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The Madness Continues...
Published: August 11, 2007

We're at it again for a second week as we try to answer your crazy questions with the least amount of rambling and tangents (but we think a few slipped in)!

Is Jellyneo going to have pictures of all the new pet colors (since the update)? ~ maribeth_kayla
We're waiting to see what TNT does with the Rainbow Pool. If the pool still isn't up-to-date by the end of the month, then we might create our own little temporary pool until TNT can catch up on some things. (This is something they should have planned before releasing customization...)

What kind of prizes do you get from treasure hunt maps?Is it usually good stuff? just wondering:/ ~ adodob2
You can find out about what you can win from each map by checking out our Treasure Maps guide.

what are your usernames (for each and every JN member)? Also, can you make a page showing the usernames of the neopets staff members? ~ win159372
We like our privacy, thank you. :P And TNT likes theirs as well.

Before i ask my question i would like to tell you that your site roxs more than my foxy polka dot socks. Ok here is my question:In the food club on Krawk island what is Bonnie Pip Culliford? To see the picture click his name. Is it an old outdated neopet, a mistake, an ugly mutated techo or something else? Thank you for your help :) ~ Holly2daez
Darn, looks like I'm going to have to get some new socks if I want them to be the coolest thing again...

It appears that ol' Bonnie Pip is a Nimmo... a rather scurvy Nimmo.

What do you think I be, ye scurvy dog!?

Can you still win the site spotlight if you have premade graphics like, say, a cursor? I gave all of these people/websites credit for their work and linked back to them. ~ Cowgirlup550
We've done some research, and it seems as if there is no definitive answer. According to Neopets' (outdated) submission/spotlight guidelines, you can only use someone else's work if you have their permission, which is assumed since you probably got the cursor off of a page offering them. However, looking over the past 10 or so spotlight winners, only one had a mention of someone helping them out with the graphics.

So, I'd say that yes, you can still win if people help you with graphics/coding/etc., but the chances are extremely slim-to-none if you're using premade layouts and such that a lot of other people are possibly using.

How did you guys find every single item in Neopets that are added to your database? ~ dracutey
We've simply been on the hunt for items since March of 2006. It's taken awhile, but I think we have a pretty complete database. Now, if only TNT would release the backlog of items from June and July (and November 2006)...

Are yooh guyz gunna make more tutorialsz? ~ candiiexbabiie
Since u ask3d s0 n1cely, perh4pz w3 c0u1d.

Were any fish harmed in the making of the fish pops? ~ gpetzx
Well, the descriptions of the Fish Pops all seem to point to them being flavoured, so we aren't really sure if that flavouring comes from real fish or not!

hi, hello ya. Anyways just a random question here but what is the largest amount of avatars u can have? like if u started when the neopets site was made ~ grey_faerie_3
According to the avatar gurus over at Avatarlog, there are a total of 343 avatars, but only 338 are able to be obtained. (For example, you can't have both the Darigan Darkling and Meridell Knight avatars, nor all four of the Maraquan war avatars.)

You can only have one of us!

How much of your time do you spend on JN (Both pleasure and fixing it up) and do you find your job here at JN difficult or easy? ~ kyogreandgroudon11
I spend quite a bit of time on JN, actually. :P Mostly fixing things, making new things, and making sure everything is going smoothly. I would say that it's both difficult and easy. Depends on when you ask.

Well, I thought that Dr. Sloth was evil beyond all reason! Why was there a picture of him dressed up as a Faerie?! He was an evil role model, and I thought him cool. ;.; ~ good_guy_110
This is obviously an impostor dressed up like Dr. Sloth dressed up as a faerie. We do not endorse this person's actions at all.

WANTED: For high crimes and misdemeanors against our lord, Dr. Frank Sloth.

Will this site runs forever along with Neopets site? Just wondering.. ~ Poogle_lover109
I'd certainly like if it could. :) But college is right around the corner for me...

Hey, a lot of people are taking sides on this whole NC mall thing, just curious, what's the staff of Jellyneo's opinion on the matter? ~ Lombre
We took a poll, and about 75% of us don't care that the mall exists. About 20% don't like it, and the rest like it. You also need to remember that we're a Neopets help site... we're going to be sticking with Neopets for awhile, as it'd be difficult to suddenly just switch over to another pet site. :P

Someone told me the "cape of the sun" can change your neopets' gender. Is this true? ~ sonictheonlyhedgehog
We did some research, and apparently, it used to be able to change your Female pet into a Male if your pet was "Bright" (or better) whenever the Cape of the Sun was used. However, it seems as if now the Cape only works some of the time, and a gender change is much rarer.

Hello. How do you obtain points in the Tyrannian Army? I had thought that it was no longer possible until I found this user's profile: *removed* Being only 23 months old, it raises my question again. Thank you for your time! ~ Wyndigosan
The Tyrannian Army was apart of a very, very old war dating to around the age Tyrannia was released. However, a 23 monther was able to obtain that because there used to be a tyrannian random event in which Grarrg would appear and grant you a point. It's been since decommissioned since there is no army, or a need for one right now. (You can see the event on our Random Events page. It's the first one at the top.)

Do people at jellyneo eat their jellies with peanut butter? And if so, smooth or chunky? ~ evilprincess2004
Jelly is such a fabulous and life-giving treat that it shouldn't be tarnished with substances like peanut butter! However, if we were captured and force fed PB and J's, we'd have to say that chunky is the preferred flavor of our imprisonment.

This jelly has been ruined!

how many blasts does it take from the snowager to get the avvie ~ nuckles_nuclear
It seems to be random, so it could take one blast, or eleventy million billion.

How does Neopets keep track of all the different usernames, passwords and names of all their pets? ~ sentence
Well, every time someone registers or makes a pet, TNT scribbles down the name and password on a piece of paper. Then, every time you login, TNT quick checks to see if the username/password matches. If it does, they let you go forward to the Pet Central page! As you may guess, they need a VERY large staff to go through all those pieces of paper as quickly as they do. (But in a bit of seriousness, they use the MySQL database engine to keep their pads of paper straight.)

The 827th week of the caption contest has a nimmo playing a flute and petpets following him. There is one petpet in particular that I am interested in- the one to the left of the Nimmo. It has its eyes closed and is smiling, and has a swirly pink tail. Both its front paws are in the air. What petpet is that? I've searched your item database(LOVE that thing) but all to no avail. Help me! ~ mzblondebaby
It is called a Gypmu, and can be found in the Geraptiku petpet shop. :) (For anyone else interested, the rest of the petpets in the caption are as follows: Seece, Krikket, Tigermouse, Psimouse, Miamouse, Eizzil, Babyca, Sandan, and Ghostkerchief.)

Where (and how) do you get all of this upcoming information? ~ lucky_13198
We find our news using a finder. Basically, most of the things out there like captions, pet day headers, and games all have very predictable URLs, so they're easy to find. It's the items that take a little more ingenuity and brute force. ;)

Could you please update some of the prices in your Item DB? For a starter, the #9 Lab Map piece is displayed as way cheaper than it really is. Thanks! ~ liongirl308
The Item Database has thousands of items listed in it. Sadly, we cannot keep up with constant fluctuations in the market. Currently, approximately 5,351 out of 24,342 have prices. Approximately. You can always help by submitting a closer estimate price.

How do you get a cybunny? ~ dvs145
Well, you take a Cybunny Plushie, and stick in into a certain machine and flip a switch to the "Magic" position. Actually, you can wait for TNT to release more Cybunnies in the spring, around Cybunny Day, or use a Cybunny Morphing Potion on one of your pets, or hope the Lab Ray zzzzaps your mutant Kiko into a Cybunny. For more information on Limited Edition pets, see your local library.

Will the ACII Souvies shop say open forever? I really want my items to influate! Thanks and you guys pwn! ~ jamesanderson888
As long as there's an Altador Cup every year, the shop will probably stay open. However, TNT retired all of the souvenirs from last year's cup, so they may just retire this year's souvenirs next year.

I noticed in the news on Ruki Day there were 2 types of Robot Rukis. Are they different by gender, are they totally differnt colo(u)rs or is it somthing else? ~ dragon_cat_turtle
One has the casing on, and one has the casing off. Casing off is basically what the robot pet looks like underneath it's metal exterior. :P

Case on... case off!

If Jelly World doesn't exist, why is JellyNeo called JellyNeo? Is this a conspiracy?! ~ Plotterorquest
No, it exists! We don't know why you wouldn't think so. TNT is simply trying to cover up for some reason or another... (Oh, and I personally prefer Jellyneo, not JellyNeo. :P)

If you only had one pair of socks, what color would they be? ~ irishiris
Black. I love black socks. White get dirty on the bottoms and then they aren't white anymore. :(

How do you un attach petpetpets? Is this even possible? ~ Cherry_Oak
Nope, once you attach a petpetpet, it is impossible to take it off and resell/trade/auction/whatever. You'll never see it as an item again.

I'm a one use item!

Does that mean that I'm the answer to life, the universe and everything? :D ~ fortytwo200
Hmm, I don't think so. You're 42-200. The answer to life, the universe and EVERYTHING is simply 42. Sorry. :(

Ah, a towel. Absolutely crucial for intergalactic space travel.

This has been getting my brains into a spaz over the past coupla months... you know the "weighted score" you put on the JN Altador Cup II table thingys? Well... what does it MEAN? Thanks :) ~ charlixsparkles
The weighted score means that Yooyuball wins have more weight to them in calculating the final lineup of winners. Basically, Yooyuball counted more than Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger, but the only way to take that into account was to "weight" it. :) (For ours, we made Yooyuballs worth 1.5 and the rest worth 1.)

In the last editorial, you said that JN had no graphics section. I found someone who won the pet spotlight who had an Altador cup Banner on her lookup and in the corner, it said: Banner from Jellyneo.net. ~ Witch_Of_Desire
Well, I guess we kind of lied... we did have some Support Banners and Avatars for the Altador Cup that just finished. But that's a very rare exception. :P