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Couch Potatoes
Published: April 28, 2013

Shh Shh Shh!
Our show is on!

Hi! :D Could your pet still have the chance to turn Glowing by eating Half Eaten Glowing Jelly or could it only work with just regular Glowing Jelly? Thank you! ~ Shadowclan_ftw
Link: Well, seeing as Half Eaten Glowing Jelly is essentially just Glowing Jelly, only half of it, I see no reason why it COULDN'T do the trick. You can't eat a jelly whole, so unless you are in the business of buying whole jellies and selling the other half, I would just continue eating the entire thing.

I highly doubt that this event will happen, and I suggest just purchasing a Glowing Paint Brush instead. In all actuality, there is a higher probability of contracting Blurred Vision from eating a vast amount of Glowing Jelly. For more information dealing with items that alter your neopet, fffoolllooowww mmeeeeeee!

Hi there, JN-staffer! *throws a bag of infinite cookies* In regards to the Item Database, I was wondering if it was possible for you guys to add a category or list specifically for classic neohome furniture? I'm looking into furnishing my classic neohome and it's annoying to have to skim through all the V2-only furniture in the Furniture category. I've already tried using the Advanced search to not include the V2 furniture but that also eliminates classic furniture that can be used for both neohomes, so yeah... Thanks for your time! ~ Anonymous
Ian: Well this is as good a time as any... Introducing our newest function for the IDB, Classic Neohome Search. This newest function can be accessed from Special Searches. HOORAY!

Sloth Poster

Why is it that when I look at certain users accounts, who haven't been on Neopets for an extended period of time, have pets whose level is at 1? I have a side account on which I haven't logged in for months, and my pet's level is at 1, even though I didn't use the lab ray on that pet, nor could there have been an event to trigger it since I haven't gone on that account. Does this mean that a Neopet's level can fall to 1 if the user isn't active for a long time? Thanks ^o^~ ~ lilpuppyloverneo
Link: I've had Neopets (key word had) that stayed level 1 until years after I created/adopted them.
Sometimes a level 1 pet on an old account is the lab ray's doing (my lab rat, for example, is now back to level one). Other times it is just because they have never had any site events that would give them an extra level. Determining how long the person was even an active member also helps.

Long story short, though, we're fairly sure the only things that come from an inactive account are sad and hungry Neopets, and eventually a completely deleted account!

Hi Jellyneo! I was on the NC boards and came upon an acronym I didn't find in your acronym guide. What do you mean by GBC? Thank you if this gets answered! ~ misty_lax
Ian: I just double-checked our Acronym Guide and was confounded. We seem to be missing GBC (Gift Box Capsule) and the sometimes more common but equally interchangeable GBMC (Gift Box Mystery Capsule)! If you ever think an acronym should be added, you can always Bug Report or add feedback on an article (there's a window at the bottom of every page!).


Congratulations Banner with Balloons
Have I ever mentioned that I love parties... and balloons?

Do you guys have a version of the Smug Bug Smite music played in reverse? I would like to hear what it sounds like but I don't have anything to record it. ~ abetti
Link: While this would be an awesome feature to have here at JN, we don't carry the music files featured on Neopets. Neopets DOES host some game music, found here but it looks like they don't have Smug Bug Smite. Sorry about that! Maybe you can try to refresh TNT's memory about this area of the site and they might update it?

Hello, TJNT! *shows a box full of Meepits* Last year, in the past Festival of Neggs, TNT released an avatar which was awarded for those who participated in the event. But later they re-released it, making it available for everyone. My question is: do you think they would consider re-releasing the Altador Cup Techo avatar again? I know a lot of people need it nowadays, and it would be very helpful for those who are trying to get the Avatar Collector avatar and don't have enough retired avatars for it (myself included). Thanks a lot. PS.: Think before answering me, I have a box full of Meepits and I'm not afraid of using it! ~ anonymous
Ian: *horrified by the box of Meepits* WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? KUMAR!? It's probably better assume that avatars won't be re-released. Part of the fun of having an avatar that is retired is knowing that anyone who doesn't have it now won't be getting it later, making the fact that you have an avatar other people don't have just a little more special. Yay for bragging rights!

I feel like I should be giving these Meepits some enchanted sleeping apples or something to eat so I'm left alone....

Why doesn't Dave change his name to Frank? ~ Pukta
Ian: You'd think he would, wouldn't you? But he wants to be like Sloth. He doesn't want to be him.

Dr. Sloth Outfit
Also known as Dave's Halloween Costume.

Hey! I was just searching for cool Neopets, and then I saw this: "Male Ogrin. Age: Not yet born. Level: 1." It's really scary, and because the account was 6 years old, the age scared me off. O.O What does 'Not yet born' mean? And how to get a 'Not yet born' Neopet? ~ jitskeskywalker
Link: I have seen a few of these around Neopia, and all it means is that during the "Create-a-Neopet" process the user did not complete all the steps fully; they stopped before the Neopet was finished cooking!

To win the Darigan Pteri Avatar, how many days old does the pet have to be? ~ anonymous
Ian: Well, according to our Handy-Dandy Avatar Solutions page, it looks like you'll need to find the lookup of a Darigan Pteri that is 644 days old! Luckily, we tend to let you guys know whenever a particular lookup is coming of age, so you don't need to run around frantically searching for one yourself.

MEEP! Meepits demand CAKE. Ahem, anyways in your last editorial it was said that painted petpets don't restock in any petpet shop, but after sending a few meepits over to the editorial database, they reported that in editorial 168 it was stated that painted petpets restock only in the Little Nippers. The meepits dissaprove of the confusion and demand clarification. Oh,I almost forgot *gives suspicious looking box* This is a token of the meepit overlords wrath-I mean appreciation , of course. It's not like we would give you a box full of rabid meepits or anything . Just don't forget to open it,that would be bad,very bad. Mwahahaha-this teleporter never works *bashes it with a rock * There! Bye! *vanishes in a pub of smoke* ~ The Friendly Meepit
Ian: I would assume that if painted petpets are still stocking over at Little Nippers, it's because that shop happens to work a bit differently from all of the other petpet shops (as well, as most other shops in Neopia!). In general, items can only stock in a shop if they're between rarity 1 and 100, and painted petpets are typically rarity 101 (or in some cases, rarity 180 if their unpainted version is retired, and in some cases not, it seems to vary). Therefore, if the main shops can only stock items less than rarity 101, then it's actually impossible for them to stock painted petpets. Was this too long of an explanation? If you see a painted petpet in a main shop that isn't Little Nippers, your best bet is to send along a bug report to TNT.

I decided to ride this way after listening to Ian's craaaaazy explanation!

I tried adding images to the Neopian Adventure generator game but the server doesn't recognize the images. They are clearly Neopets images. Some of them are from Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium while others are directly from the Neopets site. ~ coloridge
Link: All images from Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium do come directly from the Neopets site. We don't mess with any of the URLs. What you see here is what you would get on Neopets.
According to the handy-dandy Neopian Adventure Generator Guide (located here):

"The images are currently broken on Neoadventures, unfortunately. What is happening, essentially, is that when you try to input an image, the URL gets messed up in the process. Keep a note of the images you want to add and feel free to send in a bug report to TNT about it in reference to your specific adventure."

Quiggle Neoadventure Wizard
I'm on lunch break, okay?

My last mission was to beat the Meerca Henchmen at level 150... I did, but did not receive credit. What gives? ~ twinchick17
Link: Hey! I recently did this too! Gotta love the Lab Ray, eh? With the Battledome still in beta, all avatars and Defenders of Neopia achievements have been suspended, meaning you can't collect any avatars from fighting and you cannot move forward in the DoN series. Cross your fingers that they fix this soon!

Meerca Henchmen
They are mocking me, I swear!

Just wondering, what is this year's Neopets April Fools' joke? I didn't see any. ~ anonymous
Ian: Well, I suppose you're in luck as we have an article all about it! Make sure to look through other past pranks as well (we go all the way back to 2001!) as some of them have been very clever while others were just laugh-out-loud funny!

Hi, I have a question about economy. I just noticed that I had some Dubloons in the SDB. After a good research, I knew that I'd get 60k if I sell them. Then I looked for other ways to make (more) NP with Dubloons and I found the Golden Dubloon. Your guide says that we have a chance of bring some food home. So, I researched their prices and I saw that some of them even exist on SW, TP or Auctions because of their rarity. I was wondering if it would be easy (or not insanely hard) to sell them if I get them in the future. I really don't think so, because probably only collectors or Gourmet Food feeders would be interested in these expensive and not so useful things. My fear is get one of these foods and can't sell it. Thank you! ~ Anonymous
Ian: How easy or difficult it is to sell items really depends on the market at the time along with how well you attempt to advertise. Whether that involves posting on the Neoboards about your items or just having a clever wishlist for your Trading Lot, it mostly depends on who else in Neopia is in the market for that particular item, how much you're willing to sell for, and how much they're willing to buy for. Finding that magical solution isn't that easy.

What the warf is wrong with the usukiland advert?!?!? ~ anonymous
Link: You mean this one? It seems perfectly fine to me! Nope, nothing weird or cooky about it! Nope. No!


I noticed that when you redeem a $10 Nickelodeon Game Card on Neopets in Canada you can get a virtual prize if you redeem it. But when I looked at possible prizes in your item database, the most recent one is "December of 2011 to mid June of 2012." It is now January 2013. Why is there no new prizes? O_o *hands over Stained Glass Floor Lamp as gift* ~ anonymous
Ian: Oh, there are some newer prizes than that! You've just got to know where to look. :P

Hi there JN! First off, let me say what a great site you have here, but I have a question about the IDB. You see, recently i came across an image of a fuzzle and saw it was redrawn, and the IDB confirmed that, but there was no date on when it changed, I was just wondering if there is a way to see dates of redraws? ~ anonymous
Ian: We've never kept track of the dates of image redraws, but we do keep an eye on when items change names and images! You should really take a look at some of the old items. Some of them sure have changed a lot!

At random, my Xweetok was turned into a baby Xweetok. Now I can't add clothes to it (wings, wigs, dresses). Are there clothes that a baby Xweetok CAN wear (other than its bow)? ~ summerjasmine98
Ian: Oh, this is right up my alley! All babies are limited in terms of what they can wear, and they are given their own special items too! The same thing applies to Mutants and pets colored Maraquan.

Baby Pteri
Nobody knows the troubles I've seen

Does the old saying "the cat that swallowed the canary" remind you of anything? If so, can you make Rosie make a cartoon of Link dressed up as a certain cartoon yellow bird? ~ terrypwns31
Link: I'm just going to leave this here for all the world to see....*crosses fingers*

Welp...I didn't see that coming

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