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A Mostly Harmless Speculative Adventure
Published: October 20, 2013

In which not much really happens.

ARGH, what's been bothering me lately... is this cookie who deserves to go to you! But anyway, what I find really annoying is I try to make an adventure in the Adventure Generator but most of the time (and it really is a nuisance) it says there's an inappropriate word in the page, when there clearly is not. Is there any way out of this that you know of? ~ anonymous
Filters are a bit sensitive, I think, and they don't count the spaces between words. If you string the ends of one word and the beginnings of another and they form something inappropriate, the filters will tell you the content is inappropriate. So, unfortunately, all you can really do is scrutinise your text very closely. Good luck!

Hi TJNT! I was curious because it isn't a repetitive editorial question - am I allowed to seek pets that have a jelly petpet attached to it purely because of the petpet? There is no monetary gain to be had by this so I wasn't sure. I have a jelly gallery so I was hoping to get a nice name with a jelly petpet already existing to try and zap into a jelly usul C: Thanks if you answer this! I don't want to get a warning. ~ nycflowergirl
I can't really see an issue with this! The reasons you have for seeking a pet are your own.
I'm not sure how many users would be willing to engage in such a trade - many like to know that their pets are valued because of a name, colour, etc. - but I'm sure if you look you could find somebody.
I really don't see how it's any different from wanting a pet because it's your dreamie and taking the nice petpet that comes with it, but of course generally pets are valued over petpets. I mean, you don't see me checking my petpets into expensive hotel suites for days on end!

The Fleapit Motel - value for money.

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell yall that I really like the game guides that you have, thanks to them I should *pokes ticket about not getting them* be getting like, 476125857927 game trophies. (aka 3) I really really really really REALLY like the games guides. Sometimes I just read them for fun, even if I'm not playing that game or anything. Game. Guides. Are. Amazing. *coughs* Sorry bout that, they are just so lovely! *hands you a game guide* Thanks for all your awesomeness! :D ~ Saiko
Aw! We're not sure why you're reading those for fun, but that's pretty awesome to hear.
Our game guide writers thank you! We spend a lot of time writing, rewriting, and updating our articles, game guides, etc., so it's always good to hear that they're appreciated!

Hi there! I was watching a documentary about the Taj Mahal, in India, the other day... and discovered that the person who had it constructed in honour of his dead wife was Shah Jahan. Now, we all know TNT love their puns and references... so what do you think the chances are that King Jazan was named after this bloke? They're both powerful/romantic rulers after all... (I've already tried submitting this to the Neopian Times Editorial to no avail.) ~ anonymous
Shah Jahan did indeed build the Taj Mahal in honour of his wife - Mumtaz Mahal. It's really very difficult for us to say whether TNT intended for King Jazan to be a direct reference to the Mughal emperor. It's a fascinating question, though!
Even if there is a connection, we're not sure how deep TNT would've liked to have made it.
Personally, I find they're both more different than they are similar. Or, to be more specific, I find that they don't really have that much in common. Shah Jahan is well known among the Mughal rulers for his skilful taste in architecture; during his reign he commissioned a great many beautiful structures. Although, that was a heavy drain on the State treasury, unsurprisingly.
Considering that Jazan angrily laid siege to the city of Sakhmet... well. Not that he doesn't have his redeeming features. Remember The Faeries' Ruin plot?

So basically, it's debatable. It would be pretty cool if TNT had based Jazan on a Mughal Emperor, though. But, yeah, I have a feeling Jafar from Aladdin would be a more likely guess.

Gosh, that's a lot of gold.

Dear JNT, a recent editorial of yours had me think about something. In regards to the question about a Chocolate Faerie (Which would be pretty sweet! -pun-), you said that the Chocolate Factory Kiko manages to produce thousands of chocolate and candy related products everyday, with no one ever leaving or entering the factory. I wonder then... If nobody ever goes in, or comes out, then how do mange to buy anything, or even haggle with the Shopkeeper, at the Chocolate Factory? Do we speak with him through a tiny slot on the front door, that he pokes the chocolate through when we purchase, or are we actually inside the factory when we go to shop there? Quite confusing, I wonder where he gets his endless supply of sugar and cocoa from... ~ anonymous
Well, technically, those aren't our words. It's what the Kiko Chocolate Factory shopkeeper tells you, should you decide to pay a visit.
There seems to be a rather direct reference to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the book by Roald Dahl, where other factories stole the secret chocolate recipes of the genius Willy Wonka by sending their own employees to work in his factory as spies. Willy Wonka was so annoyed that he fired all his employees, and hired Oompa Loompas, a mischievous people from Loompaland, to work for him instead.
It's therefore possible that the Kiko Chocolate Factory shopkeeper has his own secret employees, and all that you can glimpse are their flickering shadows, dancing against the tinted-glass windows...
*cough* Got carried away, but yeah.

Hey there, I'm not sure if this is a common problem, but I cannot get my pet to read The Grimoire of the First Order to get the avatar. I'm not sure if anyone else is having any problem like this. Thanks! ~ snapefan_1313
This is actually a common problem!
Sometimes your pet will refuse an item if it has the same number of characters that your pet's name has. Picky, I know.
Thankfully, there is a relatively simple solution. All you have to do is change the language you have set for the site. (It's right next to the search bar at the bottom of the screen, if you're having trouble locating it.)
You may not get it on the first try, so just experiment. Eventually you'll get to a language your pet will accept. Apparently, all of my pets are fluent in Japanese.

What is this I don't even

Do you guys have a complete list of items that do things to your neopet, good or bad? Because I'd like to see the effects on my pets! ~ emilybat12
How convenient, we do indeed!
Go here if you'd like to see.

But lots of items do things to your pet, if you look at it in that way. Books increase intelligence, food makes them less hungry, etc.
I just made answering this question harder for myself, didn't I?

Hi, JN! The Wardrobe is a great feature and I'm always using it to preview outfits for my Neopets. I've been curious, though, as to why the angry facial expression cannot be previewed while all the others can. Is there a reason for that? ~ anonymous
The Neopets' images for Wardrobe are drawn from pet lookups. Now, Neopets can be seen as happy, sick, or sad on their pet lookups, but you never see angry Neopets on pet lookups. Hence they can't be viewed on Wardrobe.

Hi guys! I didn't know Rosie was a member of Jellyneo! I love your comics and art Rosie! =3 How long have you've been loyal to the almighty Jellyneo? ~ adventurer261
The superbly splendiferous and awe-inspiringly amazing Rosie has been a staffer on JN since way back in 2007, and I'll be sure to pass on your compliments! She does all the staff caricatures and a lot of other art besides (and also a great deal of conceptualising) for events and suchlike on JN. We're very lucky to have her!

Oh, Fyora, I didn't mean YOU!

*Throws Pumpkin pies at you* Toph_the_ruaway hits their Balthazar Pinata, but it doesn't break. Better try again! I have been hitting this darned thing for three minutes and it still won't break! Am I doing something wrong? ~ Emilybat12
Having done a fair bit of smashing myself recently at the expense of risking the Content Beast's ire, I can confidently tell you that yes, that darned pinata will eventually break! Just keep at it!
If you're a little unsure about whether a certain item will yield any other item(s), we have a nifty guide you can check out.

I seem to have made a bit of a mess here. Well, I'll just sweep it all under this here desk and that Beastie will never kn --

Oh dear.

Is there a faster way to get codestones than paying or battling? ~ drumbot
There are a few ways to get codestones. Quite a few of them are luck-based, however. You may receive codestones from random events, Tombola, the Deserted Tomb, etc.
Key Quest also gives out codestones, so I'd recommend that. It may not be the fastest way, but you get NP rewards and other item prizes as well. I find it far more entertaining than battling, although I'm sure many would disagree!

Hello TJNT! First time writing here! (Well, I almost spend the whole of my day on Neopets and Jellyneo, but I never realized you guys have your own editorial, wow.) I'm happy you guys have 9 years full of service now, hooray! But too bad for the janitor, he has so much to clean! My questions are... what is his name? He must have one, because I don't believe his true name is 'janitor'. And will you someday do the editorial with characters as the Neopian Times did (of course, this one will be based on Jellyneo)? Finally, thank you and please keep being pure rock 'n' roll! ~ purrmew
We're delighted too - hooray!
Well, I'm sure the Yurble Janitor does indeed possess a name, but it's never been revealed to us, oddly enough. He is mostly commonly referred to as 'the Angry Yurble', 'Foreman', 'Janitor' and even 'Librarian', due to his various changing occupations.

If I understand your question correctly, I can confirm that many editorials here at JN have been answered by famous and infamous Neopian characters! Most recently, Dream wrote an editorial in the voice of...well, none other than the Angry Yurble, coincidentally! If you go through the earlier JN editorials, many of them feature different Neopian characters.

All these interferin' folk, demandin' to know my name and things!

Hi JN! Will there still be a "Staff Pick" trophy category in this year's costume contest, since it's been restructured, and if so are there any changes? ~ someone who's won staff pick twice
Congratulations on winning Staff Pick twice - quite a mighty feat! There will definitely be a Staff Pick category in this year's Costume Contest. The staff will all get together, discuss, confer, debate, etc. and pick a few favourites!

Hey there JN! :D So you said that Lutaris have a tendency to run away from the pound. Does merely visiting the pound to transfer a pet trigger the event? I want to transfer one of my other pets to my side, just to have some free space up in my main account. Unfortunately, I'm too scared to go to the pound because my newly created Lutari (wooooh lucky :D) is also in my main. Thanks JN, more power to you guys! ~ lupe_loops841
Congratulations on your new Lutari!
No worries, simply visiting the Pound will not cause anything to happen to your pet. You can adopt/pound/transfer whichever pet(s) you'd like.
If you attempt to pound a Lutari, though, then yes, your Lutari will run away. Into the sunset. Never to be seen again by human or Neopet...
So, er, yes, don't pound your Lutari, kids. No good will come of it. As for transferring, you just can't do it. The option isn't even there. Lutaris are a fussy bunch.

What do you imagine Jellyneo will be like in 5 years? ~ jjs1234
Wow, five years is a long time from now!
According to Dave, we aim to become far more expansive and comprehensive.
It's impossible to say in detail where we would be in five years, but we have a lot of projects on our list and a lot of goals we'd like to check off, and we will definitely be bigger and better. So we hope you'll all stick with Neopets and with us!

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