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Fall Celebrations
Published: October 5, 2013

Because reading editorials is the new fall activity...

Keyquest related: Wondering what will happen if you combine a super/regular Boots of Flight with Grimtooth, King Roo and Hubrid Nox? Is it possible to receive Super Power-ups from the Friend or Foe effect? What is the maximum amount of Neopoints you can earn in a day (from multiple games of Keyquest)? And lastly, is it possible for JN to display the different boards available for Keyquest games (matching the specific theme also)? Thanks... (I realized this is extremely long.... Sorry but thanks!) ~ anonymous
Their effects will combine. For example, if you use Boots of Flight while under the effect of Grimtooth, your two dice will land only on 1, 2 or 3.
Super Power-ups can only be received upon landing on the alignment space that your token is aligned to. The answer is no.
You can earn 5,000 NP per game for a maximum of six games per day, so the total is 30,000 NP.
We have a nifty board guide here if that's what you mean.

Hello! I am a Neopets user, but I also have a Petpet Park account... I made a Petpet Park account, not knowing that you can log in under your Neopets account username and password. Is this okay? Is there a way I can combine the two? Thanks, I LOVE the site. ~ anonymous
No, it's perfectly okay. Neopets and Petpet Park are two different sites, you are free to choose whichever account you like to use. There is no known way to combine two accounts, but you don't have to anyway.

How do I fix a pet that is stuck inside my neohome 2.0? Like, the system says that it's inside, but he doesn't show up no matter what I do. I'll give you cookies and flowers if you help me! ~ anonymous
*steals the cookies* The only thing you can do for that poor pet now is sending TNT a ticket and hope for the best.

In Editorial 197 you have stated that completing the Moltaran Worm quest is a big no-no on side accounts but is it okay to collect the worms if all I do with them is feed them to my Grarrl since the worms themselves are no trade items? (The blue ones tend to be her favorites) ~ doomdesire5
No matter what the purpose behind your worm-collecting business is, it's still a big no-no, because there is no guarantee what you will do with them later. And since TNT have already said so in their editorial, better to be careful than regret later C:

*uncloaks* Hello there everyone, have a jelly. So who isn't having problems with The Haunted Shootery game or what is its problem, because it seems to work for very few people right now (there are three submitted scores, three!). Also what is the best way to dismantle the Neocola machine, I think stabbing it with a dagger would get better items, or at least no more plastic rings of Sloth. *recloaks* ~ Bianca_Niechieve
Currently, no one should be able to play Haunted Shootery. We're not sure how those people who have submitted scores did so.

I suggest leaving the Neocola machine alone, as something bad may happen if you start stabbing it.

Grundo Kicking the Cola Machine

Good evening! :) I have a question about non-Neopets themed user lookup. I have been reading the rules for what should and shouldn't come in such a user lookup, like half-nude anime characters, blood, gore and so on. So here's my question, concerning one special thing. What I would like to know is, if I made my lookup as a tribute to one particular Finnish hard-rock band, would TNT take it as a violation of the rules, because they would consider this monster theme to be far too terrible for small kids to look at, or is this okay (I would make it without any blood and gore, of course)? Getting an answer on this question is really, really important for me *makes puppy eyes and stares at you* ~ alpollo

*Throws random stuff found in SDB* Hi! Are we allowed use pictures from anime that is uh... mildly inappropriate as long as the pictures aren't inappropriate? Cause I really want to use this lookup I found that has Hetalia on it. Well, actually I'm using it already, but just to make sure. ~ pokemon56476

*Cleans out SDB and sorts the items accordingly*
If you have to ask, that probably means it's inappropriate. It's better to be safe than sorry. Without seeing the actual image itself though, it's hard to say. You'll have to just go with what you think is best.

However, as you pointed out, a hard-rock theme is often terrible for kids to look at, so I advise against it in this case.

Does anyone notice the island Northeast of Moltara? Or the the looks of a small cluster off cities on the islands West of Altador? I was just wondering if any of you clever JN Staff had any ideas... ~ anonymous
I'm sure that TNT have plans for all of them. Some of our staff folks who went to jnCon may know something, but of course we can't share them or we will ruin the surprise.

In the meantime, let's just take a look at this awesome old map (with blurry, non-canon location names):

blurry map

When there are two solutions to an anagram in Eliv Thade, do both solutions work? ~ anonymous
No, sadly, you have to flip a coin and cross your fingers.

How come 'Clara on Ice', being a regular Neo game, doesn't have a high-score table or trophy distribution? ~ neocoladude
Clara on Ice is in fact a modified version of Let It Slide meant to be used for the Atlas of the Ancients plot. Because they are basically the same game with minor alterations, TNT decided not to release a set of trophies for this game, along with Moltara Run, which is a modified version of Volcano Run II.

However, there is an exception, which is Tunnel Tumble. We may never know why. Maybe TNT have extra love for Jordie.

Jordie Plushie
so cuddly

There's a recurring glitch I'm experiencing where every time I go to customize my Neopet the whole screen goes white. When I went to submit a ticket to TNT, I found that they removed that page. Is there any way to contact them other than bombard their building with messenger pigeons? ~ anonymous
This is most likely a problem with your browser. I suggest clearing the cache and updating both your Flash Player plugin and browser to the latest version. As for contacting TNT, you should just stick to the traditional ticket system. If it isn't working right now, come back later, as it has its ups and downs.

How can you see all of the trophy cabinet skins ever made? I'd really like to see all of them and how you could get them. ~ anonymous
Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here.
These themes were available as prizes for JN past events, thus they are all retired.

Fun fact: do you know JN staffers have all the themes unlocked? *winks*

So, I was wondering--does anybody ever actually buy food from the NC Mall? XD I never use NC so I wouldn't know but it seems so purposeless. Although some of the food does look good, I would expect it to do something extra seeing as your spending real money on it -.- ~ chestnuttiger787
NC Mall food makes your pet bloated and happy instantly. Moreover, like all the items in Neopia, they can also be put in galleries to show off your Neopets' unusual obsession. Since they're so cheap, they also seem to serve the purpose of being the items TNT will grant you when you have small amounts of expiring Neocash.

Lunch on a Tray
Guess which staffer bought this for his gallery

Hey Jellyneo! Do you think you could add an option to search for items on the day they were released? For example, you want to look at all the items, say, released March 3, 2003, then you could just look that up? Thanks! ~ lovacska
We'll add a note to our giant Item Database to-do list... maybe one day!

I am wondering can I summon the content beast to eat a staff member? ~ invaderhorizongreen
No, it's an ancient powerful magic that can only be performed by our admins. We can't just release the secret technique!

TNT gets happy thoughts, so why can't you guys? (Well, if you publish them :P) Anyway, THANK YOU for being such an amazing site, and helping my neo experience in so many ways, from the clickable avs and altador plot guide, to the Dr. Sloth images and SWF URLs for graphic making just this afternoon. *throws a bunch of super soft cloud Gnorbu plushies and leaves* ~ 987654321_hj
I'll just leave this here for the world to see.

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