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The Blessed Edition
Published: November 30, 2013

Blessed PetMagnificent Queen Fyora

Welcome to a once-in-a-lifetime Thanksgivukkah edition! An unusually late Thanksgiving and an unusually early Hanukkah have, in an extremely rare coincidence, fallen on the same day, just in time to launch the Month of Celebrating and its long-anticipated Advent Calendar.

Here at Jellyneo we have a lot to be thankful for: ace administrators, crack coders, awesome artists, sterling scribes, mighty minions, and convivial colleagues all around. We're thankful for all the folks at Neopets who have worked so hard to create and maintain a fun, safe, challenging, and engaging virtual world. And we're especially thankful for every one of you who come to Jellyneo for news and support.

So let's answer some of your questions!

Why is it that when you type the word "Online" on the neoboards, you get an underscore right afterward... "Online_" And sometimes it even has numbers and letters too. ~ dopey_opey

ny word starting with "on," if followed by a number or punctuation, will replace that character with an underscore. On your petpage, if you enter the text

When I eat Chocolate Covered Onions and Rotten Onions, I like to wear my Baby Tuxedo Onesie.

it will appear as

When I eat Chocolate Covered Onions and Rotten Onions_ I like to wear my Baby Tuxedo Onesie_

instead. Notice that "Chocolate Covered Onions" showed up correctly, because the next nonspace character was another letter.

Why does this happen? It seems to be a problem specific to Neopets, so it probably has something to do with their proprietary coding. The word "on" may be a command, and the underscore a fix to prevent NeoHTML from treating the "on-" word as a (nonsensical) coding instruction.

This glitch can cause problems with several items containing the words "onion," "onesie," and "onigiri." Our Wishlist Errors guide can help you handle them.

Hey TJNT! *hands you your favourite cookie* Can you get more than one miscellaneous gears or scrap metal and stone random event from Moltara a day? I don't want to be trying for nothing. :p ~ yahooooo__yy

andom events in Moltara are unlikely, but we have received reports of multiple Moltaran REs in a day. I wouldn't count on it, though.

Before the Fish Negg became r180, what was its rarity? r101? ~ karatekidsmom

ossibly, possibly not. I've checked every resource I can think of, including the player who created the Fish Negg's original form, but there doesn't appear to be a record of the Fish Negg's pre-retirement rarity. (The fascinating history of the Fish Negg is well worth reading!)

Fish Neggs were available as prizes from Esophagor Quests, but those prizes could be of many different rarities. Similarly, Neggs that are worth points at the Neggery can be of many different rarities. TNT might know, but to the best of my knowledge, there's no independent way of determining this. Sorry!

Swimming Fish Negg
I'll never tell!

Hey Jellyneo! Ok, I have been refreshing thousands and thousands of times at the Advent Calender (literally thousands) to get the Snow Beast as a challenger for DoN and I noticed on my "One Player Battledome History" page that I beat the snow beast already. However, I assume this is a different snow beast whom I fought during the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot/war, since the snow beast is not listed as a current challenger for me. Is the reason that I'm not getting the Snow Beast as a challenger for DoN because TNT assumed I already have him as a challenger from the Ice Caves plot? ~ anonymous

he Snow Beast as is a notoriously reclusive challenger, harder to find than a clear photo of Bigfoot, eluding some unfortunate players for a long time. The Ice Caves challenger is a completely different entity, and has no bearing on your quest for the Snow Beast. Jellyneo's In-Depth Battlepedia has a Challenger Checklist Tool that can clarify exactly which challengers you already have and which you still need.

Some people have reported getting him while playing Cliffhanger. It's also been suggested that you can improve your chances of finding him by refreshing at the Advent Calendar until you get any random event, then refreshing at Cliffhanger until you get any random event, and then refreshing once again at the Advent Calendar. Ultimately, to get the Snow Beast as a challenger, the Advent Calendar is your best bet, and it simply requires patience and luck.

Hey there super-awesome-mega-hyper-cool JellyNeo question masters! Got a toughie for you this week, and hope you can help me out. I was trying to remember the details for a notorious page in Neopian history and was wondering: who were responsible for the first and second Dupe Days & did TNT ever take legal action against either of them? ~ anonymous

upe Days were episodes where unscrupulous players learned how to exploit glitches on the site to duplicate existing items or outright create rare and highly prized items. The exploits that these cheaters used have long since been fixed, and are no longer possible. These players would flood the Money Tree with these items, or "bomb" accounts of other players by sending them these items. This was effective vandalism because anyone possessing one of these duped items was in danger of being frozen.

The monickers of the people most responsible for these events are known and publicly available. However, we are a Neopets help site, and an Official Fan Site, and we have no intention of condoning or lionizing them. As for legal questions, we'll defer to Lawyerbot.

The shady Shadow Usul
Some things you're better off not knowing.

Can we get Meepits from the Wheel of Misfortune, or does that random spooky petpet tile have a rarity cap? ~ bellial

haven't heard of anyone getting any high-rarity Spooky Petpets from the Wheel of Misfortune, and at r98, the Meepit is among the very rarest. It seems likely that there would be a rarity cap, as the Wheels are not known for giving extravagant items (with one obvious exception, of course).

Even if a Meepit is possible, it would be extremely unlikely. I certainly wouldn't recommend attempting to get a Meepit from that wheel, even if it were possible. Too many thefts and diseases and items turned to sludge. And remember, the odds are stacked gravely against you. It is a wheel of misfortune, after all.

I was using the avatar checklist on JN and it said I was missing avatars I had. I did the stuff you needed to do to get the avatars, but I didn't get a something had happened and so that meant I already had the avatar. Is something wrong with the avatar checklist or something? ~ jisue_7fish

here are two possibilities. You might have had the avatar already, and our checklist failed to register it. You can see your unlocked avatars on the Neopets Preferences page. If that's the case, please send us a bug report!

The more likely possibility is that you still don't have the avatar. Double-check our Avatar Solutions page. Some avatars are random even when you meet the basic requirements, for example. Also, several battle-related avatars have been unavailable while the Battledome is still in beta.

A Shoyru is disappointed by a visit to Defenders HQ
Not even the stalwart Defenders of Neopia
can resist the nefarious machinations of the Beta Blocker!

Hiya! Well, you see, I changed my password for password security. The next day, I forgot my password! Well, I put in my username to have my password sent to me. I wait, refreshed in my e-mail, waited some more, and the e-mail never came! I tried to have the e-mail with all my passwords and usernames sent, and that came. But my main account's username was not included. Thinking I had a different e-mail on my main, I tried my other e-mail only to be told there was no Neopets account on it. Now I am afraid someone got into my account and changed the e-mail. I sent in a ticket for help, and I was told to look in 'My Support' to see the status of my ticket. When I clicked 'My Support' it asked me to log in. So, my question is, how can I log in to see my ticket if I don't have my password for my main? Sorry for the long story-question! P.S. You guys rock! ~ vulpix45

hat's a thorny problem. Let's try to help.

First, you can only request your password once per day. If you requested it less than a day after changing it, it might have been too soon to request it. It's worth trying again.

Second, you might have been unsuccessful in your original attempt to change your password. Try the original password.

Third, you can submit a ticket, while logged in on a side account, concerning the main account. That's how you'll get around your apparent catch-22.

Fourth, I strongly recommend keeping all of your account information somewhere safe, including the e-mail to which its attached, your past and current passwords, your PIN, and a list of all pets who have ever been on that account, possibly even any unusual items or features on your account: these are all things TNT might request if your account is frozen and you need to convince them you're the genuine owner of the account. Keep it on a flash drive or on paper, somewhere separate from your computer, for safety. Good luck!

I am opening my very own magazine, similar to the Neopian Times. I am new at this; I know what the cover would look like, I know some other things to put, but I get lots of bad comments, about articles especially. I have 3 questions. #1: How can I find a good writer for the magazine? (I tried writers' boards already.) #2: I need a new layout but I can't find anyone who can make one that would fit my theme... #3: How do I advertise? ~ redmadam

he Jellyneo Forums have a Creativity Central section, which is a great place to get feedback and help on writing, graphics, and coding!

The Neopian Writers forum on the Neoboards can be quiet, but it's worth trying again. Also, TNT recently approved an external site, the Neopian Times Writers' Forum, as a Certified Fansite, which you can find on Neopets' Fan Site Directory.

You might find one of Neopets' premade Shop Blogs helpful. Many Neopets players are skilled at coding layouts, and often offer help. Do a search on "Neopets layouts" and you should find several petpages offering advice and assistance.

Assuming your magazine is on a petpage, you have several options. You can advertise on the Notice Board. You can post threads on the Neoboards, or simply add a short blurb in your NeoSignature. Most importantly, you'll need to network. Let your Neofriends know, and send polite Neomails to Neopian Times writers whose work you admire.

If your magazine is offsite, your options are more limited, since it's against the rules to encourage people to visit unapproved external sites. You can still spread the word on fansites like the Jellyneo Forums, however.

Scribbling BoriScribbling Kiko
Sorry, folks, these writers are under exclusive contract with Jellyneo!

Hiya JN! *throws 5000 nps to play Bagatelle 20 times* Okay, I have two questions. 1. What was the highest recorded jackpot in Bagatelle? And... 2. I got an avatar from getting three worms in a Crypt of Chance Scratchcard. It isn't listed in the scratchcards article so... huh? ~ Chia_McBia1

he first question is easy: they don't record jackpots in Bagatelle. TNT doesn't publish a high score table for Bagatelle. When they do win, people most often win jackpots between one and two million NP. I've seen the jackpot itself climb to over 20 million before, but I don't know of anyone tracking that information, so that may not reflect the highest possible jackpot ever offered.

The highest awarded jackpot I could confirm was eight million NP, and the highest unofficially reported I could find was a whopping ten million.

Regarding your second question: congratulations on your avatar! You can get the Sssidney avatar by winning any prize from one of Sidney's scratchcards from the Deserted Fairground Kiosk, and the Kiosk Wocky avatar by winning any prize from one of the Kiosk Wocky's scratchcards from the Scratch Card Kiosk in Happy Valley. I'll ask the Powers-That-Be to add the avatar boxes for those two avatars to our Scratchcard Prizes page.

Is it against the rules to put your sister's or brother's Neopoints into your bank account (and return them much, much later) to get more interest? Or can we just deposit the borrowed NP, upgrade to a higher account to get more interest, take them out and return them? ~ limlilikekacheek

t's against the spirit of the rules, certainly, in the same way that we're not supposed to use our Faerie Fountain Quest rewards to paint a fellow player's Neopet, or to play a game on a friend's account to gain an avatar for them. However, I don't see that it's technically against the rules, any more than briefly lending a Neopet or a rare item to a friend to get an avatar or win a Battledome fight would be.

The bigger danger lies in transferring large amounts of Neopoints in the first place. TNT has flagged and frozen accounts that show large NP transfers, especially when one account is young and no plausible trade has occurred, because it resembles the actions of unscrupulous players who "purchase" NP offline, which is one of the most grave TOS violations. If you do need to transfer NP, make sure it's in exchange for a suitably valuable item.

Hey, JN *simply smiles* I'd appreciate it a lot if you told me at what time (NST, more or less, time brackets would be nice) the Lenny Conundrum usually shows up. I know this was already mentioned in a Neopets editorial, but it would help if you told me how it works in practice. I'm in a far away time zone and Important Stuff always happens when I'm asleep -.- Cheers ~ tubulina

urrently, the Lenny Conundrum is on hiatus due to issues with the prize script. When it was running, the new Lenny Conundrum appeared when the Wednesday news was released. This normally happens on Wednesday afternoons (NST); in my personal experience, I was able to win one of the Top 250 spots by stalking the LC from 3:00 to 5:00 PM NST.

What's the record for the heaviest Neopet? Can Neopets lose weight? ~ anonymous

o my knowledge, there are no high score tables for weight, which makes this question difficult to research. There used to be a trophy for Heaviest Pet, but I haven't been able to locate an active pet with that trophy. Short of searching for every possible weight on a petpage, the best I could find was an active pet weighing 373 lbs., and a frozen pet weighing 1271 lbs. It was probably easier to train a heavyweight pet back when both Earth Faerie quests and BBQ Porkwiches increased your weight.

The description of the Ring of Weightlessness claims "Eat all you want and still lose weight!" but that's just false advertising. No Neopian food is known to decrease your pet's weight at this time.

There can be only one!

Hi JN! I was wondering... I came across things like the Spoppy II and the Spoppy III on the Item DB. Is there a list of items such that it is unknown how they are created? And is there a list of items that are created for only one person? And if there is, do you guys track those items or at least see who the first user it was to have that item? If you answer this, thanks! ~ Anonymous

ou can find a list of items whose Cooking Pot recipes remain a mystery at the bottom of our Cooking Pot Recipes page.

I don't know of a collected list of unique Neopian items... so let's start one! Searching for "only one" in the Notes field of our Item Database reveals an interesting list. Some items, like Spoppy III, 00 Negg, and Borovans Cement Mixer were created by Adam Powell for fun. Others, including the Darigan Sword of Death, Island Attack Fish, The Golden Bringer Plushie, Eye of Xantan Amulet, and Xantan Cloak of Slime, were first-place awards. Rounding out the list are the anomalous Lava Rock and the defunct Cheap Imitation Rod of Ultranova and Fake Rod of Dark Nova.

We should also count the First Place Sash and First Place Crown from the 2010 Style Showdown. There may be other unique items from rare item code giveaways.

We do not track information about who owns these items; in some cases, like the Style Showdown and plot winners, the information is sometimes available on the Neopets website. Even if we knew who currently had the item, or even first had the item, we wouldn't want to encourage people to harass those players... or worse.

As with my old question concerning the Golden Bringer Plushie, do you guys have any idea who the Island Attack Fish was awarded to? Hopefully, they haven't used it in the Battledome, or else that would be another item gone. ;_; ~ azienskieth

he Island Attack Fish was awarded to the first person to complete the Volcano Mystery plot. Fear not, it's a multiuse item. It has been used in the Battledome, and can't disappear as a result of that.

Island Attack Fish
Sole Survivor

You said in a recent editorial that "Neopets don't celebrate any holiday!" Well, what about the Christmas Paint Brush? There are candy canes, eggnog (Neggnog), and other Christmas-related items. What about a Hanukkah Paint brush? Why not matzah or dreidels? There's also the Faerie Negg Festival where people have to find eggs (Neggs) around Neopia. This sounds a lot like an Easter egg hunt... and it starts around the same time as Easter too. So tell me, how do they NOT celebrate any other holiday? They're obviously covering it up. They do, in fact, celebrate Christian holidays and no other. ~ xxrayray

believe you're referring to JN Editorial 193. We didn't say "Neopets don't celebrate any holiday!" We said, "There aren't any religious holidays on Neopets at all." This is true. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day and Easter play important roles on Neopets, but only in the secularized forms that have developed in popular culture. On Neopets, Christmas is about gifts and elves and Santa hats, not divine incarnation; the Advent Calendar is an extended gift-giving event and a celebration of winter fun, and does not culminate in the birth of anything other than a new year. Halloween is about spooks and costumes and candy, not saints; Valentine's Day is all about hearts and messages of Lurve, not Italian martyrs. Easter is represented by (N)egg hunts and the Easter (Cy)bunny, not resurrection. I suppose you could interpret the Faeries' and Hanso's revivification from stone as symbolic of resurrection following Hanso's noble self-sacrifice, which would make Hanso a Christ figure. I'm not sure we want to go there. :)

There are other religions represented in this secularized, non-religious way. Elephantes sport a Hindu bindi, if not an outright tilaka, on their foreheads; Nimmos are portrayed in a yoga pose, which comes from the Hindu tradition, and the Pet Central page portrays the Nimmo in full lotus position and describes them first and foremost as "very spiritual." The Floating Flower Candle Foreground is arguably Buddhist in origin, as are the eleven items with "Zen" in their name, two of which overtly use the taijitu yin-yang symbol; the Mystery Island Training School is clearly a Buddhist ashram, and the Techo Master and Ryshu modeled after Buddhist monks. Neopets' Lunar Festival celebration derives from the real-world Chinese New Year, which is a significant holy day in traditional Chinese religion.

Islam is represented by the minarets of Sakhmet (as documented in the description of Lost Desert Architecture) and of the Darigan Citadel, whose war with Meridell is a Neopian version of the Crusades. Moslem lore is also reflected in the presence of numerous jinn in Nanka Bottles, lamps, orbs, and most notably in the Auction House. Lutari culture is based loosely on Native American culture, and the Lutari Talisman is a dreamcatcher.

The Neopedia entry on the Legend of Gadgadsbogen relates how Trickster Llugh created Gadgadsbogen by racing the sun. It's hard not to see that as a reference to the ancient Celtic solar god Lugh. Several elements of NeoQuest I and II, notably the evil Xantan trapped beneath a mountain and the implanting of false realities, bear striking resemblances to a certain science-fiction-based religion (which will go unnamed).

Regarding your request for a dreidel, look no further than 2008's Advent Calendar, which gave us a dreidel and menorah in the secularized but clearly Judaic form of a Geb Top and a Seasonal Candelabra. As for a Hanukkah paintbrush, I'm hard put to think how that could be done in any way that many wouldn't find stereotypical and offensive. A Grundo Maccabee, perhaps, or a dreidel-shaped JubJub? A Hissi festooned with blue and white lights, or an Ixi with seven candlelit horns, perhaps? I'm sure it would all be *quite* tasteful. ;)

In all seriousness, though, Hanukkah is a minor Jewish holiday; Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are more comparable to Christmas in terms of religious importance, but they're not exactly fun. Similarly, the Moslem month of Ramadan is dedicated to fasting and self-discipline, although the iftar (evening breaking of the fast) is a social event. Would you want pets unable to eat during daylight hours of NST for a month? I could see Diwali added to Neopia as a Festival of Lights, however.

Neopets is primarily Anglo in culture, so its festivals reflect the popular celebrations of Britain and America, many of which have Christian origins, but they are largely secularized, and the world of Neopets celebrates them almost exclusively in a non-religious manner. That said, other religious traditions are recognized, in a similarly secularized way, if you take the time to look for them.

There is a reason religion is a forbidden topic on Neopets; it can easily become inflammatory. It's important to tread carefully and respectfully when addressing these issues. We stand by our previous Editorial reply.

Sevivon, sov sov sov,
Chanukah, hu chag tov!

Years and years and years ago when I created my Neopets, we all picked genders for them. Long ago, I noticed that *all* of my pets' genders are the opposite of what I'd chosen (I have both girls and boys). I put it out of my mind, because at the time it didn't really matter to me. But now I'm starting to wonder how is it possible that all of them have the wrong gender? I did not make them all at the same time, so I don't think it's possible that I somehow chose the wrong gender for all of them. Nor have I ever had the lab ray, and besides, that couldn't have changed all of my pets' genders. I think I'll submit a ticket (I dunno if TNT will do anything, it *has* been a long time) but before I do, I wanted to ask, in case it was something that actually happens and I shouldn't submit a ticket. Oh and, here's an ice-cream cake! -hands you box- Thanks in advance! ~ Anonymous

erhaps you battled each of them against the Lab Ray Scientist? He can change your pet's gender during battle. The Cape of the Sun used to have a glitch that could change a male pet to female. The Witchy Negg has several possible effects, one of which is a gender change. Aside from the Lab Ray, the only other method to change gender is to drink a costly Strange Potion.

The other possibility is that you simply misunderstood the instructions when you created your pets. To answer your question: no, all of your pets' genders shouldn't spontaneously reverse.

For specific details, please visit our page on Changing Your Pet's Gender.

Is the Blumaroo on the book "Brainy Blumaroos" AAA? If it is, he looked rather nerdy when he was young, since the release date of the book is August 8, 2001. ~ gain057

here is a resemblance, isn't there? Both are Yellow Blumaroos with brown hair and glasses. On the other hand, Yellow is one of the most common colors, and the Blumaroo on the cover lacks AAA's signature high forehead, 3-D glasses, and overall style. Moreover, AAA didn't appear until 2007, six years after the book's publication.

You be the judge!

Uhh... Has anyone else noticed that Poisonous Jelly doesn't have an item note stating that it gives the pet you feed it to Neomonia? Glowing Jelly has a item note, but not Poisonous Jelly. 0_o Is there a reason why, or did someone just forget? Explain, please! ~ anonymous

eopets is a dynamic place. We're constantly re-evaluating the best ways to organize data to best meet your needs. Our own Noileh recently standardized how we organized items that cure diseases, and we've followed that model for items that cause diseases.

Rather than clutter up the database with lots of inconsistent details, we've simply made a note when items can cause or cure diseases, and included a link to the pages on the main site where you can get more details.

Dear JN-ers, first, I totally love your site. It's always got the info I need, and is always grammatically correct. (Yes, I know this seems lame, but extraneous apostrophes bug me.) :) Anyway, I'm wondering where TNT gets the music for their games and videos. I know they have been assimilated by Viacom, but even before, the games had music, and I'm just wondering where it comes from. Do they keep a full-piece orchestra locked up in the basement, outsource to "Wobbleshire," or generate it electronically? Thanks!
Throws beams of light from mastersword (_) (_) (_) ~ qwertydaisy9

NT answered this in Issue 465. Some is homebrewed electronically, but much is commercially available music to which TNT has purchased the rights. (This excessively formal prepositional phrase is for you, qwertydaisy9!)

What's the name of the cat in Editorial 203? ~ anubisfan_16

ou mean this handsome fellow, from the Editorial itself?

That would be His Imperial Majesty, Jazan IV, Prince of Qasala, known to all as King Jazan.

Or did you perhaps mean this charming creature, from the news item announcing the Editorial?

That would be Pookie, Anayu's cat, whose editing skills are truly ... nonpawreil.

Hiya peops! What foods besides omelettes and jellies can be "eaten" more than once? ~ anonymous

ost pizzas (Water Pizza is an exception, don't know of any others)
Usul Cakes (Amazing Apple, Lemon Swirl, and Starry Chocolate flavors only)
Plain Fruitcake
Candy Feast
Red Apples and Green Apples produce Bitten Apples (and sometimes worms!) Does the Everlasting Apple count?
(Please note that while the Half Eaten Hot Dog does exist, it cannot be created by eating a Hot Dog.)

I might well have overlooked some others!

Where is it that I could find a WHOLE history of Neopia? Starting from the point in time when Dr. Sloth arrived on said 'planet' to... well the present I guess... ^_^ ~ Ritten

ellyneo's Neopian Museum is a great place to start! In particular, you should check out our Neopian Timeline.

I was playing games on the list for GMC and got to Feed Florg and noticed that my high score is 343 and the top score on the high scores is 297! They have a trophy, so why don't I? :( ~ daddys_lil_girl_83

ou made a score of 343 in Feed Florg? o_O Wow. You know, 343 is 73. That's trebly lucky. :)

Your high score listed on the game page is your high score of all time.

The Top Scores listed on the game page (and continued on the High Scores table) are the high scores achieved during this month only.

The simplest explanation is that you achieved your score of 343 prior to this month.

I must say, I'm astonished that a score of 343 wouldn't be good enough for a gold trophy almost any month! The avatar requires a score of 250, and that's extremely difficult. Maybe the game had different settings at the time that made such high scores more achievable than they are now... or maybe you're just a Florg-feeding phenom who had the bad luck to earn your high score during a month of unusually stellar scores.

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