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A Link To My Dreams
Published: June 22, 2013

Link the Sloth MinionDream the Editorialista

He is a minion of the sinister Doctor Sloth's Image Emporium. She lurks in the corners of the Content Department. He evokes memories of a popular series of fantasy video games. She spends most of her time hunting down definitions for Dictionary.

Together, they FIGHT CRIME! ...Or just answer editorial questions. It could be that one.

Hey TJNT! :D So, I've looked through the database and can't find an answer to my question; When I was little and first made my account, I could have sworn that I used the right year but a different month, but now, 6 years later, I am looking at it and it says I was born in 2001, a year before I joined Neopets. Which means I'm like 10 years old on the site when I'm really turning 14 in March. Don't you think TNT would have noticed this? Is there any way I can fix this or get straight contact with TNT? I don't know if I can call about this, but I do have a parent/guardian who can confirm my age. ~ anonymous
Dream: It may be a glitch, or alternatively your age might have been erroneously bumped down by a moderator for some reason. This does happen from time to time. I'd send in a ticket (once the ticket system is back to a healthy state) and see if you can get your proper age restored, but you may need to get a permission form signed by your parent or guardian before you can use the boards and Neomail normally.

Greetings, TJNT. I bought a scroll potion some time ago but I just don't feel like using it against random people who just wanted a quick battle, it's not nice at all to go for some fun and have your pet's brain drained away, so I thought about equipping it to a pet on my main account and using it against the pets I have on my side accounts. This doesn't give any neopoints/items, I own the potion and the pets and any books they have read came from my main account also it's ok to battle on side accounts but I'm not sure if it's alright in this particular case since this would increase my pet stats so, for the sake of random people, is it ok or not? ~ anonymous
Dream: Unfortunately, it's actually not okay to battle on side accounts; TNT have in fact ruled that since you do have a chance of receiving rewards, the whole thing is off-limits. Why not ask around on the Neoboards or JN forums for people who would be willing to help you out? Some users might have pets whose character revolves around being not quite as smart as the average Bearog.

Teacher Lenny
Don't tell me you were playing with Scroll Potions
over the summer holidays AGAIN?

What happened to World Of Neopia? All I known is it's 3D and coming out in 2009... Unless Doctor Who has joined TNT I'm not sure what happened.. Thanks! ~ 2beornot2be
Link: From what we understand the project has been scrapped. No further news has proved that it is still in the process of being released. Let's face it, if The Doctor was part of TNT then we would have a nearly-flawless site.

*throws cookies*:K Hi JN! What ever happened to the Neopets (real life) Merchandise?!?! It sees like TNT just stopped making them all of a sudden!! Its really depressing, because Neo Merch (your Affiliate) has something about a Strawberry Kougra Plushie.(That would be so awesome!!) What do you guys think/know??? ~ toulouse777
Dream: Since TNT have better things to do all day than sit sewing Kougra Plushie after Kougra Plushie together and then package them up in the parcel post, getting real-life Neopets merchandise depends on finding companies who can produce and sell something people will like, and who want to work with Neopets and share the profit. Unfortunately for us, it doesn't seem like that many do at the moment (gotta hate that economy, huh?) If TNT partner up with another company in the future, we might see the return of real-life Neopets products... just probably not these ones.

I played Let it Slide a few months ago, and when I sent score, it gave me an item. Im not sure if this is a everyday thing, but does Let it Slide give out items? The item was a Broken Icicle. ~ Anonymous
Dream: Are you sure it was Let It Slide you were playing? According to our handy Item Database, this item is supposed to be given out by the game Snow Roller. If it happens again, send us some screenshot evidence and we'll amend the item's description.

With all this talk about the Tyrannian plot, I did some digging into the land's history and found (in one of the older maps) that there is an Obelisk in a part of the jungle. However, I found nothing about said Obelisk. So, what was it for? A store? A game? Thank you very much. ~ Anonymous
Link: From what I can gather and from my own research, the image you are most likely speaking of is this one:

Plateau With A Something In The Middle

This not an obelisk, a store, nor even a game! It was part of another event that occurred in Tyrannia. This "thing" is a time machine! This had nothing to do with any of the plots going on back in 2001 and was just a simple quest event. With all the help given by Neopians, the "mad scientist" who made the time machine was able to go home! Victory~

Time-Traveller Wocky
Boy howdy do I need to shave, but I left my razor back at home!

Hey! Why can't you zap baby etc.? Is there a reason why? I'm curious...! ~ Jitskeskywalker
Dream: There have been plenty of fan theories over the years about what's so special about the off-limit colours, but none especially convincing (you could try to argue that no ray could replicate turning a Neopet into a sentient toy, as the Plushie and Usuki Paint Brushes appear to do, but then what about the MSPP Poogle?)

Judging by some extremely vague past editorial answers, it seemed like TNT simply wanted to make certain colours more covetable by making them impossible to zap -- the reverse of what happens with lab-only colours such as Robot and Sponge. Why they picked the fixed-at-600k Baby to be one of these is anybody's guess, however.

hello! So in effort of avatar hunting I found the Blue Evil Fuzzle, but there is a problem, out of 4 pets two love it and two are so afraid they wont even look at it... but i still havent gotten the avatar... is there a certian number of times i need to play with it? ~ Starlinea
Link: First step is to check if you haven't already received it yet. If you haven't then the best thing to do is to continue playing with the toy until you get it. Over at our handy avatar guide it states: Play with a Blue Evil Fuzzle until it scares your pet!; so it shouldn't be too hard right? To fix the problem about the two pets who will not even touch the toy, simply change the language you currently have set up on the site!

Keep trying! Don't give up~

Boo! Avatar

Don't you hate that there isn't an Jelly World Team for The Altador Cup? ~ anonymous
Link: Oh but there is! We cannot play as them however. I like to give them all names too. Like Jello, Jelly, Jiggle, Jaggle, and Peaches. In all seriousness, if they were going to join I think I might die. That means an even longer cup probably and 18 teams is already too much for me to handle @_@

hey is it breaking the rule if you restock from 2 different accounts and transfer np here and there quite often and items as well? ~ mr. Rana
Link:Yes! This is exponentially bad news! You may only do this on one account. It has been stated countless times that you cannot do this!

Hey there! I painted my Neopet Stealthy. I actually love the big, blue eyes of my Techo. My simple and short question is: Why are the eyes of all Stealthy Pets blue? ~ jitskeskywalker
Link: Short Answer: Cause the artists thought it was the best idea.
Cool Answer: Deep within the mountain of Shenkuu lies a secret ninja command center, and the only way to get in such a place is to have the same exact eye color as their current leader. After meddling in the affairs of a Dark Faerie, she cursed him to have striking eyes that all the world could see and gaze upon (not much of a curse, eh?) So that is why the sky is blue... err, I mean that is why Stealthy pets have blue eyes.

Stealthy Kyrii
I like the Cool Story more.

Why don't you give a trophy for the Wardrobe Wars winners? ~ neobillogranhermano
Link: We do not give trophies to Wardrobe Wars winners because the prize is having their outfit shown off to all of Neopia! Isn't that reward filling enough? If you really want a trophy from the wardrobe, your best bet is to model for us!

Modelling Trophy
I do not foresee myself getting this any time soon.

Dear JN, Something about your last editorial deeply concerned me. The Soup Faerie (The most helpful Faerie of all, isn't she?) did not answer any questions. Fix this. Oh, and what would your opinion be on a Chocolate Faerie? Not only is Chocolate probably the most valuable substance on Neopia, but it also deserves its own Faerie. You must agree. ~ anonymous
Dream: We can assure you, we didn't forget about the kindly Soup Faerie! However, she doesn't give out any Faerie Quests, which last month's editorial was themed around. She's far too sweet and good-hearted to make Neopets bring her items before she'll help them out.

As for a Chocolate Faerie, do we really need one when we already have the rather glorious Kiko Chocolatier? Apparently he makes chocolate by the truckload despite no workers ever coming in or going out. You can't tell me there isn't magic involved.

Hi! *throws kikos*... Weewoos have wings?, please answer me ;.;... ~ black_words
Dream: It's oddly hard to tell, isn't it? However, there's a very limited amount of evidence that suggests they canonically do. Good job, too, since the White Weewoo is charged with all those Neopian Times deliveries.

Hiya! *gives box of leftover muffins* I got used to the pictures on the dailies page when one day, Coltzan's shrine's picture was the same as the Bank Interest!! Am I blind or is something happening? ~ derplestia
Dream: The two icons look pretty dissimilar on this end. If you think your browser might be displaying the wrong image for some reason, try CTRL-F5 (Command-Shift-R on a Mac, or so I'm told) to force it to reload them all.

Hello, JN! I'm having some technical difficulties. You see, my 8-bit bruce is quite adorable, but the problem is that I can't see him. Whenever there's a thumbnail of him it shows a gray-scale picture of a gear. This is only with him--not any of my other pets. It shows up like this on my phone as well so it doesn't seem to be my computer. What could be wrong? ~ Anonymous
Link: This was once a rather big glitch going around and there is a simple and easy way to fix your poor bruce! All you have to do is customize him! If you customize him, taking clothes on or off, or even add a trinket or two, the silver gears should vanish. If after all attempts to fix your poor pet end in vain, send a bug report to TNT. Give them healthy food as a sacrifice.

A Metal Gear
Spray some Grey Gear Be-Gone!

Okay, before I ask this question, I know, in that lovely list you have floating above titled: What NOT To Ask, it includes: Can I do this on my side account? So people like me don't ask questions like this. But I looked EVERYWHERE (I think) and can't find this. So without further ado, here is my wondrous question! On your side, as well as your main, are you allowed to find all of the Moltara worms and look for Red Moltite in the Dark Cave? Please and Thank you! ~ kamaya13
Dream: Sadly, the worm quest is off limits to side accounts, since it results in gaining shiny tradeable things. I feel your pain -- I have a gallery on my side account that would be vastly improved by the addition of a rainbow worm, but unless TNT change their minds sometime in the future, you'll have to stick to collecting them on your main.

Dear Jellyneo. Have you ever worked with TNT on any projects? :/ ~ anonymous
Link: Nope nope nope! Rule out anything you have ever heard about us working together, cause this is completely false! We like to keep a professional fan-site position, which means keeping to ourselves and twiddling our thumbs~

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