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200th Editorial Podcast
Published: August 31, 2013

Click below to Play (34:22)

Link: Hey everyone, Iím Link and this is the 200th editorial podcast. Iím joined today byÖ

Rosie: Rosie!

Link: Yay! Yeah, itís just Rosie and I. Weíre here to give you guys an extra special editorial in celebrations of JNís birthday and because it is an anniversary editorial. So yay!!

Rosie: Yay!

Link: Woo!

Rosie: I think we are the only ones here because everyone else is eating cake.

Link: I think everyone else is eating cake.

Rosie: Hehe.

Link: I had too much cake already.

Rosie: You didnít have the right flavor.

Link: No, I had dung flavor.

Rosie: WHY?! I didnít get any!

Link: Thatís because I got the slice of cake that YOU were supposed to get on accident. That is not my fault.

Have you seen this cake? Last known location: In Link's little thieving hands.

*both laugh*

Link: Letís get on these que-

Rosie: Speaking of eating cake.

Link: Oh okay, what?

Rosie: Question 1.

Link: Oh yeah that is kinda tying in.

Link: Question one was sent in by PolishsandÖpolished! Oh, polishedsand! -

Rosie: Hey I would have done the same thing.

Link: - Do heavier/bigger neopets get hungry faster?

Rosie: Yes! The more weight a neopet has put on, the faster it will get hungry.

Link: There are ways to make your neopet gain weight; there are certain items that do that, and there are certain items that help them lose weight, and thatís kinda why the healthy food shop was put into placeÖyeah. Knowledge~

An apple a day keeps the weight in a healthy level!"

Rosie: Didnít they used to have a gym at one point?

Link: Yeah, but that was more for like stat increasers, it was actually like ďOh your neopet is gaining a little there. You should make them hit the weightsĒ it was more like ďOh letís get them plus two strength.Ē That was before my time, though.

Rosie: Yeah I remember it. But um, never used it. I just remember it being there. I wonder if that would have been considered another way to lose weight.

Link: I wonder if they even factored in weight at that time.

Rosie: Probably not. They havenít factored in movement yet either except for maybe one case, but thatís it.

Link:I mean at the momentÖ really the only things that happen when your neopet is kinda on the biggish side of weight is that it gets hungry faster, and also if you get the species body armour they wonít fit into it if they are a certain weight.

Rosie: Hahaha!

Link: I tried putting my old Chomby in a Chomby body armour, or it was one my pets maybe, and they wouldnít fit into it.

Rosie: What did it say? Did it give you a message like ďoops!Ē

Link: I think it did say ďoops! Your neopet canít fit into itĒ or something like that. When I first started on the site I tried doing that because I was like ďOh! Body armour! That must be like uber special and itís gonna make them so strong that no one is gonna hurt them in the battledome!Ē Little did I know.. But yeah.

Rosie: Haha, oh I love it!

Link: Okay so the second question comes from Jeran_b (which makes me happy Ďcause Jeran is my favorite Neopian character)

Rosie: another LupeÖ

*Link giggles*

Link: - it is I already asked this question before, but I didn't get a satisfactory answer. Yes, I know (Öis it Thomas or Toemos?

Rosie: I always pronounce it Tohmos

Link: Iím just gonna say Tohmas~Ö)

-yes I know Tomos was in the Lost Desert Plot. Still, he didn't do anything heroic. He looked at shiny things, touched shiny things, and tried to get himself and (Iím going to go and say Nabell Ďcause thatís what I always called her all the time) Ė Nabile out of the traps in that place in Qasla. Still, I have failed to see any deeds of his that one would call heroic. Would you mind specifying it this time?

Rosie: He was sorta the leader of the Scarabs, so he looked after them, but most likely the reason he was put into the Gallery of Heroes and given a sketch was because he was a good guy in a plot.

Link: Yeah.

Rosie: *sigh* Another Lupe.

Link: Yeah another Lupe. I mean, they are known for being heroic. Iím just glad it wasnít another Usul! I canít stand those anymore.

Rosie: Yes! Well both of them I guess. Pick another species.

Link: Like a Shoyru or a Draik? Fan service!

Rosie: Lutaris are good. You know who would have been interesting, the elusive Ogrin on iDB that is used in the design.

Link: Oh yeah!

Rosie: Never used before! That would have been interesting. I wonder where they could have taken that. Sheís a heroine, not a hero.

Link: She should get her own game!

Rosie: Yeah! Thatís a great design there!

Link: What if like the next Neopets video game was like an action one like The Darkest Faerie, and she was the main protagonist?

Link loves this game actually.

Link: Okay so the next one is by Jim the Jumper: Say there's a guild and on its front page, it lists all the beauty contest entries by guild members in this weekís competition (oh I said that wrong). Is this 'advertising other people's entries' and thus against the rules, or is it okay?

Rosie: Yes, this is definitely advertising other peopleís entries, so this is not okay.

Link: This is super not okay and if you see your guild mates doing this, they may be your guild mate but you should report them or just tell them ďhey itís against the rulesĒ, and then everyone comes out happy. Yay~

Rosie: Itís a beauty contest not a popularity contest.

Link: I mean, right? There are some, like, fantastic entries that donít win and Iím just like ďI donít understand you! I donít understand!ĒÖ Would you like to read the next question?

Rosie: SureÖseeing as itís the longest oneÖ

*both laugh*

Rosie: Hi! *Tosses some random Neopets foodstuff, because it seems to be the Jellyneo-trend* (Who started that, anyway?)(I have no idea. I guess it would be the users, cause we donít do the tossing) Anyhow... I have a younger sister, who is about 7. Obviously, she doesnít have an email-address of her own, and our mum is getting sick of emails, and emails, and emails from all of these different sites, asking to confirm her registration, password etc. So, recently, I have been using my email address for all of her online gaming site registrations. She now wants a Neopets account, and I am afraid my account may become frozen if I register her account to my email, but also don't want to further clog up my motherís inbox - is it safe to use my email address for her account registration or not? Thanks, and sorry for going on, and on, and... yeah. ~ anonymous

Link: Okay, so the best answer for this is no. She canít use your email because that would fall into being one of your side accounts, and if she uses that as a main account than that is a big booboo, and that is a big no no. Basically what you gotta do is just ask your mom if she [your sister] can still use that email account because your sister canít use yours, because that will get you in trouble, and her in trouble and youíll end up losing all the accounts.

Rosie: Mhm. Or another solution if your mother doesnít want her inbox clogged up; have her create another email specifically for account registrations.

Link: Mhm! Or have your mom create an email account specifically for your younger sister which your mom can access. My parents had an email account for me that they could access when I was younger so I could do these things and not clutter up their email accounts, and Iíd still have that ability to go and do stuff I wanted to do.

Link: Okay so this next question is sent in by *messes up another name* trelvani? Itís so fun to pronounce all these names. Itís my life time passion. *clears throat* This is a Keyquest related question: is it against the rules for two players to play after agreeing to pla- whoa hold on. *repeats last sentence* (I mean, really?) (Rosie: I guess agreeing to play together?) As in, players A, B, C, and D want to make more np in a game than they could normally, and want to be able to walk away with at least Silver keys (well you canít ALL walk away with silver keys). Is it okay for them to agree to still play competitively, but not go for the door until everyone has gathered all the keys? The game would still be unpredictable, and no winner would be decided upon beforehand, so I don't see an immediate issue myself.

Rosie: Actually you CAN walk away with all players under the gold key getting silver keys.

Link: Wait really!?!

Rosie: I think if you get all five. I havenít really been paying attention, but there have been games where Iíve played where the other players would get silver keys. Maybe they gathered all five keys, so thatís probably why.

Link: I have never known that to- I always thought it was a ďwho gets to the door firstĒ like first, second, and third issue.

Rosie: Right. I mean I think if the hierarchy is there than the third place would get the bronze, but I have seen games where 2 or 3 people who left after the gold key would get silver.

Link: This is interesting.

Rosie: I havenít paid attention to what qualifies for it - but that may be the case for getting all five keys.

Link: What youíre saying [the person asking the question] is acceptable because in essence what you guys are just doing is you are all playing to get the keys and get more neopoints and then race for that door. So there really isnít- you still donít know wins, it could really be anyone and there really is nothing in the rules that states that as soon as you get five keys you must go for the door, itís more like once you get five keys you CAN go for the door and win, which is a good idea, but you donít /have/ to.

Rosie: Yeah, I did that to annoy Chesu once. He was complaining that the game lasts too long and so I declared that I would, when we played together, get all five keys and just try to push him around the board without winning.

*both giggle*

Rosie: Delay it as long as possible!

*more giggling*

Link: I used to like playing Key Quest, but then my computers could not handle it. SoÖ

Rosie: Some of the mini games really are annoying.

Link: Oh yeah, itís really the mini games that kill me.

Rosie: I used to actually like the Nova Match, but that game is so glitchy now. There was one other game but my least favorite one is the Simon [flower matching] one. I hate that one.

Link: Oh yeah because itís like whoever starts first is the one who wins it.

Rosie: Yeah.

Link: You canít go ahead, you have to Ė

Rosie: Itís just so boring compared to the other ones.

Link: Yeah, I can agree with that. The one I find bothering the most is the petpetpet circling one.

Rosie: Oh! I love that one!

Link: I like it too but every time I circle one of the pets, the other person already has it. Iím like ďexcuse me, my circle.Ē Like sometimes Iíll make a great circle and it wonít accept it and Iím like ďexcuse me, that was a perfect circle.Ē If you measured it, it would have been, I donít know mathÖit would have been a perfect circle. Just. Ugh. You didnít accept it. You peasant.

Rosie: Sometimes if someone is ya know overriding, or overrunning you with the circles, Ďcause it does catch you off guard when theyíre getting it first, if they are doing that I try to wait and see what the next bug is, or sit next to a bug (I call them bugs. They are bugs), I try and get that first as soon as it changes and that usually throws them off. I do that for the rest of the game.

Link: Mhm mhm!

Rosie: Works for me. I think my favorite one though is the meowclops-

Link: oh that one is fun

Rosie: -washing game. Whatís interesting, I love the detail because when you actually drag your hose over its face, he closes his eye.

The best Meowclops is a clean one!

Link: Yeah!

Rosie: And that was like great detail there!

Link: I kinda like the berry one where you have to-

Rosie: The berry blast?

Link: Yeah, well noÖyeah! Yeah that is it; the berry blast. That one is kinda fun. Itís pretty much the only one I can win at now.

pew pew pew.....pew.

Rosie: Yeah. Itís kinda disappointing when people play with tablets, and you can tell when because they are going 150 berries in a minute.

Link: You can play with a tablet?!

Rosie: A Bamboo tablet.

Link: Oh! I was like ďwhoa, if I could play Key Quest with an ipad Iím just gonna take my friends"

Rosie: No no, I meant like a Wacom tablet. The ones with the screens are the best. I actually have one myself that I was playing with at one point, but I lost my pen so I canít anymore.

Link: Aw!

Call me a hipster, but I play it the old fashion way...ON A BOARD!

Rosie: Yeah itís definitely an advantage. I admit I used to do it, but now when people are playing against me and are using it I get disappointedÖ. Where are we?

Link: Number 7.

Rosie: This comes from our favorite submitter, anonymous! Hi, TJNT! *throws a Scorchio**both say ow* Is there any chance you're going to be adding new features to the IDB[Item Database]? Being able to be more specific (by name, category, or special category) with any of the special searches would be so awesome! Please add this feature......please?

Link: This is a message from the big boss himself. What Dave Says: We have some plans to revamp IDB searching within the next year, but we have some bigger plans first. Can't say much else, but stay tuned Ė and let me tell you guys, ya wanna stayed tuned.

The DAVE has spoken.

Rosie: For how long, I have no clue.

Link: No one knows at all!

*both laugh*

Link: I mean, really, like sometimes projects can be done within a month-

Rosie: I think itíd be safe to flip to another channel for a while then flip back just to check.

*Link gigglesnorts*

Link: I love JN projects so much.

*Rosie laughs*

Link: Speaking of JN projects, how long did the Wardrobe take?

Rosie: OH MY GOODNESS. So wardrobe had its fifth birthday in May.

Link: Yay!

Rosie: Fifth birthday not-

Link: Wait really?

Rosie: Yes, itís been five years since wardrobe went into production.

Link: No!

Rosie: Five years ago actually, we did not plan for wardrobe to be like this. We were actually doing a lot more work than what was necessary. *laughs*

Link: Wait a minute. So you guys have been planning this since, if my math is right, you guys have been planning this since 2008?

Rosie: Yes.

Link: Didnít customization come out in 2007?

Rosie: 2006.

Link: oh..right..

Rosie: April 26th, 2006 I believe.

Link: Was it really 2006?

Rosie: I think it was. Hold on I have the date somewhere

Link: Because I remember I was in Europe when customization came out, because I was so confused, and I was in Europe in 2007.

Rosie: I know exactly where I was the day that it came out. The new layout change and the world pretty much exploded-

Link: *makes explosion noise*

Rosie: - in Neopia.

Link: Oh gosh. I like the new layout, personally.

Rosie: I miss the old one, but I was more peeved that they took out that old toolbar for pet central.

~Gone but never forgotten~

Link: yyessssss

Rosie: That the one thing that I miss.

Link: Ugh! Everyone misses that!

Rosie: Alright Iím finding the date. Finding the date. Where did ya go? Where did ya go? Oh! So April 27th 2007. Youíre right!

Link: Yesh!

Rosie: Where did I get 2006?

Link: Because in 2006 Neopets was sold to Viacom and they did say expect changes to happen around then. If I remember correctly it was in 2006 because I was like ďoh weíve still gone a year and thereís not much changeĒ and then boom.

Side note: Viacom bought Neopets on June 20th, 2005

Rosie: Okay so it must have been late 2008 though since we started in the Fall with the planning.

Link: So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, Wardrobe took five years.

Rosie: There ya go. It was only publically release since last May, so it had its first birthday on May 5th? Yeah, May 5th.

Link: Yay! Now-

Rosie: I made a cake~

Twas a glorious cake.

Link: Oh yeah it looked beautiful. Now I just want to point this out there, that just because Wardrobe took that long donít think that the Item Database update is going to be that long either. So donít fret, itís going to happen like Dave said within the next year, weíre gonna have it soon; but we also have a lot more stuff coming up.

Rosie: Within the next year-

Link: Yeah.

Rosie: Thatís like a year and a half.

Link: I would say expect it like around January, February, MarchÖAprilMayJune

Rosie: Of 2015

*Link laughs:

Link: Oh what are we kidding, 2017!

*both giggle*

Link: Okay letís go on! Oh look another Anonymous question! I like you anonymous people. I like you a lot, but please come out! Come out and about!

Rosie: But we can pronounce their names!

Link: Oh this is true! Okay never mind I like you guys more like disÖ What if this person was actually named anonymous?

Rosie: uhhh

Link: Like what if this is just the same person over and over again.

Rosie: What if her first name is Ana, her middle name is Y, and Mess? Anonymous.

Link: Youíre blowing my brain. *explosion* I explodedÖ So anonymous says, Hi *flings rubbish*-

Oh no, stop with that rubbish, stop with it right now.-

Rosie: What kind of rubbish?

Link: Yeah, what kind of rubbish? Is it dung? Is it gonna be that rubbish avatar that I keep deleting items for and still not getting? Ugh!

TNT's secret ploy to get rid of junk and other items on the site. GIVE IT TO ME. NOW.

*clears throat*

Link: AnywaysÖ I was wondering if it's alright to grab NC items (no it is never alright to do that) from the money tree (surprisingly time consuming) then turn around and donate them back with the upcycle cookie. I THINK it's allowed but now that I've done it I'm a little worried! Thanks!

Rosie: There is nothing wrong with that. Once it shows up at the Money Tree it is yours to do with as you please!

Link: Though why would you buy an upcycle cookie is beyond me!

Rosie: Donít you get like a bonus NC item when you use it?

Link: I donít know. I just donít like the NC mall quite honestly.

*both laugh*

Link: Though Iím a hypocrite because I used the Faerie cookies.

Rosie: Hey, Iím the biggest hypocrite here. I worked on Wardrobe and I donít customize anything.

Link: But thatís because your pets are so beautiful on their own!

Still beautiful! Scary, but beautiful!

Rosie: Even if they were customizable, I've got pets that are converted and I just donít see the thrill honestly.

Link: Eh. I like it sometimes. Itís pretty much the only reason Iíve kept my shadow ixi this long, because let me just tell you, I did a bad job naming him. I named him after myself and then random numbers.

Rosie: Thatís the best combination.

Link: I know right?

Rosie: Anyway my philosophy here is like the same when you go to subway. You are paying the premium dollar for the meat right?

Link: Meaty~

Rosie: So when they put the meat on the sandwich and they put piles and piles of toppings and condiments that donít cost you a dime, are you gonna taste the meat?

Link:ÖIím kinda lost on this philosophy Iím not gonna lie.

Rosie: Because if you have a pet, and you pile on all these wearables-

Link: OH! I get what youíre saying.

Rosie: You canít see your pet!

Link: Oh! I thought you were talking about the question, not about our pets anymore. Iím like ďhow does this deal with the money tree and the cookie!Ē Oh weíre talking about our pets. OOOohhhh. Okay. Now I get what youíre saying and I can sympathize with that.

Rosie: I mean a few items maybe that would like accent the pet. But even with the backgrounds, my goodness I could get lost looking at those.

Link: Oh yeah Ďcause the backgrounds are usually a work of art in themselves.

Speaks for itself.

Rosie: They are beautiful items, especially in the previews. When Iím looking at just one item and just seeing how it looks on the pet it looks good, but my goodness when youíre a fashionista and tying to pile on all those clothes, I canít even see the pet anymore. I donít know what it is. It looks like my sisterís laundry basket.

Link: Iím usually very selective about what clothes I purchase for my pets to wear.

Rosie: But thatís my opinion anyway. Iím very objective when it comes to that but I had to put that all aside for wardrobe.

Link: And what a great job you did. Snaps to you.

Rosie: Oh my goodness, donít say that!

Link: You did a great job! Just like all your other stuff you do around here. Itís always fantastic!

Rosie: Itís just a prototype. That thing is four years old! Itís ancient! You know what I think is a gem in our collection but no longer used is the Treasure Keepers guide.

Link: I MISS TREASURE KEEPERS. I really loved that game, even if I picked a girl in the beginning and they wouldnít allow me to switch. I accidently picked the girl and my computer glitched and I couldnít switch and I was like ďHey! Let me change!Ē and they were like ďWe donít have that feature yetĒ. And then they disbanded and I was like ďdarn I canít be a boy anymore.Ē

Rosie: Imagine customizing in that one.

Link: I know right! I was like ďwhy canít I be like a Draik, or something else?Ē But I had so much hope for that game, especially looking at the map and the lore.

Rosie: And just the art direction, and the music! Oh my gosh the music!

Link: Did you guys drop a subtle hint at all during your trip about how much you loved it?

Rosie: Mmaayybbee.

Link: I mean I know you guys made a board game.

Rosie: Yeah they released the picture on twitter and we put a few teasers on our twitter! Basically we made a mock up Treasure Keepers board. Spent 3 long grueling days on it, painting lots of bushes, oh my gosh those bushes man. Poor Nick.

I think they got the hint and loved it.

Link: At least you had all the other staff members to help you.

Rosie: Yeah it was definitely a team effort. We were rocking that thing. It turned out really cool. And yes it was just a giant massive hint we laid down on the table in front of TNT about how much we loved it and hint hint nudge nudge to get it back onto the plate. It is, and they know this, it is a great possible NC feature of the site. It would definitely raise some NC for them.

*Link some weird noise*

*Rosie laughs*

Link: Sorry, that was me trying to hiss.

Rosie: Iím not saying Iím pro-NC, but that would be their incentive.

Link: Yeah I see what youíre saying.

Rosie: Weíre still waiting on pictures from JNCon. Once we get those, weíll post them on the site so you can see pictures of it.

JN houses very talented staffers~

Link: Yeah if anyone didnít know what we were talking about, we were talking about JNCon that happened mid-July, where a bunch of staffers got together and they did some shenanigans and went to go see TNT-

Rosie: in LA.

Link: Next question is by katpow89. I like that. Cahpow!

*both giggle*

Link: Hello lovely and ever so helpful JN staff ^^(oh you just know the way to my heart) I have a question about the Item Database. I love using the AAA-

Link: wait what?

Rosie: I donít understand it either

Link: I have a question about the Item Database. I love using the AAA and was wondering if it's possible to do an estimated price vs actual price comparison. This way I could find out if an item is worth more or less than what it's supposed to restock at. If this doesn't exist I don't suppose you'd mind programming a quick algorithm (positive and negative differences too) for all of us? *bats eyelashes*(Iím currently batting my eyelashes to bring out this question) Pretty please?

Rosie: Oh she might mean the Almost Abandoned Attic.

Link: Oh!

Rosie: So ďI love using the Almost Abandon Attic and was wondering if it's possible to do an estimated price vs actual price comparison.Ē I understand now! I was confused thinking she meant Avinroo.

Link: Yeah me too.

Rosie: ďI love using the AAA!Ē For what?!

Link: FOR WWWHHHHAAATTTT!!!???... We provide you guys with both prices, what neopets has priced it as and what the users, the members of neopets have priced it as, and itís up to you guys to do the math basically. Unfortunately.

Rosie: Only when itís available, and not dung!

*Link laughs*

Link: Something like the Blue Draik Egg. You can honestly tell there is gonna be a surplus, I mean you can honestly tell a nice-

Rosie: WHAT!? NO!! Nonononono!

Link: WHAT?!

Rosie: There is no flippiní surplus that beats the pile of dung. That is the ultimate surplus of supply versus demand.

Link: I was going to say neopoints, but I got the words mixed up.

*both laughing*

Link: There is always a surplus of dung.

Rosie: If you wanna talk about supply and demand, there is plenty of supply and plenty of demand; but the demand is to get it out of the inventory. There is demand there it might might not be the one youíre thinking about.

Link: If you ever have dung-

Rosie: Send it to me!

Link: Yeah just gather it in your safety deposit box until itís ready to explode and then send it ALL at once to Rosie

Rosie: Pleasepleaseplease.

Send dung here

Link: I mean one time she rejected dung I sent her because she didnít know who I was.

Rosie: What?!

Link: Yeah!

Rosie: I would never reject dung!

Link: OOhhh really?

Rosie: Ya know what, it wasnít rejected, I didnít log in so I didnít see it and so it was automatically sent back to you.

Link: Uh-huh. Likely story.

Rosie: I would never reject dung.

Link: You broke my heart!

She broke my dung heart!

Link: Uh the next question is, Does anyone on the Jellyneo team like The Beatles? (and by the Beatles we mean the British rock band) Ė Rosabelle101. Now we canít speak for everyone-

Rosie: because theyíre eating cake

Link: yeah Ďcause theyíre eating cake, but me personally I really donít care for the Beatles.

Rosie: Yeah, same. Okay next one! Dear JNT, I know you ask us not to ask about that animated Kiko we see when submitting a question, but... He chooses to spend his days writing, and writing, and writing, by his own free will (how do you know itís by his own freewill?

Link: dundundun)

... But the question is, what is he writing? ~ anonymous

Rosie: Probably the sequel to Atlas of the Ancients, which is why it requires so many rewrites.

Link: I think he is practicing his doodling skills so one day he and Rosie could have a ďdrawing offĒ.

Rosie: Oh there we go.

Practice makes perfect!

Link: The very last question! Weíve reached that point ladies and gentlemen! *sniff* I didnít think I would get this emotional. Okay. This last question is sent in by slugbug21. I just realized something: iDB can stand for in-Depth Battlepedia and item DataBase. Did you guys plan this, or did I just point this out to you?

*both giggle*

Rosie: WHAT?!

Link: *Gasp!*

Rosie: No. Well as it may be known In-Depth Battlepedia joined us. It used to be an affiliate site, so when they came we had some naming wars over the acronym. At one point we were considering iDBP. Werenít we? Yeah, didnít go over so well. But yeah Ian refused to give up IDB so we went with the lower cast ďIĒ.

Link: In the end it makes everyone happy, though it still makes some people still confused when we try to talk about both of them at the same time.

Rosie: Hopefully the context will help. Ya know we actually had wars over the Wardrobe name too.

Link: Wait really?

Rosie: Like considering what to call it. I think like some of the ones we did were the Wonder Wardrobe, or Sew Materialistic. I think there was the Whomping Wardrobe.

Link: The Whomping Wardrobe?

Rosie: The Noil, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Link: Oh I like that one!

I smell a block buster hit!

Link: So with that I think we have finished our 200th editorial.

Rosie: Woo!

Link: Thanks everyone who joined us. I hope you enjoyed all of this. It was a lot of fun! Quick shout out to Nick, Summra, Anayu, Rylon, and Dave who were very supportive of all of this when it was in its process, and thank you Rosie-

Rosie: I have a shout out!

Link: Yay!

Rosie: To my dung living in my safety deposit box. I would love for you to live elsewhere but I just got no room. To my dung catapult. To the dung scarab that I will eventually get. Alright Iím done.

Forever searching.

Link: Send her the dung! Feed the Rosie! Ah yeah, if you guys have any more questions be sure to send them into future editorials, we do love getting questions people! Donít hesitate to ask!

Rosie: And donít forget to check the database before you send them in.

Link: Of course, of course. I donít know who is set to the next editorial but yeah, I hope you enjoy this. Leave comments in theÖcomments below.

Rosie: Think of your own wardrobe names!

Link: Yes thatís a good idea! Think of wardrobe names. Subscribe to thisÖoh wait weíre not Youtube here.

Rosie: Give your speculation on what the upcoming projects will be, no matter how long it takes.

Link: No matter how long it takes. So. Thatís it.

Rosie: Thatís it! Gotta go see if there is any cake left.

Link: Yay cake!

Rosie: Though Iím not gonna have any because some ate the dung.

Link: Oh Iíll get you more! BYE!

Rosie: BYE!

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