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The Cursed Edition
Published: November 16, 2013

Hi! I'm Perry, one of your loyal Item Database Crew, here to answer your editorial questions. I'm here at the Catacombs, trying to find an answer to the question that's been plaguing Neopians ever since the plot... event... whatever it was: I finished every flower song and navigated through over 100 catacomb levels. WHERE'S MY TAMED MINI-MONSTER?

Unfortunately, instead of clues, all I've found are lots of petpets running loose and ricocheting around.

Well, let's get started!

Could the Spooky Food Eating Contest have anything to do with the "Coming Soon" feature Neopian Justice is Served? ~ Anonymous

Did you see the food they were serving? That was not Justice being served on those platters, my friend.

Oh no. I thought we were done with you. What are you doing here?

Why, we're just here to put our lovely new Tamed Mini-Monster in Grave Danger.

Wait a second. You and I went through exactly the same steps. How did you get a Mini-Monster and I didn't?

We're what you call... experts. Say hello to the nice IDB Staffer, Baby.


OOF! Ow! Your stupid petpet knocked me through the door...

Oh, like you didn't see this coming.

Interesting. It seems you've been hit with a Curse of Sarcasm and a Curse of Mystery, compounded with a Curse of Longevity, resulting in a semi-evil sarcastic doppelganger. No worries, it should wear off in, oh, about 30 questions or so.

...I have no idea why your doppelganger is a Plushie Kyrii.
Say, what kind of Neopet are you, anyway?

Um, an out-of-town one. In costume.

Evil sarcastic doppelganger for thirty questions, eh? I've had worse Curses of Fatigue. How bad could it be?

Hiya! *hands over a plate of cookies (not *throw cookies at your face*)* This may sound a little dumb, but why can't adopted/traded pets be put in Neohomes 2.0? I haven't found any answer in the database, so... pretty please? :) ~ mia_fey007

Obviously, once a pet has been abandoned by its cruel owner, the taint of shame lasts forever.
They are forever shunned from the homes of the righteous.
Or maybe your pet is a vampire, and hasn't been invited in.

This has just always been a permanent glitch... and hardly the only glitch facing Neohomes 2.0, unfortunately. There have been some improvements lately, with the fixing of the Neohome Spotlight submission form.

Would it be allowed to create a "What could the user above you get for..." Board? I mean like User A posts a pet name and species, User B, the user below him tells them what they could get for it, and posts their own pet, for the next person to tell them what they could get for it. Would this be considered spam, or would this be allowed? and if so, should it be posted in the Pound chat? ~ alin80

I don't see why it would be considered spam. Discussing what each person thinks a fair pet-for-pet trade would be is totally legitimate. Pound Chat seems an appropriate place for such a discussion.

Just make sure the discussion remains about the pet, and not any extraneous factors such as the additional "value" conferred by its petpet or any equipped Battledome weapons, for example.

I have the perfect trade for your active, alin80.

xw_putrid45678_wx the Speckled Xweetok

Someday, someone will love me more than a UC Faerie Draik!

Hi JN! *hands bag of Darigan muffins* The wheels won't work on my slow computer after that Save The Wheels event. Any suggestions on what to do for me and everyone else out there with a a slow computer? ~ fireball_jo

I still haven't forgiven Moss Tullerby for ignoring Lutari Island's Wheel of Happiness.

Unfortunately, the best answer here is to upgrade your computer! Neopets games, like any other software, are going to run best on the hardware for which they were designed.

However, given practical exigencies (in other words, since high-speed processors don't grow on trees), you do have a few options. First, make sure you've tried every browser available on your computer. You might even try using older, deprecated versions of the browsers; they might run better on your machine than the most current versions. Inevitably, though, while older computers are fine for a rousing game of Scamander Swarm, some newer games will eventually fail to function.

Since Brucey B Slots and Black Pawkeet Slots have come back, what do you have to do to hit the jackpots? ~ anonymous

Pull the lever!

For Black Pawkeet Slots, get five treasure chests in a row (or zigzagging across your lines). For Brucey B Slots, get five Star Cards.

So, I was surfing the Neoboards the other day when my eye wandered to someone's NeoTitle. It was similar to the 'Team Diamonds' title that old users get, but instead it said 'This Team is Now Diamonds.' Being a meme appreciator, my curiosity was piqued. How is this NeoTitle unlocked? ~ robamaya

I believe "This Team is Now Diamonds" is unlocked when your account becomes more than 10 years (120 months) old, along with the following:

  • 1337 Elite
  • Give me chocolate!
  • I'm not the Neopian you're looking for
  • Pack Rat
  • Team Asparagus
  • Unconverted pets are best
  • With age comes wisdom

Hello! Recently I've been trying to change my email address on Neopets. I've tried twice and all I get is a message saying "database error, could not change email address." I don't like to use the address I set it as and I'm getting frustrated... ~ azicanda

A database error? On Neopets? Perish the thought!

If it's the same glitch I'm thinking of, you might not be able to change your user lookup either. Two suggestions: try switching the language first and then try changing your e-mail, or try logging out and back in first. If all else fails, send in a ticket.

Hi ^^ Here's a cookie for you(: So, if I wanted to trade one pet and one custom in the same month, but only have one transfer on my account, could I ask/use my sister's account to make the custom and then trade? Sorry if it's a little confusing.. ~ anonymous

You unequivocally may NOT "use" your sister's account. As for "asking"... you're describing a three-way trade: your sister would, as a favor to you, make the custom, trade the custom with a third party for a new pet, and then trade that new pet with you. While three-way trades are not against the rules, provided both trades are one pet for one pet, please make sure all three of you are aware of the details, and nothing extra is offered, given, or traded besides the pets.

If your plan includes transferring Neopoints or a paint brush to your sister to facilitate the custom paint, don't! It could look like paying for a pet, or trading a paint brush for a pet. At the very least, set up a genuine trade of items if you have to transfer a paint brush or Neopoints.

Hello, *throws super secret item* I got a question. I have only 1 PC in my house, I always left my Habitarium open, but there are two other users on my house and they both want their Habitarium open, since my PC is old I don't want to create other account so I was wondering if it's possible or against the rules to run 2 Firefox (portable or using profiles) to keep both accounts open in the Habitarium. Thanks! ~ anonymous

Mine! *grabs super secret item* Oh, joy. A Mossy Rock. You handle this one while I go trade this treasure for a Jade Scorchstone.

TNT has stopped short of saying it's against the rules to leave a Habitarium running unattended. As long as the unattended Habitaria don't lock up, it's both possible and legal to run two at the same time. I think you would need to run them on different browsers, however, and I'm concerned that an older computer may not handle the processing demands very well.

Wow! A mossy rock! ... Wow!

If I equip an item that helps with Shenkuu River Rush (e.g., Speed Beads) to a pet OTHER than my active, will I still get the benefits? ~ Redherochild

You sure will! In fact, you don't have to equip them to any pet at all. So long as you have the item in your possession at the time you start the game, the benefits automatically apply! It doesn't matter when the item is in your Inventory, in your Safety Deposit Box, equipped to your active pet, or equipped to any other pet.

Dear JN, First of all, I totally love your site *throws bundles of happiness*. Second of all, I have a question: if JNers win a contest or participate in a site event, are they allowed to place the resulting trophy on their Neopets userlookup, pet lookup, etc.? Mucho thanksos, and I really appreciate the fact that you like, never have typos. It really makes it nice to read! Good going! :) ~ qwertydaisy9

Your totaly welcone. Wow, first a rock, and now bundles of happiness. Y'know, that and 8 million NP will get you a Ghostkershield.

Hush, you. I'll take those bundles, thank you very much. By all means, share your Jellyneo prowess with the world! Just make sure you only post trophies you've actually won. Fraudulent use of Jellyneo trophies will incur the unspeakable wrath of the Content Beast.

I took a thorn out of Dave's paw!

Hey there! I just had a question about the Abandoned Attic. After you buy something, there's a period of time where you can't buy anything else, and I realized this when I missed some really good items after two restocks in a row :( So my question is, how long are you prevented from purchasing after you buy something, if you haven't hit the 5-a-day limit? ~ anonymous

Somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes. No more than a half an hour.

Do you think Habitarium will ever get new levels again? :( ~ anonymous

Oh, absolutely. Any day now. Right after the Battledome gets out of Beta.

*sigh* Hard to say. It's clearly set up to allow for more levels. TNT outsources the Habitarium to another company, who handles the program, so it doesn't seem that the many things on TNT's plate should get in the way. I kind of hope not, though. It takes me long enough to manage 46 P3s every day as it is, not to mention the increased likelihood of lockouts.

OK, I've already tried TNT, but I guess I threw too much stuff... Did you notice that the Neopoints count in the toolbar is linked to your Inventory? Which leads me to the question, why the Inventory? Why not the Bank where Neopoints are actually stored? What do you think, TJNT? ~ Ritten

Neopoints in the bank are not currently in your possession. They're on loan to the bank, and not on your person, which is why your bank accounts are immune to attacks from thieves like the Bug Brothers, mewling Mutant Kadoaties, tax collectors, and the like.

We know that Neopoints are individual coins. There are no larger denominations, as there are for Dubloons. So if you have 25,000 NP on hand, you have 25,000 individual coins in your immediate possession. How in the wide world of Neopia can you possibly haul around 25,000 coins? "You carry with you, at all times, a bag. This bag holds all your items until you move them elsewhere. It's not a huge bag, but it seems to have more room on the inside." Sound familiar? That bag is your inventory; that quotation comes from your Inventory page. (Really! Go look!)

So while you have several places where your Neopoints can be stored (including the Bank, your Shop Till, and your Inventory), the Inventory is where your cash on hand is kept, and that is why your cash on hand links to the Inventory instead of the Bank.

Wait, that was the serious answer?

So now with the new Battledome abilities, does this make the Cackling Negg, which gave the ability Shadow Health, useless? Also, I miss the ability Drain Life. ~ sharpedo98

Well, it's not USELESS. It's still a food, which can be eaten. It's still a Negg, which is worth points in the Neggery. It makes a good spooky doorstop. But Shadow Health? Deprecated. Kicked the bucket. Shuffled off the mortal coil and joined the bleedin' choir invisible. This is an ex-faerie-ability.

However, there are several new blessing-based Faerie Abilities that achieve much the same results as Shadow Health's 1-20 Hit Points of healing: the Level 5 abilities Bandage and Meditate, and the Level 10 ability Positive Thinking.

There are also two Level 300 abilities providing even stronger healing: Healing Fire and Rejuvenate. Speaking of which, there's no need to lament the loss of Drain Life. It's still around! One of the very few old abilities to be kept in the new system, it even has essentially the same effect as before: 10-11% HP drain, up to 100 HP, once per battle. All you need to do is train to level 300, and stock up on Water and Darkness blessings.

Heavens, we're tasty,
and expeditious.

I simply for the LIFE OF ME cannot find my black worm in Moltara. I checked my SDB just in case. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Any advice? ~ lexiehildenbrand

Make a spreadsheet breaking down all 24 hours in the day into 5-minute increments. Check for the black worm at various times, and check off the times you've checked on the spreadsheet. The worm may only appear once or twice a day, but it will always show up for at the same 5-minute block each day. Once you've checked off a particular interval, don't check it again. Eventually, you'll find it, and you'll know each time you try that your chances are a little better than before. Or, you might be lucky, like I was, and find it after only a couple of dozen tests.

*brightly* Why not play one of our hundreds of other games?

Why does the janitor from Editorial 201 look like he is trying to kill the Slorg on his broom? This is petpet cruelty, I say! How is he not being shunned by all of Yurblekind? ~ kirby1844

Oh, he always looks like that.

It's like Skarl looking gobsmacked, or Air Faeries looking vapid, or Hanso looking into a mirror. Besides, what makes you think he isn't shunned by all Yurblekind? It's not like you always see him surrounded by chums. Chum, maybe, but not chums.

I think I'm rubbing off on you.

How much longer does this curse last, anyway? Must breathe and think happy thoughts.

♫Pink fluffy unicorns, dancing on rainbows...♫
♫pink fluffy unicorns, dancing on rainbows...♫

Hi, JN Staff. Do you know if it's against the rules to make a lookup which the theme is a movie/series/game/anime that has inappropriate content (like violence) for Neopets, but without showing the inappropriate content at all? Like just using background images, characters images or logos? I've already seen lookups, gifs and graphics about Death Note, Bleach, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and stuff like that before, but I don't want problems with TNT. ~ anonymous

There's just NO WAY TNT would ever allow a reference to Supernatural on the site. *cough*

Provided the images in question are genuinely innocuous, you're probably safe. TNT has said, in reference to questionable grandfathered usernames, that they try not to assume the worst possible interpretation.

A picture of a Halloween Grundo wielding a scythe is obviously fair game, as a piece of Neopets' own artwork. A picture of Light Yagami from Death Note's cover art posed wielding a scythe is more questionable, but likely safe, especially in the context of Death Note as a work of fiction.

Context is critical, and highly subjective. A recognizable picture of a real-life serial killer, even in the most innocuous pose, would almost certainly be unacceptable, as would a logo associated with hate crimes even if no hate crime was itself portrayed.

In general, TNT wants to keep the site safe and comfortable for all players, regardless of age or background. If you're questioning whether a particular image is okay, it probably isn't. Besides, lookups with material copyrighted or trademarked by anyone other than Neopets, Inc., are ineligible for spotlight awards. If you're going to put in the work to make an outstanding lookup, why eliminate any chance of recognition?

I was wondering if there was a way to search for pets by a certain creation date. I know of a way to look them up by color and species, but if there is a way to search by creation date, that'd be amazing! *hands out sugar cookies* ^-^ ~ jmas_15

If you are asking about Jellyneo's Pet Directory, no. Currently it only allows searches by species, color, and name.

However, you could always do a browser search on site:neopets.com and the text from the Birthday line, in quotes, with the desired creation date. For example, you could search

site:neopets.com "Birthday: 19th April (Y11)"

and get a list of pet lookups on Neopets.com for pets with that creation date.

Hey there JN! I'd like to ask a question about side accounts~ I've already gone to your page for side accounts, but my question wasn't there. Okay so I want to create new side accounts (cause I don't like my current sides' usernames). I would create the new side, wait for the side to age, transfer over all the pets from my old sides, and then freeze the old sides. I'd just like to know if this is allowed, cause I realize the 4 months aging period is very gray area x.x I'm just sorta embarrassed about the names of my sides cause, y'know, kids aren't the best at making up names x_x ~ anonymous

*Disgruntled noise* I'm not really supposed to answer questions about side accounts, seeing as we do have a page answering most of the frequently asked questions about side accounts. However, since you did your due diligence and checked there first, I'll make an exception.

You can carry out your scenario exactly as you describe provided you have no more than five total accounts, including your main, at any given time.

So if you currently have a main account and four side accounts whose names suffer from the indiscretion of youth, you're out of luck. You'd have to see whether some trustworthy Neofriends would be willing to temporarily adopt the pets from one of your side accounts, adopt out the pets, freeze that newly-emptied side account, and then create a new side account. Age the account as needed, adopt your pets back (bearing in mind that, officially, your friends are under no obligation to return the pets once they've adopted them), and then repeat the process for your other side accounts.

Conversely, if you currently have one main and two side accounts, then go right ahead with your original plan. In this case, you'd have a total of five accounts (one main, two original sides, and two new sides) until you could transfer over your pets and freeze the original sides.

Also, don't forget that you can only have five total accounts, whether active or frozen, attached to any single e-mail address. You may need to use a secondary e-mail address for your new, replacement side accounts. Make sure to keep track of each account's vital data, such as the password, PIN, associated e-mail address, and a list of pets ever lodging on that account. This information can be vital to recovering your accounts if you are ever frozen.

Hello JN! I dont know if this has been asked before, but lets say you and your older bro have accounts. But now he has retired from it, and he wants to give EVERYTHING to you, including pets. But sadly you don't have enough room for his beloved pets. is it okay for you to turn it into a side account and give his stuff to you, even though he had been playing still when you were a lone account? ~ anonymous

Two questions about side accounts? Way to discourage these types of questions, pal.

I know, but sometimes people need to be reminded. And these two questioners are in danger of being frozen.

Absolutely not! You may not, under any circumstances, transfer "ownership" of an account to another person. Your best course of action would be to start a new side account, transfer a small amount of NP from your main to the side account to pay for adoption fees, and then have your brother transfer his pets to your new account.

Of course, if you already had five accounts of your own and couldn't create a new side, you definitely shouldn't be taking on additional accounts and pets.

Hello Jellyneo! If I make a customization using your wardrobe, am I (by Neopets' rules) allowed to place that on a petlookup? and if the petlookup has a custom layout with overlay, would it be allowed if the primary visible image were the image with my dream customization (with a disclaimer saying so) rather than the current one? On my userlookup, nothing will change. I am asking you instead of neopets because I already did this on a few pets and I'm scared of getting frozen in case it isn't allowed. ~ anonymous

This sounds like a one-way ticket to Frozentown.

The current policy is that you shouldn't show customized pictures of your pets with wearables you don't own, although you could include such a "dream customization" in your description. But even assuming that that rule had been relaxed, covering up your actual customization on your pet lookup sounds like a very, very bad idea. Leave your pet lookup alone, and if you really want to show off your dream customization with a disclaimer, post it in the description, or on your petpage (as opposed to your pet lookup).

DISCLAIMER: Ceci n'est que mon rêve
le plus chéri.

Um... no. Just no.

Hello there, Jellyneo staff members! Please, I don't intend to sound rude or anything but I really wanted to know this. Is it just me, or did the Jellyneo forums sort of die down? :( I have an account here and well, after I took a long hiatus I returned to find it rather quiet... ~ anonymous

It's true that the forums have been less active of late. They always get quiet around when school starts back up, get livelier over holiday break, quiet again, then are back full-circle around the summer time.

Our intrepid JN Forum Moderator, Skylar, is always looking for new ways to keep the forums fresh and exciting. If you have any suggestions, feel free to PM her over on the Forums!

Don't worry, we've been talking about you the whole time while you were gone.

I know that for a long time you were required to reactivate your wishlists ever three months (or sooner) or risk having them deleted. The other day I realized that it was probably time for me to reactivate my wishlists, but I couldn't find anywhere to do it. In fact, there was nothing anywhere on the wishlists page about reactivating them. Do wishlists no longer "expire"? If this is case, thank you so much! I'll never have to worry about forgetting to reactivate them again. ~ dreww355

No, wishlists no longer expire. That feature is long gone.

Please note, though, that we typically purge our database of any jnAccounts that haven't been logged into for over 4 years. So log in once every 4 years to stay safe! We do this to keep our database clean, and so we're not retaining old, personal information when we can help it.

Hey TJNT. I was wondering why your avatar solution for "Master Vex" says that it is obtained randomly while playing the game. Back in editorial 210, TNT stated that the avatar is in fact not random. Have the requirements changed since TNT answered that question, or have we just given up trying to find the real solution? Considering that so many people now have the avatar, it seems unlikely that an organized research effort, similar to what was undertaken for the wishing well avatar, will ever take place. ~ dreww355

This dude gets two questions answered? Imma lay on a double helping of sarcasm.

Let me put it this way. You want to get to the Vex Burger Palace? Go down this street, oh, eleven or twelve blocks, give or take. I forget exactly how far, but keep going and you can't miss it.

You want to get to the Wishing Well Pizzeria? It's somewhere in a 99,999-mile radius. Maybe. We're not 100% sure.

Our avatar guide currently says "Random while playing Cellblock. Usually you get it towards the end of Tournament 10 or during Tournament 11." However, in our Cellblock guide, it says instead, "Achieved while playing Cellblock, exact requirements unknown. Usually you get it towards the end of Tournament 10 or during Tournament 11."

I'll suggest to the JN Powers That Be that they update the wording in our avatar guide to match the wording in our Cellblock guide, since you're quite right, TNT has confirmed that the Master Vex avatar isn't random. When you notice information on our site that needs corrected, feel free to send in a bug report. You might earn yourself a nifty trophy!

In the meantime, there's not much practical motivation for finding the exact event that releases the avatar. You're pretty much guaranteed to get the avatar if you play enough to get a gold trophy, which isn't all that difficult.

But, please, don't let this deter you from researching that elusive exact solution! Bear in mind, though, that depending on the nature of the trigger, it might or might not be something easily testable. There are any number of parameters you could investigate: time of day, ratio of wins to losses, number of total tiles placed, number of total tiles placed along a long diagonal... the possibilities are staggering!

And once you do settle on a likely explanation? To successfully test your hypothesis, you'd have to enlist the help of several players who didn't already have the avatar. Honestly, it's just more work than it's worth to undertake such an effort.

Which isn't to say we wouldn't crow like Mutant Peadackles if we were the first to discover the secret.

Dearest Jellyneo, First of all I love both Neopets and Petpet Park, and this is my favorite, and also the best, help site for both. :) I love your Petpet Park Guide, and I always recommend it to all my pals, and I love it when you host events at Petpet Park, too. Now, for my question: When do you think you will have another Jellyneo Wishing Well gathering? Have one soon, pretty please, with fashion fruit on top? I collect wish coins everyday from the access zones, and I refuse to use them outside of the gatherings. So please, host another Jellyneo Wishing Well Gathering, and soon, too! I sincerely apologize for sounding so disgruntled, I've kind of sort of been chatting at Petpet Park half the night... :o ~ MorganJoIsle

We had planned to schedule a Wishing Well gathering for last March, but it wasn't possible to schedule a time when the PPP Staff would all be free. We also weren't able to give enough advance notice to warn our visitors about a gathering. We really enjoyed the JN gatherings as well, but sadly we just don't have the time or staff to host one on top of maintaining the regular Petpet Park Guide.

You can always use up those wish coins at the Community Expert gatherings, though. They're usually held on Fridays, but be sure to check Petpet Park's Community page for the exact dates and times!

Hey Jellyneo! *smacks with random object like how everybody else does* So I have a question regarding the connection between Petpet Park and Neopets... You see, in Petpet Park we have images of Aishas or a Mailman Warf & an Angelpuss in the Park. Yet on Neopets, we have no Petpet Park references. We have a few Key Chains & Lollypops that bear the image or name of some of these Petpet Park Petpets but that's it other than three games. So my question is... Why hasn't TNT decided to create Petpet Park Petpets for Neopets? Petpet Park features Warfs among many other Neopian Petpets, while Neopets has yet to release a Petpet Park Petpet... Has TNT ever addressed this or...? I'd like to bring some light to the situation... My Acara would rock a Pinixi... ~ tyuio_k50

Neopets did have a plot once that was focused on Petpet Park and the special species of Petpets that exist there, but for the most part, Petpet Park, like Petaria from Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing, is meant to be a place unknown to most Neopets. It's a world where Petpets can talk and four-legged Petpets can walk around on two feet, while wearing fancy outfits and hairdos. There isn't meant to be a lot of overlap there.

As for why Pinixies and other Petpet Park Petpets don't exist in Neopia, the simple answer is because they just don't exist there. Petpet Park and Petaria are magical realms that cannot simply be found by walking around the surface of Neopia. Think of it like an alternate dimension of sorts. Another reason for it is to separate the Petpets you can own in Petpet Park from the ones you can't. In Neopia, you can own a Warf or an Angelpuss, but not in Petpet Park. It does get a bit confusing when they add Pinixies like Shangles or Dryms like Mr. Grimsby as characters in Petpet Park, however.

I answer to no 'pet.

Por que faz tanto tempo que não é lançado algum item para a Neocasa no Centro NC? ~ Trudylu

Você tem razão, faz longo tempo desde que um item para a Neocasa foi lançado no Centro NC. Os itens mais recentes eram o Carrinho de Abóboras de Outono e as Pacotes de 10 Cercas regionais, todos lançados em setembro 2010.

Creio que a resposta mais simples é que a gente não compra bastante itens para as Neocasas no Centro NC. A gente compra os itens de personalização e as Cápsulas Misteriosas; é por isso que fazer mais desses.

Ei, você poderia nos dizer quanto NC e quantas Caixas de Presentes Básicas você pode comprar com um cartão de R$20? Nós faltamos aquela informação.

Seriously, dude, stop showing off.

But Portuguese is such a beautiful language!

♫Se tu queres ver a imensidão do céu e mar,
refletindo a prismatização da luz solar...
Rasga o coração, vem te debruçar
sobre a vastidão do meu penar.♫


*pouts* Fine. Trudylu wants to know why it's been so long since any NC items for Neohomes have been released. We haven't seen any since the Autumn Gourd Cart and Fence 10-Bundles for the different lands came out in September 2010. Basically, it's economics. We don't buy a lot of Neohome items with real cash. Instead, we buy lots of things to customize our pets with, and lots of Mystery Capsules. They're what sell, so that's what TNT makes more of.

Also, I asked how much NC and how many basic gift boxes you you get from a R$20 card, the Brazilian version of the NC cash card, since we're missing that information on our NC Mall guide.

Hello JN! I have a question to ask. The Bloopcream and the Psimouse Cake came from the Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag. Both items are Gourmet Foods and I was wondering what will happen to them when the bag retires. When a food is eaten, it will be gone forever so does that mean the Bloopcream and Psimouse items are considered "retired gourmet foods" when the bag retires? Gourmet Foods do not retire and I was wondering this because the items do not restock on the Spooky Food Shop... Thanks if this gets answered! ~ misty_lax

Bloopcream and Psimouse Cake were released on Halloween of 2012, and both have been in circulation since at least December 2012, when our own Item Database pricer par excellence, Ummy, first recorded their prices in our database. Both are r100 items, and do in fact restock at Spooky Foods, although extremely rarely, so even if the Y14 Goodie Bag were to retire, these foods will still be active. And there's always the possibility of another goodie bag, event, or activity to keep more in circulation.

So worth the wait...

What happens at the end of Graveyard Of Doom? ~ Anonymous

You return to the Game Graveyard, of course. No NP is awarded.

*facepalm* She meant Mutant Graveyard of Doom II, not the original version.

Well, then she should be more clear.

In the 16th and final level, you face the Graveyard Boss. As far as I know, there is no special ending to the game, like a montage showing Albert's escape.

Dear Jellyneo dude or dudette, I am an NT writer! To be frank (not Sloth) the only JN member I really know is Herdy since he writes. Well, not really "know" but speak to and talk to. I definitely don't know that he lives in the Haunted Woods. Anyway, I was writing a story with Herdy in it and mentioned he worked in a Jelly Factory. What I was trying to imply is that he works at Jellyneo. At first, I thought it would be okay since I got a TMGE (too many good entries) rejection which I think means that there are no grammatical mistakes, no gore, and no unrealistic technology. Then I got one about no real life website allowed! Does this mean I can't mention Herdy working at Jellyneo? ~ Hannah

Herdy wishes he lived in the Haunted Woods, so he could stalk Hubrid Nox more effectively.

Unfortunately for you, writing about real people is specifically against NT submission rules: "Things we'd prefer NOT to see... Real people or places or parodies of them. Neopia is another planet, after all."

Didn't stop me from sneaking a reference to the Book of Ages, Herdy's main project on Jellyneo, in one of my stories, though. Hey, Herdy's not the only NT writer around here!

Of course, by that logic, I shouldn't be able to visit the Catacombs at all... ouch. I think I'm having an existential crisis.

No, that's just your curses finally wearing off.

Whew! This is Perry, signing off.
Thanks for reading, and keep those editorial questions coming!

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