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Too Much Sunshine?
Published: August 3, 2013

Make sure to use this...
*Stiffens up* ow... *Takes a step* ow... *Answers a question* ow...

Hi, JN! *throws asparagus* I was wondering, I have two brothers who also play neopets. We don't have our own e-mail addresses, so we use our mom's. I currently have three side accounts. My brothers want sides too. If they do, will I/we get frozen? Thanks! ~ qwertyliquid
*Tries to use the asparagus to get rid of the sun burn* Owww~ Note to self: Asparagus is not Aloe.

As the rules go, you are allowed to have five accounts per email. One being a main account and the other four being side accounts. If possible, I suggest that you or your brothers set up accounts via your own email.

Hot Asparagus
I'm good for your heart, not for your skin!

Hi, looking through the answers for the JN 2012 negg hunt out of curiosity (this is my first one!) the neggs look AMAZING! I noticed they all have JN in the shadow, so would it be ok to use them on my Neopets lookup etc as long as I leave the credit, or should I have a word-credit somewhere? Thanks! :D ~ 987654321_hj
The Neggs are drawn by our fabulous staff artist, Rosie! I've done some searching, but unfortunately I'd have to say no. According to our solution page, it states: "All of the Neggs have been removed from their locations, so do not be surprised if you cannot find them anymore! The following Negg images were created for Jellyneo.net, and they are NOT to be used on any other website."

How do you get different skins for your JN trophy cabinet? ~ anonymous
Different skins for your JN trophy page are most often awarded for participating in different Jellyneo site events such as the Soda Wars and our Annual Negg Hunt!

Hi JN! I am really curious - do you know what happened to Daily Dare this year? Wasn't it supposed to go on in March? I know about the plot happening at the same time, but what about after that? ~ chrisilis_0608
No need to fear, Daily Dare is already here! Yes, TNT was quite busy with the Altador Cup and the Tyrannian war, but now Daily Dare is back in action! Make sure to come back every day to get your prizes, and even check out AAA and Lulu at Camp Wannamakeagame!

All hail!
Who's this guy?

Are any staffers (past or present) teachers? I have a sneaking suspicion that mine is/was a staffer. If they were I would die.*nods* ~ Anonymous
I believe we have one math teacher on staff at the current moment, but they've recently joined us. *shifty eyes* JN is infiltrating everywhere. *wiggly fingers*

Greetings, dearest whichever of you is answering this question! I, as a respectable little Neopian, am as much concerned about cookie grabbers as the next person, and am wondering a bit on where they can appear so I can avoid them. You see, I'm trying to avoid them at all costs and all, and I'm a bit unsure as to if they might be lurking in one of my old favorite pastimes. To elaborate: I always loved playing the Neopian Adventure Generator, only I've sort of been wondering if they could somehow get through the coding and stuff... I know it's only basic html, and all Neopets only images, so it should be safe, although due to my very limited coding knowledge and complete paranoia at visiting the Neoboards, my knowledge on the subject is a bit out of date... Could you pretty please assure me once and for all on the matter? Thank you ever so much in advance! Sincerely ~ ~ MorganJoIsle
You can find out about Cookie Grabbers and anything else about keeping your account safe by reading the article linked. The safety of your account is one of the most important things! Read up and stay protected!

If you offer neopoints in a trade and the offer is denied, do your neopoints go back in to your bank account? ~ huntertikal
When dealing with trades in the Trading Post, you are only allowed to offer the Neopoints that you have on hand. Therefore, when an offer is rejected, all of those Neopoints go back into your total Neopoints on hand and not what is kept safely tucked into your bank account.

Why are the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery and Sacrifices plots still on Neopets? They contain a lot of probably unsuitable violence. One day, many years back, I came across it and was scared from Neopets for months. ~ anonymous
These plots, although mildly inappropriate for children, are still part of the beginning of the site. Sure, Neopets is geared towards younger children now-- but it was originally made for college kids. It's just part of Neopia's history.

A Ski Lodge Trophy
Ahh, the good ol' days...

Hi! I searched all over, but to my surprise I didn't find it - do you have a list of pet moods, in order from saddest to happiest? I don't want to torture my pets with gross food until they're miserable to find out by myself :P Thanks, love you guys! ~ tubulina
The easiest way to see a quick list of pet emotions is actually in our Pet Directory! To get into your question a little bit more, let's check out these Pea Chias. (Who doesn't love an adorable Pea Chia?) All you have to do is click on the () under any of the pets to see the range of emotions for that pet.
If you're looking for your pet types in particular, feel free to go to the main directory page, select the correct species and colors, and see what pets we have in our directory that match yours! If you would like to add any of your pets to the directory, you can also do that here.
If you just want to know what your pet's different moods can be called, maybe this past editorial answer might interest you.

Hello! Do you guys accept freelance articles? For instance, I see you guys currently don't have a Lost In Space Fungus guide. If I wanted to write one for your guys' use, would I be able to submit even though I don't work for you? Thanks! ~ Anonymous
If we're ever missing information about anything, please feel free to send it in! If you like writing articles though, content is almost always hiring. Send in an application!

I know it's a little bit older now, but I just wanted to thank you guys for adding the SWF link to wearables on the wardrobe previews. It's a little thing that might mean basically nothing to a lot of people, but it helps me out so much! It's the little things that make Jellyneo so great! Thank you! ~ anonymous
Your words are too kind! I'll be sure to let our Wardrobe team know! We wouldn't have all of these SWF links if it wasn't for all the members helping us to model!

I want to know, how many TROPHIES there are in Jellyneo? Also, I know that some are from Donate Money and JN Events, but I see some other in the Staff Cabinet that aren't from "Plots" or events, where I can get them? ~ Vtx_11
Heh, some of these special trophies can only be earned as a staffer~ We get all the perks! Scrolling over a trophy will give you a little bit more information about it, but some of them have connecting links too!

Dave's Eternal Gratification Trophy
Thanks for being helpful!~

Hello, friend, staff, jelly enthusiasts, etc. *Hands answering staff member a bag full of assorted petpets* Careful; they bite. I was wondering about the 'unnamed island'. It's between Brightvale and Maraqua. It's rather large and it seems like a waste to have it sitting idle. Was it ever part of something or will it be in the near future? Thanks! ~ HOAcraze
*Carefully sets the bag down onto the cool sand* Uhm, I think I'll just set those there...

As far as my knowledge goes, that piece of land was never used for any Neopian plot or lore. With large, unmarked territory, like that though-- who knows what future fun TNT has in store! I guess we'll just have to keep our eyes open for any future island locations!

Hey there Jellyneo! I know you guys like to refer to this page a lot (http://www.jellyneo.net/?go=jncon2012) and noticed that after going through it a few times, that the new can't-show-people-without-NDAs art style has yet to be changed. Do you intend on making these pieces of art clear once they are released in Neopia, or will you forever drive me crazy not knowing what's underneath the visual obstruction? Thanks, And have a mad chill day yo. PEACE! ~ kind_kacheek
Muhahahah!~ With the NDA our lips are forever sealed. If it makes you feel better, even staffers that weren't at JNcon don't know all the fun TNT secrets. They tease us terribly about it, actually.

Sad Fish
Forever unknown...

*Throws random stuff found in SDB* Hi! Are we allowed use pictures from anime that is uh... mildly inappropriate as long as the pictures aren't inappropriate? Cause I really want to use this lookup I found that has Hetalia on it. Well, actually I'm using it already, but just to make sure. ~ pokemon56476
*Cleans out SDB and sorts the items accordingly*
If you have to ask, that probably means it's inappropriate. It's better to be safe than sorry. Without seeing the actual image itself though, it's hard to say. You'll have to just go with what you think is best.

Does a colored nester in habitarium have its same colored offspring? Example: pirate mootix nester= pirate mootix egg. ~ anonymous
No, colored Mootix produce normal eggs. You have to change the colors on the P3s individually. Color traits are unfortunately not hereditary.

Pirate Mootix
Yarrr~ Ye be gettin' into pirate territory...

*Throws beams from Mastersword ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Dear Jellyneo, I love your site, it's always up-to-date, informative, and (sense my nerdom) grammatically proper (which I really appreciate :). But anyway, I was just browsing through the site looking for neggs (why, Rosie?! *sob*), when I came across the "Fantastic" neofont. I LOVE IT ~ Anonymous
I'll make sure that Tommy the Font Master Mootix, Kayte, and Anayu hear your kind words! Jellyneo has fonts for any of the avatars or anything else inbetween!

I was just decorating my Neohome, which doesn't have all that much in it yet (I hope to work on it more eventually, though). Curious, I clicked on the Neohome Spotlight section and then on the "Submit your Neohome" link, expecting to see the type of form I would have to fill out should I ever decorate my Neohome enough to want to submit it. To my horror, instead of a form, there was just a message on the page thanking me for submitting my Neohome. I freaked out and made my not-yet-very-well-decorated Neohome private in case it would show up as a Notable Neohome and people might wonder why it was entered and/or rate it badly. I would never have clicked the link if I knew it would automatically enter my Neohome in the competition. I thought sure there would be a form because all of the Neohome Spotlight winners have a description written to go along with their entry. Is it possible that it's not actually entered since I was given no way to send a description? If it is entered, do you know how long my "entry" will be kept before I can stop worrying and make my Neohome public again? One thing's for sure; I'm never clicking the "Submit your Neohome" link again unless I really want my Neohome submitted to the Neohome Spotlight! ~ anonymous
Nope, clicking the link in the Neohome Spotlights will automatically submit your Neohome. Crazy, huh?
I wouldn't worry about it too much, but if you're still concerned I would suggest a quick ticket to TNT about the issue.

A Notable Neohome -- or is it?
Don't look! I'm not fully furnished!

Hi, JNT *hands a bowl of jelly* Why does TNT keep saying that jelly world doesn't exist and how did someone find out that they were lying? ~ anubisfan_16
What? Jelly world... I don't know what you're talking about... Have you been visiting Prisoner Number Five recently?
You can check our Guide to Neopia to look at some worlds, but I don't know if you'll find the answers that you're looking for...



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