written.

So I recently created my first side account, and I had enough spare NPs laying around to get a Lab Map for it. I know that you cannot take someone else's pet and zap it for them. I also know that you CAN zap pets and put them in the pound. But are you allowed to zap pets just for adopting out, choosing from people who want the pet in a sort of application process? I really want to help people get pets in colors they love, not just to use to trade for something else. I wouldn't be getting any compensation or anything. Any insight? ~ anonymous
That is very definitely allowed! It's called "fostering" and was actually given the green light by TNT years before Neopet trading was. It's a long and sometimes stressful process, but you'll be able to enjoy a lovely warm glow of philanthropy (and phil-pet-ropy).

Haii Guys *hands plate of bacon*, what exactly was Neovision? I've been on Neopets for over 7 years and frankly I don't even really remember it at all. Not to mention information on it now is hard to come by, especially when you consider it was on the site for (apparently) over 2 years. How many people actually used it, and what was it like? ~ anonymous
Neovision was an area where players could send in their homemade, Neopets-related Flash videos, and view those that other players had uploaded. As far as I remember, it didn't provide any tools or programs for video creation -- that was up to the player -- so it was, perhaps, harder for a newbie to get hooked on than some other creative contests. We couldn't really say how many people used it over its couple of years' run, but evidently not enough for it to keep going, as TNT eventually closed it down.

Neovision Turning Off
New Year's Resolution:
Finish all my Neoschool homework before watching Neovision.
Note: Will require waiting for the return of Neoschool, homework, and Neovision.
Maybe should stick with eating more bananas.

So first of all thank you for answering my barrage of questions XD. *throws a Dave plushie in a brain tree* My question is HOW you get other skins. The only one I can get is the standard blue one. ~ poofy2468
If you want some fancier skins for your trophy cabinet, keep an eye out for Jellyneo site events, such as trivia quizzes and treasure hunts. We can't make any promises about when the next one will occur, or whether it will give out this kind of reward, but there have been some great cabinet skins given out at past events, such as the lovely Candy Rush. Unlike Neopets plots, you don't always have to go all-out to get the prize; sometimes answering one or two questions correctly is all it takes, so give it a try!

Sorry to be abrupt, but, YOU CAN BUY PETPETPETS IN SHENKUU!! It says that in the daily puzzle of Sunday, December 15, 2013! But you and everybody else says no! I am so confused! ~ anonymous
A few people have asked about this, and unfortunately, as far as we can tell, it was an error on TNT's end that matched the wrong question with the wrong answer. "Shenkuu" was the correct answer to the Daily Puzzle for the 16th of December. At the time of this editorial going out, there is no non-user-run shop in Shenkuu -- or, indeed, anywhere else -- where you can purchase Petpetpets.

Hey! I just wanted to ask... Are meepits really that evil? Or is everything just rumours or something? Anyway, they're really cute !:D Oh, and here, take this. *gives you innocent looking meepit* ~ anonymous
A small, pink, toothy spokespetpet tells us that the Meepit society which secretly inhabits Jellyneo Headquarters has collectively adopted a New Year's Resolution to see no evil, hear no evil, and especially to meep no evil. Any Meepits you may see scurrying back and forth with toolkits, boxes of explosives, gagged and bound Feepits, or maps of the Content Department are absolutely and definitely figments of your imagination, and should not be pursued or contemplated in any way. Yes.

Bug-Eyed Meepits
Nothing to see here. Go about your business.
Go *now*. Running would be best.

*enters, fuming* HoW DO WE CReATE A SiDE ACcOUnT oN NEOpeTS??? NoBODY TELlS mE!!! (CaP-SMAlL cOMBO OF AGOnY) *forgets to say hi or bye and leaves* ~ girlzroq
Calm down! Agony is a bit difficult to read, and you've got Dream clinging to the ceiling muttering terrified things about clowns for some reason.

Anyhow, you can create a side account the same way you almost certainly created your main. Log out of Neopets (or use a different browser), and click the link on the homepage to sign up. If possible, sign up with the same email address as you use for your main. Note that some people have been reporting annoying bugs with the signup process recently, so you may have to try a few times. There's no official process to mark your new account as a side -- just finish the signup process, either create or adopt a Neopet, and you're away. You can have up to four side accounts alongside your one main, bringing you to a maximum total of five. Just remember not to play any games, open a shop, or do any other activities that earn you items or NP when you're on your side accounts.

One word of caution: don't use the Referral Programme link from your main account to create your new side. It may seem like a cute way to earn a few extra Neopoints, but TNT have frowned on it in the past.

It's about the game The Last Blast. I cannot find the special items in stores or that stuff. Have you not released it yet? ~ anonymous
We don't have any control over when or whether TNT release items. As we mentioned in jnEditorials 21, 22, and 71, those items have not been released, and it's doubtful whether they ever will be. The whole items-for-Flash-games setup got rather a bad rap in the public eye thanks to the Shenkuu River Rush Talisman, which was briefly buyable for Neocash. This may have been responsible for game-item plans getting shelved across the board.

While there's no reason Neopoint items shouldn't be allowed a role in Flash games, at this stage, The Last Blast is not really a new game any more, and historically, TNT have tended to create revamped versions of games rather than go back and make modifications to the old ones. Adding in new functionality to a game that's been around for years might be exciting, but it would probably be difficult to pull off. It's a pity, because the idea of gameplay being affected by items earned elsewhere on Neopets is kind of cool.

New Year's Resolution:
Convince TNT to program all Flash games
to give a +150-point "Chadley Bonus" to all players who are Chadley.

I am going to be writing a Neopian Times article on famous under 13s, particularly Neopets characters. So, can I have a list of under 13 Neopets characters that links to their Book Of Ages profiles? *uses preteen powers and hypnotises you* ~ alli_draggy (Champion Of Under 13s)
Surprisingly enough, it's quite hard to know for sure how many of our favourite kids are younger than their teens. That kind of information is normally confined to the Neopedia, but for some reason, a ridiculous number of the characters profiled there are touchy about the subject of their age. It would appear that, in some sections of Neopian society, even talking about someone's age is a horrible faux pas. And many, many more characters just don't have their ages listed at all.

That said, from the Neopedia we can find out that Abigail and Lulu Avinroo are both pre-teens, at 11 and 12 years old respectively. Sally, a young Usuki Doll collector, is five years old, or at least was at the time the game Usuki Frenzy came out.
There are also some rather surprising under-13 Neopians to be found in the Neopedia. Admit it, you would not have expected that Dorak is only four years old, the Chia Clown and Zygorax are both six, and the Underwater Chef is only seven. Apparently they're all extremely precocious.

The Neopian book Connect the Dots claims to be a chronicle of the adventures of three Usuls who were four years old at the time their journey began. Whether they actually exist somewhere out there, or whether that's just a framing device and the book is pure fiction, nobody knows.

After that, we get into the realm of characters whose age has never been listed officially, but who both look and act like small children. The young Usuls from The Usul Suspects are an obvious example. While they are obviously painted Baby, they also act babyish, needing a babysitter to keep them happy and being very fond of milk in a baby bottle. Barry, Enfanta, and Zaiel are other Babies who do very childish things. (But beware -- the most famous Baby Neopet of them all, Boochi, is 17!)

Pets' ages can also be inferred from how they relate to others in their families. Kiki, from a one-off winter festival story, is mainly defined by being a child, and the only one of her family not expected to help with the holiday preparations. Meanwhile, Lucy Ellis fits into the kid-sister archetype for her heroic brother.

A few little-child characters have featured in plots over the years. It wouldn't be unreasonable to guess that Sally of Meridell, Katie, and Lanie and Lillie have yet to reach their teens (and, in the latter case, may not ever do so). Lisha and friends, and Roxton Colchester's protégé Jordie, are harder cases to call -- are they small and cute for their age, or smart and plucky beyond their years?

Lastly, it should be noted that the rate at which Petpets reach maturity seems to be entirely up in the air, and it's possible many of the Petpet Park characters are under thirteen. The chronology of the Park remains a very odd thing, though, so you're on your own with that one. Not that figuring out the way time works in Neopia is any picnic, either. Whether pets' ages stay static over time, or increase gradually as we'd normally expect them to, appears to be still up for debate. (Is the Underwater Chef, for instance, still seven years old despite the fact that Old Maraqua's destruction was more than ten years ago?)

Underwater Chef
New Year's Resolution:
Take the night off once a week and order Mumbo Pango a pizza.

What's the difference between Laid Back Xweetok Shirt and Laid Back Xweetok Vest? Their art is the same, dress like the same, just with the different names and description. Why they release two item that is exactly identical? Is is a mistake or something? ~ gain057
Bizarrely, while these two items seem to do the exact same thing in Customisation, they are fetching two different prices on the Neopian market. A profound statement on the nature of brand-label fashion? A social experiment by a playful Neopian clothes designer? Or a case of the same art being applied to two different items that TNT will hopefully correct in future? My money's on the latter.

Mall Shopkeeper
New Year's Resolution:
Figure out what boy Neopets like to wear these days.
It's still dresses and wigs with bows, right? Right?

Dear JN, If I've observed correctly, haven't your editorials been occuring less and less often over time? I understand the amount of work it may take to set each one up, but I'm just wondering. Didn't it once occur weekly rather than bi-weekly or monthly? ~ anonymous
The jnEditorial has changed quite a bit over time! It did indeed start off being weekly, and was run by everyone's favourite head honcho, Dave, in between the thirty thousand and seventy-one other things he generally has to do. Since then, more and more JN staffers, from a wide range of departments, have had a turn at answering questions, and you never know who will be in the hotseat next issue! (Except when it's mentioned in the editorial newspost, we suppose. But you know what we mean.)

To run an editorial, we need two things: a staff member (or two) who can write answers, and a good supply of questions for them to read. Sometimes, all our staff are a bit busy, especially in the run-up to the release of big projects, during real-world holidays, or because it's exam season. On occasion, there just isn't anyone available to volunteer.
Other times, even though we have writers on hand, there aren't enough questions in the archive that they can answer. A lot of the most obvious questions about Neopets and Jellyneo have now been asked, and all you have to do to find the answer is search for them in the Editorial Database. The questions that get sent in nowadays often require specialised knowledge and/or some research, so not every staffer can answer every question. If we have more questions to choose from, we'll have more material to publish more often, and that's got to be a good thing. :)

We'd love one of our New Year's Resolutions to be "make Jellyneo readers even better informed", so if you have any questions about Neopets, Petpet Park, or Jellyneo, go ahead and click here. We can't promise that we'll have immediate answers to everything, but the more questions we have, the bigger and better Year 16's editorial issues will be!

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