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Faerie Nough
Published: May 12, 2013

Ever since they realised hoisting an entire city back up in the air would probably give them all headaches the fall of Faerieland, the Faeries have lived on random handouts from gullible Neopians the surface of Neopia instead of in the clouds. They are capable of society's glitziest jumble sales wonderful spells, but only if you bring them supplies in exchange for their magical rewards.

This month, Fyora got fed up of rummaging for new outfits in the lost property box the Faeries are offering daily quests to all who visit. Why not help them out? They are Neopia's most influential beings, after all, and if you turn up with the right items, they might have a few pearls of wisdom to share...

So say I've just been to the stock market, got depressed, went to the healing springs, and got unnecessarily 'fully healed'. I go to the bank, and the moment I glance up, somehow my NP has decreased to -375. Also, my Neopet now has less than full hit points. Is this natural, or is it a glitch?! ~ Katkittyo_o
Li'l Water FaerieI'm quite certain the healing water didn't do that! If you were quickly clicking through your dailies, you may well have missed a Random Event, or possibly even two. Events are one of the only things that can put your on-hand Neopoints into negative numbers. Your browser might also have loaded an old copy of the bank page, from a time when you did have negative Neopoints and a sick pet. This does happen sometimes. The poor misguided browser thinks it's being helpful by not loading everything from scratch, you see.

Now, where is that book I asked you for? I can't wait to get my hands on that bestseller about the sparkly misunderstood Korbat and the handsome Werelupe... um, purely as a component for my latest spell, you understand.

Why does Neopets lag so bad? I just joined and I'm not having so much fun waiting for things to load, so does it always do this because I'm starting to wonder how people can play this? ~ anonymous
Li'l Air FaerieEverything seems slow when you're as fast as I am, heehee! The Neopets site can get a bit laggy sometimes, it's true. Weekends and Bank Holidays seem to be especially frustrating times, so if you've got something to do that makes you load a lot of pages -- like playing Neoquest, or getting a whole bunch of opinions on the Neoboards -- maybe you should leave it until midweek.

Newer versions of the Flash plugin also seem to run a bit more slowly than they used to for some people, which might be affecting your Flash games. Sorry, but there's nothing you can do about that other than wait for the next upgrade. Don't forget, you can block ads from loading if you think they're slowing you down.

Hi Jellyneo! I recently started playing Neopets again after a four year hiatus. I've made a new account to do this as I don't like the username of my old main account anymore. Anyway, I did go to check on the pets at that old account, and was startled to find that while the images of two of them looked just as I remembered them on my UL, the other two displayed as completely different colors and species. When I clicked to go to their pet lookups, though, they were just as normal. An old side account of mine has the same problem. I submitted my Desert Ixi from that account to be listed in your pet directory, but the image as it shows up is an inaccurate one of a Red Grarrl. As with the pets on my old main, her lookup shows her as she truly appears, so this glitch is apparently only limited to the PNG files and not the Flash images. Have any of you ever encountered this sort of thing or know of what might cause it? ~ Anonymous
Li'l Light FaerieSounds like your old account needs a bit of sunlight to chase the cobwebs away. This is a glitch that happened a while ago, possibly related to an image server move on the Neopets Team's end, and it does indeed affect only the PNG images.

I'm happy to say there's a simple cure: log into the account, put an item of clothing on your pet, save the customisation, take the item off and save again. The image should return to normal. (If you're worried about TNT thinking you're using two main accounts, I wouldn't be. Many people use their old main accounts as sides, and as long as you don't earn any Neopoints or items, logging into your old account shouldn't set off any alarm bells.)

I want to keep my NPs safe, because my account got stolen three times. Can I use the bank of my side to put my NPs there? Play games on my main and then send them to a side, is that inside the rules? ~ Gumi_Megpoid
Li'l Dark FaerieThose upstarts on the so-called "Neopets Team" have weighed in on this one a couple of times. As far as they're concerned, you're welcome to keep NP on your side account as long as you don't collect the bank interest. Hmph. No magic, no element, but program a few features and write some Neopedia entries and they start thinking they own the place. One of these days I'll turn the lot of them into Blechies.

I have to say, though, if your account's been stolen three times, then you have bigger problems than what to do with your Flash game earnings. You should dedicate some serious time in the near future to figuring out why it keeps happening and how to stop it. Having your account stolen is not supposed to be a regular Neopian occurrence like meeting the Pant Devil, and if it's that way for you, there's something really amiss. And no, before you ask, I didn't have anything to do with it.

Are there any items that lower a pet's max HP? I made the mistake of deciding to train a former lab pet, and it's hard to get his level anywhere near high enough. I think it'd just be easier (and cheaper) to lower his HP. ~ Goron0000
Li'l Battle FaerieThere is one item that has a chance to do so. It is that fruit of chaos and unpredictability, the Vortex Negg. But beware! You must consider not only the price of the Negg, but how much it will cost to repaint your pet if he turns red, yellow, blue or green.
Take heart, Neopian. There are many ways to increase your pet's level. Quests, Deadly Dice, and free training on pet days may be of assistance to you in your mission. I wish you luck!

Hey! I'm wondering which Neopet is the most stylish after the Uni. So, who's number 2? ~ Jitskeskywalker
Li'l Fire FaerieOh, I know this one! It's definitely me. All those clothes you and your pets bring here have made me the best-dressed in the world!

...what do you mean, I'm "not a Neopet"? Oh. I suppose. Well, then... I think it's probably the Usul. They're always grooming themselves so they look their absolute best, and they're one of the only species where even the basic colours know how to accessorise. Which reminds me, can I have your socks? A little bird told me they're going to be all the rage in a few months' time.

Hello! I was reading last week's editorial and a question popped into my head. Have any pet species been retired? I know about the pet species that didn't make the cut and about the modified pets, but have any pet species been removed from the list of adoptable pets? ~ slugbug21
Li'l FyoraAs queen, I would look very unkindly on anyone who tried to banish an entire species of Neopets from Neopia. The closest thing in our long history to something like that would be the drastic evolution of the Bruce-Forsyth, the Fleye, the Cerpull and Tatsu, the Macy-Gray, the Fuzio, the Mellish and the Frogstomp, which all went through such strange and sudden changes that even calling them by the same name seemed somehow wrong. In a way, you could say that the previous forms of those species had vanished from the face of the planet. In every case, however, the species' line continued in some form, be it ever so altered. To put it another way, the number of species available for humans to adopt has only ever increased.

A thing that has changed many times is the range of species you will normally see at the Creation Centre; in my time, I have seen many things affect the rarity of Neopet species and whether they are available to take home under ordinary circumstances. You may find it hard to believe that special measures were once required to hatch a Flotsam, Ixi, or Moehog, but I can assure you that it is true.

Hey JN! In my four and a half years of Neopets, it has only just occurred to me that Dr. Sloth is named so even though he clearly isn't a sloth. Isn't this a bit too odd for Neopets? ~ BandsAndFandoms
Li'l Space FaerieSloth is also the name of one of the seven deadly sins, you know. Since that despicable Doctor has an army of mutants and an unknown number of robotic clones to do his evil bidding, he can probably afford to be very lazy indeed. Ooh, just thinking about him lounging in a deckchair or soaking in the bath with his rubber duck while his minions do evil deeds... it makes my skin crawl!
Or then again, it could just be a name. Gilly doesn't have gills, after all, Weldar doesn't do any welding, and I'm fairly sure our Key Quest-playing sister has nothing to do with cheese.

*throws pancake waffles* How long does it take for a user to receive their Poetry Contest prize? And how can you tell if the item in your inventory is directly from the PC, when it could be from a Random Event that you might have missed? If there isn't a system in place for this already, there should be. ;D ~ Anonymous
Li'l Water FaerieYour prize should magically arrive at the same time as the congratulations notification, although in practice this doesn't always work. If an expensive item turns up around the time of your publication, it's likely to have come from the contest, although there's no way to be sure.

Keep up your literary efforts! ...They make excellent potion ingredients.

*tosses a joker, not a king or ace* Why don't you guys want repeat questions? ~ extremeblueness
Li'l FyoraAs rulers and guardians of the elements, the other Faeries and I are generally very busy, and the same goes for the Jellyneo staff. With such a lot to do, it doesn't make sense for them to be spending their time writing answers to questions that already have perfectly acceptable, informative answers in the Editorial Database. By looking these questions up instead of sending them in again, you can benefit from the JN staff's dedicated research, while they are hard at work on something new -- and regular editorial readers will avoid being bored by the same questions appearing over and over. A happy outcome for everyone, I'm sure you'll agree.

So... now that the obelisk war is back on... is the prize shop closed? Should we spend those points before they're gone?? ~ anonymous
Li'l Air FaerieOh, you nearly made me rush out to see if there's any grooming items there I should pick up in a hurry! False alarm, though. There have been a few scuffles going on since the war officially ended, but none of them seem to have stopped the prize shop from operating.

As a rule, prize shops tend to stay open for quite a bit longer than the plots they follow -- as an extreme example, the Gift Shop of 1,000 Rewards is STILL open all these years later! If there ever is a reason to close the shop down, I'm sure those nice folks on the Neopets Team will give us fair warning in New Features.

Hullo JN~!-gives apple pie- I was reading the editorial out of boredom and noticed something about the inflatable Balthazar. I checked the Battledome to challenge him but he wasn't there! Is this a bug or is the inflatable Balthazar gone forever? ~ bplightandyellow
Li'l Battle FaerieThe Battledome Beta News page tells us that Inflatable Balthazar's absence is a "known issue", like many of the other inconveniences we've struggled with together these last months, and not a deliberate deletion. How long it will take for him to be restored, along with the other features still awaiting revival, even I cannot say. If you're seeking a target to practise your combat skills, perhaps defeating that unscrupulous Pant Devil might suffice?

Hallo JN! -throws chocolate- I entered my Kacheek in the pet directory, but I was wondering if I can still change her color? I'm saving up for four snow paintbrushes for all my pets, and I was planning to paint her first since my first sold codestone :3 ~ anonymous
Li'l Fire FaerieAre you sure? I mean, snow is so last season... no, literally, snow was pretty much all that happened last season. I still need to pack away all those brown scarves I sent out for. Anyhow, go right ahead and paint your pet if you decide she needs a new look for Year Fifteen. Then send in a bug report telling the JN staff which pet has changed colour, and they'll get right on shuffling her into the right section of the directory. Now all you have to worry about is picking out a summer outfit for a very wintry pet... and I'm sure Jellyneo has what you need to help with that, too!

Today I went to the Battledome and a random event appeared at the top of the page saying that I am now eligible to use the Battledome Veteran avatar on the Neoboards. The thing is, while I am a long-time player of Neopets and have used the old Battledome before, the account that is now my main (the one I got the random event on) is quite new and I never fought in the old Battledome on it. I looked up the avatar in your guide and apparently the only way to get it is to have fought in the old Battledome. Is it possible that it is also given out randomly at the Battledome page, or do you think this was a glitch? ~ anonymous
Li'l Light FaerieI'm quite the collector of little pictures myself, so I do get how exciting it can be to find a new one! Sorry to break it to you, but you weren't supposed to get your hands on this one. For the moment, at least, it's exclusive to actual veterans. Unfortunately, a glitch (possibly related to Faerie abilities) ended up giving it out to a few random people, as mentioned in this week's Neopian Times editorial. I don't know whether they'll let you keep it or not, so enjoy it while you've got it!

Hi! I am an active Habitarium player, and I have all mootixes. They are cute, but I was looking to get a pinchit somehow. I was wondering, if you have pinchit ink dropper, will it turn your mootix into a pinchit? (I know it cost NC) ~ anonymous
Li'l Earth FaerieAh, the Neopian is back with the magic potion I asked for. If you'll just take off the label and the price tag, and hold it still while I tie this green string on the bottle... Now, if Fyora asks, I made this myself, do you understand? If I find out you've been telling on me, I'm going right back to giving out buffet dinners.

As for your Habitarium question, I'm afraid not. Unlike Neopets, who can drink morphing potions, a bug is the same bug from the day it hatches to the end of its life. You can make your Mootix look somewhat different with an Ink Dropper, but you can't turn it into a completely different species. If you want an egg of a species you don't currently own, your only real option is to wait until you run out of Nesters and hope Professor Clodbottle will find a Pinchit lurking in the depths of his hat.

Be sure to check back daily through May 19th, when the faeries will get bored with giving random Neopian citizens the runaround and go back to betting on Poogle Races take a rest and return to bestowing quests normally. In the meantime... have a magical day!