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The jnEditorial Diet: Sunsets and Infinite Pizza
Published: July 14, 2013

Now with 37% more snacks, and 286% more caloric intake! Oh look, I found the label:

Can you win any kind of paint brush at the fruit machine? or is there a rarity limit? ~ thefraggle
You can win all paint brushes—except the Lutari PB—and all petpet paint brushes from the Fruit Machine! Go spin those fruits!

Hey JellyRolls! I have a big question. This is one of those "Do you have a page like this?" questions. Do you have a page that lists all the items that change your pet's stats? I was wishing to increase my pet's HP but all I have seen on this site are the Mushroom Effects and Negg Effects. So can you Point out/create a page that lists all the items that change your pet's stats? Thanks JellyRoll! ~ LordGeovanni
As it turns out, our programmers and iDB staff have just put together a Stat Increaser page! Go here to bask in all of it's glory!

Potion-Drinking Bruno
Did it work?

Is it okay to advertise paperclip trades in the Neoboards? ~ starry_zafara
TNT has stated in the editorial that they are not against the rules. Provided you are not scamming anyone, you should be able to advertise paperclip trades. However, be sure you're not directly begging people to offer really nice things, as begging is against the rules.

Hi! *throws churro for no reason* So, I know it's been a long time, but I've tried a lot, and I still can't find the black worm for the empty lantern in moltara. Should I tell TNT? ~ kikicoco88
CHURRO! *noms*

Just keep looking. There always seem to be that one elusive worm, doesn't it? Sometimes it likes to appear at certain times of the day, so keep checking back. It took me a year to find my rainbow worm. I eventually got discouraged with worm-hunting, and one day it appeared in the middle of the night.

Kiko eats delicious churro

In Mynci Beach Volleyball, what happens when the sun in the background sets? I only got up to the part where the sun is just below the horizon. Do you know if the sky will get dark and if it does, what happens? ~ Games_Master1
When the sun sets in Round Six, the sky darkens to becomes a lovely shade of purple and orange.

Purple Island Sunset
Something like this

When I fed my Gelert, It said whatever it usually says but after that it said: Harborday's stomach is rumbling! Maybe you should feed it somthing else. or something like that. Sure enough, it's hunger was lowered by one stage. Is this rare? *throws meepits* ~ pinkcrown123
Looks like you fed your pet a Rainbow Melt Pizza. This gourmet food is known as the only true hunger decreaser on Neopets, a favorite of trainers stuffing their pets with mass quantities of Armoured Neggs. Why this item? Because rainbow pizzas are magical, of course. Imagine that. If you think your pet ate something else, please let our Item Database Crew know. We love to know about the fascinating effects of items!

Think about it: if you never stopped feeding these to your pet, they can have INFINITE PIZZA!

Now that Nerkmids are relatively cheap and the machine is probably being used more often, is anyone compiling a complete guide to the Alien Vending Machine? Or is it totally random (same nerkmid with same settings gives different results). Also, does it vend particular paint brushes or can it give out most paint brushes? ~ fairoaks11
We have been working on a comprehensive Nerkmid prize list for a while now, and we hope to have the prize tables ready soon! As it turns out, the Vending Machine can award all paint brushes, including the currently useless Lutari PB. Unfortunately, some Alien Aishas programmed it to award any item with the words "Paint Brush" in its name, so you can also get cookies, Paint Brush TCGs, and the r91 school item Sumi Paint Brush.

Aisha shaking vending machine
"Darn machine, gimme my PB!"

Hi JN! I have multiple stories about my Neopets/petpets. I was wondering, when is the best time to enter them for the Neopet/petpet spotlight. (I wanna win sooo badly) Crazyfordasher ~ anonymous
The best time to enter is not when I'm entering. ;) With all seriousness, you should always enter the Neopet and Petpet spotlights as soon as possible. For the pet spotlight, TNT loves to pick a certain species if their pet day is coming up. Remember that unless you make improvements to your entry, there's no need to re-enter, so you may end up winning several months later. Don't get discouraged if you don't see your pet or petpet's names in the news.

Hi Jellyneo. I recently began playing Bilge Dice and I already love it. I'm now trying to get a trophy, but I can't work how to get more than 7990 NP/points each day (4990 + 3000 for the eventual last win), so how come some people can score much more than this in one day? The current no. 1 on the hi-score has 8990 NP/points. ~ nanna_dk
In fact, there's a bonus of 1,000 NP that is randomly awarded when you collect winnings. This is why you're seeing 8,990 NPs on the high score table. :) It's said to be incredibly rare, so don't feel bummed if you never see it when trying for that trophy.

Can you shed any light on how the Customization Contest works? I've observed that if a customization is changed, or removed, the entry is updated. I'd like to know if it matters when pets are entered. I love to try to enter all my pets and vote immediately, as my odds of seeing my own pets are pretty good in that first 5 minutes. Does it matter if pets are entered at 12 AM NST on Monday, or if you don't get around to it till later in the day (i.e., reasonable hours for us in the Western Hemisphere.) Why do they allow uncustomized pets in that contest at all, and are the winners really the highest score? Do the winners enjoy the most points overall during the whole week, or the most points in average? I realize you may not know, but I hope you know more than I do! Thanks for supporting Neopians. We need all the help we can get (but psychiatrists are really expensive!) ~ tupey
A long answer for a long question, are you ready?

TNT has never revealed exactly how the spotlight works, but there's definitely some clues out there we can learn to master. There's a pretty good theory going around that suggests that pets appear in a timed rotation in the order that they are entered. This might explain why you sometimes spot your pets one after the other once you encounter them. If that's true it shouldn't matter when you enter. I do find it odd that pets seem to appear in their current outfits on the voting page, when the Neopets editorial says the contrary.

Pets that are entered are placed in the following contest beginning Monday at 12:00 am NST (that's Sundays at Midnight). This is speculation, but perhaps when you are seeing your pets their votes will go towards the future competition. Each time I managed to win it was usually two weeks after I entered.

And about those tricky unconverted pets. With the flood of backgrounds, foregrounds, background items, and trinkets available, anyone can have a lot of fun customising these pets. It would be wrong to exclude them from the spotlight, especially since plenty of UCs do win the spotlight.

We still don't know how TNT is scoring each pet. I've voted 5/10s on pets that won the gold, so it beats me. :(

I'd say the best way to win is to not focus on these details—though they're certainly helpful—but to be sure that your pet has a clear theme, good color coordination, and overall cohesive outfit in the static 150 x 150 image. Seasonal outfits are a plus! Voters usually don't spend more than a few seconds looking at your outfit, that means first impressions are everything.

Whew, I hope I got it all!

Hey! I saw the Facebook Userlookup question in the Illusen Day editorial and I just wanted to point out that I made it myself (in other words it is not a premade and not publicly available for others to use) and would prefer not to have people copying my adaptation, as you put it, or using the idea in general. It's true that I did not come up with the Facebook design (obviously) but I did come up with the idea to make it into a Userlookup layout. Thank you! (I don't think I have any say about whether or not someone can use the idea for the Facebook layout, but I hope people choose to respect my idea and don't copy it, anyway. And sorry! I would have contacted the person directly, but they chose to remain anonymous, so this was the only way I could get in touch with them.) ~ vousaimer
That is a very creative idea, but unfortunately, it's not something you have control over. Thus, you shouldn't be making that request. Since there are billions of Facebook users, it's very logical that more than one person would've tried to make a Facebook userlookup without ever stumbling upon yours. For that reason, it's not a good idea to contact users with these lookups. If an idea that was used became off limits to another lookup maker, we'd have very little room when making our own userlookups. (Have 6 boxes in rows on your userlookup just like mine? How dare you! *reports*).

The point is, you simply can't stop other people from making Facebook layouts into userlookups as long as they're using the general idea, nor are they at fault for using your idea. You may own the layout you made, but you do not own the idea. Therefore, it shouldn't be expected that people should stop creating Facebook userlookups. To sum up:

What's okay: Making Userlookups inspired by Facebook layouts or any other site (make sure to not advertise the site name)

Not okay: Copying your code, using your images without permission.

Anyone with coding knowledge can tell you there are often many ways to code something. While some overlap is expected, a lookup that looks exactly like yours might be completely different in the coding. It would be wrong to ask these people to take down their lookups because they shared a common idea. If you still feel that their lookup is strikingly similar to yours, please report it to TNT so they can investigate. Plagiarism is not cool.

Greetings and salutations! I have two questions regarding the IDB! Question the first - when sorting by price, unpriced items are not shown at all. This is, interestingly, not the same behavior as Special Searches (if it is set to sortby=price, as in a previous JN Editorial question about the Gourmet search), unpriced items are listed first (as 'unpriced' items are 'price=0'). Can this functionality be added to, or can a 'search for unpriced items' option be added for, advanced searches? Question the second - has there been any contact or news between JN and TNT aboutt he changes to Premium that have broken the SSW link due to the lack of Sniperspace? Individual pleas have seemingly gone unheeded thus far, so hopefully contact from JN would help to sway opinions! ~ anonymous

We at the IDB are aware that unpriced items do not show up, and we are still debating how to handle it. Unpriced items can be tricky little blighters. If a fix is expected, it might come along after the IDB update in the future, but as of now we have no exact time frame when it'll happen.

Concerning your second question, there hasn't been any word on the SSW since it's release last year. If you haven't already, please file a ticket with TNT so they can let their programmers know (unless it's already on their To-do list, which may take time to implement a fix if possible). It certainly would aid us IDB staff if they could fix that. ;)

On neopets, I was silenced for 24 hours for a false report! The reason why said I had tried to link offsite, but I didn't do anything that even looked like it had a link in it. I sent in a ticket a month or two ago, but I still haven't gotten a response. Should I send in another ticket? I can't view the My Support section either, it's broken. ~ bantico
If you checked the email response box (which is checked by default), TNT's response will be sent directly to your email, so you can survive without access to support if you only need it to check the status of your ticket. Unfortunately the ticket system is known to be wonky. If you can't view your tickets, try again later or use another browser. Only file another ticket if you're sure the first one did not go through, or you can't access it at all and you need to add information. Sending more than one ticket will put you at risk of both of them being "closed as duplicate." It's normal for ticket responses to take weeks to months, so unfortunately all you can do is be patient. :(

Hi JN! I'm working on making my own plot. It's sort of like the Ski Lodge Mystery TNT had years ago. Knowing that I will get in trouble for excessive violence, I am going to tone down the violence. But I'm wondering, how violent can these things be? Can a character be slashed with a sword, as long as I don't show it happening? I really don't want to get in trouble. ~ John3637881
The petpage rules for violence can enter a grey area fast. You'd certainly be treading across a thin line. I've personally seen people warned and their petpage cleared for mentioning kidnapping in their pet's back story, for example. The rules in the NT and on the site are not necessarily interchangable. The NT is carefully regulated and content must be approved, so if you're not sure it can fly in the NT, I would definitely turn it down a notch. Generally, stay away from any mature topics (death and graphic violence in this case). Perhaps a character encountered a sword-wielding character and they fought. And one character was defeated. Definitely stay away from specifics that might upset the youngest of users. As fun as it sounds, I don't remember the description of G-rated content containing sword-slashing. Ummy Says: When in doubt, leave it out.

Ski Lodge Merchandise with Bruce
This was the only G-rated image I could find.

The last time I read Neopets' Terms and Conditions... I got the distinct feeling that you could get into trouble naming one of your Neopets or other things on your account after copyrighted material that had nothing to do with Neopets. I don't think they would freeze you for doing so (I've been on Neopets for over eight years and never got into trouble over the Pokemon-inspired names of my Neopets...) but... has that happened before? Or could it possibly happen in the future? O.o Weird question, I know. -.- ~ anonymous
From what I know, TNT doesn't allow things along the lines of your Neopet named Google or your petpet named Facebook, a name of a brand of alcoholic beverage, or other names that bypass the site's filter. Pets like these will be deleted and will often result in a warning. However, TNT has no problem with you naming anything after copyrighted names if it's following the rules, so generally, Pokémon names are a go! As far as the future goes, we'll have to see when the rules overhaul comes around. But we doubt naming your pets after your favorite characters will ever come to an end.

Hey lovely people of the internet world of awesomeness. Okay so I have this pet named exactly after someone in a band (technically famous), is it against the rules to base a character around him? Not go into detail about the person's life of course, just other band mates, mention the band, ect. while at the same time keeping it Neopets appropriate. I dunno I felt the need to ask because I drew the dude looking like a Kacheek and thought it was kinda of odd. xD ~ anonymous
Nope, that's fine! I must warn you though, if this band member just *happened* to have a Neopets account, saw your character, realized it was based on them and thought you were defaming their character and harassing them, you'll have to remove it, of course. ;)

What is the item with the longest name in characters not counting the spaces? ~ Dark
After digging through the Item Database, it looks like we have a tie between Daily Dare NC Retro Challenge Tuesdays Retro Challenge Game Ticket and Behind the Rusted Door: The True Story of the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium, both at 57 characters.

If you're still curious, here were some runner ups:

  • E-Z® Brand Chemistry for Beginners® Cross-Promotional Play Set™
  • The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity Stamp
  • Tale of Woe: The Untold Story - by Reginald (Autographed Copy)
  • Haunted Woods Graveyard Reference, 57N1064 through R51-8AHS

Just wanted to confirm something: Is the Wishing Well affected by Daylight Savings Time? ~ anonymous
It sure is! After the spring Daylight Saving's time, the Wishing Well grants wishes at 7 am and 7 pm NST. When the time rolls back an hour, it becomes 6 am and 6 pm NST.

Is there any way to look up categories of weapons in the In-Depth Battlepedia? I'm trying to find a good freezer and healer, but am finding it a bit hard to search (I'm not a hard-core BDer, so I'm not that familiar with all the weapons out there). Or any chance that suggestions for sets could be added? Thanks! ~ anonymous
We have just the thing for you! Not too long ago, our programmers introduced a nifty Advanced Search. Now, you can find freezers just by checking on the freeze box (next to the snowflake icon). To search for healers, in the first row you can specify the range of Hit Points you desire, or check the % box for percentage healers (50% healers for example).

Hi Jellyneo! *throws adorable jelly snowbunnies & kadoaties* I've been trying to ask my question to TNT and you guys for quite some time now. Is it against the rules to make a board seeking a nicely named pet with a jelly petpet attached? I know you cannot trade pets for petpets, but since jelly petpets are lab ray only, and my lab hates me, I find the only way I can acquire a pet with one attached is by trading. Since users are not required to detach a petpet when sending it to another user, and there is no monetary gain on these petpets do you think TNT would have a problem with it? And even if they didn't have a problem with it, do you think I could still get warned? ~ nycflowergirl
It seems like a grey area that's best to avoid. While it's true that jelly petpets are no-trade and cannot be detached, the initial petpet that was zapped has a Neopoint value. In editorial 585, TNT wrote about avatar petpets: "The Petpet still has a Neopoint value, even if it can't be removed. You may trade one Neopet for one Neopet. That's all." While you view it differently, the result is that you intended to trade for a petpet, and no longer is it a pure Neopet for Neopet trade. Even if the value of the original petpet is as low as 1 NP, you'd would still gain a NP value out of it.

**Throws Pancakes**Hi, is there any way I can show my classic neohome insted of my neohome 2.0 on my look up? I'm a fan of the classic neohome and 2.0 doesn't sutie me. Thanks!*smiles* ~ anonymous
*noms pancakes* Unfortunately, once you create a Neohome 2.0, it forever replaces your classic Neohome on your Userlookup. You can, however, remove the Neohomes 2.0 module with a line of CSS and always create your own box with links to your classic Neohome.

How is the Featured Game selected? Is it random, or is there some sort of schedule? (Y'all rock JN, but you already know that). ~ con_weasel
They each wait on a conveyor belt in the basement of the Games Room until they get that shiny Featured Game machine on the arcade floor (and when they get bored they play nose goes instead). No, actually, it appears to be random. This is probably the reason why the Premium featured game is sometimes a recent featured game, or on very rare occassions, it's the Neopets featured game!

Is there danger of encountering cookie grabbers on the Notice Board? I sometimes accidentally click that instead of my SDB, and I don't know if I should be worried. ~ anonymous
Nope! You can rest assured that shops have been safe for some time! Plus, all Notice Board entries are approved by TNT to appear in the listing. These are just users advertising their shops. If you do see something TNT might have missed, however, feel free to report it to TNT. :)

Hi! Do you know whether it is allowed to train a level 250 pet in the ninja school and the mystery island school at the same time? Technically it is possible, but I always wanted to know if this is actually intended or not. Thank you very much! =) ~ lia_19_85
It is possible for pets at exactly level 250 to train at both schools. It has been like this for a long time, so I think we can safely say that you're allowed to train at both schools at the same time. Dont tell the ninjas though, I'm not sure they'd like people going elsewhere for their training!

Okay... I'm a little bamboozled. I went onto my Neopets' Pet Lookup to check a couple of things the other day... and all of their Battledome Results (Win/Losses/Draws/Points) had been reset to 0! I didn't battle in the War of the Obelisk as I'm unable to use the new Battledome so all of their results would have been from the old Battledome. The thing is... I have no idea if this is a glitch that is just affecting me or not as I've never seen anything announced in the New Features about old Scores being wiped. Have I missed something? I'm not best pleased as I've still got the scores from the old Battledome on my UserLookup... and now they don't match. -_-;; ~ anonymous
It's not just you! Since BD beta went live, the old scores have yet to return to our pets. If I can speculate, it's a result of TNT saying they were working on keeping the old BD and new BD stats separate. The update to the score pages is probably still in the works. Rest assured—your scores are safe! They're just vacationing somewhere in TNT server-land!

Kacheek with Luggage
Enjoy your summer, everyone!

Hello! I've been wondering, is it okay to put a random event at the top of a page that say you lost something, but and gained it back, and vice versa? It IS just nothing happening. Thanks for your help! Oh, and here- some orange jelly for you. *Gives orange jelly* Uh-oh! Got to go! The Wockies call me... *Runs out door* ~ The Grand Wocky Overlord!
It depends. TNT isn't pleased when fake random events can be mistaken for real ones, and if there's a chance it can mislead or deceive users you can be warned. If it's clearly done for laughs and it's not Neopets related or mean spirited, or doesn't look much like an RE at all, it should be okay. Definitely avoid things along the lines of finding a Baby PB on the floor and then losing it to the Pant Devil. If young users see REs like this, they may be crushed.

Hiya! So I wanted my pet to eat a genius negg but she was bloated :( Is there anyway to decrease pets hunger or do I have to wait (I hate waiting) ~ derplestia