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Issue the Twentieth
Published: January 12, 2008

To be or not to be a good editorial, that is the question. What's in an editorial? That which we call an issue by any other name would be as interesting. All the world's a stage, and all the Jellyneo visitors merely questioners. If editorials be the food of weekends, let's get on with this week's editorial!

Hi JN *slaps with wet fish* Isn't it ironic that on Dave's birthday (one of the only 2 days with the Dr. Sloth skin)the answer to the daily puzzle was, "grundo?" I find that very ironic. ~ icon109
Wow, quite strange indeed. Perhaps Dr. Sloth had something to do with that...

Madness in great ones must not unwatched go.

Do you think neopets will ever make a sort of optional 'invisible' option on the neofriend bar? I'm sure I'm not the only one that might have problems with people knowing when I'm on or not X.x ~ yugi90163
Actually, they already have this. Except you need to sign up for premium and set yourself up in stealth mode to get it to work. Until then, only allow true friends to be on your Neofriends list. ;)

Off with his head! Oh, wait...

Hi Jellyneo! ^_^ Are you ever going to bring comments back, or are they banned? ;_; thanks! ~ Jockylocky
As you might have already seen, they ARE back! :D We're very happy to have our new news system in place, and it's a lot easier for us to moderate comments. They were a mess before.

I know this is probably a stupid question but I was just wondering how do you get a paintbrush? Do you buy it? I would really like to know because I want to paint my pets baby. ~ goofballmigee12
You can get Paint Brushes from a variety of sources! They come from Random Events, winning contests, and handing in World Challenge pieces. More often than not, though, you'll need to purchase your PBs through other Neopians on the Trading Post or in Auctions.

Hey JN love the site am on it everyday. Anyway is JN going to have another costum contest cause the last one was loads of fun hopfully you write back. ~Kelper1 ~ kelper1
We actually had thoughts about having some sort of spring-y clothing contest for Neopians to show off their spring fashion and how they're getting ready for the summer. Hopefully we'll be able to get everything together for it.

Hi again! Sorry for asking yet another question, but I was wondering...I once had an elephante and took it's hat off. I abandoned the elephante in the pound (guilty) but the hat is still in my closet. I can't remove it, but is there any way of getting rid of it? Thanks :D ~ mysti_lilac614
Nope, all PB clothing must remain in your Closet. That means that Usul, Aisha, Elephante, Bruce, and Ixi owners are forever doomed to have various collars, bows, and hats in their closets.

Do you have any predictions on when the next plot will come? ~ jayjayyyyy
Yes, actually. According to this week's official Neopets editorial, there are special plans for the end of January and March. Most likely March for a full on plot, and perhaps a mini-event like the Games Master Challenges for the end of January.

Beware the ides of March.

Okay, I know that if you mislead a person into thinking an item is worth more than it is then you would be a scammer. But what if, you had a TCG that's worth, say, 500k. Chances are that it'll sell for maybe half of that. If you told someone that it was worth 500k when you were trading it would you be a... *gulp* scammer? ~ galaxee
You must give any potential buyers an honest price, and clearly indicate that that's the amount you want for it. It's even better if you cite other trade lots and what the "going price" on them are. It gets a little difficult when you're the only one in Neopia selling an item, which at that point, you can just make up your own price. Just think to yourself if it's an honest price in Neopia's market.

This above all: to thine own self be true.

Hey TJNT! =D *Throws a pebble* I guess those won't hurt as much as rocks and boulders xD Anyway.. I was wondering: Who's the oldest person on Neo? Is there really an account that's 120 months old? =/ (Except people from TNT xD) Thanks! =3 ~ Cisko116
We actually just saw a petpage recently that had a listing of the oldest Neopians that still play. But alas, we weren't able to re-find it. xD If someone knows what petpage it is, send it in and we'll publish it next editorial if we remember. :P

Why is it that you don't have a guide for the game Hungry Skeith? You can't say that it's too easy, because you have a guide for easier games, like Dice-a-Roo. *throws a cucumber attached to a rubber chicken* ~ eeorer9
Our lazy content crew hasn't written a guide for it yet. :( And I don't think throwing cucumbers attached to rubber chickens will persuade them otherwise.

Your Advent archive is terrific! However, did the advent calendar first appear in 2004? And if it was giving daily gifts in Decembers before that, where can I find a listing of THOSE items? Thanks for all of your helpful resources! ~ aleonar74
Unfortunately, Jellyneo wasn't around for the 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 Advent Calendars, so we couldn't compile lists unless we went back in time with a time machine to gather the data. :( However, if anyone else has kept track and wants to let us use their lists, send it in! :D

what happened with the news archives D:? it only appear 01 Jan 2007 - 11 Dec 2007, (61) and the other archives? ~ toalhikanthegreattoa
We're currently working on that with our new news system. We still have a bunch of other details that we'd like to program in and include, but we wanted to release it as soon as possible. Archives were able to be thought of later down the road. ;)

What was the Shenkuu River Rush controversy? ~ la_carmabelle
Basically, TNT released a couple items to help you do better in Shenkuu River Rush if you had them in your possession. One of those items, the Talisman, however, ended up in the NC Mall. This totally went against what TNT said about the NC Mall items not giving an advantage, since the Talisman could get you more NP from the River Rush game.

A bunch of fighting, hissy fits, and complaints later, TNT removed the item from the NC Mall, and explained in the editorial about it being purely experimental and that not even everyone on TNT agreed with its placement in the NC Mall.

So, to make a long story short, one of the Shenkuu items was able to be purchased with real money, which went against all of the prior principles of Neopets. getting TNT into a bunch of trouble with its users.

Double, double toil and trouble. Neopians burn, and controversy bubble.

In editorial 19 you said that the "Green Apple" was the first item in Neopia. But in an SDB the frost mote is before it and I thought the items were in the order they were released. Why isn't the Green apple first? ~ spidercat240955
You have a messed up SDB. :P The only possible reason that I can think of that happening is if you are seeing an Organic Green Apple or something. The "Green Apple" is indeed the first item in Neopia, and it therefore must come before all the rest.

Do you guys ever add questions that were un answered in Editoral n to Editoral n+1, or do you throw out all the un answered questions?? (like the kiko over there) ~ Marina
We save all the questions from week to week and pick from the entire pool whenever we go through for questions. So, if you weren't in this week, hang in there! Your question might come up eventually. (We only delete questions if we've answered them before, they're answered in our mini-FAQ, or they're too obvious. :P)

Okay, this isn't a question, but I didn't know where else to send this. Just wanted to say thank you for having the Advent Calendar archive animations. We had an ice storm where I live, and was without electricity for a week or so. Consequently, I missed getting to the advent calendar. At least now I get to see all the days animations that I missed. But I had to laugh when I saw day nine. That was the first day of our power outages. Now I know what happened! It wasn't the ice storm that caused it, it was the Mynci! LOL ~ SyCatt
Glad you enjoyed them! My personal favorite was the 31st. Absolutely hysterical. :P

Hi,I had a question about the New Rainbow Pool.Say we had pictures of all of the pet emotes for a certain type of pet.Would we be able to send them in and you'd put them on? ~ krawky398
We're actually working on something like this already. ;) If you check out the Pet Directory, we've already added links to pets and their emotions. In the New Rainbow Pool, we have finished adding in emotions for Aishas, Poogles, Lutaris, and Pteris. We're almost done a bunch more (just gotta find a last few color combos), and we hope to have all 54 species done ASAP.

You said that premium members can get the floating space faerie doll free in the nc mall. It's not working for me. My question is am I not able to get it because my 15 days isn't over, or is it because it was one day only? Thanks. :) ~ oouchbabe2
Unfortunately, the Floating Space Faerie Doll is only available to those who have finished their free trial and are actually paying. ;)

I am constant as the northern star.

Hello Jellyneo team! You have been a great help throughout the year. Thought so far I have not made it into the editorial with any of my questions. I am a booktastics collector for quite a while now. So my question is will those announced booktastics but not released one's ever come out? And will r100 books ever show themselves? I've heard there hasn't been one since years? Thanks a lot again for all you help :) ~ Andulien
Congrats on making it into your first editorial!

To answer your questions, whenever TNT decides to release the large backlog of items they've forgotten about, you can have your Booktastic Books. :) As for the r100s... they are extremely rare. They're still around though, so good luck finding them!

A really long time ago, when my kacheek was painted faerie, one day I suddenly got a random event saying something like she was angry, and then suddenly the pet color was changed to red! Why did that happen? Thanks! ~ armosashmk
Much like the blue random event, there's a red one that is bestowed upon your pet when it becomes too angry. :( Except, we hadn't heard of it for quite some time, so we thought it dropped off the face of Neopia. If anyone happens to get a screenie of it (or any of the newer Random events), please send it in!

Alas, poor Yorick!

Well, tis be the close of our grand editorial. You've probably learned more Shakespeare in the past 10 minutes than a four year high school career could drill into your brains... And now, we must end until next week. Parting is such sweet sorrow.