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Published: December 14, 2013

A Programmer in a Meepit Suit

Hi there, I'm Kumar! I'm the newest Programmer on the block, formerly one of Ian's underlings at the Item Database.

You may be wondering about the Meepit outfit. When I was little I used to walk in the forests around Neopia. One day I was walking all by my merry self when a Meepit jumped out of some bushes and bit me in the face. Not a bad bite, because Meepits are kind, caring creatures, but a playful bite. I don't know exactly what happened after, but when I woke up hours later I had become Meepit-like in some of my behaviours, and have lived happily as a Meepit-human hybrid ever since!

Moral of the story: Meepits are nice, kind creatures who don't mean you any harm.

Now, onto those questions!

Hey guys! You guys are doing a great job with everything and keeping modern/updated etc. I just had two questions really. First is Neo did a wonderful job on ruining the value of Krawks and Pirate colours. Two of which I worked long and hard to get when it wasn't available to the masses. Do you think they will do the same for Draiks? The release of the Magical Krawk Plushie line is solidifying the nail in that coffin pretty good I think haha. My other question is when a goodie/birthday bag is released do the items inside still have the same odds of being released as they did when they first appeared? I notice a big difference when I open any bag that has been around awhile vs. when they are fresh on the market. Are there limit amount of the "good" items being distributed or is it all luck? Normally the bags are cake for me to get what I want from them but soon as they go out of style I can't get bologna! Makes me think is all! Which lead me to the all knowing almighty JN staff! Thanks in advance :) ~ kaos7777
Any item can be released from an event or daily if it isn't retired. This means that potentially some future event could devalue Draiks as well.

As for the goodie bags, so far there is no evidence that bags only release a certain number of prizes, so you must just be on an unlucky streak. The most expensive prizes are expensive because they're rarely given out by the goodie bags, but hopefully you'll get lucky soon!

Hi guys! I wanted to start working on a petpage, but I don't know what kind of code/embedded content will be "accepted" by the Neopets filters beyond HTML and CSS. Can we use jQuery? What about Flash? Can we link to external stylesheets, or is that blocked? ~ madamehydra
Neopets currently only allows HTML and CSS, with both having fairly restricted fuctionality. Using external code is also blocked. These measures are in place to ensure that all pages on neopets.com are safe for those browsing them.

Is the Lab Ray Logger able to record zaps from before you came out with it? ~ silverpeltcyborg
If you have your own record of zaps from before the Lab Ray Logger came out, the only way of adding them to the logger is to add each zap one-by-one.

Hi JNT. I was just reading the older news and saw that the tier 2 bottled Faeries still aren't available. Do you think they will ever come out? ~ anubisfan_16
With the new bottled Faeries being so cheap, it would seem unlikely that TNT would ever need to release the bigger bottled Faeries. Who knows, though. With the images sitting there, they may decide to release them one day.

For many high score tables on Neopets, such as the one for avatar collector, you need to "update" your score/count to appear on the table on reset night. Is this the case for Booktastic Books? If a pet reads all of the Booktastic Books that are available, for example, and the table resets, can they no longer get posted on there? ~ macteazle
Book and Gourmet lists do not reset each month like game high score tables. They aren't listed in the Games Room and therefore operate in a different way to standard game high scores.

I was going through the Wardrobe features looking for clothes for my Lupe, and the Kiko Pilot Suit is able to be modeled by every pet, even though it only fits the Kiko (on everything else the suit just sits on top of the pet's picture and isn't actually being worn). Is this an error in the Wearables DB, or in the suit itself? ~ yin_yang105
It looks like this error is on TNT's end, with all pets currently being able to wear the Kiko Pilot Suit. Strangly enough, despite it being the same image for all pets, it actually fits some of them.

Please, PLEASE, tell me, why does Rosie like me so much?! ~ dung
Like? I think love would be a better word. The overpowering musk of dung could be one of the reasons she loves it so much. We're an odd bunch of people here at Jellyneo o.o

Dear JN, something's been on my mind lately, and it's Meepits. Yes, Meepits. They seem to have this superb status of being ultimately evil in Neopia. While it's certainly common knowledge among the folk in Neopia, I wonder, would you happen know how TNT started with this whole 'Meepits are evil' deal? Would anyone happen to know? Was it there from their creation, or was it picked up along the way with some joke? ~ Perry
Meepits aren't evil. You have been lied to if you think that is the case. They are our benevolent overlords.

Cutely Grinning Meepits
See, aren't they just the cutest things ever?

This may be a very obvious or difficult question, but when putting your name in while writing a question, do you use your Neopets username or your Jellyneo account name? Thank you! ~ flyflyhorse707
You can use whichever name you want! The name you use will just be the one that appears when the question is answered.

Hey TJNT! FIRST, I wanna say Thanks A TON for answering my question in the one Editorial. It was the BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME ON JELLYNEO! Now to my VERY-SUPER-UBER-CRAZY-IMPORTANT-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD-QUESTION! *Wheeze* O_o I want to know, I recently got a Red Ranaka Bead and put it on my Talisman, now I read your guide and see the Red Beads give you Shop Discounts, I want to ask, Do these Discounts go for the Hidden Tower or no? ~ JN_Golfer
The discount from the red beads does not apply in the Hidden Tower. One can only assume that Fyora's magic keeps your talisman's effects away from her precious items.

Because I'm fabulous.

A Fabulous Uni In Fabulous Glasses
*swooshes hair*

Did TNT cancel the New Game Challenge? I noticed from your guide that there hasn't been a new one since 2011, and the last one (Invasion: Blastoids) doesn't have anything about the NGC. So has TNT cancelled the whole thing, or has it really been over 2 years since we had a new game? ~ jdb1984
It appears the New Game Challenge has been discontinued. We have had a few new games over the last few years, but none of them have been part of a NGC, so we can only assume that the idea really has been dumped for the time being.

Hi, JN staff! *throws hungry meepits* You know those items that you put in your inventory? They can get stolen or zapped from random events, never to be seen again. But can the items that are currently in an auction or trade get stolen? Or will the item disappear from your inventory when it has come back from an auction or trade? I've been wondering what would happen for a long time and I was hoping that someone would tell me because it has never actually happened to me before. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, awesome site.:) ~ anonymous
Throwing Meepits? Now that's just not fun. Meepits are not for throwing! As for your question, items in auctions and trades cannot be lost in random events. Be careful though! Items in trades currently don't notify you if they expire. They go straight back into your normal inventory, where random events can blast them into oblivion, much like you will be for throwing Meepits.

I just noticed (as of nov 29th 2013) that there is a mysterious green price in the item database. I was looking up items and next to the estimated price is a little (+xxx NP) in green. What is this? ~ anonymous
This is the increase (or decrease, if it is in red) in the price of the item since the last time it had its price updated.

Are the "Elephante - To War" and the "Mynci - Halloween" avatars glitched? I can't obtain them :( ~ anonymous
It looks like neither of these avatars are currently available. This could be because of criteria for obtaining them that we were not aware of when they came out, or they could just be glitched.

Sooooo Hi *throws battle potato* I was wondering why my trophy for participating in the Garoo unchained L97 event does not show up in my trophy cabinet. *whacks Dave with a slipper* Thanks! ~ poofy2468
The trophies for iDB events do not get added to your Jellyneo trophy cabinet. They are images that you are welcome to use anywhere if you won them, and usually people put them on their pet's lookup.

Hello Jellyneo staffers *throws Geeky Geb throwing The Bringer plushies* So I was in the Battledome and I defeated a DON (Defenders of Neopia) challenger. However this did not register with the DON Page. Are the DON quests glitched with the new Battledome or am I doing it wrong? Also approximately how many Battle Potatoes were released? I would love to own one. It is so majestic. ~ poofy2468
Defenders of Neopia currently does not work. This happened when the new Battledome was released. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, so that everyone can upgrade their shiny trophy.

The Battle Potato was released as a Lenny Conundrum prize and was therefore awarded to 250 lucky people.

Bringer PlushieGeeky Geb
OK to throw

NOT OK to throw

Hello Staffers *throws Bug reports* So I have got the shiny Bug fixer champion trophy, and I was wondering where does one get new skins for their cabinet? ~ poofy2468
You can change the skin on your trophy cabinet by visiting your trophy cabinet. There is a dropdown above the cabinet which allows you to choose from some really cool themes. I personally suggest Jellyneo Blue.

Hello Jellyneo staffers *throws barrage of questions* Whatever happened to the neocam? It seems to have the last image be in 2007. Did I invent time travel? ~ poofy2468
TNT said they had found the Neocam (which, for some reason, they said the Meepits had hidden... seems unlikely) just over 2 years ago. At this point it seems very unlikely we'll ever see it return :(

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